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Could Martin return to the locker room? Not likely

A ranking Dolphins source told me several days ago, before the iron curtain of an NFL investigation locked the club down tighter than a tuna can, that Richie Incognito would never play for the Dolphins again.

There was apparently no way this football administration could see bringing back Incognito, who is suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and unsigned next year, to this roster after the allegations involving workplace harassment and racial epithets got out.

Well, what about the other player involved?

Could Jonathan Martin, who is on indefinite leave from the team albeit so far paid, ever be brought back?

First, I'm sure the club would hate to lose its second-round investment on an admittedly struggling but nonetheless starting player. Second, the club divesting itself of the portrayed victim in this case might open it up to legal exposure.

But here's the thing: Even if the Dolphins' administration would like to bring back Martin to avoid further problems or even civil action, the locker room does not necessarily look like it wants Martin back. Oh, some players are towing the company line and saying they want Martin to get better and be well. And some are admitting it is not really their call whether Martin returns or not.

But ask their opinion and it is clear the players' are not enthusiastic about the idea of Martin returning to the team. That's because, like it or not, Martin has violated a trust some players' minds.

"I'm not sure how everybody would feel about him, but I mean, that was his situation and he felt he needed to do it then I guess so be it, but some things you like to keep in house," left tackle Bryant McKinnie said.

And how important is that?

"It's pretty important, I mean, a lot of things need to kept in house because that's your family."

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, perhaps the most non-threatening player on offense and someone with an open mind, admitted re-integrating either Martin or Incognito would be difficult.

“It’s tough," Tannehill said. "Both guys at this point have their rights and wrongs. If they were allowed to come back, if they chose to come back, I’m big on forgiving people. Forgiving people of what they’ve done, getting past that and not crucifying people for their past and moving forward."

But even in stating he's big on forgiving, Tannehill is showing that he believes Martin needs forgiveness.

For what, you might ask?

Martin went AWOL from the team days before a big game. He has not spoken publicly but everyone in the organization and anyone who is following this story understands his representatives have downloaded information from the player and are leaking it to the media, thus sliming Incognito and the Dolphins.

And, ultimately, players don't quite know what to make of Martin anymore. So they do not trust him.

"I haven't been here very long," right tackle Tyson Clabo said. "But I've been here long enough to see that if there was a problem, Jonathan Martin needed to show it. And I've been here long enough to see that those two were thick as thieves and that they went out together and hung out together. They did a lot of stuff together. So if [Martin] had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it.

"I think that if you have a problem with somebody, a legitimate problem, you should say, 'Hey I have a problem and stand up and be a man.' ... There is no code of silence. I don't think that what happened was necessary. I think it's just [decency]. I don't know why he's doing this and the only person that knows why is Jonathan Martin."

It has been suggested by more than one former Dolphins player that I've talked to that the only way Martin could return to the Dolphins would be with a new coaching staff, new personnel department, and practically new locker room. In other words, the current Dolphins would have to be nuked for his return to work.

Others have told me Martin needs to apologize.

It's an interesting culture, the NFL, one where the alleged victim would have to apologize. But that is how it is.


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watch we find out incognito was held out because of the golf thing instead of all this martin drama.

Personally i think Martin needs to suck it up. Either that or he set his own team up over the last few months

"except it comes out later that he actually meant that Ireland said it to him after he left the team"

I bet Ireland was telling him what he would do if it was him. Who hasn't had this talk with one of their friends at some point in their lives?

Martin may not be a very good football player but he is a smart guy. Smart enough to figure out a way to sit at home and still collect a fat paycheck.

Oh man ...the dolphins must be. Becoming a good team and a playoff contender cause all the networks and sports reporters are trying to sabotage the team ...don't buy it Mr Ross. Stay on course
players will be kicking some butt for awhile. They are very angry about all this nonsense .and any team they play should watch out. Gonna sh .... It in their mouths

That fairy will never play in the nfl again. Big weirdo is done.

Or would you prefer the circus continue for the entire season and all the children come out to the game to see the Miami Clownfish play.

What has happened to this once storied franchise? Icognito's actions are despicable and far outside the realm of any acceptable social behavior -- lockerroom environment or not. Martin's handling of the situation shows immense emotional immaturity and the desire to inflict as much harm as possible on the Dolphins organization. I like Philbin -- don't like Ireland -- but both men demonstrate a remoteness that is almost robotic. They don't seem to have the ability to connect with the players as individuals. The thing that stands out most to me is the total vacuum of leadership within this organization and until that is established this team is going nowhere.

Am I the only one who really hates Sage Rosenfels right now? I mean really, this douche is making the rounds talkin mad crap about the Phins

MONDO,,if you only realized how silly this whole thing is. A grown man who plays LT for an NFL team hired a lawyer stating "Ive been bullied" then a little tear on the cheek for effect, like a little boy,,,would you want him back,,,no way, no how.

To: All the damn' sportswriters who have broken out
their "Me Too" and "What They Said" stamps. You guys have no idea what goes on in a locker-room other than hearsay.
Leave the team machinations to the team and players to
explain. The rest is speculation. Oh, and leave the
"Shrink-Work " to us licensed-folks . This national obsession with bullying is just that. Perception is not necessarily reality. Go Dolphins !!

The only victim here is the whole team. It has become the joke and embarrassement of the league. If it wasnt enough to lose four in a row and many issues surrounding this, then it emerged this.
I hope that this affair works to fire Ireland with extreme prejudice. This fellow brought all these players and it's his responability together with tne HC to keep a workable atmosphere inside the team.

"I haven't been here very long," right tackle Tyson Clabo said. "But I've been here long enough to see that if there was a problem, Jonathan Martin needed to show it. And I've been here long enough to see that those two were thick as thieves and that they went out together and hung out together. They did a lot of stuff together. So if [Martin] had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it.

How can anyone believe Martin? stupid people! here comes the PC police

As a joke or not, it was a bit over the line talking that way about your family members. I guess all those who are in alliance with Incognito would laugh at someone saying things about their family. Doubt it. It's not football mentality, it's immaturity and disrespect.

Fire Incognito, Martin, Ireland, and the coaches involved in allowing or encouraging this to happen. Time to gain back respect as these NFL teams and players are role models that need to set a better example.

This culture continues to exist because the public has not known about it, that is, until now. It is hard to be a fan rooting for players when you realize this is a mentality that is acceptable to many players. Human beings deserve respect. Humiliating another player through hazing or bullying, in the workplace or in life, is disrespectful. As a society, we need to aim higher.

Martin is his own victim and Richie is getting the royal screw. Never mind how this will effect the team and the coaches.

lThe "N" word is used to mean different things. In a derogatory, egregious manner is not acceptable in society or in the closed and private confines of a Locker room. When in used in a salutatory and amicable way it has a different more palatable demeanor. Blacks among each other use it profusely,often time it is used and accepted from a White who is accepted in the brotherhood. We are all jumping to conclusion here saying that Richie is a bigot because he used the "N" word but how did he use the "N" word in a deleterious manner or from a point of brotherhood and closeness to the person that it was intended. We can opine on these blogs and it probably won't have much effect on the outcome of this situation. But those professionals who make a living going from one radio station to the next or one TV station to the next will influence the outcome and many of them never been part of a locker room more importantly they never been in the Dolphin Locker room or interviewed any of the players to get to the truth. In the mean time Richie Incognito has been convicted in the court of public opinion as a bigot racist, suspended from his team and deprived of a lively hood. Not fair.The team should bring back Richie Incognito!

It isn't Martin that needs to change, it is the NFL culture. Is isn't Martin that needs to apologize, it is the players around him that didn't help him.

martin is a putz....weak lil man looking for some money since he figured out he cant handle "the league" he went crying home to mommy and she pressed the issue of filing suite. He has no intentions of ever playning AGAIN! No team would touch him anyway because this kind of activities happens in EVERY NFL LOCKER ROOM....

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