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Dolphins America's team: For wrong reasons

In the last three days I've gotten calls and texts from former players and current players. I talked to people from coast to coast. I've turned on the TV and seen the Dolphins on every broadcast and cable station available.

The Dolphins are a hit!

They're national!

And it is terrible.

The Dolphins, you see, are a national story now for all the wrong reasons. The team's name? Sullied. Reputation? In the dumpster and on fire. The narrative? When is Joe Philbin being fired, when is Jeff Ireland being fired, when is Dawn Aponte losing her power, when is Stephen Ross selling?

By the way, speaking of Ross. He lives in New York City. You know what he had with his morning coffee if he picked up the New York Daily News today? A-hole

I present the back page of Friday's New York Daily News.

The Washingon Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Times have written stories localizing the current Dolphins scandal. The New York Post and Daily News both sent reporters to South Florida to cover the story. One Post columnist told me Thursday, "My newspaper can't get enough of this story."

And the problem with that for you and the Dolphins? People are laughing now. Not with you. Not with them. At them. At you for supporting them. (At me for covering them, by the way). The Dolphins an object of scorn and mocking.

None of this is graceful. None of it has a positive side.

The Dolphins are getting punked.

But don't get the idea that I think they're victims. They are not. Yes, the media is over the top and the attention is hysterical and overblown. But the Dolphins brought this plague upon themselves. It is of their own birthing.

They had Incognito in a position of team leadership. Leadership in the locker room and administration failed to see any signs of wrongdoing -- or at least that's the contention. Philbin? Offensive line coach Jim Turner? No idea? The personnel department was good with both Incognito and Martin on the team and actually counted heavily on both -- because, after all, Martin was supposed to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill's blindside and Incognito was supposed to protect Martin and help him grow into the job. Really?  And Aponte, who edits Philbin's post-game locker room speeches meticulously but fails to remove that uncomfortable part where he's reading from an index card ... Why did she allow the public service announcement at Sun Life Stadium that educates fans on civility and behavior to star ... Incognito?

Look, the people within the Dolphins organization claiming complete ignorance of the apparent tension in Martin's mind over Incognito and others are either lying, which makes them complicit, or out of touch, which makes them incompetent.

Either way, it is grounds for dismissal. 

The media didn't put Martin and Incognito in that locker room. The media's job is not to monitor the intimate relationships among teammates. Don't shoot the messenger even if the message gets too loud at times.

The Dolphins are a sad national joke now because the Dolphins put themselves there. That story about Incognito abusing a volunteer golf assistant at a team sponsored event? The team said it would handle the situation and the way it was handled was paying her to keep quiet. The National Football Post today reported Incognito called offensive line meetings at a strip club and fined players if they didn't show up. Sure, you can chalk this up to boys being boys, I guess, if you're a morally corrupt individual. But then you allow Incognito to be a member of the leadership council? You put him on the stadium HD screen preaching good behavior?

A coach, aware of Incognito's penchant for drinking and past drug use, overrides the player vote for leadership council. Joe Philbin this week hid behind it, saying it was players, not him who made Incognito a team leader.

(Note to coach: It's not a democracy. You know this. Did you forget in this one instance?) 

Some fans see what's going on. And they've had enough. Fans have been writing to me and telling me they are through with the franchise. Others say they'll never buy a ticket again until major changes in leadership are enacted.

Consider that the Dolphins had 70,660 people at Sun Life Stadium for the season home opener. Then 68,342 for the second home game. Then 60,592 for the third home game. And 52,388 for the fourth home game. Notice the trend?

Fans were abandoning this team in droves before the current scandal. You think any part of the last week is going to convince them to return?

We've seen this kind of situation before. You'll recall the New England Patriots had this little scandal called Spygate. And their reputation suffered. You'll recall the New Orleans Saints had this little scandal called Bountygate. And their reputation suffered.

Both teams got slimed. Both teams forged ahead. Both teams mostly recovered.

But both those teams enjoyed a reservoir of goodwill the Dolphins don't possess. The Patriots had three Super Bowl wins in their pocket. The Saints also recently won a Lombardi trophy. The coaches and owners that presided over those franchises in the time of crisis were the same that presided over the franchise in the best of times. So they got a pass.

The Dolphins get no pass. Stephen Ross has not presided over one winning season during his four-and-one half seasons as owner. Jeff Ireland has not put together one winning team during his four-and-a-half years as GM. Joe Philbin's career record is 11-13.

Fans recognize this. Media recognize this. These facts are not in dispute.

None of this sewage sandwich that is the Incognito-Martin-NFL scandal is good for business or morale or reputation. All of it reeks. And now everyone on the Dolphins smells bad.


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In today's society it seems that the media is the perfect pretext for our own stupidity. Cogs assaulted a woman with a golf club? For sure Mando put that driver in his hand...We are having team meetings in strip clubs? Omar probably drove them there....you get the point

This organization is out of control and it gets harder to follow them. Like you say, the Dolphins are above any individual player, coach or GM; however, the team we root for should share an identity with you or else it makes no sense following them.

I grew up with the dolphins built in Shula's image. I fear we may never see anything close unless something drastic happens. Today I see a team that supports (and apparently promotes) this crap behaviour and some fans actually seem to agree with this.

For now, I'll keep tuning in like every week and root for the team and just pray that we do beat the Bucs.

Dr Canosa do you have Odin locked away in the metal ward?? He is missing?

in fact, this gives Ross every reason, and the perfect reason, to ditch Ireland and Philbin and start fresh anyway--the team has talent and good young QB, so guess what....with those guys gone, you cant tell me plenty of coaches wouldnt see this as a desirable HC/GM job--they would, and this issue will pass/die down--chuck a ton of money at Cowher to do both jobs, or any number of good coaches.....and they'll come.

Wow this team is 4-4 and looked good in their last game. If this team uses this Martin issue in a positive way perhaps all will work out.....

Armando posts a picture in the blog of what Stephen Ross, who resides in NYC might be seeing on the news stands. If you have ever been to New York City the newspapers can easily be viewed by the multitudes on the streets of the Big Apple. Armando is simply trying to relate what this owner is viewing and going through. So one of the genius GM's on this sight just does not get it...

Funny this "scandal" was exposed by Fox Sports & now the NYPost is giving cues which way to work it! The right wing extremist media is at it again.






Richie will be a ton more rich after all the dirty old Aponte tampons come out Eh?

So Arturo........do you actually think Csonka, Kiick, and Morris were Angels? Didn't Morris do jail time? Media didn't have an agenda then

hhmmm, I wonder what Adam "Sheftie" Shefter has to say about this today?....you know, because he's "lived" this world, knows so much about it I'm sure....I mean, just look at him, with that rough and tumble build of his....tuned up many a WR in his day I bet--ton of credibility inside NFL locker rooms I'm sure, too


Um um um

The media are as DUMB as the clueless homers on here Eh?

ughhhh the same retreads all the time Cowher, Gruden....don't you guys see they are JJ and parcells allover again? Guys that quit on the game and jumped back in for the $$ but there hearts just weren't in it anymore. Give me a young, hungry up and comer everytime over a retread!

Bill A.

I know you believe in Thill. I'll agree that when he has that extra 1.5 secs he can be good.

You are right we don't have the Ravens D or a Ray Lewis to inspire. We have Wake back it seems and if Patterson stays healthy then we are pretty solid.

Jordan would have to come along like gangbusters for our D to be anywhere close to the Ravens.

Those 6 OL limit the passing game a bit and Im sure team will get wise to it, but it stop Thill getting killed.

I also hate those empty backfield situations. Having one back in there can pick up a blitzer and on rollouts can provide a blocker or outlet receiver.

again, people and even MIAMIHERALD writers contue to persist that philbin and his coaches are lying, and that there is no way possible for them to be unaware of such ongoings, but alas, in the very SAME article they go on to say how johnathan martin REPEATEDLY tried to befriend those very same people...so i say to those who so strongly believe our coaches are lying..."martin did NOT display that which these coaches are tentively being made to be accountable for". players atest to this, specifically hartline, in that he echoes seeing martin and ritchie as friends, what would you expect philbin to see as martin supposedly attempted to befriend incognito?..and the answer is exactly that, he would see on MANY occasions a johnathan martin looking like incognito's buddy. all this stuff currnetly being brought to light that happened in april or may or whatever has no bearing, aa martin had already had to to have had responded and dealt with such PAST instances and moved on....you know, i heard the name ANDREW LUCK today, i heard the high opinion he held for martin, well, since everyone else seems to be speculating, let me say that i am very curious to find out if andrew luck had recently talked to MARTIN about maybe getting himself traded to indy.

B A, it worked for Vermeil, why not Gruden Eh?

Ape Tamer...do you speak in the same voice as Bill Murray in caddyshack?? Eh?

I actually like Philbin. And DC if they lose Monday night, I am going to turn on NFL Sunday Ticket the following Sunday to watch MY team. These guys didn't do anything wrong based on what I have seen so far. Philbin has done nothing wrong based off of what has been presented so far. If they lose I even feel they have an excuse for the loss however, I hope they win. As I said before I hope they can channel all of the anger that I'm sure they are feeling right now and direct it straight at Tampa Bay in a constructive way. I hope the anger doesn't not get the best of them and turn into erratic play. We shall see

Did anyone else notice the picture of Martin on the main page? His lips appear almost white either implying he just got done eating a powdered donut or he just got back from a date with a sperm whale.

Not very flattering look for him.

Is Bill Murray from Canada Eh?

Bill A. What do you think of TE coach Campbell and the job he has done with his group ?

Of what I've seen he has gotten the most out of his unit. After the TE's make plays you can always see him come over to them and give support on the sideline.

Marco that's a lot of its?? We are 8 games in and like I said with this OL, Run game, Def, WR corp and coaching I just do not see us doing anything special. Im just keeping it real pal.

What people do outside their job is their own business. Can't babysit them all day...But this was a golf tournament sponsored by the team and we're talking about havin team (business) meetings at strip clubs. We're talking about going after hC while still employing one. We're talking about the Dez interview and a long list of etc.

If this happens throughout the league then why is it that we hear only about Miami? Seems that there is only two answers: either it doesn't happen or our coaching staff and Gm are just that stupid and we can't go about our business quietly and effectively


Might be Canadian, eh?

Yes Ape Tamer Bill Murray is Canadian! EH

agree Bill, was just using Cowher as an example of a well known/respected coach, thats all....a young/hungry up and comer would be fine with me-not a Gruden fan anyway.....up and comers are unknowns, though

Hey Armando, tell me it isn't true, please say its not. Martin is actually paying you to tell his side of the story? How else would this be so one sided reporting? How about waiting to see if incognito actually did something to warrant this bullying by ALL of the media. What happen to innocent until proven? You, Armando, are the biggest toad of them all.

Bill @ 1:59

Tony Soprano is young, hungry and available

The one positive I hope to come out of this mess is that it will open Ross's eyes. He can't succeed in this business as a part-time owner. He can't expect to run a world-class operation as he wants living far away. Daily phone calls in won't cut it. He's got to make his presence felt everyday and set the leadership, expectations and culture he wants. Having confidence in Ireland, Aponte and Philbin from afar won't cut it. He's gotta make sure his generals are in line.

Ross has been in love with the ball-boy for so long despite fans' incessant cries. He put this organization at risk by dismissing fans as a bunch of fair-weather ignoramuses. Now hopefully he's opened his eyes and see the embarrassment he brought by letting his generals run things on their own. No, I'm not advocating he micromanage like Jerry Jones. Look at the best owners and see how dedicated they are to their organization by showing up everyday. Then look at part-time owners like William Ford letting Matt Millen run the Lions to the ground.

I've been one of a few fan who actually likes Ross. But the more I think about it, I don't think he can ever be a good owner simply because you can't run two multi-billion dollar businesses by yourself. He's got to sacrifice one and dedicate to the other. And being far more successful as a real estate developer, I think it's time for Ross to be honest with himself and sell the team to someone who will dedicate their life to this organization and nothing else.

Look at Mr. Measurables!

Come on shine box boy! Why won't you tell us how based on your stolen Mike Mayocks measurable; Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor & Buonoconti's shouldn't have made it in the NFL?

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Someone finally challenges your inane stupidity & you clam up? Typical know nothing jerk who talks for the sake of being heard & not for the substance of what he says.

Keep blowing kisses tulip. You're just like "Big Weirdo" Lemme tell you, defending Cogs behavior sure speaks to the type of person you are.

You come off as a Class A Jerk.

Bill A,

True. There is some cause for optimism, but it's in very small compass.

I think this Monday night I'll turn off my TV and watch the 1981 playoff game between the Phins and Chargers on youtube. If I watch the condensed version, I can cue up the 80s MNF game against either the Bears or Cowboys as well.

For the past 20 years, this franchise has provided precious few moments of hope amid seasons of despair.


Workers comp check

Huy DUH, its all speculation at this point don't forget.

Arturo.....so you actually believe everything people say and write.......I guess you still think Clinton didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky........or better yet Bigfoot does exist......and Aliens actually landed at Roswell. And don't tell me that there's an eyewitness to all this crap........a recent LB for the Seahawks just got let out of jail because his accuser lied about being raped.

Bill, as I think about it more.....the reality is that the best teams, for the most part, are still ones with the best QBs, bottom line (not a news flash but people tend to forget that)--ie. Chip Kelly is a big name and has exciting potential, but wont go far until he finds a top QB (and Foles aint it)--Belichik failed at Cleveland because he didnt have a QB, yet is a HOF coach now with Brady--Kubiak was considered a good coach, but less so now with Schaub struggling--WHOEVER the coach is....they wont go far without a top QB, whether its TH or whoever

Marco I don't like or support any coach on this Dolphins staff. As I stated earlier on paper this team has some decent talent. This coaching staff has done a very poor job of getting the most out of that talent. Ask yourself a question..please give an honest answer.
Would a coach like Harbaugh, Belicheat or Rex Ryan have this team at better than 4-4? Before you answer remember the losses to the Ravens and Bills. We should be 6-2 right now that falls on the coaching staff.

Bill @ 1:59

Tony Soprano is young, hungry and available

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | November 08, 2013 at 02:07 PM

ETF not HUNGRY for another bowl of PASTA!! FIST PUMP!!

Bill @ 2:10

The Cle, Indy, Atl, Cincy games were all decided on the last drive of the game.
True we could be 6-2.
We could just as easily be 2-6.

Posted by: Arturo | November 08, 2013 at 02:04 PM

Great post. People are blinded. Got their homer glasses on so that they can't see the facts anymore. All the excuses to not have to face the reality.

IF, and it's a BIG IF, that all these types of things happen around the league, why is it that only in Miami do they get exposed and brought up?

The other great excuse is the media hates the fins. What a joke! Miami hasn't ben relevant since Marino retired. What is their purpose to hate us & slant coverage? MAKES ZERO SENSE! We are not even worth reporting on unless it's scandalous!










Wow this must be a slow news/sports week.
Like the NFL has nothing else to worry about concussions, dog killers, people killers, drug users, sex offenders.
Yes the NFL is full of quality people and problems so lets make an example of bulling. Really, the NFL is really screwed up. Maybe they should look at themselves before worrying about making an example of the Dolphins.

ETF Im a glass is half full guy...the fact remains if we make the FG we win and if the coaches run the ball we win. As for those other 4 games that is on the opposing coaching staffs if they allowed us to go down the field and score.


Are you surprised at the turn of events now, Bill? Since the beginning, from the Dez Bryant incident, thru the Jim Harbaugh/Tony Sparano fiasco, the disgusting Gator/Tim Tebow Day, the glaring stupidity of Coaches on Hard Knocks, the benching and subsequent release of their most dedicated Players, namely Reggie Bush, up to this present situation, everybody knew this was a thoroughly dysfunctional Organization and that no good was to come from it. We might not have WANTED to see it, but everybody knew. Did you know, Bill A? C'mon, be honest, did you know this thing would come to no good?

Bill A. @ 2:01, he's trying to be clever and mocking me. Becuase he thinks all Canadians talk like that, eh?

Bill A. Yeah 6-2 was a strong possibility.

Its a tough question to answer, however I rate Bill B and Harbaugh as better coaches than Philbin. Rex Ryan no, although he has done a decent job getting the Jets to 5-4 with no offense and a rookie QB.

I don't like Philbin, Sherman or Coyle.

The short yardage calls, the obession to throw all of the second half and abandon the run.

On D, those horrible 3rd and long breakdowns are a joke. the play calling is inconsistent.

We played ok against the Bengals though, but not anywhere near where we need to be.

Martin is such a puuuussy that if my name was Martin I would immediately make everyone start calling me "Marty"

The other great excuse is the media hates the fins. What a joke! Miami hasn't ben relevant since Marino retired. What is their purpose to hate us & slant coverage? MAKES ZERO SENSE! We are not even worth reporting on unless it's scandalous!

Posted by: JUST FYI | November 08, 2013 at 02:15 PM

You would need to understand the Dolphins history and how NY, NE and Buff look at the Dolphins. For a couple of decades we were the bullies that beat these teams on a regular basis. Nationally we are the "Perfect Dolphins" other teams hate this fact. That is the reason the Perfect Season is denigrated by others. They say we had a soft schedule and didn't beat anybody. There is this false perception that the Dolphin's pop Champagne every year when the last team loses. You need to go look at our win loss record against every team. There are only a hndful f teams that are beating us all time. So this is the reason that we are hated...the reason we get no break in the national press....the reason we will always be relevant!

At the end of the day, cutting all the bullsh*t out

Martin broke the Man Code, football code and ran out to his mommy and daddy about being hazed not bullied.

If this was the general public outside of the NFL, then yes i completely agree with the media but its not...

NFL locker rooms utilize different standard...

I'm sorry but I find it hard to bullied when you're a 6 foot 5 250+ lb lineman playing NFL football.

Instead of dealing with things in house like it should be handled he went out to the media and threw the his teammates, his coaches, his teams owner, the franchise, fans and most importantly his CAREER under the bus.

Martins career in the NFL is OVER. Nobody wants weak minded, snitch. He lost respect from everybody.

You're a professional athlete who's suppose to be mentally tough, suppose to get through adversity and find a way. In PRO games when its the fourth quarter, you need tough, strong ride or die team mates. Not weak players that are going to quit cuz its hard.... SMH

Incognito, likely done in Miami, will probably play on another team next year after all this passes through.

If Vick came back after his scandal, incognito is playing next year.

BA, your glass is half full of peyote extract Eh?

"You're just like "Big Weirdo" Lemme tell you, defending Cogs behavior sure speaks to the type of person you are"

So in one sentence you condemn me for thinking martin is a puss and then you use Incognito's tactics at the same time??

I have no idea how Taylor or Thomas would've turned out because I was a kid at that time and didn't really have the necessary knowledge to analyze at that time. Buonicuonti, man, I was nothing but a gleam in my father's eye at that time.

But I will tell you, I for one vouched for Dion Jordan (who is somewhat similarly built like JT) so perhaps I would've vouched for JT at the time.

As far as piggy backing Mayock, no, I do my own analysis. I think for myself.

By the way, the other picks that I think passed the test and have a good chance besides Jordan are Will Davis and Jamar Taylor.

The question of Martin having any mental instability issues never seems to get mentioned?

How can a person that spends as much time and these guys do together ten all of a sudden just flip out?


Or perhaps going to get help is just a media ploy???

I wonder??

Who picked Martin and all of the other moronic busts Eh?

But don't forget, Bill. As much as I hate hanging an L on the refs, it was confirmed, in writing to this very Paper by the league that the refs effed up on the last call which lost us the game. And wile sherman was horrible in his play calling in NE the Refs effed up on 2 major calls. You can't take away the heart these guys showed to thrash a hot Cincy team down to starting lineman...you know only one of them actually being good and all.

Wow, this is the Bill A Blog.

Mando may give you your own spot Bill.

The 1st game being baltimore that I was referring to.

Ummm Oscar look back at my post all year long....I did know!! I wanted this regime gone end of last season! Another wasted draft in 2013....is Ross dumb enough to allow this regime another one in 2014?
Now I ask...Dr Canosa do you know now?? Because as I recall you have been a Ireland/Philbin apologist?

How about you, Dashi, Marc and Mark, Washfin, did you know this was a thoroughly dysfunctional Organization from practically its start? Did you expect any good to come out of it or did you do what the majority of Us did, like the ostrich, hide our head under the sand. C'mon, c'mon, don't be afraid, you're not on trial here.

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