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Dolphins America's team: For wrong reasons

In the last three days I've gotten calls and texts from former players and current players. I talked to people from coast to coast. I've turned on the TV and seen the Dolphins on every broadcast and cable station available.

The Dolphins are a hit!

They're national!

And it is terrible.

The Dolphins, you see, are a national story now for all the wrong reasons. The team's name? Sullied. Reputation? In the dumpster and on fire. The narrative? When is Joe Philbin being fired, when is Jeff Ireland being fired, when is Dawn Aponte losing her power, when is Stephen Ross selling?

By the way, speaking of Ross. He lives in New York City. You know what he had with his morning coffee if he picked up the New York Daily News today? A-hole

I present the back page of Friday's New York Daily News.

The Washingon Post, Los Angeles Times and New York Times have written stories localizing the current Dolphins scandal. The New York Post and Daily News both sent reporters to South Florida to cover the story. One Post columnist told me Thursday, "My newspaper can't get enough of this story."

And the problem with that for you and the Dolphins? People are laughing now. Not with you. Not with them. At them. At you for supporting them. (At me for covering them, by the way). The Dolphins an object of scorn and mocking.

None of this is graceful. None of it has a positive side.

The Dolphins are getting punked.

But don't get the idea that I think they're victims. They are not. Yes, the media is over the top and the attention is hysterical and overblown. But the Dolphins brought this plague upon themselves. It is of their own birthing.

They had Incognito in a position of team leadership. Leadership in the locker room and administration failed to see any signs of wrongdoing -- or at least that's the contention. Philbin? Offensive line coach Jim Turner? No idea? The personnel department was good with both Incognito and Martin on the team and actually counted heavily on both -- because, after all, Martin was supposed to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill's blindside and Incognito was supposed to protect Martin and help him grow into the job. Really?  And Aponte, who edits Philbin's post-game locker room speeches meticulously but fails to remove that uncomfortable part where he's reading from an index card ... Why did she allow the public service announcement at Sun Life Stadium that educates fans on civility and behavior to star ... Incognito?

Look, the people within the Dolphins organization claiming complete ignorance of the apparent tension in Martin's mind over Incognito and others are either lying, which makes them complicit, or out of touch, which makes them incompetent.

Either way, it is grounds for dismissal. 

The media didn't put Martin and Incognito in that locker room. The media's job is not to monitor the intimate relationships among teammates. Don't shoot the messenger even if the message gets too loud at times.

The Dolphins are a sad national joke now because the Dolphins put themselves there. That story about Incognito abusing a volunteer golf assistant at a team sponsored event? The team said it would handle the situation and the way it was handled was paying her to keep quiet. The National Football Post today reported Incognito called offensive line meetings at a strip club and fined players if they didn't show up. Sure, you can chalk this up to boys being boys, I guess, if you're a morally corrupt individual. But then you allow Incognito to be a member of the leadership council? You put him on the stadium HD screen preaching good behavior?

A coach, aware of Incognito's penchant for drinking and past drug use, overrides the player vote for leadership council. Joe Philbin this week hid behind it, saying it was players, not him who made Incognito a team leader.

(Note to coach: It's not a democracy. You know this. Did you forget in this one instance?) 

Some fans see what's going on. And they've had enough. Fans have been writing to me and telling me they are through with the franchise. Others say they'll never buy a ticket again until major changes in leadership are enacted.

Consider that the Dolphins had 70,660 people at Sun Life Stadium for the season home opener. Then 68,342 for the second home game. Then 60,592 for the third home game. And 52,388 for the fourth home game. Notice the trend?

Fans were abandoning this team in droves before the current scandal. You think any part of the last week is going to convince them to return?

We've seen this kind of situation before. You'll recall the New England Patriots had this little scandal called Spygate. And their reputation suffered. You'll recall the New Orleans Saints had this little scandal called Bountygate. And their reputation suffered.

Both teams got slimed. Both teams forged ahead. Both teams mostly recovered.

But both those teams enjoyed a reservoir of goodwill the Dolphins don't possess. The Patriots had three Super Bowl wins in their pocket. The Saints also recently won a Lombardi trophy. The coaches and owners that presided over those franchises in the time of crisis were the same that presided over the franchise in the best of times. So they got a pass.

The Dolphins get no pass. Stephen Ross has not presided over one winning season during his four-and-one half seasons as owner. Jeff Ireland has not put together one winning team during his four-and-a-half years as GM. Joe Philbin's career record is 11-13.

Fans recognize this. Media recognize this. These facts are not in dispute.

None of this sewage sandwich that is the Incognito-Martin-NFL scandal is good for business or morale or reputation. All of it reeks. And now everyone on the Dolphins smells bad.


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Nah Marco its still Craig M blog!! Im just renting space until he comes on here then Im out. Me and him just don't get along. I pull a Martin and run to my mommy crying cuz the big bad Canadian threatened me!!

Dr Canosa is trying to use that jedi mind trick stuff on us...watch out!

Ok, so you knew, Biil A. So, now that we have the opportunity to correct this,(careful what you write, this is a most delicate situation), what do you propose should be done to correct and prevent the dys-functionality of this Team in the Future?

True, you haven't sent him any dubious voicemails have you ?

Are Canadians that bad ? Im not one but they seem to be ok, as long as they are Dolphins fans.

Oscar, this organization may or may not be dysfunctional, I don't know. I do not believe it is dysfunctional because of the Johnathan martin episode. This is a bunch of horseshite.

So, Mark of Toronto doesn't know this Organization is dysfunctional. Ok. Probably one of the few that doesn't know so.

Armando just tweets, "dolphin fans what do you tell your children about what's going on with your team?" I tell them the media is very very evil. They speculate, jump to conclusions and rarely report facts. They incite chaos and have helped to throw a franchise into utter madness. That's what I will tell them, then we will all put on our Jersey's and root for our team.

Oscar and Mark...I do believe this organization is dysfunctional during the Ireland years. Look at the Dez Bryant incident, the poor trades, poor FA acquistions, Poor drafts, Poor Head coaching choices. Just look at the choice to pick up a Ritchie Incognito after he has been literally thrown off every team he has played on....yet you trade Marshall and cut Johnson for their behavior? Get rid of Dansby, Bush, Davis for speaking out? There is no rhyme or reason to how they operate...this is the meaning of the word dysfunction.

The Jets Mike Goodson just got charged with weapons violation. Von Miller in Denver is a scum bucket, Aldon Smith in San Francisco has more arrests that Al Capone. Clue to the politically correct A-Holes, The NFL is full of bad guy's. If you want to clean up the league and the locker room then fire everyone and have a supplemental draft on Service Academy players or the IVY league only.

Bill, they got rid of bush and dans by for cap reasons...c'mon man you are pulling an armando.

Well, finally the Truth is coming out.

I am going to laugh when, not if, incognito gets reinstated with all back pay after the NFL does their investigation and finds nothing out of the ordinary that goes on in 31 other locker rooms. Then, Martin(soft as cheese boy) tries to win a lawsuit. The motive obviously is about easy money while tarnishing someone else's life in the process. Martin, you have now surpassed Nick Sabin as the most hated. YOU ARE A COWARD PUSSSSSSSSSY

How could you NOT know it was dysfunctional over the Harbaugh situation?

How could you not know when 1 year you fire the D coordinator(pasqualoni). The next year you fire the O coordinator(henning). The year after that you fire ALL the coaches.

It's been blatantly obvious for anyone with their eyes open.

Leonard Little killed a women while driving drunk.

Mike Westbrook, Titus Young & Steve Smith all assaulted their teammates. A.Hernandez, Ray Lewis & Rae Carruth were all involved in the deaths of others…..



drsami...really??? We have $19million left on 2013 cap right now....who needs to get real here?

Tell me Oscar, do you know?? Do you know anything about running a football team to be able to judge if it is dysfunctional? Or are you basing it on the very purposeful leaked facts from Martin's camp when he has a huge financial windfall at stake?

I don't know how a 4-4 team can be totally dysfunctional because by definition, they wouldn't be able to function and complete their tasks successfully at least half the time. Now the 1-15 team was dysfunctional. If this team is dysfunctional then by definition and extrapolating results then half the teams in the league are dysfunctional including everyone's sweethearts Andrew Luck and the colts.

They thought they had a home run hitter in Miller...and they do...but sadly...Sherman uses him just like he did bush: Kid gets going. Busts a 45 yarder, then heads to the bench for 2 quarters, hahaha. At least reggie used to be punished sometimes because it was secondary to fumbling.

Ndamukong Suh, Lawrence Phillips (stabbed in prison), Richi Incognito, U of Nebraska. Nuff said.

Oscar you should quit while your behind, you are acting like a huge bandwagon jumper with the media. It seems you are believing everything your reading regardless of the source. Man up and be a real fan.

Bill A, poor would not be an appropriate definition to use with this year's team. Is it super bowl worthy? No, is it poor, no? It lies somewhere in the middle which doesn't meet some people's standards but be objective in assessing results.

You do...we have 19 million because of that same man you are clowning. He made what was considered possible upgrades and lateral moves at best. Bt it got rid of Dansby and Burnetts cap hits as well as all the other moves he made.

EVERBODY knows, Mark. Except you, apparently.

I hear that the attorney for Martin say's that Jonathon wants to play more football. If Martin's hussy fit causes the NFL to change the Locker Room culture in the NFL and make them all politically correct then good luck to Jonathon finding a locker room that would welcome him.
Maybe he can play in the Lingerie League of Football. He would fit right in.

World English Dictionary

dysfunctional (dɪsˈfʌŋkʃən ə l)

— adj
1. med (of an organ or part) not functioning normally
2. (esp of a family) characterized by a breakdown of normal or beneficial relationships between members of the group

Yes....by definition the Miami Dolphins are dysfunctional!!


FYI, different coaching staff and led by someone who was obviously overmatched.

As of today, is this team dysfunctional?? The only answer you can arise at is NO.

You may not like all of the moves, you may not like Ireland, but the point is we are not like other teams in Cap trouble because of him and DA.




Now if you ask if a dysfunctional team can be successful? I would answer yes....look at the Raiders of the late 70's and 80's

Don Soldy don't forget Brandon Marshall who was involved in Darren Williams death (for those that don't know the bullett that killed Williams was meant for Marshall after mouthed off to some low life thugs in a club) and who surprise surprise also took his opportunity to dump on his former club.

Still didn't mention this 6 easy tds he dropped in his time here though.

Let messe, toad, you're saying the Dez Bryant incident was all speculation? The Jim Harbaugh fiasco? Hmm...

Bullygate sounds like the perfect excuse to move the team to Los Angeles.

No? LOL You gotta be kidding me!

Mark, no offense but, you have to live in a bubble if you think this team isn't dysfunctional.


This is complete & utter dysfunction. Stop being a homer for pete sakes! I can understand people being too critical of the team for everything but, come on already!

Drop the bias and accept things for what they are!

Nice retort Oscar, how can I argue that? (weak sauce)

This only a story because Martin says he was bullied. Doesn't mean he actually was. Did I also mention that martin is the biggest pansy boy and his days in the NFL are over. Nobody is going to bring him in, why would anybody want this in their locker room. Check your tampon at the door Martin. BUH BYE.

Ireland is the most hated GM in the NFL....must be a reason? You may be happy with his personnel decisions....after 4 1/2yrs the truth is on my side. He still has not put a winner on the field. But none of that really matters because you and I don't make that determination...Mr. Ross does. So why evern discuss it.
Fact remains this Dolphins team is an embarrassment. We are dysfunctional. We are the perennial 7-9, 8-8 team under Ireland...that may be good enough for the young Dolphin fans but Im used to dominating the league and winning Championships!

So I guess we are saying that if the dolphins run the table, win the AFC east then go all the way, this all goes away?? Sounds good to me, maybe that is just the kick in the ass the team needs to start playing physical football. I have been in locker rooms, if I were in that one I would be pissed off and would want to band together even closer as a team and take my frustrations out on opposing teams, But that's just me, I hope to hell that's what they do for every player in that locker room's sake.

No Oscar, THIS situation is. Not those. Focus man.

Like -I said the other day, -l make one post and automatically a new blog pops up. NP. -I get the point.

And ETF,

You can't handle those Hot Cinnamon Dominican Woman wearing tight white pants with red pumps. F'ing is a Sport in DR and making love an Art.

Anyone of Latin descent will say some third world joke about how the power goes off in the DR for long parts of the Day. What do you think people do with all that free time on their hands. Have fun.

It is recommended by law that each man have a Wife, a Girlfriend, and a Mistress in the DR. And if you have a housemaid, She can get it to.

Why do you think Dominicans are always Happy?

Like I said, it is hilarious to me how all these players speaking out against the dolphins are talking about how great their locker rooms are when yo guys have listed player after dysfunctional player. Hell Dez Bryant just bullied his whole damn team the other night on the sideline of a televised football game. No one could calm him down, but we have leadership issues. Jerry Jones had to hire a professional babysitter because he wanted to keep Dez Bryant out of trouble because Dare I say it the LEADERS in the locker room couldn't keep him out of the strip clubs and getting into trouble but we have a leadership problem in our locker room. Riiiigggghhttt

YOu can all scream at me, but the product on the field, the product you see in the team's play is exactly what is expected of it.

Now how do you define dysfunction? I don't care about what happens behind the scene, i care about the product on the field and how each players plays for my franchise and I don't see a whole lot of players not putting in the effort or not functioning properly.

Again, so if this team is dysfunctional to the core then what does that make the teams they beat???

Bill you are switching it up on me, man. I am not talking about him being the most despised GM I said he got the cap thing right. I said Bush, Dansby, Long Burnett moves were Cap reasons not because they had opinions.

Bill A, u used dysfunction's defn as it pertains to a sociological scenario or a medical scenario. How do you define dysfunction to a pro sports team?

To me, it all comes out in the results ... and I can't say that this team has been over or underachieving ... somewhere more in line with expectations...

If I was Richie Incognito I would kiss the NFL goodbye and call Vince McMahon in the WWE. With all the National publicity of him being the "Meanest, Nastiest Bully in the NFL" he would be a walking gold mine in the WWE.

Ireland is the most hated GM in the NFL....must be a reason?
Seriously man? WHat are you his ex wife or something. Your as bad as Armando with the hating

I hear a team united, supporting one ousted brother and standing against someone I'm not quite sure who he is. I think the reporting of this story is dysfunctional

Mark I was talking about the mgmt of the team as dysfunctional not the players. Ireland, Philbin and staff that is the dysfunctional part. The definition is not a sociological definition...whatever that is??...it is the definition of the word Pal?? I love the Dolphins as much as the next fan but I call a spade a spade. We need change at the top Pal or its 7-9, 8-8 forever!

In reference to Jeffie's abysmal draft record as GM; Parcells was calling the shots in 2008---the last winning season, that is. Fireland now and hire Polian!

You know what. I hate WWE, but if Richie went I would watch, lol.

News flash there is dysfunction in almost everything especially under 30yr old millionaires in professional sports teams.


Incognito is too R-rated for the WWE nowadays. I mean come one, their champion looks like a hip hop fitness instructor!

Notice how movies like Superbad, Bad Grandpa, The Hangover movies or anything with Seth Rogen, make alot of money at the box office and people laugh their butt's off while watching it and thats ok. But if someone talks like that in real life, they are an A-hole or total garbage

Mando.....Et tu Brute? Hasn't it been enough without you piling on?
But you're right about one thing, heads will roll soon enough.


Throughout all this my faith in Ireland or Philbin hasn't wavered. For me this is just another excuse for those who wanted the Coach and GM gone to keep complaining about.

The Dolphins are handling this situation the best way you can.

Again, the NFL is a Mafia. You sue one team, you will have to deal with the whole league. And those are 32 real powerful men.

Never mind that -I haven't brought the part up of THE UNION!! Anybody who has worked in a Union knows Martin should've spoke with the Union before getting a lawyer and trying to handle this independently. THAT IS WHAT A UNION IS FOR!!


Martin should have his Union Card Revoked. The Union isn't happy with the Stunt Martin is Pulling.

I guess Ivy league education forgets that when there is a Union involved, you talk to the Union first.


I have never been so ashamed to be a dolphin fan in all my 37 yrs. Has supporting a team that has been at the bottom of the barrel for the past 12 our so years finally dragged our morality down wit it.There is no place in any part of society were using racial slurres and violent remarks to another human just because u choose to be a dick is acceptable. And to defend such actions because its ur favorite looking team is just plane wrong. Armodo is just doing his job as a reporter that's what they do report on news he didn't use the racial remarks he didn't assault a women at a team event and cover it up he didn't say he was going to kill someone he just reported it. Stop making excuses for this team there is something really wrong with this organization from coaches who can't call the right plays to a gm who wants to ask if draft pick if his mother is using crack maybe he should have ask inconito that question. Bye the way how did that turn out art u fans glad we didn't draft that dez bryant guy is he still playing football. I 4 one am done i love my dolfins but i had to ask myself to they love me as a fan the answer is no because if they did we wouldnt be the ln the situation we are in right now. So to a once great organization i hope u can get back to doing what once made u great.

Now now Dr S, you don't want to be a homer ..

Don't you know we all are supposed to hate everything this management team does or we aren't being honest.

What if we get to 9-8 Bill? What if we make the Playoffs? What then?

Posted by: drsamii | November 08, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Everything you said on this post is correct we see the same thing. However take off your homer glasses and be honest....do you seriously believe that Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin will win the Dolphins a Super Bowl?? Be honest bro!!

I don't give much of a honeymoon period. I wrote Philbin off by the last episode of Hard Knocks. I wrote GM off after his first draft and RT after his first season. So, dysfunctional or not they can all go.

?? I love the Dolphins as much as the next fan but I call a spade a spade. We need change at the top Pal or its 7-9, 8-8 forever!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 08, 2013 at 03:06 PM

You are a fair weather fan at best. Theres your spade.

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