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Incognito voicemail and tweets to Martin

The case against Richie Incognito is strong, apparently, and it seems the Dolphins guard had little desire to hide his troubling approach to teammate Jonathan Martin.

We've known since Sunday that Martin had texts and a voice mail from Incognito that -- in the context of a harassing or menacing vibe -- seem to prove Incognito mistreated his teammate.

According to CBSSports.com, Incognito in April sent Martin a text that referred to him as a "half-n----r." According to ESPN, Incognito left a voicemail in April, the transcript of which reads as follows:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on twitter, you been training ten weeks. Want to (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm going to slap your (expletive) mouth. Going to slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). You're still a rookie. I'll kill you."

Incognito obviously felt he was joking. Martin obviously disagrees.

Incognito was also not to shy about calling out his offensive line mate on twitter. The tweets, again from April.

April, by the way, was apparently quite a month in this relationship:




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Fire everybody!

This is terrible, but do we all really think that this is an issue in just the Dolphins locker room?
I've heard players refer to the NFL as a "fraternity" and what is one of the things fraternities are known for? thats hazing, or harassment of new members or "pledges". furthermore, anyone who played high school or college ball knows how vulgar and nasty a locker room can be and how the players treat each other.
This isnt right, but I guarantee this is a widespread issue in the NFL, and the Dolphins just got caught

Great... It's even more embarrassing to be a Phin fan... Can it get any worse? We have hit an all time low. This is worse than 1-16.

Silly drama. Media nerds will blow this silly stuff up.

And Miami brass didn't know ANY of this was going on? Either way, clean house. This incompetence is mind boggling at every level of this franchise.

When did anybody in the organization know about this?

This is an absolute embarrassment. Top to bottom this team is run by hypocrites.

You get rid of Marshal and put Icognito on PSA announcements?

Right, that's what high character teams do.

Philbin = moron.
Ireland = moron.
Stephen Ross = BIGGEST MORON

LOL! Only the freakin dolphins can screw something like this up so royally bad. I just would have loved to see the contrast of how this would've been handled if the coach was Mike Tomlin, Tony Dungy, Belicheck, or Saban. This wouldn't have even become a story and if it did, it would've been dealt with the day of. Only the dolphins can put out such a ridiculous statement in support of Incognito only to suspend him just hours later. I have never seen a team so out-of-touch with the world. From the honoring of the gators in Miami, to the Dez Bryant situation, the gay T-pain song, Ross donating millions to michigan after bitching about how the city does not want to pony up cash to remodel his crappy stadium. This team is such a joke. The dolphins are so lucky to be 4-4 instead of 2-6 or the embarrassment (which is already monumental) would be even worse.

Ross will still give Ireland/Philbin contract extensions. The guy is clueless how to run this franchise.

Philbin and Ireland are taking a beating all over in media outlets. The absolute most embarrassing situation in team's history. A complete mess. Since our idiots team owner refuses to do anything thankfully the league will step in.

What is Goodell's baby right now? Abroad appeal. The Miami Dolphins brand is a huge part of it. He will not allow an irrational owner to sink this team. IMO the league will advise Ross that is time to clean house. Both Ireland and Philbin will be gone and people like Cowher and Marino will be encouraged to take prominent positions of leadership in the organization. Goodell's himself has probably had enough with the utter lack of professionalism exude by this franchise, just go back to the Dez Bryant/Jeff Ireland incident.

RI's punishment should be a cage match with Wake.

Sounds like a lot of joking around to me. Are we led. To believe that the Dolphins teammates are the only ones who talk to each other that way?


These are grown men?

Doesn't sound any worse than the crap some of the trolls on here spout. I guess its Ok in here though, right?

this really is sort of a joke, isnt it?--this happens across the league (for better or worse)......SO, do you/we REALLY expect Philbin and his staff to tell us the truth (ie. what they really knew)?--of course not (would Belichik have?--Sean Payton?--Rex Ryan?--Bill Parcells?)--no, obviously.....#2, plenty of these pundits/media guys are "saying the right thing" because its the world we live in now....but again, lets be real....this stuff has happened for years, across the league....is still happening....involves aggrssive, angry, abnormal knuckleheads--WHATS SO SURPRISING?--what I think is so surprising is most of the fans reactions and expectations--is this really that much of a shock?--seriously?--just win this Monday, ok?


Craig, it's wrong if Martin felt threatened by it, told the coaching staff, and the "harassment" continued. That's where it gets to the point of being inexcusable. Especially after all the "high-character" nonsense Philbin kept yapping about. Also, don't you think that relationship has shown itself on the field? Could it be why we're the worst OL in the league? I don't think it's much ado about nothing. Now we're down two starters. Think that's positive? If it wasn't bad enough before this week, looks like this ship is sinking. I would never have thought Philbin would not last as long as Sparano, but after this we'll see.

I am predicting this will end up with Phibin and some of the other coaching staff being terminated.

Fire Philbin and bring back Jason Taylor as head ball coach.

Eagles signed a guy who tortured/killed dogs, and their coach was essentially run out of town after many years there (and, uh, is now the coach of the undefeated Chiefs....think he can still coach?)--the Jets/Rex last year had more than their share of turmoil, embarrassments, poor/questionable decisions and situations.....the Saints too, as Payton was suspended for the entire year while several players were crushed too (for tea,/locker room nonsense/culture)---Belichik goes with Spy Gate, and apparently has/had a TE on his roster of lower than questionable character--Harbaugh/Niners play a young kid who is obviously struggling/troubled....and then check him into rehabe 2 hours later! (hey, thanks for playing kid....NOW you can go get help)--etc, etc....this is virtually nonstop, across the league, in one way or another....most of it not good...but reality.

Ross is going to look real good at the owners meeting next year.

im a black guy and I find this a his text a lil humorous...except for the slapping the mother and ill kill u part. The half a n**** part is funny....I think he was just saying that Martin wasnt a real black and Martin was soft...or in other words Martin acts more white than black because he is soft. This is clearly being a bully...and I know he wouldnt try this with Pouncey if he vauled his health

Ok. Now do you have it Ross? Firing Jeff Ireland is a good place to start sending the message. I've been a Dolphin fan since Coach Shulas first season and I have never seen anything like this. Incognito on a leadership council. Perfect.

Whatever punishment comes out of this will be strictly for the face of the NFL. This is all part of a culture, the NFL commissioner knows it and the NFLPA knows it an it's not going to change. Did Incognito probably go overboard with it? Yeah, was Martin right for leaving the team because he couldn't handle it? Of course, but this will change nothing. All it has done is make the Dolphins seem incompetent for not knowing when really, just like every other coaching staff, they know it's part of a culture. "Boys will be boys right?"

Eagles survived (MUCH) worse....Saints did too.....Pats have as well....Niners have too--rough world, the NFL, but this is hardly some groundbreaking scandal

Two friends talking together could sound terrible to an outsider...i think Martin has issues and needs help, but lets not pretend that RI is the root cause...also, who is the idiot that put the kid with the illness next to the big mouth? Philbin, Ireland? That is where problem lies...

I have also been hearing rumors that Jonathan Martin might be gay. Can you imagine the circus coming the Dolphins way if this is true??

Marco from the last blog, the pats cut hernandez a minute after the cops presented their case, not as soon as he was being questioned. They didn't do anything different than the Dolphins here.

I agree. I am tired of the Dolphins being clueless. If Martin reported any of this behavior to Coach Philbin and he did nothing about it, I think Philbin should be the first to go.

Richie Incognito can follow him. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Richie!

Ireland can follow. Not sure he has anything to do with this situation, but he still sucks.

The Dolphins -- once again completely clueless and the laughing stock of the NFL.

Could be wrong but Incognito was brought in Bill Parcells, I remember reading here that Parcells loved Richie. Does Parcells still keep getting a pass from everybody?

Martin is also a POS for bringing all this up during teh season. What kind fo respect is that for the other 51 players on this team and all the Dolphins' fans.

He could've left, kept his yap shut and then bring things up 8 weeks from now.

Coward bicch.

Getting rid of Marshall and Davis and putting Incognito in the leadership council. That alone should be grounds for firing Philbin AND Ireland for not protecting the very players he brought via draft or FA.

I am 100% sure this so called hazing happens across the league but if you were a HC wouldn't be in your best interest to monitor this situations not necessarily personally because of lack of time to do it but by delegating and installing true leaders within your players. Or could Philbin had been accomplice of this all along or otherwise how could you explain the appointing of Incognito as a leader? Either way is not good, either Philbin is the ultimate bully facilitator or the biggest imbecile to put on a headset as a HC in the NFL.

Way overdue to clean house. I know can't fire the owner but. I suspect the league has to step in to advise this moron about what to do. A good start is the firing of both Ireland and Philbin, and take Aponte with them too.

Come on, who here after watching martin play hasn't felt like shi**ng in his mouth??

okay lost a couple of dysfunctional family members.

Now up to Philbin to correct this mess and use it as motivation. Because if he doesn’t then clean house including Ireland. 10-6 playoff birth or done.

Doesn't sound any worse than the crap some of the trolls on here spout. I guess its Ok in here though, right?

Posted by: Craig M | November 04, 2013 at 01:01 PM

Quit crying you baby!

I could care less if Jonathan Martin was gay. I have a problem with a CLUELESS coaching staff in more ways then one. I have no faith in Joe Philbin. Amateur hour at best! He spends the whole time on the sidelines with a stupid look on his face like he just got run over by a reindeer.

Philbin has punished the entire team. Do NOT suspend our best lineman. Punish him some other way that doesn't hurt the team. You guys really need to check out www.DolphinsTruth.com

what's a matta wit u homers, cogs has a crush on jm the flamer is cogs.

I could care less if Jonathan Martin was gay. I have a problem with a CLUELESS coaching staff in more ways then one. I have no faith in Joe Philbin. Amateur hour at best! He spends the whole time on the sidelines with a stupid look on his face like he just got run over by a reindeer.

Posted by: IrelandSucks | November 04, 2013 at 01:23 PM

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I agree! At 1 point in the last game it looked like he got penetrated by something.

DC, bottom line, I know you don't agree with this ... if Martin was the OT he was supposed to be, it wouldn't happen. Bullies pray on the weak and those that refuse to stand up for themselves. As wrong as he was, Incongnito crapped on martin simply because he knew he couldn't handle him. Cut em both, embarassed that is has gone to this levels and embarassed for our society that left wingers (no offense) have chimed in to say how awful this was... pff. Context people.

The Miami Press is getting schooled by Schefter and these national guys. I thought you guys are the beat writers? Why are these national guys getting all the dope on this situation? Isn't there one player on this team that trusts you that can tell you whats going on? Lets get this right from the horses mouth. I can seeit now - Schefter will be interviewing Cam Wake or Mike Wallace and Mando will blog about the interview.

By the way, Jake Long knew there were issues. He told a friend of mine that the only way he was ever coming back to the Dolphins was if they franchised him. Why do you think Jake left? The writing was on the wall...

Cut em both, embarassed that is has gone to this levels and embarassed for our society that left wingers (no offense) have chimed in to say how awful this was... pff. Context people.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 04, 2013 at 01:26 PM

Left wingers are an issue, no question. The pu*sificatin of society by the left. Like that idiot Bob Costas who after 2 decades in sports broadcasting all of a sudden has an issue with the Redskins name.

Incognito should go o jail for death threats

Fire Philbin and Irescum

Remember watching the video of the 1972 Miami Dolphins when I gforget who was making fun of Mercury Morris and talked about how he'd bring his boombox on the team bus and someone smashed it after warning him - Csonka, Buonicounti? I forget.

Anyway after being questioned about this Morris said "Smash my boombox? Really, I was a grown man, i would never let that happen"

Morris was 180lbs. You see martin how the situation should be handled???

man, what a bunch of hysterical overreacting nancys here....whatever.....so Philbin needs to get a better on his locker room?--ok, big deal...now he will--so Ireland hasnt brought in the best group of players/characters?--wow, we didnt know that, did we?--you think most of the league/players care about this?--truly care?--you're kidding yourself if you think thats the case....they dont care....they wanna get paid and they wanna win this Sunday (and half could care less about the latter)--the Fins havent handled this well, thats true, but most of this coverage/drumbeat is coming from the media....not the player or other coaches--or owners....no one cares that much, every team has missteps and leadership/culture issues at times--WIN A COUPLE OF GAMES IN A ROW....AND ARE MOST OF YOU HERE STILL GONNA CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THIS?--STILL GONNA BE SO "OUTRAGED"?--HUH?--be honest.....

Philbin is a MORON to allow this crap. How does he still have a job?

Man, guys joke around like this every single day. I'm just shaking my head of how ridiculous this has gotten. Now Albert Breer is saying that Martin complained to Philbin back in the OTA's. So if that's true, the Organization is LYING by stating they had no clue. Either way, this goes to show how weak Philbin is as a coach. If he knew back in OTA's and didn't fix it, then he is clueless. If he couldn't fix it when Martin walked out, then he is weak.
I'm sorry but something tells me Martin complained, Philbin did nothing and now he is lying.
Lying is worse then the crime!! Incognito will no doubt have an attorney and now it gets ugly. All because Philbin couldn't fix a problem that most head coaches could. Sad

Ireland and Philbin should resign or be fired today.

Truth - I agree - cut bait with both of these guys. This team is either going to go into the tank now or they can band together and have the "us against the world" mentality. I have a bad feeling it will be the former.

Hey Fatty P,you sure bring up a valid point. If you want to find out anything that is going on in Miami,turn to ESPN. WTF

answer a simple question....if Miami strings together 2-3 wins in a row, are you all gonna care so much about this issue?--yes or no....

Winning cures ALL ills.

It's probably time to clean house. Philbin, Ireland, and Aponte need to go. Those texts are toxic and there will be much more to come out. The Dolphins are going probably going to write a massive settlement check to Martin and possibly others. This is ugly and I'm ashamed to be a Dolphin fan. I dislike the losing. This is worse. It's terrible mismanagement.

The Dolphins get rid of Davis and Marshall, but keep Cogs? Really?

I hated the losing, the horrid drafts, poor coaching, and poor performance. Waning, Saban, and Cameron failed to win. Parcells, Ireland, Aponte, and Philbin have shamed this organization.

Martin and Ross should sue Cogs for every cent he is worth.

If the Dolphins do their prototypical PR spin, then They they will deserve all the negative consequences that happen.

well, drama queens.....yes or no?

Win 2 or 3 and a row and no one cares, like you guys mentioned.

"Ireland and Philbin should resign or be fired today"
100% agree!!!

Mr. T - exactly, all these Miami guys do is re- report all the things that are said in ESPN. You'd think they could pick up the phone and call some of the players - or even maybe jump in their car and go over the the facility and ask around. I mean these guys on ESPN are saying the whole team is afraid of Incognito - I mean they are challenging the manhood of these guys? Meanwhile, the Miami reporters sit on their duff.

LOL, Keith. DolphinsTruth.com tells it like it is, eh?


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