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Incognito voicemail and tweets to Martin

The case against Richie Incognito is strong, apparently, and it seems the Dolphins guard had little desire to hide his troubling approach to teammate Jonathan Martin.

We've known since Sunday that Martin had texts and a voice mail from Incognito that -- in the context of a harassing or menacing vibe -- seem to prove Incognito mistreated his teammate.

According to CBSSports.com, Incognito in April sent Martin a text that referred to him as a "half-n----r." According to ESPN, Incognito left a voicemail in April, the transcript of which reads as follows:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on twitter, you been training ten weeks. Want to (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm going to slap your (expletive) mouth. Going to slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). You're still a rookie. I'll kill you."

Incognito obviously felt he was joking. Martin obviously disagrees.

Incognito was also not to shy about calling out his offensive line mate on twitter. The tweets, again from April.

April, by the way, was apparently quite a month in this relationship:




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The Dolphins have over 20 coaches at different levels. They have countless trainers and grunts that are around these players on a daily basis. Are we to believe that no one knew? Are we to believe that no one noticed the tension that must exist in the locker room? This is un-imaginable. How can an organization be so clueless? In the end it has to fall on Ross, Ireland and Philbin. I can't imagine people not loosing their jobs over this latest embarrassment.

The way this oline has played, it is good to get rid of both of them - Richie and Martin, start fresh. Heck, any two others with Mckinnie and Pouncey and Nate Garner (why was he not in before ? ) will play better. Those two were right next to each other at LT AND LG, you think that did not come to play ? They don't like each other and had no back for the other ...Philbin and his coaches did not see or suspect anything ? I am starting to hate that "deer in the headlights" look Philbin has each game as much as Sparano's "field goal fist pump"...!! Get rid of both those linemen, Philbin and Ireland too if they don't reach the playoffs, which they probably won't anyway. Damn. Starting over again. 3-0 in Sept was such a tease and mirage...sad,sad, SAD.

Benz --- Philbin and Ireland tout how they have such a great locker room of "character" guys.


They get rid of talent like Brandon Marshall claiming they are cancer, then hire guys like Mike Wallace who whines he isn't getting the ball enough despite winning.

This team is a joke. A joke on us the fans.

This team is not going anywhere this year. There is no way we are winning the AFC East. The Chiefs or Broncos will be the first wild card. That leaves one wild card. Do you really think Miami is going to get it? No way.

They will deserve the financial and legal fallout and the tarnished reputation. The media needs to hold the Dolphin organization accountable. I'm homestead shocked and ashamed.

Philbin will be suspended for failure to supervise.

Richie Cog Is a racist...

Anyone who gives a millionaire your last is an idiot..

When it comes to giving $$$, JUST SAY NO!

J. Martin is a big soft, bitter baby. Law suite and all...


Richie is a target, Johnny is a target...

Incognito seems to be acting like a jerk, the same stuff that goes on in every locker room but taking it too far. Martin sounds a little weak if it's true that he participated in the same prank previously. Martin was pouting after being demoted more than likely. With that said, incognito or another teammate should have realized at some point that Martin was taking this stuff seriously and backed off. If the the trip to Vegas is true, then that does suck. However, Martin is a grown man and should have said NO!

Incognito sounds like a Klansman in Cleats:
Perhaps nobody in the NFL disliked R. Incognito more than his former Bills teammate, Kawika Mitchell. I'm trying to get a hold for comment

did you all not see the Eagles' Riley Coopers comments, caught on tape, earlier in the year?--no more toxic of hateful than this....still on the team....locker room/teammantes dealt with it and got over it....in fact, the dude caught TD passes yesterday---this is hardly insurmountable....in fact, I have numerous friends who are Jets and Pats fans, and NOT ONE has texted or emailed me about this today--not one....telling you, this is not that huge an issue....except that Shefter/ESPN keep telling you it is.

Philbin is a JACKASS coach

my question, again (which only Fatty and NeMo have answered....at least theyre honest)--if Miami strings together 2-3 wins in a row, are you all gonna care so much about this issue?--yes or no....

What should have happened was what I said last night. Release Martin saying it was best so he can deal with his issues and get better. circle the wagons around Incognito and state this is nothing that doesn't happen around the league and Martin himself pulled pranks. Then make a settlement with Martin. Now we have two players who may never play in the NFLl again. A weak looking head coach and organization, and now looks like a cover up and lying. Unbelievable!!!

This is true, you think anyone is going to get fired if we beat Tampa this weekend and put together 2 straight with a winnable home game against San Diego right after? EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL ... but you Nancy's can go around complaining about this guy and that guy needing to be fired ... pff. Fire the players in volved and get on with life. Philbin has been good enough to get us a .500 record against a tough schedule ... all I care about.

I am broke! They took my last of my last.

DolphinsTruth - you are clueless. Wait until all of the good stuff comes out. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Miami released 3 different press releases Sunday all contradicting themselves. The organization is clueless (as usual). This is a much bigger story then you realize.

bux almost beat the hawks in their house. yeah, finz can over look them

Incognito doesn't like blacks

I know you're all so "embarrassed"....so "ashamed" to be a Dolphins fan (get a spine)....geez, half of you are softer than Martin--WILL YOU STIL BE SO EMBARRASSED....SO "ASHAMED".....IF MIAMI WINS 2-3 GAMES IN A ROW?----yes.....or no? Or does your "shame" have its limits? ("oh, they're 6-4 and squarely in the WC hunt?--oh, I'm on board!--go Fins!")

Hey Mark in Toronto -- if you had a competent coach, the Phins would be 6-2 right now and ahead of the AFC East. The coaching staff cost you wins against the Bills and Patriots.

And Marco wrote no more, under Marco.


This is worthless crap. Paid millions to play a game that involves grappling with and pounding on 300 lb. men and getting the same in return and one should be able to deal, in the same manner, with an a-hole teammate who goes too far. Incognito is an a-hole who goes to far, so what, lots of them in the NFL. Martin is apparently too soft to do what he should have done and hauled off on Incgognitos head. That would have put an end to it. Not sure how he was able to play the game for 3/4 of his life if he couldn't effectively deal with one Richie Incognito.

Still waiting for this to draw commentary from the federal gov. It will, just wait.

Incognito and Ireland are racist pigs!

hey....those of you that are so ashamed and withering/cowering with embarrassment, in the corner....those of you who are so high and mighty, and so outraged by all of this.....if the Fins finish 10-6 and grab the last WC spot....will you still be so outraged?--so embarrassed? (oh, poor us!)?--huh?....will you be?--or will that, uh, soften the embarrassment?--I'm guessing....it will.

The difference between a good coaching staff and a bad one is the difference between this years Pats and this years Dolphins.

If Philbin were coach of the Patriots, they would be 4-4 right now and maybe even 3-5. Likewise if BB was coach of the Dolphins right now, they would likely be 6-2 and maybe even 7-1.

That is the difference between a real coach and a joke of a coach (Philbin).

You guys Wannstache would go 11-5 with Tannehill and this team's talent. Seriously.

Pathetic. Miami Herald trolls posting "their" accusations that Martin is gay?

Quote Incognito;
"Want to (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth".

The reports state that Martin approached Philbin in the Spring regarding bullying from RI.

Should a manager have no responsibility to the other staff if there is a bully in the office he is accountable for ?

No Philbin didn't send Martin text messages, at least I hope he didn't ? However he is accountable for the behaviour of his players at the facility.

A classroom is a bit bit different to an NFL locker room no ? The report may well show that Philbin has done nothing to stop abuse in his locker, he has to police these events.

Earlier this week he lied and said there was no bullying or reports of bullying on his team. Rubbish !!! The reports are now coming out that Martin had approached Philbin several times to alert his coach to the abuse. Philbin chose to either ignore or do nothing on receipt of this heart felt appeal from Martin.

Philbin on so many levels is not right to be a head coach, both on and off the field.

To Oscar, from the last blog.

If you want to extend this, We certainly can help you do it. You tell Us.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 04, 2013 at 01:44 PM

Extend this, ha ha. What a joker. I think this will extend quite nicely as it is my friend.

Oh I'd bin Philbin and Ireland.

Posted by: Marco | November 04, 2013 at 01:48 PM

You have Dolphin rookies claiming they have no money which just opened a HUGE CAN OF WORMS.

Martin can actually sue Richie for his $15 Grand back.

Others may follow...

Benz, WELCOME to Fantasy Island.

Even Wannestache would have a better record with these Dolphins as he at least knows to run the ball with a lead...

Bad play calling cost us games against the Bills and Pats. Ravens game was winnable too...

richie,is that u?

Remember Irelands racist remarks TO Dez Bryant? HE SHOULD'VE BEEN FIRED THEN.

Irelands tenure MUST END. Results simply STINK compared to other teams!

Need proof? LOOK AT THE FRIGGIN JETS! The stinking Jets with a 1st year GM, revamped Defense, rookie QB & almost NO playmakers on offense have shown more progress in 9 games than Miami has shown in 1.5 years after their revamp.

This bullying issue is just the icing on the cake. You let Marshall go & keep Cogs? BAD MNGT DECICIONS BY COACH & GM.

Well below par with drafts & FA signings have also been poor. For the money, Wallace, Ellerbe & Wheeler are worth their contracts.

Then again, FA shopping like this is indicative of bad drafting. They go hand in hand. The homers so happy with Ireland all have egg on their faces.

End the Ireland experiment & sent him back to Dallas & he can take Philbin with him.

The end of Ireland and Philbin? Being that Philbin lied according to what was reported that they had no knowledge or were never approached..

LOL - agree 100%. I freaking hate the Jets. But know what? Rex Ryan is a damn good head coach.

We the fans are speechless,as a die hard fan its like bounty in New Orleans,the Patroits spygate and more or less we are the Miami Dolphins the commissioner its going to put all of us in Russia for 5 years ban.

geez, Ireland (I mean, Pats fan)....such insight!--wow, you figured that out by yourself?--so you're saying that if Philbin was as good a coach as one of the best coaches in league history.....who has one of the best QBs in league history (that he didnt even realize he had, being that he waited til Rd 6 to take him)....that Miami would have a better record?--whoa, blow me away with your knowledge and common sense!--geez, why dont you nex just compare Tannehill with Montana....or Brady.....or Marino....or Elway....or another QB legend?--no sh%t theyd be better, Sherlock.

Philbin better resign today!

ireland sucks is exactly right. the players are fungible. coaches win and lose games.

we will never be good until we have a good coach.


This is disgusting, we pay his wages as fans and get this sorry excuse of a coach lying to our faces. It will come out over the next week. He is toast, sure Ireland willm follow.

The Dolphins have allowed racism to run wild.

Every Sunday I watch former Dolphins contribute to other teams win's. Irland is horrible and Philbin needs to make the owner choose between the 2. I would HATE to work for him and work for less elsewhere.

This is going to get very interesting.

I love it when authoritative a-holes like Philbin who threaten or admonish players who speak publicly get put in the spotlight for their own failures.

I wonder if the hazing of rookies has affected Dion Jordan's performance?

I meant Ellerbe, Wheeler & Wallace are NOT worth their contracts.

Oscar, gone already ?

benz, this has nothing to do with winning or losing. Everyone wants the Dolphins to win, at least the fans. Unfortunately these issues continue to come up with this organization. What other team do you see that has one embarrassing incident after another? Winning 3 in a row?? All for it, let's go. But there is rot in this organization and 8-8 or 9-7 is no longer good enough. Being in the Wildcard hunt isn't good enough.

Benz -- Don't for a second think I am a Pats fan. I hate the Pats and I hate the Jets. And you are completely missing my point.

Take THIS years Dolphins and replace the coach with BB and the Dolphins are 6-2.

Take THIS years Pats and replace the coach with JP and the Pats are 4-4.

I am not talking about QBs or anything. The head coach makes THAT big of a difference. The Phins lost at least two games they should have won due to JP incompetence, and the Pats won at least two more games then they should of due to BB. Period.

Mark in Toronto- What a clueless, unenlightened schmoe you sound like. Incognito's actions are obviously beyond the pale. To whine about the way Martin is handling this unacceptable, animalistic, un-humorous harassment is so asinine it defies belief.I'm thrilled to see Incognito jettisoned. Martin probably wont be a huge loss either, but that's completely beside the point, you right wing caveman.

J. Long is proving his worth now; kept this unit in line. This coaches are out of touch. I like the roster, deserves a better staff.

Rex Ryan is a blowhard but hed's always been a good coach....no question/doubt there at all--just veered off last year with the QB/Tebow thing, and a few malcontents--Sanchez was the primary issue last year....they aint going anywhere but Ryan can coach.

Bo Jackson -- The players win or lose games, but the coaches definitely have a huge influence. You have to give your players the best chance to win.

Bills loss was 100% on coaching staff. Should have ran the ball and run out the clock.

Pats loss was 100% on coaching staff. Should have run the ball and not panicked.

Joe Philbin cost the Dolphins TWO wins this year due to HIS incompetence.

and notice that the Jets have regrouped and rebounded since Rex has mostly shut his mouth over the last year or so....always a good coach, but his comments/nonsense/personality got in the way for awhile.....to many distractions....but they've improved since he's piped down--thats good...but we all know its only a matter of time until it comes around again.

I take it as he was joking...might of come off different but Martins gotta grow a pair. Either way we'll be better off without both of them!!

Will....I dont necessarily disagree with you....but realize that the vast majority of NFL players are likely right wing caveman as well

The question is how such a limited person could obtain an ad hoc leadership role on the team. Someone with his style should perform his appointed duties and be quietly thankful attention isn't drawn to the full range of his personality. It seems as if never occurred to him that he might be wrong and everybody else might be right.
A real leader understands the dilemma because he has been wise enough to see when he was wrong and he sort of learns from that.
Boy, when things go wrong, they really go wrong.

Adam Schefter, "I've seen the material and this has gone on for weeks months and season".

Philbin and Ireland won't survive this one. Dolphins, to keep all the coaches except Philbin.

I think they will out in an Interm coach from inside.

Personally I'd like to see TE coach Campbell as the Head Coach till next year. Be great to see him blast Sherman and over ride his calls.

Once you bring labor law into the mix its a whole new set of rules.
The NFLPA has to act within the rule of labor law since this was classified as a workplace harassment claim...It will not just GO AWAY after 2-3 wins like someone mentions above.
This is a real legal issue with real ramifications that most on this blog are unaware of.

It's more that just a case of one man being weak while another is a bully.

Philbin Irleand Sherman are morons!!!!!

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