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Incognito voicemail and tweets to Martin

The case against Richie Incognito is strong, apparently, and it seems the Dolphins guard had little desire to hide his troubling approach to teammate Jonathan Martin.

We've known since Sunday that Martin had texts and a voice mail from Incognito that -- in the context of a harassing or menacing vibe -- seem to prove Incognito mistreated his teammate.

According to CBSSports.com, Incognito in April sent Martin a text that referred to him as a "half-n----r." According to ESPN, Incognito left a voicemail in April, the transcript of which reads as follows:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on twitter, you been training ten weeks. Want to (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm going to slap your (expletive) mouth. Going to slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). You're still a rookie. I'll kill you."

Incognito obviously felt he was joking. Martin obviously disagrees.

Incognito was also not to shy about calling out his offensive line mate on twitter. The tweets, again from April.

April, by the way, was apparently quite a month in this relationship:




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I don't like Rex Ryan, but the guy is a good football coach. I don't like BB, but the guy is a great football coach. I don't like Nick Saban, but the guy is a great football coach.

I was willing to give Joe Philbin a chance. I like Joe Philbin. But the guy is a VERY MEDIOCRE football coach.

It's not personal.

agree to a point Ireland....TH wasnt put in the best position but he was the one that fumbled vs Buffalo, not Philbin (its not like it had to happen necessarily)....players on the field couldve converted some of those late plays/passes vs the Bills, as well (its not like they had no shot of working....execution, on the field, wasnt good enough)--Philbin didnt throw the key picks/fumbles vs the Pats, did he?

Ireland apologists, face the facts.

Dez Bryant saga
Spurned by Fisher


The Jets have a rookie GM, rookie 2nd round QB, almost half their defense is new starters, absolutely NO playmakers, new OC & have shown more progress in 9 games than the phins have in 2 years with:

a 6 year GM, top 10 pick at QB, high priced free agents, experienced coaching staff.


He cannot assemble a compotent team or coaching staff. THis is his 2nd try. It's time to hand the keys to someone who has experience & a track record of success.


My answer: I don't care now.
I agree with you, if they win 2-3 in a row nobody is going to remember this.

Wow Clabo is now a hero from zero. A week is a long time in Miami.

Miami Dolphins can still be a great franchise. Just not with Ireland, Philbin and the front office.

Liars are scumbags. The FO changed its story, Three Times on Sunday.

Things can only get better.

Will, your 100% WRONG. There are 1696 players in the NFL, this has been going on for DECADES and no one has been hurt or walked off their team. Maybe you would pick Martin to be next to you in a fight, I will take Incognito. You obviously never played football because if you did you would realize this type of behavior happens, whether you think it's right or wrong, its what happens. Martin is not cut out for NFL football

A new coach, a new GM and a couple of new offensive linemen and this team is a Super Bowl contender next year. We are not that far off.

Lots of irony here if it is Ireland's pick of Martin that, finally, will help end the Ireland disaster.
If RI was dumb enough to actually leave voicemails like that... and JM and his attorney parents decided to start keeping "evidence"... it was only a matter of time.

Liars are scumbags. The FO changed its story, Three Times on Sunday.

Things can only get better.

Posted by: Marco | November 04, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Exactly! They denied. Then lied, then had to cover up. That sums up the 3 stories.

Ross has to protect his investment. He cannot continue to employ shady characters like this.

This team needs someone with discipline, commands respect & KNOWS WHAT HE's DOING.

Someone needs to restore pride & faith in the orginization.

Hello....Mr. Cowher, this is Mr. Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins.
Are you available for a sit down later this week to discuss potential openings within our organization?

Irelands been a racist for years

Apparently the rookies were paying for their night life.

I'd have no problem if they replaced Ireland...have said that for several years....I think he got too much of the blame in the past but I dont think he's done a great job by any means--definitely not in the Ireland apologist camp....just dont think its gonna happen anytime soon--I think this falls more on Philbin anyway.....and my guess is that they regret getting rid of BMarsh and Long at least--Philbin needs to understand that these are bad dudes, and while you want to keep that under control as much as you can, you certainly gotta deal with some of that when you're putting together a roster--impossible to assemble a bunch of great/character guys, and a winning team.

Philbin knew and did nothing.

I wish we could get back to football.This team is like an afternoon soap opera that my wife watches.Thank god the MIAMI HEAT are playing again.I have been a diehard phins fan for the 23 years that i have lived in beautiful so.fla.Please clean house of coaches,gms,ect.and start over.We are used to it.Jimmy johnson,dave stash,nick satan,cam camoron,big tuna,tony moron,sporano,now lying,drooling,joe philbin and gang of incompetent so called coaches


Will @ 2:02, you missed the part where I said fire both these fools and move on. If you knew my history here, you know I've hated Martin since day one he became a phin. Not since day one where I saw him play, day one period. So you can see how I always thought he was soft and unacceptable.

I never defended Incongito either. It's just my expectations that as a fan, the man we emply to be our OT, has the stones to handle himself with an Incognito.

Got it? Good.

Now come here, I want to sh** in your mouth and slap you...


LOL...Dont forget to slap his REAL mom

This organization is pure, unadulterated garbage, from top to bottom.

I'm getting to the point were I'm getting ready to give up in the Fins once and for all, and start rooting for a new team that at least is a classy organization, we're the pits. I've been a fan for 38 years, and this organization gets worst every year. It seems like we hit a new low every year. I have lost all faith in Ireland and Philbin, and I will no longer support the team as long as those two are in control.

NH, just wondering, why so ardent Bill Cowher take over management of this team? The guy has never had to do that before. You really want to break in another new GM? I don't. he might have been a good coach but he decided to retire for a reason... and he's spurned us before for a reason.

Stop asking out the same bicch after she rejects you so publicly, have some pride.

This story is on the Drudge Report. It's got national and political attention as a result.

There is racism, workplace harassment, possible extortion, bullying, and perhaps a management that was aware of all of this.

There will be many lawyers involved. Law enforcement could be involved. The team is responsible for all of this. The Union will be involved. Some checks will be written. Large checks. There may be firings.

And Pouncey's legal issues are still out there.

It does not matter if the Dolphins win 10 games. These are serious issues in a business with a public following.

Good God what a bunch of babies. I am gonna give up on my team, this organization is a joke. the whole organization should be fired.

If you dont want to watch your team play anymore, go ahead. My butt will be up till 12:30 Tuesday morning, watching our team lay wood to the
Tampa Gay Fucckneers.

I am tired of losing an this whole thing is dumb and embarassing. but for the 2 jackholes who caused all this 9I blame Martin too, he can handle this a million times better) you have 51 other players going out their and playing their butts offf.

Maybe this whole thing will weed out the fairweather fans. Go fishing or something on Sunday or if you are really really bored, just go to Church. My butt will be standing in front of the TV, throwing down beers and yelling at it!! GO PHINS

Mark...Cowher rejected our offer because Ross would not get rid of Ireland...period.

Give Cowher full control of all player/personnel decisions and you have a solution for success.

He came from the most stable organization in all of sports and knows how to win.

It sounds Cro-Magnon. It is Cro-Magnon. He uses the n-word. Must hate his mom, and your mom too. An all-around foul & loudmouth douche.

But is “[Y]ou’re still a rookie. I’ll kill you” really a credible threat from one adult to another? Or is it what it sounds: an obnoxious old dawg keeping younger pups down just because he can, while he can, in his team-appointed role as co-alpha male?

Or, switching species, does the preamble re "training" not set up the rest as, essentialy,, grunts from an overamped, perhaps roid-enriched gorilla profanely beating his chest?

Racial? More like antisocial. Or locker room colloquial. Because the context of the entire voicemail *is* about football, training, pecking order -- not one adult male issuing a credible threat to another.

This is one voicemail. However, if the transcript above typifies the text messages Martin received from Incognito, it’d be difficult for me to take Martin’s “fear” seriously unless the texts are considerably more menacing, explicit, devoid of football context.

Not saying Martin doesn't have a beef. Especially re the allegedly pervasive practice of vet tolling (which isn't discussed hear). And football or not, Incognito *does* have boundary issues, compounded by a big picture lack of awareness re consequences arising from his behavior.

Just saying I've heard/read similar among & between players, stevedores, machinists, wildcatters without anyone seriously taking offense unless weapons were involved.

Great! All we need is Obama on the phins as*. We all know what a classy, open minded guy he is!

"... the allegedly pervasive practice of vet tolling (which isn't discussed [here])"

Martin...No wonder you stink...Man up dude!

The Dolphins wish it was just about Cogs and Martin. What about forcing rookies to pay thousands of tens of thousands to vets?

I have been a fan of this team for 40 years. That is about to change as this is the first time this team has shamed itself so badly.

OH...And it's time to start over...Get rid of Ireland and Philbin!


who's the next cpach of the FINS gonna be...


I dont care about the team making rookies pay for a dinner. If 30k was taken out of one players paycheck , that is too much,but split up over 4-6 rookies, it aint that big of a deal. With that being said, if they are doing it regularly, then that isnt cool. Paying dues isnt in itself a bad thing(it sucks for the rookies) but a meal isnt gonna kill these kids.

Richard Incognito has been placed on the FBI's most wanted list.

$10 million reward

Barack Hussein Obama has levied sanctions against the Miami Dolphins in the form of 2 consecutive 1st Round Draft selections.

Punishment approved by Roger Goddell.

And what has Cowher esxactly done in a personnel capacity to warrant this? Like I said before, I don't want a fat cat retread who will go running back to TV when things get difficult again. There was a time when I would get seduced by the big name but no longer..

AMEN rdubs, not only did we have the softest left tackle in NFL history we own the softest fanbase too. At every turn, fire everybody... geez.

Mark...I'd ask the KC Chief fans how they feel about being seduced by a big name coach....

If a rookie does not want to pay, $1,000 to $5,000 for a meal, then that is their right.

Philbin's Honeymoon is OFFICIALLY over...

the ONLY thing that counts now are WINS and Losses....

better get a WIN on NATIONAL TV....

and then finish 10-6....anything less s probably gonna get him AND Ireland canned....

Belicheat will smell blood in the water when they play again....he will try to beat us by 30 points...in hopes of a firing....belicheat knows that if he can keep the AFC EAST changing coaches every 2-3 years...that the division will ALWAYS be playing cath-up...

and we still have to play Belicheats ball washer (ryan)....he loves the spotlight to much to not try and get in on some of this....

This is a really sad day in Dolphins history :-(

--> the only way to handle this, is to kick out everybody who was involved or knew about this. The fish always starts to stink at his head therefore Ireland and Philbin are in charge running this organization. So they should be blamed to let this happen to the Dolphins franchise which had one great history. How can you destroy a legendary franchise so many people worked so hard for all those years and get away with it?

I could not care less about Incognito or Martin to be totally honest. This is not about two men.

This is about a franchise with millions of fans worldwide.

It does not really matter what they did - it was definitely wrong. Incognito needs help because he probably never had someone teach him values of life and if he had (which I do not believe) he totally messed it up. Martin on the other hand needs help too. Maybe he should get in contact with Ricky who had issues of his own and he somehow ended up living with his short comings.

I feel sorry for both because I think they need help but at the end they unfortunately will both be in worse shape than ever before.

But again that is something that happens probably everywhere but there the organizations handle it better I guess. At least they don't wreck the ship as the dolphins leaders did.

Again - very sad day to be a Dolphins fan.

If the political people and national mainstream media run with this story, it will be a long,long, long season.

Really NH, what about Jimmy Johnson and Nick Saban. The sword has two ends to the blade and cuts just as much.

Fact is, no coach has EVER won a super bowl with two different teams. And the Chiefs won't change that trend either.

What Richie said was not cool or typically amusing. I think Richie's crime is when he picks on people if it isnt funny. I love talking crap and can take it, as well. But at least make them funny.

Like when he said I am gonna s::t in your mouth. If he said I am gonna poop in your mouth, that's instantly funnier

I mean really! When you are threatening someone for real, are you gonna reall say I am gonna s$%t in your mouth?

Richie Incognito locker reads: 2 THINGS I HATE


What an adiot...

Bring the Burgh boys Cowher and Marino to clean this mess. If the Phins take too long the Steelers will.

Martin is weak and weak individuals make themselves targets. I mean who in their right mind would place themselves into an environment that applauds violence and unsavory acts? The guy didn't ask for it, but he sure put himself in a situation that he should have known would have been unbearable for him to adjust to. I place the blame squarely in his lap. I don't condone Cog's behavior either, but I do understand it from a players point of view.

This story is going to continue to grow and the flames will continue to be fanned by the media to the point where I am sure a Congressional investigation will be convened and yes it will happen, not the first time the NFL has been investigated and will not be the last.

I wonder how much Tannehill had to toss in for that rookie $30K dinner tab?

And by the way, you were talking player personnel management which is a totally different animal than coaching. Fact is I wouldn't want any big anme here with the intent to blow it all up again. They normally just leave the broken pieces all over the floor and go off and do their own things when they find out they can't put it together.

Johnson, Saban, Parcells.

Marlon Moore is back!!!!!!!!!!!

Superbowl baby

Cant wait to in his mouth!!!

Benz you are one of the few that is living reality here.
All it takes is to win a couple of games and most will forget. Having said that, this goes on every locker room. The only difference here is that Martin is surprisingly weak for the profession he picked or he has been pampered all thru his career, but how can a man let someone talk to you like that about your mother?I would not care about any consequences, He should have visited Incognito Immediately and pounced on him with a vengeance!What about if a defensive end or tackle said something about you or your family?You are going to the sideline and complain to your coach? come on man! stand up for your self!

Vet tolling "can" be problematic when carried to extremes, as Adam Beasley (Herald) reported re one pup who almost went broke.

Because players pushed to the wall on mortgages, bills, payments due otherwise guaranteed by salary suddenly diminished by tribute paid to teammates, are players ripe for gambling, point-shaving, loan sharks etc.

This is whole CogMart thing isn't nearly as bad as losing to the stupid Bills a few weeks ago!!!

Marlon Moore re-signed by the Dolphins...I guess his 250 yards over four years and TWO TD's will take the offense to the next level...

Good lord with Marlon Moore. I mean, really? Why bother? What will you see this time that is different than any other time?

If you HAVE to sign someone...take a flier on an OL you haven't already cut 3 times & don't know if he stinks or not yet.

Jesus Ch*st Ireland is an IDIOT! Marlon Moore again? Comical front office. COMICAL!


it has NOTHING to do with the fan base....

gesus man...who will you blame next...the hot dog vendor...the beer man...

Do you have ANY IDEA of how this WHOLE THING STARTED....

COGS is the perputrator....

not me...not anyone who believes as I do....

The person that is most responsible after that...the OL/HC...and that order can be reversed as far as I am concerned....

I know you have to understand the factors of good leadership....

Being a Leader means being responsible...and the HC is responsible for EVERY LITTLE FAUCET that happens concering players...NOT SOME...ALL...that is why they make the BIG MONEY....

NHFINSFAN: Correct. Huge can of worms way beyond RI and Martin. This legal onion is going to keep getting peeled. Everyone's lawyered up or should be. Including that drill Sgt. OL coach who tolerated this crap instead of improving his players.

I guarantee you Ross is already preparing to distance himself from this by chopping heads: Ireland (done), Philbin (done), Aponte (probably done for helping cover-up). He has to 'gather information'. Time it right. Otherwise, he'll appear to have known as well. Either way, he pays ($) either a fine or pick or both. Garfinkel probably wishes he'd interviewed one month later.

Cog can kiss his career goodbye now that there's a recording of him throwing out the 'n' word. He's so radioactive now no team would want him. For PR sake, Ireland will have to dump him.

Oh, I forgot. Moore is a great ST'er. Silly me!

Is it possible Incognito called Martin a "Half ninja"

it's interesting. polian said it is the responsibility of the leaders on the team to monitor such behavior, while herm edwards says the coach must know what is going on. when the subject of why incognito is on the team in the first place arose, polian said he was not on indy's draft board, edwards remained silent, but no one mentioned that it was parcells' decision to bring him here (if I recall correctly).

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