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Incognito voicemail and tweets to Martin

The case against Richie Incognito is strong, apparently, and it seems the Dolphins guard had little desire to hide his troubling approach to teammate Jonathan Martin.

We've known since Sunday that Martin had texts and a voice mail from Incognito that -- in the context of a harassing or menacing vibe -- seem to prove Incognito mistreated his teammate.

According to CBSSports.com, Incognito in April sent Martin a text that referred to him as a "half-n----r." According to ESPN, Incognito left a voicemail in April, the transcript of which reads as follows:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on twitter, you been training ten weeks. Want to (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm going to slap your (expletive) mouth. Going to slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). You're still a rookie. I'll kill you."

Incognito obviously felt he was joking. Martin obviously disagrees.

Incognito was also not to shy about calling out his offensive line mate on twitter. The tweets, again from April.

April, by the way, was apparently quite a month in this relationship:




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The more I think about this I find Martin to have gone completely overboard. Yeah Incognito may be an A hole, Yes he might be mean spirited and many other things. BUT Martin has to be a man. He has to stand up to Incognito and man up. What he basically did was run home to mommy crying that the boy's are mean and don't like him. That's ok if you are 5. Not if you claim to be an OL in the NFL.
Maybe Incognito has basically talked himself out of the league BUT I can't imagine anyone wanting Martin in their locker room either.

Attention Terminally Clueless and/or Trolls:

This is WAY beyond Incognito and Martin.

And, FAR from over.

Ireland and Incognito have alienated blacks

I wonder if this would of gotten this far if Long,Bush or Fasano were still on the team. All of these guys were respected members of the Locker room. In hindsight it was a terrible mistake to strip the club of all it's locker room leadership. What vets do we have on offense? Incognito then who? Mistake by Ireland and Philbin in forming this club.

as far as philbin's responsibility, it's not so much that the head coach should be expected to know everything that is going on between his players, but more a matter of how philbin has conducted/presented himself. he presents himself as no-nonsense guy who is in complete command of the locker room. however, his decision to put incognito in a position of leadership shows a terrible lack of judgement, even without his knowing about the harassment of martin. what does it say about philbin that he thinks a thug like incognito, who has hardly been a reformed citizen since his initial run-ins with the law in college, is fit to be a team leader? it's disgraceful. that, combined with the fact that he has been a mediocre coach at best, will finish him here.

I respect J Martin for putting an end to the racism and death threats on the Miami Dolphins.

Philbin and Ireland are both CLUELESS!

I can't tell tell if all of these people saying they won't be fans are just trolls or not. Just win on Monday, thats my only concern. Martin and Cogs are gone anyway and will be after thoughts.

Cogs is finished as an Nfl player. He will probably get sued and lose all his money as well the Dphins will beg to settle with Martin in the low seven figures.

I'm sure the Dpins are trying to call in every favor possible to protect the team. I hope their is an independent investigation by outsiders and not only the NFL.

Sorry for misspelled words. I'm using phone to post. My real spelling is marginally better.

Best thing for Philbin....Monday night loss still = a short week....no change comming as of yet....

so he has @ least 2 chances to show he is still the man for the job....win the next two....

Finish 10-6...and he will get to plan for next year....

lose the next 2....and this thing spirals out of control...imo...

and you guys were laughing @ the supposed "dysfunctional" jets before the season started...the same jets that just beat the Saints...the same Saints that blew us out of the water...

Don't believe everything you read...

It's troll city around here until the Dolphins start playing football, specifically, winning football. Then its yesterday's news and ESPN moves on to their next drama.

Martin doesnt deserve a 3 figure some let alone a 7 figure sum. He received dumb empty threats and was being annoyed by Incognito.

One question

Did Incognito lay a hand on Martin? Was there any physical abuse?

Suing over bad words is dumb

Yeah Martin, Cog, and quite possibly Pouncey as well. This story is taking on a life of it's own and will be around for quite some time even after the guilty are removed. I am sure every single GM in the league is investigating their own locker rooms for any type of problems arising from this incident. I am sure this will not be the last team that will be investigated as more brave souls come forward with their stories....lol

The entire house of cards could crumble and the league will end up picking up the tab. This could get very interesting in the coming weeks.

Haha, rdubs, open up marlon!! Seriously, a good add. knows the offense can play in case of emergency and plays special teams. Unlike some of these other in season adds, at least we will see him in a jersey.

Kris, I'm reacting to all the crying here. One idiot punked out some wimp who shouldn't have drafted to start with and now everyone should be fired. really??? No overreaction here??

I'll watch my favorite team as I do every week & will be rooting for them to win.

But, you have to be a dunce to think this would be over with just wins! Come on people, WAKE UP!

It's been going on since last year with Martin! The coaches HAD to know. The coach apparently did nothing or didn't do enough to stop it.

This will result in fines, lawsuits & penalties from the league(draft picks?) Players work for the NFL. THey are part of the NFLPA. Not the Miami Dolphins PA or whatever team. They are employees of the NFL.

Do you NOT expect the NFL to act to protect their players? TOo many of you are narrow minded homers!

This team, with whatever history it has left, will be viewed unfavorable among future coaches & players!


Same Jets that got killed by the Bengals.

Just had to put that out there LOL

Please dont slap my mom or s$%t in my f^&cking mouth

Wish you guys were all listening to Channing Crowder on QAM right now. Especially all you Martin defenders. Crowder played with Incognito.
1. "If Martin went to Philbin, Philbin would have gone to Jerry, Pouncey, and the guyson the line. Pouncey was a rookie with Incognito. If those guys said it was overboard, it would have been dealt with. More then likely they said NO MARTIN WAS BEING SOFT."
2. "Martin needed to stand up and draw a line. The way to handle Incognito was to smack him in his mouth"
3. "Nothing Incognito did was bad enough for Martin to walk off the team"

This is all from a NFL PLAYER who played with Incognito, said Martin is soft, didn't stand his ground, and should NEVER have left the team or did what he did.

So all you Martin defenders who claim the people saying Martin is a wuss are morons?? Well, that come straight from a PLAYER who played with Incognito on the team.

The team has no leaders because their all rookies and free agents.

Incognito was the vet leader.

This kind of crap screws up team play. You create a weak link. I would think that the veterans on a team after a little hazing would take the rooks under their wing and show them the ropes. Help them out kinda thing. That would just make them better and confident. Most of the game is confidence at that level.


we don't know yet...for whatever reason the release this stuff in bits...

COGS is the dumbest SOB in the history of DUMB SOBs...imo...

He shoudn't have mocke the media right AFTER the FINS came out in defense of him...just plain stupid...also...the Martin camp could have taken that as a SHOT AGINST them....and figured...the only way this meat head lears his lesson...is to go public with what they have...

Just another example of what goes on in COGS head....

just dumb imo....

Oh and on a different note...did anyone watch the performance Bess put on last night? Lord I hate to lose players of his caliber. We could have used him even with Gibson on the squad...what a waste.

Mark has a point. Based on Martin's combine bench performance he should have never been drafted with a 2nd rd pick. 5th or 6th maybe, but never to become an immediate starter.

Still, whether a 1st rd pick or undrafted rookie fa, no player has a right to treat any other player as Cogs treated Martin. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, condones Cogs behavior in this matter.


good point...

no Cleveland Steamers from me...you can be sure of that...

This team, with whatever history it has left, will be viewed unfavorable among future coaches & players!

Posted by: LOL | November 04, 2013 at 03:33 PM

And this is why, imo, philbin & Ireland need to go.

what draft eligble kid is thinking to himself right now "Oh Gee, I hope Miami picks me"

What FA is sitting there thinking, "I'd love to play for Philbin & Ireland. What a great locker room they have".

Why does Ireland still have a job?

Martin is paid at least 600,000 per year. He probably has 2.5 years left on his contract which is $1,5000,000. Consider the hostile workplace environment and threats and slurs and possible extortion, and the Dolphins would probably be thrilled to settle for $3,000,000.

It is time for a change once and for all, Ross you need to put the football team in the right hands all Dolphin fans desereve better. Bring in Gruden give him complete control and Ross you not be seen or heard of,your a real estste guy not a football guy and it shows the truth hurts.

Saying Martin should have hit cogs in the mouth is plain stupid. Cogs is on the leadership council. Meaning he had the wool pulled over the entire organization's eyes.

Can you imagine what would have happened to Martin had he thrown the first punch? a 2nd yr player with question marks attacking a seasoned and established vet?

We all know the org would have sided with cogs and Martin would have seen the last of his Dolphin playing days. Please use your brains people.

lol bring in Gruden.. did a graet job in Tamp didnt he... won a super bowl... with Dungys guys.. ran it into the ground once he put his stamp on the team

Isn't the sport hard enough without some bully acting out his demons on someone cut from a different cloth? That is why it's not good to have that vibe going on. Where is the sport?

Well maybe had Martin punched Cogs in the mouth and then present all of the evidence he's presented against him. Then things still may have went well for him.

People like Cogs are the worst kind of racists. They think they aren't predjudice when using racial slurs. They think they are "JUST KIDDING" around. In my opinion, this maybe the worst breed of racist of all.

They are kidding, but, the ethnic person they kid with never find it so funny.

Please football gods carry us out of the darkness. This is really getting hard to defend. Even after six or seven beers.

Oh how the once proud have fallen.

We really need to bring in some old school Dolphins to right this ship. I know Dan didn't like VP stint. But man we could really use him at this moment.

Im voting for Gruden with the hope Shula as OC comes along for the ride.

Its time to move on from this experiment. Philbin is a good man who is in over his head and has to many hang ups that keep him from getting the right personnel.

Really thought we should stick it out with Philbin for a while, but sometimes you have to cut ties and move forward. Ireland and this front office should be shown the door and so should this coaching staff. Ross has to see that his investment is being tarnished.

I have to agree (page 2)....this whole thing was bad enough but sports writers are like all press types....bad news sells, not so much with good news. So in effect, they themselves are 'in the news' too.

If you think this is the first time or the only team then I have plenty of land in the Everglades at just the right price for you....

This whole thing is really stupid. I love my team and want them to win. That is all I care about. I never heard us talked about in the media positively, and now all I hear is the media negativity. I don't know or give a crap what really happened between these two, I wasn't here. I just am afraid of the effect it may have on our season. Who knows maybe this is for the best, maybe the tension between these two was causing a distraction for the rest of our team mates, now we can move on to winning...isn't that the goal anyway?

Sam I Am, you know who said punch Richie in the mouth? Channing Crowder. He actually played on an NFL team, the Dolphins' actually. You still don't get it do you. That's how problems are SOLVED, especially in this type of environment. You must be sheltered in life.

BTW, from the last blog.....
"Is it part of the coaching staff's job -- not just the head coach but assistants also -- to have the pulse on the locker room? Should the Dolphins have known that rookies were being forced to pay for meals for veterans?

And should the coaching staff have known that all of this is a potential violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy"?

Really Mando? According to Mike Golic (Mike and Mike ESPN show) who actually was a NFL player this morning said...it's pretty much common place for rooks to pay for part or all of their units meal, club, etc. He says from his sources that the 15k was from Martin refusing to pay LAST YEAR and was a 'fine'.

Bye, bye Richie!

Maybe these two were the reason our o-line sucked....we played better without Martin. Now maybe we will be even better without any adversity without Ingocnito. Our team needs to play together against opposing teams, not against eachother. Fight to win every game against the opposing team, act like brothers...come on let this BS go right now!

So, about that 11th commandment. Luv thy bully?

Pix don't "prove" anything. Anyone can fake a smile. And who knows how plane seats get assigned on charter flights?

But Martin *did* post pix of he and Incognito in New Orleans on his twitter feed last month. And Cogs does Instagram he & Martin sitting together on their flight to Houston. Then there's InCogs tweetshout to his "half-n piece of __" on the latter's birthday. And Cogs snapping Martin on a go kart outing. Finally, what else but photo evidence of Cogs & Martin pranking Samuda together re moving Samuda's car as reported by Salguero.

Doesn't change the words of any voicemail or text.

Does change the "perception" of Incognito & Martin as Hatfield v. McCoy.


Sorry, folks. This isn't some bully taking lunch money from a classmate. The reports suggest Incognito extorted money from Martin. Extortion is illegal is all states.

There are reports of other illegal activities. Incognito could eventually answer to state and federal authorities. Those going along with Incognito- or even knew about it- could be deemed conspirators.

I played on teams that had every possible race imaginable on the squad. Sure we flipped each other shite and yeah sometimes it did get a bit personal and it was handled in house, not in the public. For the most part those guys were my brothers and I went out there every Friday night and played lights out for the team, not for the individuals. I still have contact with several players from my old teams and they are having a ball with this situation, if you pardon the pun.

I don't really buy into the opinion that Martin wasn't thick skinned. I am more inclined to believe he wanted out and this was a perfect opportunity to get his wish along with taking some people he didn't particularly like with him in the deal. He is done in this league and so is Gogs. No one would want either one of them on their squad for obvious reasons.

THIS has been my STANCE SINCE LAST YEAR.....ROSS/IRELAND/PHILBIN are to blame for this, for their INCOMPETENCE and how this team is so bad.

My guess is that Incognito, as part of team leadership, is going to scream that he was trying to toughen Martin up. Just like Gny Sgt Hartman with Pvt Pyle in the movie Full Metal Jacket. However, the racially charged comments, in light of the fact that league consists of almost 70% black players, are foolish and racist. Paula Deen lost her career over calling her staff the n-word 10 years ago. And insulting mothers? As Ron Burgundy said "lets leave the mothers out of this." In all seriousness though, offensive lines are built on cohesion and chemistry and Incognito destroyed that and sabotaged his team. That is at worse than the New Orleans bought scandal bc at least they were acting as part of the same team. By sabotaging his own team, Incognito's offenses are far worse since they hurt his team. He needs to be immediately released. My opinion of philbin and Ireland and Ross will follow.....

You guys have no idea what goes on in a pro or college facility so shut the f up.

FINIALLY....some leadership out of this organization.

So long Incognito. Take you and your lifelong history of "issues" with you. And take Pouncey with you.

Parcells didn't offer to crap in anyones's mouth, so how is it his fault?

I beg to differ with you Miami mike, there are several former players on this blog that may know more than we are willing to admit, so I wouldn't get my panties in a bunch if I were you.

Completely and utterly unacceptable! Shame on the coaching staff for not being aware of this out and out abuse. We all know what good natured kidding and rookie initiations are and this is NOT that. I have tolerated Richie fighting every now on the field as part of his feisty persona. I will not tolerate this! Release him and fine the coaches for not intervening on Martin's behalf.

This lame and if you ask me I think Martin is just being a baby. I think he is getting the blame for the offensive line problems and can't handle the blame and pointing fingers. Way to sensitive to play in the NFL with that attitude.

Put him in a skirt.

This is them together...


He wished the guy happy birthday on twitter...

Richie incognito ‏@68INCOGNITO 19 Aug

🎉🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the biggest weirdo of ALL TIME @J_Martin71 🎉🎉

This is embarrassing, I agree with everything Stephen A. Smith said this morning on first take

What's the difference between his comments and Riley Coopers comments.

Martin is a wussy & can't take the NFL locker room mentality of hard joking. Martin needs to spend time in front of Don Rickles for a week of constant banter & harrassment to toughen up this baby. This is the NFL for pete's sake - not lacross or badminton!!! I KNOW the trash talking is much more intense from defensive players who face Martin. This is all meant to build commeraderie & get this guy mean in the trenches. I'm an Army vet, and from New England Italian neighborhood. My best friends call me names and insult me, regularly - as I do with them, and we're TIGHT as friends - BECAUSE we know it's meant as humor and street talk of sorts. And in the Army - the harrassment is meant to toughen you up!! I would love to be Richie's team mate and was thinking of buying his jersey. Think about this for a minute; would you rather have a tough guy like Richie in a foxhole when bullets are whizzing by you . . . or Martin, who would show cowardice? Or Joe Philbin, who either avoids confrontation by media members by avoiding tough Q's, lying or claming up? Sad to see Richie go due to this overly politically correctness. Pathetic job by Philbin . . . what a poor leader he is.

WOW, a once proud franchise that was the winningist franchise across all sports has fallen so far that it will take a miracle or football equivalent of a Lebron and Wade to right this ship. What a shame.


Everybody who has commented has been bullied at one time or another. Who hasn't? The only shame involved with being bullied is not defending others against it when we are able to. If you aren't repulsed by Incognito's behavior, you probably long to be a bully yourself. By the way, can you imagine living in a household with this guy and his father?

just win and all this will go away...

This guy has been kicked off two college teams, one for head-butting a coach. he is sick in the head or taking to much T

You clowns can excuse this any way you want but immature, juvenile punk are not of good character and as a result will never win anything. The Dolphin organization can now serve as a bad example. What a joke. If I were a gambler, I would take everyone of the Phins opponents because they are going to win or beat any point spreads the rest of the season, which will be a short one. If these jerks weren't playing football, they would be behind bras in either a jail or a zoo.

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