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Joe Philbin press conference (tape review)

Joe Philbin and his coaching staff study the tape of every game the Dolphins play after the fact and meet with the team to make corrections. Well, on Monday, the Dolphins coach was in front of his biggest forum -- a group of about 75 media representing more attention-grabbing power than I've ever seen at a club presser -- and he put on his best face to address perhaps the ugliest set of facts ever faced by the franchise.

Philbin had to discuss the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito mess. And below you will find what he said. And below the coach's comments, I will give you my thoughts on what was said as I see fit.

Think of it as going back to the film and correcting the mistakes or issues.

(Opening statement) – “I thought I would start out the press conference by giving you a little of a background on some of the events that have occurred during the last week. Last Monday evening in preparation prior to our preparation for practice against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathan Martin left our facility prior to that practice after an incident occurred in our team dining room. Later that evening, he contacted a member of our organization. Soon thereafter I contacted Jonathan personally, requested a meeting with him, at which he readily accepted. I met with him later that evening. We had a good discussion. Throughout the course of the week, I was in contact on multiple occasions with him and members of his family. I spoke to him the day after the game, and I spoke to members of his family over the course of the weekend. As the weekend unfolded, early on Sunday, as you well know, as an organization we released a statement that was 100 percent factual. Soon thereafter, we were contacted by representatives of Jonathan, and before I say that I should let you know that in all my discussions with Jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or organization. Later on Sunday, we were contacted by one of his representatives where they in fact had some concerns over player conduct that had occurred. We immediately took those concerns very, very seriously.

Our owner, Steve Ross who has been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested that the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place. We issued a second statement noting we had received information that we were taking very seriously and that we were gathering information on. Throughout the course of the day, we gathered more and more information. At the end of the day, I decided to suspend Richie Incognito based on the information I had at that time. The NFL is going to conduct a review of the work place. It’s going to be comprehensive. It’s going to be objective, and we are going to give as an organization our full and complete co-operation with the NFL. That’s really where things are as of today.

I want you to know as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins I am in charge of the work place atmosphere. Since April 10, 2012 when the players first came here and I was the head coach, every decision I’ve made and everything we’ve done to the facility has been done with one thing in mind, and that is to help our players and our organization reach their full potential. Any type of conduct, behavior that detracts from that behavior is not acceptable and is not tolerated.

Two of my children go to school here right behind here at the University School. As a parent, when they walk through those doors I have certain expectations that the administration, the teachers and the staff are going to create a safe atmosphere where my children can learn and develop as people. This is no different. I take this responsibility very seriously that these players when they walk in this door they feel like they have the best medical care, the best strength and conditioning care, the best coaching, the best fields to practice on, the best technology and the best classrooms to learn in. That’s very important to me. I will tell you if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, I will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. I have that obligation to the players that I coach on a daily basis, and I will do that. Any questions on that?"

Salguero: I find it strange that in this account Martin met with Philbin the same day he supposedly went AWOL. And yet with the troubling issues that caused him to flee the Dolphins still so fresh, the player could not bring himself to tell Philbin what was troubling him. If that is the case, what the heck did the coach and the player talk about? Zone blocking schemes? I mean, your player leaves the team. You bring him back for a meeting. Question No. 2, after how are you feeling, is why did you leave? Did Philbin ask? Did Martin answer in a fashion that the coach was still unaware about why his player left after that meeting ended?

Also, Philbin and the Dolphins talked to Martin's representation and his family. And still the club didn't know what was troubling Martin on Thursday? How about on Friday when Philbin was asked about reports of misconduct and bullying in the locker room?

How is it the media seemed to know and was reporting on what was troubling Jonathan Martin before Joe Philbin and the Dolphins knew? And how is it that after seeing those reports and talking to the Martin camp some more, the Dolphins still believed the reports to be "speculation" until late Sunday afternoon?

I mean, where are the people and communication skills?

(On if he has talked to Richie Incognito and if he is satisfied with his apology) -  “I’ve been in contact with Richie. Any conversation that I have with any football player on this team are personal and confidential in nature."

Salguero: Bad answer. Sure, it gets Philbin out of having to explain the talk and thus gives him all sorts of plausible deniability about what was said. But ... I'm sure Dolphins fans might have felt better about their coach's leadership ability if he'd said that he explained to Incognito that evidence against him was strong and that he had no tolerance for the stuff the evidence (ie texts and a voicemail message) shows Incognito to have said and written.

(On if he had an inkling that anything like this was going on in the locker room before last Monday) - “That falls under what the NFL review is here for."

Salguero: So earlier in this very presser Philbin says Martin told him nothing specific of the issue and now he's refusing to answer the question? Raises suspicion.

(On if he personally had any idea incidents were going on) – “Again, I want to make clear this. My focus right now is on the men in the locker room, preparing our football team to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will give my full and complete and total corporation with the NFL. When that takes place, the timeline on that I don’t have the specifics of. I will tell you I will be in full and complete co-operation with them. I will answer everything honestly to the best of my knowledge. But what I would like to make sure what everybody understands is that there are not going to be comments during the course of this investigation until we get all of the information and we come together on that information."

Salguero: Philbin is basically saying "I'll tell the NFL what I know. You, the media, not so much." What he needs to start realizing is something Jimmy Johnson and Don Shula knew almost instinctively: When you are speaking at a press conference, you're not really talking to reporters. You are talking to your players. You are talking to your opponents. You are talking to your organization. Most importantly, you are talking to your fans. When he blows off questions, he's blowing off opportunities. And he's blowing off fans.

(On how he missed incidents of what could be deemed hazing or bullying from Richie Incognito on national television last year) - “What was that?"

(On Richie Incognito’s incidents on television last year where he hacked into Facebook accounts and talking about someone’s girlfriend) – “I never saw it."

(On if he never saw the incidents with Richie Incognito on Hard Knocks) -  “I never saw it. What was it on TV, on Hard Knocks? I never saw the show, not once. I was working at the time.”

Salguero: The coach has said numerous times he didn't think Hard Knocks helped the Dolphins or hurt the Dolphins at all last year. Except he apparently formed that opinion without even knowing what was on the show? Hurts his credibility.

(On if incidents staying inside the locker room are part of the NFL) - “Again I think each locker room has its own culture, it’s own identity. I can’t speak to other locker rooms and how they do things.”

Salguero: Excellent escape. But everyone it recognizes for what it is -- avoiding the question.

(On if he has seen rookies getting picked on in a locker room) - “I personally think laughter in a work environment is a good thing. Not at the expense of an individual, but I think laughter can be a healthy, productive thing. But not in a demeaning way at the expense of an individual.”

Salguero: Good answer.

(On what he saw Sunday night that made him say Richie Incognito needed to be suspended) - “Again, the information that I received I took under consideration and I felt this was the appropriate action. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what it was, but I had enough information I felt to make a good decision. That’s exactly what I did."

Salguero: Coach's on a roll. Two good answers in a row. Can he do three?

(On if Richie Incognito being on the team’s leadership council was a trust that was misplaced) - “The leadership council is selected by the players. I have a lot of confidence in our players. I have a lot of confidence in the locker room, the character of the men we have in the locker room. He was selected by his teammates."

Salguero: Three in a row!

(On if there is racism on his team) - “Again, that’s going to fall under the review of the NFL.”

Salguero: Again, a terrible answer. By not answering, you are basically opening the door to the possibility there is racism on your team. If your answer to this question cannot be a resounding, emphatic "Hell no" you did something wrong in the building of your team.

(On if he has addressed the team about the situation) - “We’ve addressed it in a team meeting, yes.”

Salguero: Good.

(On if he spoke with Richie Incognito after his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “Again, I’m not going to get into discussions I have had. I don’t do that with any situation.”

Salguero: Crappy question. Already been asked. And coach, you would be wise to acknowledge that you spoke to Incognito because he's your player, too (for now) and he deserves fair treatment and an audience with you. You gave him that audience. It's alright to admit it. It's not a revelation of state secrets to admit to talking to a player.

(On if he thought it was a serious matter based off his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “He never mentioned to me any accusation of any inappropriate behavior. (It) was never mentioned to me at any point, not in the meeting I had with him, not in the phone conversation I had with him."

Salguero: Honest. Forthright. And a terrible fact for Philbin and the Dolphins because, again, the media found out before you did, Joe.

(On if Jonathan Martin’s representation presented evidence against one player or multiple players) - “A player.”

Salguero: Honest.

(On how likely it is that Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito play for the Dolphins again) - “Again, right now the focus is on the football team, the men in the locker room right now (and) preparing our team for Tampa Bay. There will be a time and a place for all of that stuff."

Salguero: Don't want to nitpick so this is fine.

(On if the last four days have been miserable for him) - “Absolutely not. It’s a privilege to serve as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. I feel fortunate every single day I come to work. I work with a great group of men, a great staff, support staff. Absolutely not.”

Salguero: Best answer of the entire presser. Philbin finished strong.


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Please let this be the silver lining... Buh-bye Casper Phailbin & FIRELAND!


Notice all the people Crying, Complaining and Whining that Jeff Ireland and Coach Philbin should be fired are the same ones who wanted Ireland and Philbin to be fired before Martin Quit on the team without telling anyone.

It isn't like they just magically changed their mind and have seen the light. This just gave them another reason to cry to everyone that the Fins should fire the Coach and GM. Since they can't speak about the teams performance let's cry about the same thing everyone is crying about.

Un F'ing Real!!

Yes, Dashi calls it CRYING!! When you repeat the same thing more than 10 times, you're crying about it in my book. ESPN is also CRYING about the situation. All the Old players and Garbage Analyst who have lost or been turned away by the Dolphins. All those talking heads Whining and Complaining. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!!

Any Self-Respecting Man and/or Dolphin fan is already tired of this.

Yes, Incognito is a prick and J.Martin was Bullied.

That still doesn't make it right to turn your back on your team or your sport, by not trying to handle the problem internally first. It doesn't make it right that as a grown man you still have Zero Backbone or Testicular Fortitude to stand up for yourself. It definitely doesn't make it right for you to bamboozle everyone into thinking you are a distraught victim and are not culpable yourself in hazing other players.

If J.Martin loves football, he will return to the team immediately and apologize to the team for not coming to them first and leaving the team without at least telling the HC about his situation.

If J.Martin doesn't love football, He will continue with his lawsuit and never play a down of Pro Football ever again. Taking the money and running.

THE DOLPHINS ALREADY GOT RID OF INCOGNITO!! Martin has ZERO excuse not to return. Unless he doesn't love football and wants to take the easy way out.

At 3-0 I finally had some happy thoughts about my team. But here we og again. This season will end on a bad note, but I dont consider Ireland guilty this time.
I loved Icognito against the Jets last year. I love his demeanor, but I have always been worried something like this might happen. We shouldnt be surprised Icognito was at the centre of this.

It doesn't make it right that as a grown man you still have Zero Backbone or Testicular Fortitude to stand up for yourself.

Posted by: Dashi | November 05, 2013 at 01:58 AM

I guess what many of overlook on the physical side of the matter is Martin is basically still a kid and Cogs a 39yr old grown man. We forget Martin is a 23yr old kid trying to learn to live in a jumbo sized man's body.

No matter the size, Martin is still basically a kid. Don't let the size fool you.

30yr old man

Truth be told, the city of Miami itself is a very racist city.

I have no issue with them getting rid of cogs. He was not a great player. I simply can't believe that his teammates have no issue with that racist txt message!

If Jonathan Martin doesn't have the support of his teammates and doesn't want to play for Miami anymore, trade to his old coach in SF and be done with it.

Mike Ditka: 'If Incognito did it he should be kicked out of the league'

Patrick: Mike [Florio] mentioned Richie Incognito. Um, if he's your leader, one of your leaders, and whatever is a prank or bullying here, what do you think of that situation?

Pioli: If he is a leader in your locker room, that is a problem, because he has a long history of issues going back to Nebraska, when he was kicked out of school. But, what this shows me is that there is some void of leadership somewhere within the Miami Dolphins locker room, because if there are issues like this, generally the head coach or the general manager is going to know something about this. They're going to be able to fix the problem before it manifests itself into this disaster they have right now.

Patrick: Would you want Richie Incognito in your locker room?

Pioli: I didn't want him coming out, and I don't want him now.

Agree with Bane above, for everybody's benefit, cut ties with both Players. In any case, we won a very difficult game vs Cinci without either one of them. Let's work with the nucleus of Players we have which seems to be very good indeed.

" I know nothing".....Joe(MORON)Philbin

In any case, we won a very difficult game vs Cinci without either one of them.
Posted by: oscar canosa | November 05, 2013 at 03:52 AM


Why wrong, Mark?

Incognito played!!!!!! DUUUUUHH

oscar, think before you write, yes?

I know. Not the whole Game, if he played. Gave up a sack to Geno Atkins which almost kills Tannehill. Probably the reason he came out of the Game.

You see, these anti-social People create all sorts of problems every where they go. Even to the point of purposefully not putting out their best effort when that is what's expected of them. When there is huge amount of $$$ involved from different parts, that type of behavior is not looked well upon. Yes?

florida is no 49 in education AND IT HAS AN NFL TEAM LED BY GARAGE MANAGER AND CORNED BEEF HC........TO FIT THE RANKING OF 49 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

IF THE TUNA WAS HERE ...................

WE WOULD BE IN A DIFFERENT (( PLACE )).................

Yea, last place!


If you post the same post about Dansby 2,0000 times...then it's your opinion....and-post.....or how about the Moore has small hands...."can't even eat a whopper".....

I didn't love all of those post...but I respect your right to say it....even if it was ad nauseum.....

Because others have a different view than you....it doesn't mean they are crying.....it means they see it different....


As I recall.....I was the ONLY one on this blog on the Philbin wagon....perhaps there was one or two others.....but NONE. Of them were named Dashi.....and the rest wanted Fisher....

So I didn't want Philbin fired then....and I am not sure that I want him fired now.....

But what in want....and what is LIKELY TO HAPPEN are two different things,....and I think that is what people are posting about....what is LIKELY TO HAPPEN.....and some may now want it......after what has happened....I don't know how you or anyone else can condemn them for having an opinion.....


We all no DAYTONA IS AN @ss.....because he has been busted so hard.....he has even brought out his ALOCO CHARACTER (sad but true in the last blog)....in hopes of stirring up trouble.....eff him.....the only thing that keeps this douche alive....is people acknowledging him with every post....let him go....let him die.....

It doesn't matter what side you take....he is gonna take BITH SIDES of the issue under DIFFERENT NAMES....just to start a fight.....

But you already know that.....

Let it go.....

Plenty of real posters here who will give you an intelligent debate....why waste all of your time and energy on the ONE fake dude.....



Having said all of that....I think it is very likely that Philbin is a lame duck coach.....and without a 10 win season....he gets canned...IMO....

Why does Philbin come across as a politician in answering questions? he is very evasive and seems worried only about how he looks in all of this. he really needs to man up and confess that did a poor job jettisoning the 6 players(leaders) on last years leadership council. clueless!

Speaking of Fisher.....

Could the guy have picked a worse Division to go to....even when the team finally gets good (if ever)....he will still be trying to contend with 2 of the top teams in the NFL for the forseeable future.....

Both with good YOUNG QBs....and top defenses....lol....

Could have came to Miami...and waited Brady out.....

Decision making.....another reason I didn't want Fisher here....

I'm not sure if Philbin should be criticized for this. Hi was hired to coach adults not babysit children. This had evidently been going on for a long time. It is his first time coaching and he probably figured it was normal and he did not want to interfere with team chemistry. Adults should be able to conduct themselves in a civil way. Perhaps NFL teams will have to add a baby-sitter slot to their staffs or pay the coaches more with the added job duty of baby-sitting.

Or maybe they could pay the players more so they can bring a witness lawyer with them when they are around other players. Perhaps homeland security should get involved and patrol the NFL premises. I'm joking of course but this is what happens when adults are childish and mean-spirited.

Rookies should not have to take it. They made the team. Even anyone treats anyone, the ones with the most money should do the treating. Quite imposing nonsense on one another and focus on being a good team. The entire thing is so avoidable and ridiculous.
This world would be great if it wasn't for people.

Philbin says Martin didnt mention the issues he was having with Incognito. red flag. chris carter says Martin was scared! and didnt trust his coach and declined to confide in him for that reason. i def believe that to be true. Philbin talks a good game but his actions tell the story.

it was the dolphin brass that considered/made Incognito a locker room leader. Dolphins are in full damage control mode rather than dealing swiftly and decisively with a real problem. now questions wont be answered on advice of lawyers; can't speak while an ongoing investigation is in process will be used repeatedly. or "what i say to a player is all private" why? grow some balls!

I really don't care about the outcome of this matter, or how many players the Dolphins release, so long as Jeff Ireland gets to keep his job.

If Philbin was made aware of the situation back in April and did nothing to resolve it in all this time, then if I am Ross I fire him as soon as that fact is available to me and I assign an interim head coach to take over for the remainder of the season, and no not Sherman.

In a situation such as this, you have to lay down the law, you have to make an impact statement, and nothings says, "straighten your act" like firing the head coach.

Were I Ross, I would hold a meeting of everyone employed by the Phins, everyone together in one big room, and let it be known that all of this hazing/extortion crap will no longer be tolerated at any level, and anyone caught doing it, or turning a blind eye to it will be suspended for a full year without pay if they are a player, and if the employee is a salaried or hourly then they face immediate termination.

I normally hate zero-tolerance policies but in this case I think it's warranted.

See, that's what happens when you mess around with People who are more Educated than you are. They burn your Assss.

greg z.
i don't see why any player wouldn't trust philbin in a situation like this. he has dumped a lot of guys with minor character issues. i would think if martin played philbin that voicemail waaaayyy, back when it happened incognito would have been gone.

greg z.
you keep spewing BS. if you remember from hard knocks bush went to philbin with the idea of a leadership conceal and the players decided who as on it. do you think philbin would have wanted bush or dans by on it?? both of them talked to press in a manner that didn't show the team in the best light.

so get your facts straight. it wasn't the "dolphins brass" that made incognito a ocker room leader!!

jaison, martin missed(awol) 2 OTA's! He walks out on team. coach is in contact but never finds out why? Martin is a 23 yr old kid who is very scared. he doesnt trust coach.

if martin played that voicemail for philbin in april do a of you fools think it wouldn't have been leaked by now?? get real!!!

martin was dumb for hiding all this for so long. he is a grown man and had options in handling it!! he went to freakin stanford!! not the U. he actually is very well educated. yet so dumb for waiting this long.

Jaison, being a homer is clouding your ability to reason. try seeing the situation for what it is.

Adults act like childish brats and its the coaches fault?

I used to like Incognito until I found out how childish he is. If I was a rookie I would not pay for anything or do anything they tell me. And if they hurt my physically over it I would sue them. That simple.

there have been other players who went awol for personal reasons. the raiders enter comes to mind and he wasn't being bullied and didn't have a problem with the team.

i'm pretty sure martin made up an alternative excuse. people tend to hide things that are embarrassed about. you guys see conspiracy heroes everywhere. i see a straight line.

i'n listeneing to a report right now that martin didn't tell the truth right away for fear of the impact on his career. which makes sense. it was his agent who gave all the info to the dolphins.

That Philbin speech was scripted. Pure Dawn Aponte. Know nothing, say nothing. Look stupid and nobody but you looks bad. Typical corporate BS. I guess they decided Philbin and not Ireland should lay down on the sword.

With all the plausible deniability going on, I thought the President was being interviewed.

I just can't believe the support that cogs is getting from his teammates! First we now know deep down cogs is a POS!!!! Second, we can now see that even though many feel that Martin is still a kid that he seriously lacks nastiness to smack cogs in the chops. I really don't know what issues he might have, but he won't be a dolphin. Trade him to SF or the Colts!!!

I have not seen Philbin dump any white Player for character issues up to now. Maybe he didn't realize RI had "minor" character issues. Whether he did realize it or not, it has cost him his job.

Its really comical to see how the dolphins brass handled the situation on a timeline. they, under dawn aponte, changed their company position 3-4 times in the same day!!!! and they expect the public/fans to swallow it??? they are all trying hard to save their jobs. I dont think Ross even believes them as he has asked the NFL to step in rather than trusting his people to do an honest investigation.

being a homer???? you are sounding like a guy with foil covering the walls looking for conspiracies!!!

yo will see in less than a week that martin kept it secret for two reasons, one embarrassment and to for fear that being a narc would negatively impact his career. both extremely reasonable reasons. though if it was this bad and he had all these voicemails and texts he should have come forward sooner.

the raders center didn't show up for the Super Bowl. guess what, none of his coaches or team mates had a clue he was bipolar to such a degree. it's easy to hide thing but eventually they will it a breaking point.

You know what kind of Culture this Dolphins Team have now? A Culture of ignorance, short-sightedness and obscurantism, from Ross on down to the very bottom. And it has cost them their Franchise.

He was gone after this year anyway.

My other issue and it is BIG, is the current dolphin locker room culture!!! If you don't have solid veterans then you have a problem!!

This is all very sad!!

I think fans and media of the Dolphins have come to enjoy a circus and a soap opera more than football. And for good reason, we haven't had much exciting football to watch.

I personally am not all about the witch hunt at this time. I think we've seen our fair share of disfunction and rebuilding.

Incognito has been suspended and will probably be released. Martin is getting the help he needs. Lets go on about the business of beating the Buccaneers and get this thing turned around.

ESPN has a good perspective on this;they elaborated on it last eve before the mon. nite game. berman,keyshawn,carter,didtka,polian,young,dilfer,jackson all had similar views on our situation. Coach Philbin wasnt decisive and young player was beyond scared and didnt trust coach to confide. they point to a locker room devoid of veteran leadership. if richie is your leader you have a serious problem!!!

The media, including former players & coaches, will push whatever agenda will produce the most clicks/viewing.

While i admit this thing was interesting at first, I don't think its something that will affect how this team plays on Monday due to the fact Martin & Cogs have allowed 11-12 sacks and the O-line might even be better off.

Therefore, me as a lifelong Dolphins fan could give 3 $hits about public perception and all that crap about embarrassment...JUST WIN on monday night!!!

Time to bring Danny boy in as head coach

the dolphins are A MESS AS LONG AS OUR GARAGE MANAGER AT THE HELM ...........


I wonder if these free agents that signed for the big bucks really think it was worth it now? The real week spot on this team all season has been the o-line,and look now where all the problem is. Pouncey has to testify in the Hernandez case,Incognito suspended,Martin leaves the team. So we have Clabo and Jerry left,hmmm,maybe it is not as bad as we thought. They have already let Tannehill get sacked about forty times! How could it get any worse?

What this reveals is that there is zero leadership in that locker room. Phibin conveniently washes his hands off the matter by saying the leadership council is chosen by the players. Well ok Sherlock if you know they made the worst possible pick then you as the HC should make sure as hell that there is a problem somewhere and needed to a. Step up and overrule or b. Monitor the locker closer.

None of that was done he chose c. The status quo and business as usual. Even if you think Martin is solely at fault here it is clearly evident the lack of leadership is the culprit of this entire team debacle. You watched the players last night either supporting Incognito or -more prevalent- saying c'mon people is all ok, all while stating so in a very loose and laid back fashion.

Philbin is at major fault here and should -and probably- will be fired. Same with Ireland. The news of the league advising Ross means Mr. Goodell himself had to get involved even is Ross did not want his help. There is too much at stake here. The Phins for better or worse remain a pillar of Goodell's number one baby: international appeal. And he will not let this franchise sink any further due to in part a clueless owner, as in clueless for not firing Jeff Ireland a long time ago.

3-NEW HC.........

5-NEW STADUM ......


ESPN?? if chris berman said it it must be true because he has spent so much time in the dolphins locker room.

greg z, watch out there are black helicopter flying over your head!!

guess what? people hide being bulied. i see news stories way to often where kids kill themselves. and everyone had no clue they were been bullied. you know why?? because it is embarrassing dude! here is another fact reported today. martin still didn't come forward. it was his agent!!!! so stop with you dumb conspiracies!! and stop getting you news from a pre game show. it just makes you sound silly!!!!

Jeff Ireland needs to fire Dawn Aponte. It is crystal clear that all of this is her fault.

easiest and most often used defense today by pres., leaders, coaches etc.: plausible deniability: this is the first i have heard about it, it was just brought to my attention. he never said anything. i never watched "hard knocks" although i gave opinions about it. deny, deny deny. when it blows over you may get a free pass!

Jaison, time to wake up son. your fantasy is over.


Sorry, I was going to post the disclaimer. But Since you brought it up.

Yes, Dashi has cried repeatedly about 3 things on here. Really 2. The Matt Moore thing was in defense of Tannehill and the constant Matt Moore should be a starter movement. That if you notice I don't even join anymore because of how ridiculous it sounds now when someone is calling for Moore to start. The facts are out there why Moore sucks. And Hand Size is important for an NFL QB, Notice how they always praise R.Wilson for having big hands as a QB.

The 2 Things Dashi cried about here. Dansby sucks. And that battle was mostly Dashi and Craig M. Not Dashi and the whole Blog. I just couldn't believe someone saying Dansby wasn't replaceable when he was the biggest problem on our defense.

And #2. FIRE SPO!! Which I still believe is the most Incompetent Underachieving Sissified Coach in all of Sports. I promised after the 2nd title I will show him some respect. Which means I won't talk about him or his incompetence for the rest of the season. Just remember every time the Heat lose it isn't cause of LeBron or the Players. Or P.Riley's fault for building such a great team. Blame the coach who doesn't know how to coach. Or Motivate.

So yes, Dashi cries about a few things. But never for days on in. And I don't repeat the same thing 10 times in a row. I might stay on the same subject. But that is bringing up different facts and opinions. NOT THE SAME LINE OVER AND OVER.

It is like some of you are trying to Bully everyone to follow your opinion.

At least now America will have a vested interest in our Monday night game. We get to be the villains on national TV!!! This wole fiasco has turned this into an even more important game, for the team, coach and GM. Hope we dont muck it up

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