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Joe Philbin press conference (tape review)

Joe Philbin and his coaching staff study the tape of every game the Dolphins play after the fact and meet with the team to make corrections. Well, on Monday, the Dolphins coach was in front of his biggest forum -- a group of about 75 media representing more attention-grabbing power than I've ever seen at a club presser -- and he put on his best face to address perhaps the ugliest set of facts ever faced by the franchise.

Philbin had to discuss the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito mess. And below you will find what he said. And below the coach's comments, I will give you my thoughts on what was said as I see fit.

Think of it as going back to the film and correcting the mistakes or issues.

(Opening statement) – “I thought I would start out the press conference by giving you a little of a background on some of the events that have occurred during the last week. Last Monday evening in preparation prior to our preparation for practice against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathan Martin left our facility prior to that practice after an incident occurred in our team dining room. Later that evening, he contacted a member of our organization. Soon thereafter I contacted Jonathan personally, requested a meeting with him, at which he readily accepted. I met with him later that evening. We had a good discussion. Throughout the course of the week, I was in contact on multiple occasions with him and members of his family. I spoke to him the day after the game, and I spoke to members of his family over the course of the weekend. As the weekend unfolded, early on Sunday, as you well know, as an organization we released a statement that was 100 percent factual. Soon thereafter, we were contacted by representatives of Jonathan, and before I say that I should let you know that in all my discussions with Jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or organization. Later on Sunday, we were contacted by one of his representatives where they in fact had some concerns over player conduct that had occurred. We immediately took those concerns very, very seriously.

Our owner, Steve Ross who has been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested that the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place. We issued a second statement noting we had received information that we were taking very seriously and that we were gathering information on. Throughout the course of the day, we gathered more and more information. At the end of the day, I decided to suspend Richie Incognito based on the information I had at that time. The NFL is going to conduct a review of the work place. It’s going to be comprehensive. It’s going to be objective, and we are going to give as an organization our full and complete co-operation with the NFL. That’s really where things are as of today.

I want you to know as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins I am in charge of the work place atmosphere. Since April 10, 2012 when the players first came here and I was the head coach, every decision I’ve made and everything we’ve done to the facility has been done with one thing in mind, and that is to help our players and our organization reach their full potential. Any type of conduct, behavior that detracts from that behavior is not acceptable and is not tolerated.

Two of my children go to school here right behind here at the University School. As a parent, when they walk through those doors I have certain expectations that the administration, the teachers and the staff are going to create a safe atmosphere where my children can learn and develop as people. This is no different. I take this responsibility very seriously that these players when they walk in this door they feel like they have the best medical care, the best strength and conditioning care, the best coaching, the best fields to practice on, the best technology and the best classrooms to learn in. That’s very important to me. I will tell you if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, I will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. I have that obligation to the players that I coach on a daily basis, and I will do that. Any questions on that?"

Salguero: I find it strange that in this account Martin met with Philbin the same day he supposedly went AWOL. And yet with the troubling issues that caused him to flee the Dolphins still so fresh, the player could not bring himself to tell Philbin what was troubling him. If that is the case, what the heck did the coach and the player talk about? Zone blocking schemes? I mean, your player leaves the team. You bring him back for a meeting. Question No. 2, after how are you feeling, is why did you leave? Did Philbin ask? Did Martin answer in a fashion that the coach was still unaware about why his player left after that meeting ended?

Also, Philbin and the Dolphins talked to Martin's representation and his family. And still the club didn't know what was troubling Martin on Thursday? How about on Friday when Philbin was asked about reports of misconduct and bullying in the locker room?

How is it the media seemed to know and was reporting on what was troubling Jonathan Martin before Joe Philbin and the Dolphins knew? And how is it that after seeing those reports and talking to the Martin camp some more, the Dolphins still believed the reports to be "speculation" until late Sunday afternoon?

I mean, where are the people and communication skills?

(On if he has talked to Richie Incognito and if he is satisfied with his apology) -  “I’ve been in contact with Richie. Any conversation that I have with any football player on this team are personal and confidential in nature."

Salguero: Bad answer. Sure, it gets Philbin out of having to explain the talk and thus gives him all sorts of plausible deniability about what was said. But ... I'm sure Dolphins fans might have felt better about their coach's leadership ability if he'd said that he explained to Incognito that evidence against him was strong and that he had no tolerance for the stuff the evidence (ie texts and a voicemail message) shows Incognito to have said and written.

(On if he had an inkling that anything like this was going on in the locker room before last Monday) - “That falls under what the NFL review is here for."

Salguero: So earlier in this very presser Philbin says Martin told him nothing specific of the issue and now he's refusing to answer the question? Raises suspicion.

(On if he personally had any idea incidents were going on) – “Again, I want to make clear this. My focus right now is on the men in the locker room, preparing our football team to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will give my full and complete and total corporation with the NFL. When that takes place, the timeline on that I don’t have the specifics of. I will tell you I will be in full and complete co-operation with them. I will answer everything honestly to the best of my knowledge. But what I would like to make sure what everybody understands is that there are not going to be comments during the course of this investigation until we get all of the information and we come together on that information."

Salguero: Philbin is basically saying "I'll tell the NFL what I know. You, the media, not so much." What he needs to start realizing is something Jimmy Johnson and Don Shula knew almost instinctively: When you are speaking at a press conference, you're not really talking to reporters. You are talking to your players. You are talking to your opponents. You are talking to your organization. Most importantly, you are talking to your fans. When he blows off questions, he's blowing off opportunities. And he's blowing off fans.

(On how he missed incidents of what could be deemed hazing or bullying from Richie Incognito on national television last year) - “What was that?"

(On Richie Incognito’s incidents on television last year where he hacked into Facebook accounts and talking about someone’s girlfriend) – “I never saw it."

(On if he never saw the incidents with Richie Incognito on Hard Knocks) -  “I never saw it. What was it on TV, on Hard Knocks? I never saw the show, not once. I was working at the time.”

Salguero: The coach has said numerous times he didn't think Hard Knocks helped the Dolphins or hurt the Dolphins at all last year. Except he apparently formed that opinion without even knowing what was on the show? Hurts his credibility.

(On if incidents staying inside the locker room are part of the NFL) - “Again I think each locker room has its own culture, it’s own identity. I can’t speak to other locker rooms and how they do things.”

Salguero: Excellent escape. But everyone it recognizes for what it is -- avoiding the question.

(On if he has seen rookies getting picked on in a locker room) - “I personally think laughter in a work environment is a good thing. Not at the expense of an individual, but I think laughter can be a healthy, productive thing. But not in a demeaning way at the expense of an individual.”

Salguero: Good answer.

(On what he saw Sunday night that made him say Richie Incognito needed to be suspended) - “Again, the information that I received I took under consideration and I felt this was the appropriate action. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what it was, but I had enough information I felt to make a good decision. That’s exactly what I did."

Salguero: Coach's on a roll. Two good answers in a row. Can he do three?

(On if Richie Incognito being on the team’s leadership council was a trust that was misplaced) - “The leadership council is selected by the players. I have a lot of confidence in our players. I have a lot of confidence in the locker room, the character of the men we have in the locker room. He was selected by his teammates."

Salguero: Three in a row!

(On if there is racism on his team) - “Again, that’s going to fall under the review of the NFL.”

Salguero: Again, a terrible answer. By not answering, you are basically opening the door to the possibility there is racism on your team. If your answer to this question cannot be a resounding, emphatic "Hell no" you did something wrong in the building of your team.

(On if he has addressed the team about the situation) - “We’ve addressed it in a team meeting, yes.”

Salguero: Good.

(On if he spoke with Richie Incognito after his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “Again, I’m not going to get into discussions I have had. I don’t do that with any situation.”

Salguero: Crappy question. Already been asked. And coach, you would be wise to acknowledge that you spoke to Incognito because he's your player, too (for now) and he deserves fair treatment and an audience with you. You gave him that audience. It's alright to admit it. It's not a revelation of state secrets to admit to talking to a player.

(On if he thought it was a serious matter based off his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “He never mentioned to me any accusation of any inappropriate behavior. (It) was never mentioned to me at any point, not in the meeting I had with him, not in the phone conversation I had with him."

Salguero: Honest. Forthright. And a terrible fact for Philbin and the Dolphins because, again, the media found out before you did, Joe.

(On if Jonathan Martin’s representation presented evidence against one player or multiple players) - “A player.”

Salguero: Honest.

(On how likely it is that Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito play for the Dolphins again) - “Again, right now the focus is on the football team, the men in the locker room right now (and) preparing our team for Tampa Bay. There will be a time and a place for all of that stuff."

Salguero: Don't want to nitpick so this is fine.

(On if the last four days have been miserable for him) - “Absolutely not. It’s a privilege to serve as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. I feel fortunate every single day I come to work. I work with a great group of men, a great staff, support staff. Absolutely not.”

Salguero: Best answer of the entire presser. Philbin finished strong.


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@tmobile...no kidding,,,ergo !!!!wallah....intent


Ricky seems to be the only from all the IDIOTS on ESPN, CBS, NFLN etc.. to have made ANY sense of the situation. Say what you will about Ricky but he's no dummy.

nyfinfan....if J Mart was very talented, and playing like a Pro Bowler I would say maybe someone brings him in...

.....however. the stigma from going outside the "family" would have his future teammates wary...

but then again, if he had been playing like a Pro Bowler, there would have been an end to the hazing a long time ago, and we wouldn't even have reached this point...

@ 2014 100% agreed

Snitching on racism and death threats is called a hero.


I agree if he were more consistent this would be a moot subject. But if he is blackballed from the league you know where that will lead.

Yo peeps....lots of fun tonight...we actually had a trolless convo..

but I have an early day tomorrow and my pillow calls me....

thanks for all the love......laters....

Martin hasn't spoken for himself since he walked out (that I know of). Others have been speaking for him.

I wonder how long he will be away without speaking up? Assuming he doesn't have a medical/mental condition for being away, I don't see him coming back.

He'll probably ask for a trade or sue and leave the NFL.

I wish we had better fans.

Miami Dolphins coaches asked player Richie Incognito, who was the offensive line's undisputed leader, to toughen up teammate Jonathan Martin after he missed a voluntary workout last spring, at least two sources told the Sun Sentinel.

I wish we had better fans.

Posted by: BobDole | November 05, 2013 at 11:06 PM

I wish we had a better team

Except it wasn't RACISM and they weren't LEGITIMATE threats. They will probably be perceived as such by the courts however. Of course, Goddell, given his history will likely not allow that type of blemish.

TMobile is right, though. You have to try REALLY hard to save voicemails for MONTHS

How about the so called media in Miami, glorifing head cases or any sport figure will get you nowhere. THe media know about this and possibly more and worse. The get pay to be the umpires of fairness and what we a slevaish media, more stenographers and to collaborators of what goes on everywhere in ths country. The get pay to stay on top of stories like this and not wait for "sources inside the oraganization" to drive the issues. Shame on the media for COVERING UP THIS DEBACLE and to speculate, "there is more to come". SHAMEFULL

What a witch hunt , that is the problem today and in sports in general......let tthe players police themselves. Bullying give me a break. I got a box a tissues for you Armando ....Mr Judge and Jury yeah your a real tough guy with your pen and paper. I know what you want you want to see people fired......your a loser and to be honest Martin should have told Incognito NO and if you don't like it go pound salt but he did'nt because he is soft just like our society . Entitlement and your part of it , why don't you just come out and say Philbin should be fired. You make me sick.

My points have logging to do with wether or not Marc made valid points.....

Posted by: Kris | November 05, 2013 at 09:29 PM

Kris continues to set the standard for DUMB.

The Dolphins are so secretive that rumors run rampid. Fins hate the fans and media lol


Chad Johnson: ‘Your Job Is To Play Football, You Don’t Have To Make Friends’

“Richie don’t even talk to me no more,” Johnson continued. “I had to deal with Richie for a while in my short stint in Miami, and Richie is the the life of the locker room, man. I love that dude. That dude is hilarious. He’s a funny guy. He’s the life and energy of that locker room.

“What is he really going to do to me? Is he really going to harm me? Is he really going to do something to my family?” Johnson asked. “You have to have some type of edge to you. I don’t care about your background. I don’t care where you came from. You don’t let any man tell you what you’re going to do against your will.

“Let’s talk about mental toughness. I understand the voicemail and what he said and the harassment. Stop. Okay, stop. You are a grown man, man. Dude, stop. If it’s really bothering you that much, mentally, (tell him to stop).”

“I don’t even care about that,” he said. “Everybody’s saying the n-word nowadays.”

Marc, you are really a complete idiot. Like someone else posted bullies are known for praying on the weak to hide their own insecurites and probably had in fact been victims of bullying themselves at some point.

But that is besides the point most non-Neanderthal people are trying to get to you. Regardless of Incognito's alledged bullying, it could well mean that Cogs' actions as horrible as they may seem to outsiders maybe they were not at all that pervasive and that indeed Martin was not cut out to be an NFL player BUT having said that the biggest failure here is the one from leadership or actually lack thereof. Nobody was asking Philbin to babysit these guys but at the very least it is your job to have some sort of pulse of your locker. He failed miserably and what could have been well addressed before it reached this embarrassing instance. Same goes with Ireland who put this dysfunctional bunch together and got rid of all the few leaders inside the locker. Again it is utterly inept to pay a blind eye to the fact Incognito from all people was elected to the so called leadership council. If that was not a red flag I do not know what it is.

THE MEDIA IN THIS CASE IS IN THE POCKETS OF THE AGRESSORs…If they dont play by their rules the just can cover the teams. I rather see a media with some personal respect and not collaborating with "my sources", be you own and come up with some independent thinking, analisis and pure digging of the TRUE with any regards

The whole thing is a joke! Ricky Williams said it best. Football is all about pushing/bullying someone all over the field. The N word issue is a joke. Black players can call themselves that and it's OK if they call a white guy a Honkey or a Cracker? I am tired of the race card issue. Let the NFL gather the info. Quit looking for another excuse media because someone was called a name. After all we are all a mixture of something

Just ignore Marc as clueless.

Cut Jonathan Martin too. We don't need a wimp like that playing on our offensive line. He handled this like a complete teenager . Glad this Stanford grad could come to mommy and daddy for help. Not once did he go to the coach and tell him there was an issue that needed attention. Complete BS. CUT HIM

Nah, Martin will be a good RT for us for 10 years.

Sources say that communication took place when Martin skipped two days of the team's OTA program, and Incognito was encouraged by his coaches to make a call that would "get him into the fold," one source said.

Martin will probably have some guts and better sources than the rest of media if he chosses to become a writer/blogger.

Former Dolphins teammate Karlos Dansby, now a linebacker with the Cardinals, told the Arizona Republic that “Richie was a down-to-earth guy. I hate all this came out about him. It's really attacking his character. I hope Martin doesn't have any backlash from this from the rest of his teammates.”

Cadillac, we don't need someone that is not mature enough to handle the matter correctly. This was going to be a big distraction. Martin did not think about that! Maybe what he learned at Stanford is this will be the easy way out to make some quick money without working for it. Aka NFL/Non Injured list. This is the NFL and your going to take some lumps to be one of these privileged individuals.

Sorry....Death threats and extorton are way past "lumps" lol

Now why would teammates give him backlash if he was just taking down the big, bad bully?!

More like taking down an undisputed funny, likable guy, (unless you're an opponent) and a leader

I don't believe that Cogs is a "good guy" by any stretch of the imagination. However I am now questioning Martins motives. Martin was not happy with the move back to RT. Martin was not a fan of Cogs.....saving text and voice mails tells me something else was at work here. Martin is a West Coast guy....is this his way back home?? Is he trying to get to the 49ers or Chargers??? He knows he is most likely done with the Dolphins as soon as he walked out?? There is more to this story!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 05, 2013 at 07:33 PM

As I stated earlier tonight....there is more to this story and if the Omar Kelly information is correct then Philbin and staff are done!! Ireland should go also 6yrs of mistake filled decisions is more than any other GM gets.

No one ever said they were going to kick/kill your ass? Did you call the cops or have them arrested? Better yet did you really feel that threatened? Keep buying your kids those war games you see now during NFL game commercials. Where the goal is to KILL. That's society now days.

Too much Liberal now days

Marc, it's time to sell the Incognito jersey and move on... he's become the laughing stock of the league.

Dolphins will put 40 up against Tampa Monday night.

Zero sacks!!!

That's definitely not Chris Berman...he would NEVER pick the Dolphins....he is the consummate Dolphins hater!!

What did I miss with Omar Kellys story?

This article is total one sided bs from a liberal sports writer. From being a manager in the biz world for more than20+ Years, this is your typical case of a non performing employee (Martin) using whatever excuse he can make to cover up for his own incompetence to quit his job and hit a big payday in the process. You know how this is going to play out. Martin nor incognito will ever play another down of football. Martin will sue to get his full salary, mental anguish and future nfl earnings, even though he sucks. Who knows the context of incognitos message but clearly Martin has used this situation to set up the dolphins. anyone who was genuinely bothered by such comments should have stepped up and complained to his position coach or even head coach. I don't buy for a minute he was afraid to come forward. Martina's using this as a set up for his exit out of a league he wasn't good enough to play in and likely couldn't handle the embarrassment of failure seeing as how he was a high achiever all his life.

I don't ever want to see Martin in a Dolphins uniform again. This dude is the cancer in the locker room. Martin saved text messages from months past to hold as evidence of him being bullied, while all along committing the same antics as his team in the locker room. He can dish it out but throws a fit and runs when the jokes on him.

Incognito might be a seedy character but I don't believe he was being malicious with the text messages sent to martin. Martin however has maliciously set this team up. If he was on any of the 31 other teams this story would be theirs. The media and the NFL have had a grudge against the Dolphins for years.

Armando wrote that Ross was having the NFL do a top to bottom review of the team and wrote that it was a good thing because if done internally who ever was in charge of doing the review would have an agenda. The NFL is the one with an agenda to be concerned with. I have not really formed an opinion on Ross either way, but what owner would throw his staff and team under the bus like that.

The guys in Ross's locker room are not divided and all seem to support Incognito. The NFL's black suits are going to poke and prod at our players and do their best to turn guys on each other. People that pity Martin are fools for being suckered into his get rich quick scheme.

Bill, I seen the Philbin interview, what did I miss about Omar Kellys biased information?

It is quite ironic that Martin gets moved, against his will, from LT to RT and one week later he walks out on his "family" and exposes text and VM that he has been holding since spring??? Hmmmmmm........

Racen2 just google Omar Kelly it pops right up.

John @ 7:33 AM:

It's kind ofcomical that fans don't see the correlation between players just having left college and engaging in hazing right away on their respective teams. 1st, they are still CHILDREN! Fu.king babies! 2nd, they just left college where it was commonplace and again, they are stillfu.king babies! Not a mystery!

Now Kelly reports that coaches asked Cogs to "toughen up" Martina...oops I mean Martin!! Something smells fishy about textgate.

Ricky nailed this. Is anyone else tired of reporters needing to 'find' a story. If you are defending Martin, you never played football. If you are defending Martin, you likely relate to the lgbt community and you shouldn't be watching football.


We, seriously, are a country in need of an identity. Political correctness has become so commonplace that normal understanding is now an affliction. If we relied on those who espouse their girly feelings, civilization would have died out a few thousand years ago.

I guess what bothers me the most is the way certain people, Liberal people make their decisions without hearing all the facts. Liberal people only care about what effects them or their free government handouts. Look up the term "Discipline". Wait here it is:
"Discipline is a course of actions leading to a greater goal than the satisfaction of the immediate. A disciplined person is one that has established a goal and is willing to achieve that goal at the expense of his or her immediate comfort."

Do we or do we not want to have the Dolphins back in the Superbowl?

Then quit buying into this poor Martin story. He has a separate agenda here and it sure was not accomplishing the above goal

CNN has a youtube video of Incognito going nutz, screaming the N word.

Its pretty funny, lol

stillhardcoredolphinsfan. I understand they are young. That did not work for me when I graduated high school back in the early 90's. My parents could not afford to send me to Stanford nor did they pay my cellphone bill or car insurance. I guess It was either work or go without. Your right they are babies! In this society they will be forever.

Simple observation. Reporters who never played football whine about bullying. Players say man up. Why are reporters all weak-looking guys? Is there one sports reporter that doesn't look like he would be the waterboy for the girls swim team?

New blog...Finally

If theKelly story is true, perfect example of reporters picking a sentence, or paragraph outoftheair, and riding with it. It has tobe taken in context. Now, we see that Incognito was told to do what he loved to do anyways, that is bust someone's balls! Funniest video is ogs at a pool hal in February this drunk and going off. Fu.king hilarious. We lost a good fu.king playerover a crybaby, momma's boy. Martin should have told Cogs to f'off and leave him alone, while body-slamming him. That would have worked and he would have made a friend (Cogs) in the process. Can't stand that Martin, wno sucks as a lineman, cost us a good one.

What a joke this organization is. Now the on field performance makes sense, they are a mess off the field. After many decades of torture as a fan, they have finally convinced me to move on in support of another team. Good by tickets, good by Miami herald blogs, good by fins!

Give me an offensive line full of Richie Incognitos and I'll show you a powerful offense!
I heard LeBatard on the radio with Mike & Mike, and Golic trying to explain to Le Batard the concept of manhood to him. Specially in a venue full of men with over abundance of testosterone. Golic told LeBatard that this situation should have been handled by Martin getting in Richies Face and putting a stop to it. He, Martin, may have gotten his ass kicked but I would be willing to bet that the harassment would end. LeBatard claimed that the way Martin handle it was the right way. I can't help chuckling on what LeBatard says. My dad always told me never to purposely start a fight but if a fight was brought to you not to back away 'cause you would never see the end and if the guy was bigger get a stick or a rock and let him know that if blood was to be shed it would be mutual. I don'think Mr. LeBatard ever had a heart to heart with his Dad like most of us did.
I been saying this from the beginning; there is more to this than we are privy to and I think Richie is being used as a escape goat because of his back violent background.

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