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Joe Philbin press conference (tape review)

Joe Philbin and his coaching staff study the tape of every game the Dolphins play after the fact and meet with the team to make corrections. Well, on Monday, the Dolphins coach was in front of his biggest forum -- a group of about 75 media representing more attention-grabbing power than I've ever seen at a club presser -- and he put on his best face to address perhaps the ugliest set of facts ever faced by the franchise.

Philbin had to discuss the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito mess. And below you will find what he said. And below the coach's comments, I will give you my thoughts on what was said as I see fit.

Think of it as going back to the film and correcting the mistakes or issues.

(Opening statement) – “I thought I would start out the press conference by giving you a little of a background on some of the events that have occurred during the last week. Last Monday evening in preparation prior to our preparation for practice against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathan Martin left our facility prior to that practice after an incident occurred in our team dining room. Later that evening, he contacted a member of our organization. Soon thereafter I contacted Jonathan personally, requested a meeting with him, at which he readily accepted. I met with him later that evening. We had a good discussion. Throughout the course of the week, I was in contact on multiple occasions with him and members of his family. I spoke to him the day after the game, and I spoke to members of his family over the course of the weekend. As the weekend unfolded, early on Sunday, as you well know, as an organization we released a statement that was 100 percent factual. Soon thereafter, we were contacted by representatives of Jonathan, and before I say that I should let you know that in all my discussions with Jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or organization. Later on Sunday, we were contacted by one of his representatives where they in fact had some concerns over player conduct that had occurred. We immediately took those concerns very, very seriously.

Our owner, Steve Ross who has been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested that the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place. We issued a second statement noting we had received information that we were taking very seriously and that we were gathering information on. Throughout the course of the day, we gathered more and more information. At the end of the day, I decided to suspend Richie Incognito based on the information I had at that time. The NFL is going to conduct a review of the work place. It’s going to be comprehensive. It’s going to be objective, and we are going to give as an organization our full and complete co-operation with the NFL. That’s really where things are as of today.

I want you to know as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins I am in charge of the work place atmosphere. Since April 10, 2012 when the players first came here and I was the head coach, every decision I’ve made and everything we’ve done to the facility has been done with one thing in mind, and that is to help our players and our organization reach their full potential. Any type of conduct, behavior that detracts from that behavior is not acceptable and is not tolerated.

Two of my children go to school here right behind here at the University School. As a parent, when they walk through those doors I have certain expectations that the administration, the teachers and the staff are going to create a safe atmosphere where my children can learn and develop as people. This is no different. I take this responsibility very seriously that these players when they walk in this door they feel like they have the best medical care, the best strength and conditioning care, the best coaching, the best fields to practice on, the best technology and the best classrooms to learn in. That’s very important to me. I will tell you if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, I will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. I have that obligation to the players that I coach on a daily basis, and I will do that. Any questions on that?"

Salguero: I find it strange that in this account Martin met with Philbin the same day he supposedly went AWOL. And yet with the troubling issues that caused him to flee the Dolphins still so fresh, the player could not bring himself to tell Philbin what was troubling him. If that is the case, what the heck did the coach and the player talk about? Zone blocking schemes? I mean, your player leaves the team. You bring him back for a meeting. Question No. 2, after how are you feeling, is why did you leave? Did Philbin ask? Did Martin answer in a fashion that the coach was still unaware about why his player left after that meeting ended?

Also, Philbin and the Dolphins talked to Martin's representation and his family. And still the club didn't know what was troubling Martin on Thursday? How about on Friday when Philbin was asked about reports of misconduct and bullying in the locker room?

How is it the media seemed to know and was reporting on what was troubling Jonathan Martin before Joe Philbin and the Dolphins knew? And how is it that after seeing those reports and talking to the Martin camp some more, the Dolphins still believed the reports to be "speculation" until late Sunday afternoon?

I mean, where are the people and communication skills?

(On if he has talked to Richie Incognito and if he is satisfied with his apology) -  “I’ve been in contact with Richie. Any conversation that I have with any football player on this team are personal and confidential in nature."

Salguero: Bad answer. Sure, it gets Philbin out of having to explain the talk and thus gives him all sorts of plausible deniability about what was said. But ... I'm sure Dolphins fans might have felt better about their coach's leadership ability if he'd said that he explained to Incognito that evidence against him was strong and that he had no tolerance for the stuff the evidence (ie texts and a voicemail message) shows Incognito to have said and written.

(On if he had an inkling that anything like this was going on in the locker room before last Monday) - “That falls under what the NFL review is here for."

Salguero: So earlier in this very presser Philbin says Martin told him nothing specific of the issue and now he's refusing to answer the question? Raises suspicion.

(On if he personally had any idea incidents were going on) – “Again, I want to make clear this. My focus right now is on the men in the locker room, preparing our football team to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will give my full and complete and total corporation with the NFL. When that takes place, the timeline on that I don’t have the specifics of. I will tell you I will be in full and complete co-operation with them. I will answer everything honestly to the best of my knowledge. But what I would like to make sure what everybody understands is that there are not going to be comments during the course of this investigation until we get all of the information and we come together on that information."

Salguero: Philbin is basically saying "I'll tell the NFL what I know. You, the media, not so much." What he needs to start realizing is something Jimmy Johnson and Don Shula knew almost instinctively: When you are speaking at a press conference, you're not really talking to reporters. You are talking to your players. You are talking to your opponents. You are talking to your organization. Most importantly, you are talking to your fans. When he blows off questions, he's blowing off opportunities. And he's blowing off fans.

(On how he missed incidents of what could be deemed hazing or bullying from Richie Incognito on national television last year) - “What was that?"

(On Richie Incognito’s incidents on television last year where he hacked into Facebook accounts and talking about someone’s girlfriend) – “I never saw it."

(On if he never saw the incidents with Richie Incognito on Hard Knocks) -  “I never saw it. What was it on TV, on Hard Knocks? I never saw the show, not once. I was working at the time.”

Salguero: The coach has said numerous times he didn't think Hard Knocks helped the Dolphins or hurt the Dolphins at all last year. Except he apparently formed that opinion without even knowing what was on the show? Hurts his credibility.

(On if incidents staying inside the locker room are part of the NFL) - “Again I think each locker room has its own culture, it’s own identity. I can’t speak to other locker rooms and how they do things.”

Salguero: Excellent escape. But everyone it recognizes for what it is -- avoiding the question.

(On if he has seen rookies getting picked on in a locker room) - “I personally think laughter in a work environment is a good thing. Not at the expense of an individual, but I think laughter can be a healthy, productive thing. But not in a demeaning way at the expense of an individual.”

Salguero: Good answer.

(On what he saw Sunday night that made him say Richie Incognito needed to be suspended) - “Again, the information that I received I took under consideration and I felt this was the appropriate action. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what it was, but I had enough information I felt to make a good decision. That’s exactly what I did."

Salguero: Coach's on a roll. Two good answers in a row. Can he do three?

(On if Richie Incognito being on the team’s leadership council was a trust that was misplaced) - “The leadership council is selected by the players. I have a lot of confidence in our players. I have a lot of confidence in the locker room, the character of the men we have in the locker room. He was selected by his teammates."

Salguero: Three in a row!

(On if there is racism on his team) - “Again, that’s going to fall under the review of the NFL.”

Salguero: Again, a terrible answer. By not answering, you are basically opening the door to the possibility there is racism on your team. If your answer to this question cannot be a resounding, emphatic "Hell no" you did something wrong in the building of your team.

(On if he has addressed the team about the situation) - “We’ve addressed it in a team meeting, yes.”

Salguero: Good.

(On if he spoke with Richie Incognito after his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “Again, I’m not going to get into discussions I have had. I don’t do that with any situation.”

Salguero: Crappy question. Already been asked. And coach, you would be wise to acknowledge that you spoke to Incognito because he's your player, too (for now) and he deserves fair treatment and an audience with you. You gave him that audience. It's alright to admit it. It's not a revelation of state secrets to admit to talking to a player.

(On if he thought it was a serious matter based off his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “He never mentioned to me any accusation of any inappropriate behavior. (It) was never mentioned to me at any point, not in the meeting I had with him, not in the phone conversation I had with him."

Salguero: Honest. Forthright. And a terrible fact for Philbin and the Dolphins because, again, the media found out before you did, Joe.

(On if Jonathan Martin’s representation presented evidence against one player or multiple players) - “A player.”

Salguero: Honest.

(On how likely it is that Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito play for the Dolphins again) - “Again, right now the focus is on the football team, the men in the locker room right now (and) preparing our team for Tampa Bay. There will be a time and a place for all of that stuff."

Salguero: Don't want to nitpick so this is fine.

(On if the last four days have been miserable for him) - “Absolutely not. It’s a privilege to serve as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. I feel fortunate every single day I come to work. I work with a great group of men, a great staff, support staff. Absolutely not.”

Salguero: Best answer of the entire presser. Philbin finished strong.


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ot overly worried about this as incognito is a guard --- He isn’t a franchise tackle so honestly not that big of a loss. His history was a precursor that this was bound to happen. That was the risk and why other team passed on him.

Martin is not strong enough and will never even a passable tackle --- that’s on Ireland.

this actually could all be a good bonding exercise.

Kris, I don't side with Cogs, as I sadi about 200 times yesterday... I said they shoudl be both gone.

Just because I'm anti Martin doesn't make me pro COGS, they are not mutually exclusive.

But the fact that he hung out the other 51 guys on the team and short circuited the season, I could care less about that fat soft fukk... totally selfish move. he couldn't wait 8 or 9 weeks to speak?? FUKK HIM, soft loser!!

It is for this reason (and the fact that he totally sucks) that I wouldn't want him anywhere near the team anymore ... EVER!!!

This guy has never done a positive thing ever for the Miami Dolphins...

Thank you Armando for getting the story to the fans and I certainly appreciate you trying to get to the truth. In saying that I am left wondering if you realize why Philbin isn't answering certain questions. It's pretty easy to figure out which questions and why from reading the transcript.

Racism charges are very serious. There is a team of lawyers working around the clock right now. They have already advised all of their clients on what to say and what not to say to the media. All because any little thing they say can be used against them in court. Seems obvious

Mark you have such a way with words...lol...but you are absolutely correct.

Dashi, you cant believe what philbin says. its all scripted. we are in full damage control mode because its the tip of the iceberg. this story has legs and others are involved. people are trying to save their jobs.

By the way, I like bobby and P78, good posters and defenders of the franchise ... good fans.

...But Philbin or the Dolphins aren't to blame. They didn't know until Sunday evening"

Do you see the disconnect? Somebody knew something. A teammate knew something. And this to me shows a lack of respect for the leadership as a whole. A lack of respect of the coach...We don't even know the full extent of what was going on. If you think it was one incident?? Incognito got very comfortable operating like this for a reason...Because there were no controls. Who does that fall on?

Philbin is a snake oil salesman. If you want to buy..Today is the day to buy cheap..

How are they going to prove any wrongdoing beyond the voicemail when all of the players in the locker room are siding with Richie?

Has anyone thought of this? And has anyone asked the question,,,,,WHY ARE 52 GUYS ALL SIDING WITH THE ALLEGED AGGRESSOR AND NOT STICKING UP FOR THE ALLEGED VICTIM?

Is there more to the story or are we supposed to believe that all 52 players are bullies?

I have no idea why all of you are complaining about who we lost or will lose due to this scandal. The two individuals who are involved could leave and will leave this organization without any consequence to the team's performance.

I am more concerned about the repercussions of this scandal on the organization as a whole. Ownership and coaches alike will fall like dominos as soon as the real truth comes out into the open. This could be the beginning of the end of this franchise in South Florida. I would be more concerned about that if it were me and I do.

Wash, you're right this needs to be handled from the top. I'm not sure the Owners can kick out Ross (sets up a bad precedence) but he'll be pressured to handle the issues within the organization. The clincher for Philbin will be did he (or should he) have known about this stuff going on earlier. As for Ireland, if Ross knows about his deteriorating relationship with Aponte, after the Sparano episodes, and if the team remains at .500 (or worse) all year (if it doesn't happen right away), then Ireland is gone too.

But, on Philbin, who becomes the HC if Philbin gets canned? Do you elevate Sherman who should have known EVEN MORE than Philbin? Croyle was only a position coach. There really isn't a good candidate on the team (and you can't go outside mid-year). This just keeps getting worse.

By the way, Darryl, Kris. I have a standard for "toughness" on a Miami Dolphins Player. This isn't high school, not college, this is the N F L... that used to mean something. It used to mean if you were an offensive lineman, you are a bad arse adn couldn't wait to hit the guy across from you. It didn't mean you ran home to your mother when someone cussed you out ... as far as paying for dinners and such... you know the drill, why do you keep going?? Go once then don't go again if it bothers you that much. Richie never laid a finger on Martin, what real threatt was there??? Line vacations?? Just be man enough to say no. It's because he's a puss and scared of Richie that he paid. If you are that weak then this job isn't for you ... buh bye.

the players in that locker room have followed an idiot/idiots or been afraid of him/them. as time passes players will feel more safe/secure in telling their stories. it will all take place as time passes and incognito is released. at present they don't know if incognito will be gone and victims dont speak out right away for different reasons.

Phins78 if they knew about it and said nothing, then yes they are all guilty. How can you not know when it is happening right in front of your eyes? Looking the other way does not exonerate you in any way shape or form. The team will protect and support Cogs till the bitter end in order to protect their own interests and reputations, not the league's or the organization's.

Any Self-Respecting Man and/or Dolphin fan is already tired of this.

Posted by: Dashi | November 05, 2013 at 01:58 AM

A self respecting man does not refer to himself in 3rd person. Nor do they act, cuss & talk to other ppl on a blog like you do.

You're a pathetic disgrace.

WPF @ 9:53, I agree with you. The real damage won't be the loss of Cogs or the fat baby martin. FUKK EM BOTH... but even at the very elast the distraction it provides to teh coaches and players who have to divert valauable time from saving what is a very worthwhile season ... and then the next "left wing" over reaction punishment involving loss of jobs in mid season which is a death knell ina short NFL season.... this is what has me pizzed the most.

It is funny that you morons rip the coach for not revealing what his discussions with players were in one breath and in the next you say his players should be able to confide in him. How much do you think they would want to tell him if he was going to turn around and tell the press? Seems to me that Martin kept this from everybody. Where was his agent in April? Where were his parents? Where was his position coach? I would think all of those people were more likely to be told than Philbin, yet none if them were. Not everything has to be somebody's fault. How about it just be incognito's fault?

Is there more to the story or are we supposed to believe that all 52 players are bullies?

Posted by: Phins78 | November 05, 2013 at 09:50 AM

Phins, you're wrong. 52 players aren't siding on the "no bullying" side. Not sure you've read them, but now stories are popping up an anonymous rookie saying "I'm going broke paying for vets meals." This is a drip-drip scandal. Right now, everyone who wants to talk is probably too scared. But as things come out, they will grow some balls and drum up the nerve to let their feelings be heard. So far, only a few players have publicly sided with Cogs (or said there's no bullying), Wake and Wallace. None of us have heard from the rest of the team. And Philbin has told them to watch what they say (so they are getting the Mike Pouncey treatment to communicating with the press, and you see how well that worked out for Mike Pouncey).

I believe this issue will spread, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg, and when all is said and done others will be implicated (players that I actually like and will be disappointed to hear they have fallen in the web).

I listened to an interesting discussion last night on NFL radio between B. Billick, L. Tomlinson and W. Sapp. Billick stated that the NFL and NFL teams are a very unique environment that most people in the world are never exposed to the realities of. Most people who are exposed to an NFL locker room would probably be shocked by the culture and the day to day realities of what goes on. He mentioned several times that there is a known and accepted "right of passage" that most players have accepted and adopted over the years.

LT and Sapp said several times that there is an accepted and understood hazing process that all teams participate in. Rookies have to go through a 'right of passage.' Sapp mentioned that he was physically held by several veterans to a goal post and taped to it after several practices his rookie year. Assistants had to come on the field afterward to cut him free.

LT and Sapp discussed how much they had to pay for veteran dinners. They laughed about it.

HOWEVER, they pointed out their teams had veterans who knew where to draw the line. They knew it was in the spirit of fun and celebration of their ability to be part of an elite fraternity. It was never to be vicious or attacking. The veterans need to be responsible and hold the line of right and wrong.

So, I think most of us get this hazing process exists in the NFL. I think most of the things turned up by the national media can be accepted by many (myself included) as being part of this accepted process. BUT I think the biggest issues the Fins have is that they put Cogs on the "leadership council" and positioned this immature idiot with too much power with the players. The team really is void of veteran leaders who are outspoken personalities. Cogs was the most outspoken, he was a 'presence'. But the issue is that he is an IDIOT.

I hope that after this mess Philbin position players like Wake, Solai, Hartline, Fields and Wallace as the go to veterans. They seem to be a bit more balanced overall.


As a man who comes from many shades of Color I am more than qualified to judge all the levels of Blackness. Including the Shades of Red and Yellow.

And the word N---a or N----r should qualify to a persons ignorance not skin tone. And No not the person being called that but the person saying it.

If you use the word it usually shows how small your vocabulary is. White or Black.

I understand that word has deep roots. Real Deep Roots to some. But the desensitizing of the word has almost made it excusable for anyone one of any race and color to use the word in almost any situation.

Again, Only Idiots use the word if you ask me. I know more than 100 different words to call a person Black and Not 1 of them is using the N-Word. Unless we are counting words with Night in them.


Mark, like I said in an earlier post. This team can either lie down like dogs or use this situation as a rallying flag and come out punching. This is about team unity and pride, not about propaganda being spread by the coaches and staff. This team will come together with or without the support of their coaches. I do believe this situation has already divided the house, isn't it obvious?

Someone needs to tell Armando Salguero that ANY lawyer defending you in a case will tell you not to say anything without counsel & right now the whole Miami Dolphins organization is under review not just Ritchie Incognitio. Another words Joe Philbin is NOT going to risk implicating his job or anyone else's without knowing complete facts. Yes I would like Joe Philbin to be more forthcoming to the media as much as anyone, but I don't want him to do it at the expense of his job.


Glad you brought up my point about Incognitp never laying a hand on Martin. We are talking about words and no bodily harm.

Incognito is a dikk and he will be the first to tell you this. It says something that whole team is standing behind him and not the alleged victim.

What has this whole story done for Jmart's rep?
People are calling him courageous and act like he has been raped by Cogs (Is this whole thing a lover's spat? Martin seems a little gay and so does Cogs, have you noticed how many pics are with him with a bunch of other guys with their shirts off) I had this thought when they showed pic of Martin/Cogs side by side and thought "Awwwww, what a cute couple!" LOL

Anyways, as someone who can relate with Martin, when it comes to social anxiety and being an introvert. I know I personally would not have gone to Philbin, people who internalize are not necessarily open about their feelings with others. With that being said, he needed to TALK to COGS directly and NOT punch him. Did Martin truly explain to COGS how truly horrible he made him feel. Be open and honest.You dont have the entire support of the locker room if you are a complete non reasonable A-HOLE

Seems Martin only trusts his mom and dad, which is fine Seems to be the kid who was overly protected by his parents his entire life.

Bring in jumbo fisher give him a blank check ,,,,let him do his thing!!!!!!!

Jimbo fisher that is

Read between the lines of what has been reported.

Martin is a tough guy who has played big time college football for tough coaches. He was probably bullied by more than one player. He was probably not the only one bullied. At least one team leader was a bully and probably more. The team's coaches and management knew and did nothing. Other players did nothing.

Martin, alone, had no choice but to stand up to ORGANIZED bullying that was supported and enabled by players, coaches, and management. Martin is the toughest guy on the team. He knew he might have to give up football as the cost of confronting all this injustice.

There is not just a problem of bullying. There is extortion. There is the violation of workplace labor laws. The one thing not in question is Martin's toughness. He has shook up a team that needed to be shaken up. He was patient for nearly two years. That's how I read it.

..So how do we win this week? Does anyone care? It is going to be a difficult task to get these players focused this week. We saw how it effects one guy(Martin) when your focus is skewed. What does it do to a full team?

Also..What happens if there is an injury on the line, or 2? Do we have enough depth to field the positions? Watkins, Thomas, Yeatman..Is that it?

Our coaching staff are in competent


as it stands now....you are correct...

I will wait a few days...before I would jump on that train....

I HIGHLY doubt that Philbin is bein forthright...

Good riddance to both! Icognito & Martin can go pound sand. Not impressed with the play of either. Let's get some new talent in next year and keep it going forward. We do need to heavily scrutinize Ireland our GM and Philbin, as these clowns are ultimately responsible for bringing these weak personalities into our organization.

This is great... I hope nothing changes. Philbin and Ross... stay...keep leading the Dolphins down the path of being disfunctional and losers. Also keep Tannehill in there, he is a Tony Romo... good skills but will never win anything big!


This story is true in every NFL Locker Room. We just happen to have the One guy that is a punk and snitch on the team. On any team you will probably find 1 or 2 guys being bullied.

If you think about it Carpenter tried to bully Sturgis at the start of camp. How did that workout.

DC, you contradicted yourself.

You want to clean house. But, maybe not Ireland? You feel for him the most? You've got to be joking!

You blame the coaches more because you think Ireland brought in talent & they aren't being coached up.

Well, guess what? Ireland hired the coaches. This is completely his mess.

And when you say he's brought in talent, show me the pro bowlers he's drafted that haven't been selected with the #1 overall pick.

Ireland & Philbin share in this the most. There is NO EXCUSE for Philbin to not know ANYTHING about what was going on in the locker room! I know a coach can't know everything but, what a load of crap!

Philbin is a dud coach & dud of a leader just as Ireland is a dud of a GM. It's no coincidence the phins flop every year!

Bucs 38-phins 3

..Sigh..Great post!!!! Well done.


I believe you are right on that people think you have to pick a side. I believe they are both wrong. Incognito is wrong for taking it to far. And Martin is wrong for never standing up.

Miami we have a problem

This is ground control to major joe

l a phinz
there dork ross everthing is fixed

Boils down to leadership in the lockeroom. Long was not there to police the situation and Cogs was not a leader (too crazy). T-hill needs to make it his team now ( show some damn emotion) Philbin it too worried about minute details than being that great motivator. Somebody needs to step up

DD... I am not worried about the team. They will come out fighting and will maintain a professional attitude ,they have no choice, their reputations are on the line. This mess will only lift their resolve to be better than the circumstances that surround them at this time, the coaching staff on the other hand have their hands full and will surely be distracted for the simple fact that they need to impress their future prospective employers because I don't think they will last out the season in Miami.

rex ryan will clean things up

Thanks Darryl. :)


jpao, I agree there's a "rite of passage" and most rookie hazing is probably acceptable in the NFL culture. But the part about the money has to change due to the new CBA rules. No longer do rookies come in making more than vets. And their salaries have been greatly reduced. And they can't re-work them for four years. So some of the money demands by vets are exorbitant now. I think that will be the biggest sticking point for most of the rookies. This issue with JMart I think is just a personal issue between a bully and a weaker player. But the other stuff, involving large sums of money, that will probably be what's most detested by rookies.

Is Vince Lombardi available

...WashfinFan...I hope you are right. I think it goes 2 ways...We either come together. (and perhaps at the risk of sounding corny, or cheeseball..This holds true for us fans) or we totally fall apart. In which case..The fans , this blog will go complete ape poo.

The rest of this season is meaningless. Miami is maybe, the 8th or 9th best team in the conference. They aren't sniffing playoffs this year. Once again, the focus for fans will be on the offseason

DD...don't worry this will all be over with soon. The team will survive the onslaught, that a can not deny. The coaching staff and their bosses are a completely different story all together.

LOL, you're wrong. ROSS hired Philbin. Ireland didn't have anything to do with it. And PHILBIN is the day-to-day manager of the team (not Ireland).

AND I want to clean house PERIOD. I think Ireland, when it comes to this BULLYING stuff, has the least culpability. But as far as bringing in guys like Martin, all the OL who are now gone and did nothing to fix the line, underachieving players, yes, I see how Ireland is responsible for the team being mediocre for now 5 years running. I won't shed a tear if Ireland gets canned.

But it shouldn't be because of this issue. That's the fault of Philbin and his coaching staff. They need to take the blame for their operation, just like I take responsibility for the team I manage at my job. My boss has ultimate responsibility for the department, but he relies on me to run day to day operations. If there's a problem, he deals with it by firing me (and then whomever else).

..It is sad that it takes something like this for our team to be in the national spotlight. I wish it was form our play on the field.

Hey guys let me jump in on this with a few thoughts and let you guys respond:

1. I would like to see the whole conversation between Martin and Cogs so that we can establish a context for this convo.

2. Why did Martin sit on this info for so long if it bothered him so long? I really think the dude doesn't want to be in the NFL and needed a way out.

3. Everyone needs to get off the race thing......we'll look at Cogs as a bad person for saying it and then we'll listen to a hip hop artist use the same term, talk about smoking weed, and degrade women, but that's OK.

4. The media is driving this whole issue so they have something to talk about

5. A lot of TV people and analysts need to stop chiming in. Armando needs to stop because his reasoning is completely off, he acts like the Phins are hiding something just because they won't give him everything he wants - news flash Armando - no NFL team does that. Mike Ditka needs to stop, the dude wasn't smart enough to give Peyton the ball on the 1 in the Super Ball and he traded his whole draft for a guy that couldn't stop smoking weed. Keyshawn, the dude was a gang member in LA and got kicked out Santa Monica JC ..... enough said. Shawn Merrimen, the dude stopped taking PEDS and had to retire. Scott Pioli, the dude got run out of KC and now they're winning.

Just my thoughts ...... Phins Up.....I'm a Dolphin fan for life

We are screwed

Fins 38
Bucs 6

We're gonna go in there ready to kill.

DC...Ross will shed himself of anyone who can tarnish is reputation, which has lost most of its luster already. Don't fool yourself into thinking Ireland will not become a fall guy simply because he seems to be oblivious to the situation. The ultimate responsibility of team operations is the GM and on down the line. Ignorance is bliss to a certain point, but I am afraid to inform you that Jeff is not safe by any stretch.

I just can't understand why Martin didn't deck him. The LT is tougher than the LG.

Agree that Tannehill needs to majorly step up with leadership. The next time he gets sacked when a guy gets right through unblocked, Tanne should literally head butt the O lineman who gave up the sack and scream at him and grab his facemask and put on a show and say "get it the fick right!!!!!" and that would fire up the whole team.

Winners do that. One example is Tim Tebow. His fire made the entire team player harder.

DC, Ireland put the list of coaching candidates together. Ireland makes his recommendation & Ross signs off.

Ross knows NOTHING about hiring a football coach. Gimme a break already! He's a real estate mogul not a football mind like Al Davis was or Ralph Wilson, etc.

He left it to Ireland to compile the candidates & he signed off to pick what he thoughts was best of that bunch. PERIOD!

I am not saying Ireland had anything to do with the bullying but, this is HIS team. TOP to bottom.

Dez branyts mama. Fisher spurning us because all speculation was he didn't want Ireland in the picture.

Ireland is a black cloud hanging all over this org. Homers have refused to accept this but it's irrefutable. Ireland is, was & always shall be a major issue.

This team will NEVER progress with Ireland at the helm. If the last 6 years of being in reverse or neutral aren't enough to figure that out, some are hopelessly dumb.

DC-I agree the money thing is a big deal. I just thought the conversation between LT, BB and WS on NFL radio reinforces that the general activity(hazing and involving money) is done across the NFL and not limited to Miami. I just think the national media got exposed to it through this incident and unfortunately the Fins are being portrayed as unusual and out of control.

I think it reinforces, like in most things in life, it all comes down to leadership and their ability to be effective in managing people and situations.

In this case Philbin put Cogs in a position of power within the locker room. That was a big mistake. He helped turn a NFL practice into something dangerous and clearly created a divide in the team. That lead to an ineffective OLINE which lead to losses for the team.

Cogs is an idiot and should be gone. But Philbin's decision to put the class idiot in a position of power has to be highlighted and Philbin should be held accountable.

Within every workplace, even the victim has some responsibility. Philbin isn't a mind reader. If Martin kept this to himself, and didn't trust his coaches or other teammates, maybe that's on him. It sounds like he didn't share this with his family either (until this week). I guess that makes them bad parents as well. I find it hard to believe that if Martin had reached out for help, the coaching staff would have blown him off. All of these talking heads stating that this could never happen if they were around, or their old coach was in charge,should wait until they hear all the facts. Lots of people struggle with this kind of thing and keep it to themselves, fooling everyone around them. Incognito either sensed that Martin wouldn't say anything, or he didn't think he was doing anything beyond busting his chops. Either way he's a douche and a lousy teammate. If Martin had been on any other team, and handled this the same way, I'm guessing the results would be about the same. I don't blame Martin, he's just a kid, but I also don't think it's fair to blame everyone around him and question their leadership. Sometimes xxit happens.

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