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Joe Philbin press conference (tape review)

Joe Philbin and his coaching staff study the tape of every game the Dolphins play after the fact and meet with the team to make corrections. Well, on Monday, the Dolphins coach was in front of his biggest forum -- a group of about 75 media representing more attention-grabbing power than I've ever seen at a club presser -- and he put on his best face to address perhaps the ugliest set of facts ever faced by the franchise.

Philbin had to discuss the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito mess. And below you will find what he said. And below the coach's comments, I will give you my thoughts on what was said as I see fit.

Think of it as going back to the film and correcting the mistakes or issues.

(Opening statement) – “I thought I would start out the press conference by giving you a little of a background on some of the events that have occurred during the last week. Last Monday evening in preparation prior to our preparation for practice against the Cincinnati Bengals, Jonathan Martin left our facility prior to that practice after an incident occurred in our team dining room. Later that evening, he contacted a member of our organization. Soon thereafter I contacted Jonathan personally, requested a meeting with him, at which he readily accepted. I met with him later that evening. We had a good discussion. Throughout the course of the week, I was in contact on multiple occasions with him and members of his family. I spoke to him the day after the game, and I spoke to members of his family over the course of the weekend. As the weekend unfolded, early on Sunday, as you well know, as an organization we released a statement that was 100 percent factual. Soon thereafter, we were contacted by representatives of Jonathan, and before I say that I should let you know that in all my discussions with Jonathan and members of his family, at no time were there any accusations or allegations of misconduct by any members of this team or organization. Later on Sunday, we were contacted by one of his representatives where they in fact had some concerns over player conduct that had occurred. We immediately took those concerns very, very seriously.

Our owner, Steve Ross who has been involved throughout the entire process, contacted the commissioner, Roger Goodell, and requested that the NFL become involved and conduct a review of the work place. We issued a second statement noting we had received information that we were taking very seriously and that we were gathering information on. Throughout the course of the day, we gathered more and more information. At the end of the day, I decided to suspend Richie Incognito based on the information I had at that time. The NFL is going to conduct a review of the work place. It’s going to be comprehensive. It’s going to be objective, and we are going to give as an organization our full and complete co-operation with the NFL. That’s really where things are as of today.

I want you to know as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins I am in charge of the work place atmosphere. Since April 10, 2012 when the players first came here and I was the head coach, every decision I’ve made and everything we’ve done to the facility has been done with one thing in mind, and that is to help our players and our organization reach their full potential. Any type of conduct, behavior that detracts from that behavior is not acceptable and is not tolerated.

Two of my children go to school here right behind here at the University School. As a parent, when they walk through those doors I have certain expectations that the administration, the teachers and the staff are going to create a safe atmosphere where my children can learn and develop as people. This is no different. I take this responsibility very seriously that these players when they walk in this door they feel like they have the best medical care, the best strength and conditioning care, the best coaching, the best fields to practice on, the best technology and the best classrooms to learn in. That’s very important to me. I will tell you if the review shows that this is not a safe atmosphere, I will take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that it is. I have that obligation to the players that I coach on a daily basis, and I will do that. Any questions on that?"

Salguero: I find it strange that in this account Martin met with Philbin the same day he supposedly went AWOL. And yet with the troubling issues that caused him to flee the Dolphins still so fresh, the player could not bring himself to tell Philbin what was troubling him. If that is the case, what the heck did the coach and the player talk about? Zone blocking schemes? I mean, your player leaves the team. You bring him back for a meeting. Question No. 2, after how are you feeling, is why did you leave? Did Philbin ask? Did Martin answer in a fashion that the coach was still unaware about why his player left after that meeting ended?

Also, Philbin and the Dolphins talked to Martin's representation and his family. And still the club didn't know what was troubling Martin on Thursday? How about on Friday when Philbin was asked about reports of misconduct and bullying in the locker room?

How is it the media seemed to know and was reporting on what was troubling Jonathan Martin before Joe Philbin and the Dolphins knew? And how is it that after seeing those reports and talking to the Martin camp some more, the Dolphins still believed the reports to be "speculation" until late Sunday afternoon?

I mean, where are the people and communication skills?

(On if he has talked to Richie Incognito and if he is satisfied with his apology) -  “I’ve been in contact with Richie. Any conversation that I have with any football player on this team are personal and confidential in nature."

Salguero: Bad answer. Sure, it gets Philbin out of having to explain the talk and thus gives him all sorts of plausible deniability about what was said. But ... I'm sure Dolphins fans might have felt better about their coach's leadership ability if he'd said that he explained to Incognito that evidence against him was strong and that he had no tolerance for the stuff the evidence (ie texts and a voicemail message) shows Incognito to have said and written.

(On if he had an inkling that anything like this was going on in the locker room before last Monday) - “That falls under what the NFL review is here for."

Salguero: So earlier in this very presser Philbin says Martin told him nothing specific of the issue and now he's refusing to answer the question? Raises suspicion.

(On if he personally had any idea incidents were going on) – “Again, I want to make clear this. My focus right now is on the men in the locker room, preparing our football team to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I will give my full and complete and total corporation with the NFL. When that takes place, the timeline on that I don’t have the specifics of. I will tell you I will be in full and complete co-operation with them. I will answer everything honestly to the best of my knowledge. But what I would like to make sure what everybody understands is that there are not going to be comments during the course of this investigation until we get all of the information and we come together on that information."

Salguero: Philbin is basically saying "I'll tell the NFL what I know. You, the media, not so much." What he needs to start realizing is something Jimmy Johnson and Don Shula knew almost instinctively: When you are speaking at a press conference, you're not really talking to reporters. You are talking to your players. You are talking to your opponents. You are talking to your organization. Most importantly, you are talking to your fans. When he blows off questions, he's blowing off opportunities. And he's blowing off fans.

(On how he missed incidents of what could be deemed hazing or bullying from Richie Incognito on national television last year) - “What was that?"

(On Richie Incognito’s incidents on television last year where he hacked into Facebook accounts and talking about someone’s girlfriend) – “I never saw it."

(On if he never saw the incidents with Richie Incognito on Hard Knocks) -  “I never saw it. What was it on TV, on Hard Knocks? I never saw the show, not once. I was working at the time.”

Salguero: The coach has said numerous times he didn't think Hard Knocks helped the Dolphins or hurt the Dolphins at all last year. Except he apparently formed that opinion without even knowing what was on the show? Hurts his credibility.

(On if incidents staying inside the locker room are part of the NFL) - “Again I think each locker room has its own culture, it’s own identity. I can’t speak to other locker rooms and how they do things.”

Salguero: Excellent escape. But everyone it recognizes for what it is -- avoiding the question.

(On if he has seen rookies getting picked on in a locker room) - “I personally think laughter in a work environment is a good thing. Not at the expense of an individual, but I think laughter can be a healthy, productive thing. But not in a demeaning way at the expense of an individual.”

Salguero: Good answer.

(On what he saw Sunday night that made him say Richie Incognito needed to be suspended) - “Again, the information that I received I took under consideration and I felt this was the appropriate action. I’m not going to get into the specifics of what it was, but I had enough information I felt to make a good decision. That’s exactly what I did."

Salguero: Coach's on a roll. Two good answers in a row. Can he do three?

(On if Richie Incognito being on the team’s leadership council was a trust that was misplaced) - “The leadership council is selected by the players. I have a lot of confidence in our players. I have a lot of confidence in the locker room, the character of the men we have in the locker room. He was selected by his teammates."

Salguero: Three in a row!

(On if there is racism on his team) - “Again, that’s going to fall under the review of the NFL.”

Salguero: Again, a terrible answer. By not answering, you are basically opening the door to the possibility there is racism on your team. If your answer to this question cannot be a resounding, emphatic "Hell no" you did something wrong in the building of your team.

(On if he has addressed the team about the situation) - “We’ve addressed it in a team meeting, yes.”

Salguero: Good.

(On if he spoke with Richie Incognito after his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “Again, I’m not going to get into discussions I have had. I don’t do that with any situation.”

Salguero: Crappy question. Already been asked. And coach, you would be wise to acknowledge that you spoke to Incognito because he's your player, too (for now) and he deserves fair treatment and an audience with you. You gave him that audience. It's alright to admit it. It's not a revelation of state secrets to admit to talking to a player.

(On if he thought it was a serious matter based off his initial conversation with Jonathan Martin) - “He never mentioned to me any accusation of any inappropriate behavior. (It) was never mentioned to me at any point, not in the meeting I had with him, not in the phone conversation I had with him."

Salguero: Honest. Forthright. And a terrible fact for Philbin and the Dolphins because, again, the media found out before you did, Joe.

(On if Jonathan Martin’s representation presented evidence against one player or multiple players) - “A player.”

Salguero: Honest.

(On how likely it is that Jonathan Martin or Richie Incognito play for the Dolphins again) - “Again, right now the focus is on the football team, the men in the locker room right now (and) preparing our team for Tampa Bay. There will be a time and a place for all of that stuff."

Salguero: Don't want to nitpick so this is fine.

(On if the last four days have been miserable for him) - “Absolutely not. It’s a privilege to serve as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins. I feel fortunate every single day I come to work. I work with a great group of men, a great staff, support staff. Absolutely not.”

Salguero: Best answer of the entire presser. Philbin finished strong.


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Where are all the hilarious jokes about the fact documenting racist and threatening shyte is far from "incognito"...heyoooooooo

Stamp out racism on the Dolphins!

..Washfin.LOL...I own a decent size business. I have at the height of our season 25 employees. Nothing like this. But..My immediate reaction was that Philbin, Ireland have to be fired. Now if people disagree,I totaly understand. I am just looking at it from an angle of what I have had to deal with, and how I would deal with similar situations again.

I fully believe that leadership starts at the top. IMO the Ross era has been one public relations disaster after another. Perhaps he is the problem, and it trickles down from him..This actually is the most likely scenario..What have either of these men(Ireland, or Philbin) done that has increased the stature of this brand? Nothing. Nothing but harm.

What happened here is a full failue of management. It is a full failure of leadership. It is a microcosm of the state of our team..We are middle of the pack for a reason. Reasons like what we are dealing with right now. I wouldn't fire either guy to save face..to late for that...

I would fire both men because they let this happen on their watch..Nobody else. It happened now. The time to take action is now..What is the point of waiting?

rdubs, again not defending what Incognito did at all but martin did the worst possible thing here. he made it more than about him and Richie, he involved his teammates, coaches, GM, and owner ... not to mention the fans by not going through the proper internal channels during teh season. Scared or not, iontrovert or not, he took the cowards way

There is no leadership in Miami. The last guy that resembled a leader on this team was Reggie Bush. But the new regime let him walk. For that reason alone, Ireland and his cast of clowns should be gone.

This stuff happens everyday in the NFL. It's just that our leadership team is so weak that only Miami can turn into a PR nightmare

Dont let Jonathan Martin be bullied like Trevon Martin.

LOL @ 10:24, way to be a fan of the team. Woudl love to have you by my side in a tough situation..

On a football note. This is the perfect game for the Fins to jump out to a 21-0 lead by halftime.

Even with our problems we don't want to be that team.

Incognito is KKK


I completely agree with you. He is basically having his lawyers and parents handle his business for him. You cant tell me, he thought Incognito was serious when he said he was gonna kill him. If so, he should have called the police immediately.

I honestly dont think Martin every addressed Incognito. he could have stood up to him non physically or had a heart to heart.

I hate how Martin is being considered a hero

DD...me as well. I own several franchise locations in the North West and I agree I would have fired the GM and anyone below him that even remotely tried to pull the wool over my eyes. This entire situation as it stands now is a complete and total disgrace to the organization and to the league as a whole.

I personally would be more concerned about my lack of envelopment and the repercussions that it entails than who did what and when. You do not last long as a franchise owner when you publicly embarrass the brand, that is grounds for losing your flag. I have seen it more times than I care to count. I am not completely sure how the NFL deals with dysfunctional franchises that cause harm to the brand ,but I am certain that sanctions of some sort are in the works as we speak.

What position of power did Philbin put Incognito?? Was he repsonsible drawing up gameplans, deploying personnel?? No, he was just one of SIX or whatever mouthpieces acting as a liason between coaches and players. There is no power there. If he was going crazy on poeple and it was known, the other 5 members could also speak or is everyone getting bullied by Incognito? if that's true, our problems are bigger than we thought...

Rich, I disagree totally. A player will not bring up a sensitive issue like this UNLESS they feel comfortable the coaching staff will a) listen and b) take it seriously and do something about it. All you need to do is watch Hard Knocks last year or ANY Philbin presser to know he is not that kind of guy. I get zero perception from him that he's a player's coach, that he encourages them to speak to him, that he cares about what Philbin thinks. And Sherman is PHILBIN'S MENTOR! So how can he trust Sherman won't just take Philbin's side of the matter.

So I can easily see how Martin felt he needed to remain quiet. And then you have the issue with the other rookies. The jet skis Tannehill had to buy, the $30K meals, the $50K strip club tab. The fact they have DISCLOSED THAT to reporters, but seemingly not to the coaching staff.

Do you get the feeling the coaches have a clue what's going on? Cause I don't. And that's an indictment on the coaches. Plain and simple.

I'd love to see about 10 Afro-Americans get Incognito in a back alley and teach him a huge lesson.

Was anyone told this when they were kids

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

Why is this true for else to tell kids, but when it comes to a grownazz man, it doesnt apply?

..It is sad that it takes something like this for our team to be in the national spotlight. I wish it was form our play on the field.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 05, 2013 at 10:29 AM
Even sadder the sports media is short stroking themselves into a frenzy. I have not heard one of these guys say, let's wait until we have all the facts. Bad news sells. Too bad, too sad.

Use. This excuse to fire everyone ,,,,,,,,,,,

DD, why would you fire the coach or Gm when they didn't hear anything about this until they suspended Incognito? I don't get it.

Philbin and Ireland have to be fired. It was on their watch.

Time for Ross to cut his losses , time to fold em

..Washfin..Cool..Where at? I'm in Montana.

That's the point mark from Toronto it's there team

Maybe if Sherman gives L.Miller 30 Carries this game he can gain over 200yds.

Just give Miller the ball.

Dashi wants to see 4-Wide Spread Option with L.Miller in the Backfield just as bad as the Coaches do. But we don't have the WRs or the O-Line to do it yet. Unless they would want to play Egnew and Clay in the Slot. With Wallace and Hartline on the outside.

So DC, he can't go to the coach. I know full well that the team employs a sports psychologist...

The NAACP should force the Dolphins to hire a black GM or HC. This would never have happened if they had ONE black in the FO.

$50K at a strip club?? Shheeeeiitt, I know where they can knock out an 8 out of 10 or higher for $300....

We need a in your face type coach , a man that demands respect and gets it too, and a real gm that finds and develops talent

This once proud franchise has fallen to it's lowest of lows. The buck stops with Ross, Ireland, and Philbin on this. Ross isn't going to sell, so it's up to him to clean house, but he's such a football idiot he probably won't do that.
I can't see the players on this team welcoming Martin back, if he even bothers to try coming back.
Still have not gotten the details on the Pouncey subpeona so there could be more bad news coming down the road.
Ross, this is your doing. You hired Philbin and you kept Ireland even though everyone knew he was a lousy GM.

Ross should've fired Ireland over the racist Dez Bryant debacle. We'd all be better off.

The dolphins brass knew this was going on and did nothing

.Washfin..Cool..Where at? I'm in Montana.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 05, 2013 at 11:02 AM

Eastern Washington including Spokane. Having some fun with the snow I bet, eh?

How many of you thought the Jets would be better than us this year?

Some of you always fall for the same preseason hype that all teams have, Dumb.

The dolphins brass knew this was going on and did nothing

Posted by: Marc from nj | November 05, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Ireland probably encouraged it.

.....Hell yes I want Joe Philbin fired..I didn't before this incident. But how do you trust this guy as your leader?? This was a butcher job. Total incompetence. There is absolutely no excuse for Philbin to have not known SOMETHING about what was happening under his nose, in his house..His house!

If you were running a corporation would you stand for leadership like this??

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 05, 2013 at 09:13 AM

Darryl, can't fire Philbin without also firing Ireland. Ireland created this sort of culture beginning with the Dez Bryant incident.

This may have sent a message to any borderline racists on the team that at least borderline racism is an acceptable practice with this organization.

Ireland/Dez Bryant situation is probably the launching point that has had this organization arriving at the nefarious destination we crash land today.

$50K at a strip club?? Shheeeeiitt, I know where they can knock out an 8 out of 10 or higher for $300....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 05, 2013 at 11:05 AM

LMAO !!! I need to go to Toronto. Sounds like fun up in your parts Mark. :P

STEVE. ROSS save this team,,,,,,,,,,,,,,PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many of you thought the Jets would be better than us this year?

Some of you always fall for the same preseason hype that all teams have, Dumb.

Posted by: Sad but True | November 05, 2013 at 11:08 AM

The Jets passed us by when Parcells left.

Was anyone told this when they were kids

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

Why is this true for else to tell kids, but when it comes to a grownazz man, it doesnt apply?

Posted by: Rdubs | November 05, 2013 at 10:59 AM



Because people have feelings and they hurt when they say mean things to them.

You bozos actually think Cognito made it public knowledge he was shaking Martin

down for $ money??

It's not Philbin's fault. J Martin assumed no one would care. He should have went

Starks. But he didn't. He saved Voice mails and texts for months. Then filed suit after

his demotion.

How only one person can make a mess like that, and all organization had to said amen.
He was " bulling" since April and never said a word, he wait to do this in the middle of the season, somebody need to cut this BS.

Seriously rdubs, Johnathan Martin is the most useless hero since Handi-Man in the old In Living Color show...

Let's get a coach who is a leader of men

Dolphins sweep Jets and make the playoffs.

Sorry, but extorting $30,000 and DEATH THREATS are more than words. They are to be taken VERY SERIOUSLY! IDIOT!

WPF, Toronto or Montreal are crazy times in a Strip Club .... guaranteed!!

Incognito is out and probably wouldn't have been re-signed for next year anyway. He's now out of the league for sure.
I feel for Martin but at the same time, I gotta say, he's not cut out for the NFL.
This is something that could've and should've been handled in house but wasn't and now we have this whole mess. Not sure if Philbin escapes either. If Ireland gets a scholarship on this one, I would be miffed as well.
What a stench!

..Mark..I would fire them because IMO..And again this is just what I would do. It doesn't mean I am right, or this is what Ross should do..From my perspective.

It is institutional failure. Somebody somewhere knew something. I don't believe for a second that this was 2 players that kept it between themselves, and it festered to the point of explosion. It details a lack of line of communication somewhere in this organization that if in fact nobody knew..That this was able to happen under the noses of these leaders.

It is inexcusable. This should have never happened. Now. We still do not know the facts. All of them. Again..This was my immediate reaction. Can my opinion change? Yes. Can I be absolutely wrong about how this went down? Sure, it is possible nobody knew. Doubtful, but possible.

The kicker for me was Joe Philbin reading a prepared statement. So maybe just maybe..and as I said. This may start with Ross. To me, on a situation like this. unless you have something to hide. You speak from the heart. You condemn this..You don't read a calculated statement if you are completely innocent of any sort of wrongdoing..Being ignorant of your own surroundings constitutes a wrongdoing in the case of Philbin.

LOL @ 10:24, way to be a fan of the team. Woudl love to have you by my side in a tough situation..

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 05, 2013 at 10:53 AM

What did I say that makes you think I'm less of a fan than you or anyone here? I've not missed a game in 20 years.

I just don't sit here & try to fool myself into thinking this team is anything other than what it is.

I'm a realist man. I don't use rose colored glasses. I don't sit & hope and pray every single things fall into place just so that we'd be average. I don't have time for that.

This team has too many faults & too many issues going on to do anything. Jets, Pats, Titans, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers all have more going for it than my team.

That's not being a bad fan, it's being a realistic one. While I'm enjoying my Sundays, perhaps you'll be weeping in front of TV wondering what happened.

So here are all you dufus brains whining about Martin being a sissy, yet you are still acting like sissies years after Ireland asked a ghetto slum dog a question he had the right to ask anyone he was thinking of paying MILLIONS of dollars to.

This just gets worse and worse every year

Daytona, you think the words uttered in that voicemail were an actual death threat... and the threat was so real that he sat on it since April despite working right beside that man every day since August????

Wow, some bleeding hearts bleed more than others ....

cocoa joe this incident would be drawing the exact same media frenzy no matter which of the 32 teams it had originated.

The real story is what a HEADLESS HORSEMAN this once storied franchise has become over the last 15yrs. Sinking even faster the last 4-5yrs under Steven Ross.

We didn't receive this much negative press in such a short period of time even under Wayne Huizenga. Huizenga was the garbage magnate, but, the Ross/Ireland combo has been our spacious landfill.

We're my rights, I'm waiting 9 long months to watch a football game, and this AH just spoil let in one second.

Guys I hate to say this but the bills are better than us as well

Posted by: Nat Moore | November 05, 2013 at 11:13 AM


..Washfin..Yeah..We have had over 2 feet this week. Spokane is great..Alsway stay at the Davenport on my way through town. I love that hotel. Are you an EWU guy? I had season tickets in Missoula up to last year. Was at the game 2 weeks ago..Vernon Adams is a poor mans Russel Wilson..


Please dont put Handi-Man on the same level with Jmart. Thats an insult to handi-man

Neva unda estimate duh powa of du handy capped!!

I love it

LOL, none of the teams in the hunt are markedly better than the Dolphins on their day ... NONE... but if you want to act like a Frenchman in battle, that's your perrogative.

So rbdubs thinks when Osama bin Laden says he's going to kill Americans, its only words?? Can u say MORON? LOL

For the sake of argument.

How is asking if your mom was a prostitute a racist question?

That is a valid question. The Sfla media would've asked him about that. His family. How would D.Bryant have reacted? Ireland was just making sure.

Ireland has no blame in this. Out of Anything give Ireland credit for staying with Incognito for so long.

Incognito had to go this offseason. Not now. Not after all this.

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