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Keys to the game: Dolphins at Jets

I picked the Dolphins to beat the Jets on Sunday.

I simply believe Ryan Tannehill is better than Geno Smith. And, you'll read on Sunday, I believe Tannehill can carry his team at the end of this season. I'll link to that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, how do the rest of these teams match up?


When the Dolphins pass the football: Well, seems Ryan Tannehill discovered Mike Wallace last week. He threw the ball deep and threw it often to the dynamic deep threat receiver. And while that resulted in only a couple of big plays and a touchdown, it didn’t mean all is well. Tannehill and Wallace are still a work in progress. Tannehill still underthrows his speedy receiver way too often. That needs work. The Dolphins also have to find a way to get more consistency out of Charles Clay as his performances have been uneven as defenses change coverages and have been successful containing him in all but a handful of games. The New York pass defense is susceptible to the big play, as Baltimore showed last week. The addition of Ed Reed at safety hasn’t helped that yet. Antonio Cromartie, the team’s best defensive back, may play against the Dolphins but his is not 100 percent healthy. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: This might get ugly. The team that managed two yards rushing against Tampa Bay and has failed to post the league average 4.2 yards per rush in five games this season, including last week against the Panthers, is facing the NFL’s top rush defense. That suggests something of a mismatch. And while the Dolphins hope the return of center Mike Pouncey can reinvigorate the run game, it should be pointed out Pouncey played in that fateful game against Tampa Bay three weeks ago. The Jets are getting great play from Muhammad Wilkerson who leads a front seven that is among the best in the NFL. With running back Daniel Thomas out with an ankle injury, rookie Mike Gillislee may get a few carries. ADVANTAGE: New York.

When the Jets run the football: The only way the Jets will move the ball consistently against the Dolphins is by running. The Jets have a solid offensive line that is relatively healthy and they have two solid, albeit not great, runners in Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. Quarterback Geno Smith also is a run threat when he needs to get out of the pocket, but he’s definitely not a Cam Newton or Steve Young. The Dolphins have been surprisingly poor against the run this year. They are 26th in the NFL against the run. And it’s getting worse as the season progresses. The Dolphins have given up 136 rushing yards or more in each of the past five games. What was a stout run defense in 2011 (No. 3 in the NFL) has found a way to let a big leak out the middle of the line in several games this year. ADVANTAGE: New York..

When the Jets pass the football: They’re a mess passing the football. The conversation about Geno Smith the past few weeks has been whether he’d be benched rather than whether he’s improving or not. Smith is a turnover machine with 18 interceptions and five lost fumbles. He doesn’t read defenses well pre-snap and doesn’t read the field well during the play. His receiver corps is led by, of course, Jeremy Kerley. Moe and Larry were left unsigned in the offseason. Stephen Hill hasn’t caught a TD pass in four games and Santonio Holmes hasn’t been fully healthy for over a year. The Dolphins are coming off an uneven game in the secondary because Nolan Carroll was surprisingly great against Carolina and Brent Grimes had perhaps his worst game of the season. Dimitri Patterson is out Sunday. No surprise. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

Special teams: MetLife Stadium, like the Meadowlands before it, is a difficult place to kick in the winter because strong winds not only blow through the stadium but do so in different directions. Dolphins rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis will soon find this out. Josh Cribbs has taken over from Clyde Gates as the Jets’ kickoff returne man and while he is not the dynamic player he was four years ago, he was an upgrade nonetheless. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: New York’s Rex Ryan started the season on the hot seat. But he took ownership of the New York defense and has made the decision to stay with a rookie quarterback. His job is not completely safe but he has kept a team with a flawed roster in the postseason conversation. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has a more talented roster than the Jets and is getting uneven results from that roster but he has kept the team together in the face of an uncomfortable NFL investigation. ADVANTAGE: New York.


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Geno looks like a leader. And he's developing nicely. I'd trade Tanny for him in a heartbeat.

Dusty is right. Geno has gone backwards. I live in NY and the press is talking about Smith sitting and starting Simms!

Tannehill is the worst clutch (4th quarter) QB in the league. Geno is much better. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

Not Simms....Garard.

geno smith is beyond awful mike u need to actually watch the games cause your opinion on this makes me not repect any of your other opinions cause this one was so easy to see

Mike stats don't lie.....and you blame TH for our defense giving up the winning drives in the waning minutes of the 4th??? I guess somehow Tannehill should play LB??
Tannehill had us winning in the 4th of the Bills, Baltimore, Tampa and Carolina!! If the D holds in those 4 games we are 9-2 PAL!

and perfect game winning drive vs falcons

I see the blog fools are taking the troll bait hook line and sinker.

God awful dumb you are.

Hmmmm CRICKETS....just as I expected!

Ryan Tannehill shows great promise and even though the Dolphins sit at .500 I like our chances to make a run and get into the playoff! Go Dolphins!!!

fins def arent 500

after Sunday they will be

5-7 after sunday jets win 3-2

6-6 after sunday fins win 34-9

Bill, the only stat that means anything is the W's. Geno in his 1st year has as many as Tannehill in his 2nd year. And Geno Smith is far better in the clutch. Obviously, you cannot be objective.

Who wants to see a pic of my Tannehill Jersey?!?!?!?!?

Geno Smith is better in the clutch? What the hell league are you watching nimrod? Geno Smith is TERRIBLE! HAHAHAHAH!!! Man these posters get dumber and dumber!


Guys, we win out and we are in the playoffs. It is doable. Even if we go 4-1 we stand a good chance, all the other teams vying for the WC are just as inconsistent as us.

One game at a time. Tomorrow we eliminate the Jets.

yes mike with your horrible reasons mark sanchez would of been crowned a great qb also. wake up man

lol yeah ted, maybe we can go 16-0 next year also.

Time to start thinking about drafting O-linemen and cornerbacks, please lose all remaining games for a better draft status. This team cannot win if they were to make it to the playoffs anyway.

Dusty don't even bother with mike he is a troll just looking to spark trouble. It was clear as day when I read her answer to my post about our D failing us.

true dead, with a bunch of garbage teams all bundled up, we lose more and move way up in draft and get last place schedule

true bill

You people are nothing but very bored idiots with no life. Hey yall, lets all get on a blog of a team we don't even like and post for hours and hours and hours and hours.

LOSERS. All of you. Its a sad sad shame.

Miami is cure all for all troubled teams. Who will win is up in the air, but if the fins do win, do not expect an easy win. Sherman not only gets out coached consistently, he out coaches himself to boot. Has no idea how to build an offensive scheme or make adjustments. Another thing to watch for is Caleb Sturgis, this kid has more momentum changing misses than any other kicker in the past and has cost Miami at least 2 of the 4 games he had big misses. Detroit is already bringing in kickers because of Akers struggles. Philbin should be doing the same.

Manning didnt want to play for Ross/Ireland losers.
Posted by: Mike | November 30, 2013 at 02:22 PM

Ross is way too cheap to pay a Peyton Manning.

dolf hes a rookie kicker they drafted with meaningless games left. be very dumb to get rid of the kicker now. hes learning on the job, be better next year for it

You people are nothing but very bored idiots with no life. Hey yall, lets all get on a blog of a team we don't even like and post for hours and hours and hours and hours.

LOSERS. All of you. Its a sad sad shame.

Posted by: Youguysaretoads | November 30, 2013 at 02:59 PM

Funny yet here you are day after day hour after hour posting on the very same blog?? hmmmmmm??

Dusty, seriously you don't have any life whatsoever do you?
You are probably the biggest loser out of everybody because you swear your saying something interesting. You swear you are a fan. You contradict yourself every time you post. LOSER. What, did your mom ground you to your room, and this is all you have to do?

LOSERS. All of you. Its a sad sad shame.

Posted by: Youguysaretoads | November 30, 2013 at 02:59 PM

Anyone with half a brain deserted this crap franchise years ago. Whats left are all morons......

Hey Bill, if you think im even on here once a week you are on crack



man the knicks are horrible

man u jet fans hate holmes badly

Anyone with half a brain deserted this crap franchise years ago. Whats left are all morons......

Posted by: Just Saying | November 30, 2013 at 03:09 PM

Well, all of us that do have a whole brain, stick with their team. Regardless.

God awful dumb you are.
Posted by: Isaac | November 30, 2013 at 02:42 PM

And totally of no consequence you are for saying so.

Funny yet here you are day after day hour after hour posting on the very same blog?? hmmmmmm??

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 30, 2013 at 03:03 PM

Are you trying to call me out on exactly what YOU DO.

Zonk, Monte, Mike, ETF

Darkoak is here! Get your troll fix feeding while you can!

Beyond the shadow of ANY doubt, I believe Tannehill is better than Gino Smith. He was far better than that practice squad qb he lost to also.

Problem is, Tannehill isn't yet good enough to overcome our overall TEAM DEFFICIENCIES. AKA, 3rd/4th and longs, at times poor tackling, poor run blocking/pass protection.

Run blocking/pass protection is usually poor throughout the game, come 4TH QTR, it's simply atrocious. In a way, even top 5 elite qb's would struggle.

As in a post I made yesterday, if we play in a manner that eliminates the offensive and defensive demons, it's a CAKEWALK, Dolphins 27 Jets 10.

But if the Dolphins team we've grown accustomed shows up, it's more likely, Jets 20 Dolphins 13.

Doesn't matter how much better Tannehill is to Wallace. Just like it mattered less when we lost to a PRACTICE SQUAD qb. Here's to hoping for the best out of our Dolphins in Sunday's live and let live contest.

Here is my 2014 Mock Draft:


Chances are two of them will be good enough.

This game WILL define whether we can control our own destiny and become the final seeded wildcard team. Projections out there now says 9-7 will accomplish this. A loss Sunday, places us at 5-7, meaning this team that has been deficient ALL YEAR.

Suddenly puts all of the pieces together and runs the table the final 4 games. Cinderella, where are your glass slippers honey?

Or, do we jut have a typical HUMPTY DUMPTY on our hands? We ALL know the "humpty-dumpty" story don't we?

Kris still in hiding after getting EXPOSED last night as a fraud. He ran away like a mouse once CHALLENGED to back up his own statements. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

If We Make The Playoffs:

The Good:

Gives new life to confidence of our players coming back in 2014. Chiefly, Ryan Tannehill.

The Bad:

Means Jeff Ireland hasn't used up his 9-Lives yet.

Ireland is gone. Philbin and Aponte have bonded with Ireland the odd man out. They are both mature in experience while Ireland is a bumbling novice.

I know some like dustybottom would prefer "tanking" for better 2014 draft position. But, after careful consideration, it has occurred to me that a wildcard playoff appearance could be very instrumental in determining Ryan Tannehill's level of play next season.

A playoff appearance TOTALLY validates him as a TEAM LEADER next season. It's one thing to be consider a team leader simply on paper and position. But, its another altogether, to be considered a team leader by "LEVEL OF ACCOMPLISHMENT".

...I think this is an important stretch for Tannehill. for the whole team. Tannehill has no shown the ability to overcome crisis since perhaps week 2. I would give him a D grade as far as being the type of quarterback that can lead his team under less then ideal circumstances...

Now before you get your panties in a wad...This isn't a rip on Tannehill. This is how I see it. I do not think at his point in his career, that Ryan Tannehill is the type of quarterback that can win games on his own merits. I thought the Tampa Game was a great example of an opportunity lost. What I mean is that the team was flat. The team had been delt a body blow and was clearly distracted. Great players, great leaders. Franchise quarterbacks are supposed to have the ability to rise above these challenges and be the reason the team wins tough games. Do not be the reason we do not lose...

That is how I view Tannehill right now..Good enough to not be the reason we lose. Not good enough to be the reason we win..To me...This is not what I think of when I think franchise caliber quarterback..

Fast forward to this week, and the remainder of the season..Tannehill has the opportunity to take a leap. Be the focal point of this team. Do something that would take away any reason to doubt that he isn't the long term answer here...

Of course if this doesn't happen. If Tannehill plays to the level he has settled into...(not inspiring, but with a pulse) The questions will linger. It may define him, it may not. To me it would put to bed the questions I have...Not that anyone cares.

Ireland will be back on the Cowboys next year. My question is this - does Philbin have the leadership to replace his OC?

..@ 4:05...Do not be the reason we do not lose???

Sweet. What I meant was Tannehill plays well enough that he isn't the reason we lose.. He rarely plays well enough to be the reason we win.

Posted by: Elmo | November 30, 2013 at 04:04 PM

Elmo, if we had a different owner, I would certainly believe so. If that were the case, Ireland's most likely gone 2 seasons ago.

It's scary with Ross. I fear his final decision on Ireland will directly hinge upon the Ted Wells investigation results, then finally a playoff/non-playoff appearance.

Just do not believe Ross has the necessary balls to fire Ireland should dance into the payoffs. Even if it's an "UNCOMFORTABLE" relationship between Ireland and Aponte/Philbin.

Posted by: Chomp | November 30, 2013 at 03:39 PM

Or not. Lol

That's what you get for being a know-it-all with poor social skills Daytona.

Posted by: darryldunphy | November 30, 2013 at 04:05 PM

There are none here whom disagree Tannehill still has levels to improve before ascending to top of the heap of NFL qb's. In my opinion, defensive breakdowns and poor oline performance have been greater issues than Tannehill.

Greater play in these two areas and this team could easily have a record as high as 8-3 right now.

Tannehill FINALLY overthrew Wallace Sunday. It was like sugarplums dancing in my head because this may have been the first real sign of a very important BREAKTHROUGH for the Tannehill/Wallace DEEP connection.

I've been waiting to see Tannehill OVERTHROW Wallace, even once, all season long. I actually believe its better Tannehill overthrows him, than underthrows him.

I love our odds better that Wallace runs some of those OVERTHROWS down. Wallace is not a "fight for the ball" wr. That's what underthrows turns him into.

The fact is that with the players that they have they have underachieved DUUH its on the leaders, the coaches.
If they dont finish with a winning record I believe old man Ross will make changes in management and or coaches, but I hope not change everbody.
Some of you posters complain, and some of you make execuses for the team. I watch the games and try to keep an open mind.I gotta say all those close games lost somethings missing or isnt right,but if they finish with a winning record the proof is there THEY HAVE IMPROVED,if not its time to tinker but not tinker with what is working(whatever that is.)

Fire Ross Kill Martin Jail Pouncey continues to win "Dumbest poster of the thread" award! Congratz moron!

With Tannehill, what most of us forget sometimes, during Marino's earliest years we had perhaps our greaest PASS PROTECTING oline of all time.

It wasn't always Dan's lightning fast release.

Next step I would like to see from Tannehill 2014, is better MANIPULATION of the pass pocket. Especially, if the Tannehill/Wallace deep connection slowly begins to click in these final 4 games.

KingShula, on offensive, it's on Ireland for going with our HUGE question marks on offensive line.

Injuries, chiefly Patterson, and some suspect defensive calls throughout the season by Coyle himself.

Coyle doesn't make very good adjustments either.

...Sam I Am..I think the number one issue with this team is ownership. Is Steve Ross an owner that can make the correct decisions in the business of football? Or is this just not his area of expertise? Is he hurting the club by the way he does his business?

I think that since Ross took ownership of the team. There has been a sense that he is always one step behind. Is he an inspiration? is he a visionary for this team? I do not think he is either of the above.

Real Estate is one thing..once you are established. You can crush people with your monetary advantage. The more cash, the more power you have...Football is not that way. It is Socialistic. Everyone shares the pot. The wealth is shared. The weaker teams get first shot at the best commodities. While the strong teams can't just buy their advantage.

Ross just doesn't seem to have the vision to be ahead of the game..From the Sparano disaster, to the fight about the Stadium(Do you think an owner that is more respected has to deal with so much opposition)..to the Florida Gator Tim Tebow stunt...The Night clubs..All the way to how he just comes across as a guy who has been briefed on his team, instead of being an owner that already knows..

I could be wrong..Ross is probably sharp as a tack when it comes to his team..I don't buy it.

I really believe that success can only come from the people at the top. Are the DOlphins even competitive when it comes to owner, GM, head Coach? I would say not enough that sustained winning is in our fortunes. Something has to change..

I'm not questioning Ross' commitment to winning. I would imagine that he has an inner circle of people that are in his ear..Telling him the things he wants to hear. Helping him with decsions. Perhaps that is the issue. having support is one thing..Maybe just ,maybe Ross has too many people making decisions for him..Maybe it is time Ross steps up and becomes an owner.

..Sam I Am..You said the line has been a bigger issue then Tannehill..I agree. Defensive breakdowns another bigger issue. I also tend to agree.

And this is my point. Tannehil hasn't been horrible. These last 3 losses have been far from just Tannehills fault. I am saying that it is time that some of these losses become wins in part due to Tannehill raising his game. Overcoming the deficiencies, or the breakdowns. Be the reason we win the game..

I haven't seen that in him since week 3. Tannehill plays well enough to not lose the game. He doesn't play well enough to be the reason we win..He can be that guy, he has to be..Be big when the lights are on you...He hasn't yet.

Bill..tell em like it is man. It's true the high expectations on here for T-hill are not fair or realistic. I mean the guy has a very inconsistent and poor running game and with the same kind of pass blocking. There is no need to sugar coat it. He can't do it all. Like I said it would be insane not to fix those and give him a chance to progress even further.

Unsung Positives about Tannehill

1. The guy takes a beating in sacks yet never complains, never points a finger, never even a hint about the oline.

2. See #1, teammates, especially lineman like a guy that is tough, can take a hit, and doesn't complain. If anything they want to have his back even more.

3. Forget the Wallace issue for a moment....he has been on the money time and again with Hartline, Gibson and even has made Clay come to life at times. Back to Wallace - if he catches even half the balls he dropped, that could likely have equalled another win or even two. Tannehill has his flaws in the long ball and pocket awareness, yet he is still playing good enough to win games.

4. Despite the severe oline regression, Tannehill has actually shown improvement. What better indicator than that to show he still has plenty of Upside?

5. Unlike RG3, he is a natural for not putting his foot in his mouth. He gives you the Brady-esque company line.

6. When a time out is called because they need to discuss the next play, even with the game on the line....he comes to the sideline not with a worried-like-Sanchez look, but with a smile. Got to like that. He is a gamer welcoming the challenge.

7. Tannehill doesn't seem to rub anyone the wrong way. He is a likable guy, a good teammate, not a dickkk, not a jerk, and certainly no inflated ego.

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