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Keys to the game: Dolphins at Jets

I picked the Dolphins to beat the Jets on Sunday.

I simply believe Ryan Tannehill is better than Geno Smith. And, you'll read on Sunday, I believe Tannehill can carry his team at the end of this season. I'll link to that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, how do the rest of these teams match up?


When the Dolphins pass the football: Well, seems Ryan Tannehill discovered Mike Wallace last week. He threw the ball deep and threw it often to the dynamic deep threat receiver. And while that resulted in only a couple of big plays and a touchdown, it didn’t mean all is well. Tannehill and Wallace are still a work in progress. Tannehill still underthrows his speedy receiver way too often. That needs work. The Dolphins also have to find a way to get more consistency out of Charles Clay as his performances have been uneven as defenses change coverages and have been successful containing him in all but a handful of games. The New York pass defense is susceptible to the big play, as Baltimore showed last week. The addition of Ed Reed at safety hasn’t helped that yet. Antonio Cromartie, the team’s best defensive back, may play against the Dolphins but his is not 100 percent healthy. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: This might get ugly. The team that managed two yards rushing against Tampa Bay and has failed to post the league average 4.2 yards per rush in five games this season, including last week against the Panthers, is facing the NFL’s top rush defense. That suggests something of a mismatch. And while the Dolphins hope the return of center Mike Pouncey can reinvigorate the run game, it should be pointed out Pouncey played in that fateful game against Tampa Bay three weeks ago. The Jets are getting great play from Muhammad Wilkerson who leads a front seven that is among the best in the NFL. With running back Daniel Thomas out with an ankle injury, rookie Mike Gillislee may get a few carries. ADVANTAGE: New York.

When the Jets run the football: The only way the Jets will move the ball consistently against the Dolphins is by running. The Jets have a solid offensive line that is relatively healthy and they have two solid, albeit not great, runners in Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. Quarterback Geno Smith also is a run threat when he needs to get out of the pocket, but he’s definitely not a Cam Newton or Steve Young. The Dolphins have been surprisingly poor against the run this year. They are 26th in the NFL against the run. And it’s getting worse as the season progresses. The Dolphins have given up 136 rushing yards or more in each of the past five games. What was a stout run defense in 2011 (No. 3 in the NFL) has found a way to let a big leak out the middle of the line in several games this year. ADVANTAGE: New York..

When the Jets pass the football: They’re a mess passing the football. The conversation about Geno Smith the past few weeks has been whether he’d be benched rather than whether he’s improving or not. Smith is a turnover machine with 18 interceptions and five lost fumbles. He doesn’t read defenses well pre-snap and doesn’t read the field well during the play. His receiver corps is led by, of course, Jeremy Kerley. Moe and Larry were left unsigned in the offseason. Stephen Hill hasn’t caught a TD pass in four games and Santonio Holmes hasn’t been fully healthy for over a year. The Dolphins are coming off an uneven game in the secondary because Nolan Carroll was surprisingly great against Carolina and Brent Grimes had perhaps his worst game of the season. Dimitri Patterson is out Sunday. No surprise. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

Special teams: MetLife Stadium, like the Meadowlands before it, is a difficult place to kick in the winter because strong winds not only blow through the stadium but do so in different directions. Dolphins rookie kicker Caleb Sturgis will soon find this out. Josh Cribbs has taken over from Clyde Gates as the Jets’ kickoff returne man and while he is not the dynamic player he was four years ago, he was an upgrade nonetheless. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: New York’s Rex Ryan started the season on the hot seat. But he took ownership of the New York defense and has made the decision to stay with a rookie quarterback. His job is not completely safe but he has kept a team with a flawed roster in the postseason conversation. Dolphins coach Joe Philbin has a more talented roster than the Jets and is getting uneven results from that roster but he has kept the team together in the face of an uncomfortable NFL investigation. ADVANTAGE: New York.


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Bodine, also why execution and performance are such a critical part of victory's equation. It decreases the chances of becoming maligned by an OUTSIDE FATE.

AKA, NFL refs!

If your team is constantly performing in a manner where the refs can control their fate. Then you have a team that isn't very good anyway.

You have a team that, even in playoffs, who's eventual lore will be finding the exit door.

Sam I Am | November 30, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Rules that are not enforced are no longer rules. They become a farce. Human error is understandable. When you have the means to correct human error but choose to avoid them, credibility and integrity vanishes. Winners are no longer the winners, they are the lucky.

Lets blame the refs!!!

Incognito is officially done in the NFL. Can u say CFL?

Incognito is a millionaire. He can play in the CFL or retire and live the good life with no worries.


Incognito is a dispicable jackass. Your obsession with money is very shallow bro.

Ryan Fitzpatrick > Chad Henne > TanneBust

Sam I'm Not | November 30, 2013 at 10:41 PM

So you are jealous. You will work the rest of your life and never have as much money or freedom as Cognito. You will be lucky if you can afford a decent hotel for your measly two week vacation! Hahhahaaha

Dont forget....Tannehill had the advantage of knowing the playbook BEFORE he got to Miami....and he still STINKS!!


Ok, we are all hurt and steaming mad. You can go to bed now.

Why does my thumb always smell like sheeet?

I win.
Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 30, 2013 at 09:55 PM

If that's what you need to feel relevant as a human being, please continue to tell an internet people who don't give a crap about it.

Why does my thumb always smell like sheeet?
Posted by: AtlFin | November 30, 2013 at 11:19 PM

You need to stop jamming it in your ear then.

If that's what you need to feel relevant as a human being, please continue to tell an internet people who don't give a crap about it.

Posted by: Darkoak | November 30, 2013 at 11:20 PM

And so why did you respond?
God are you dumb.

Darkoak display's a recurring pattern of sheer idiocy. We may have to revoke his voting rights.

And so why did you respond?
God are you dumb.
Posted by: Plin | November 30, 2013 at 11:33 PM


Darkoak display's a recurring pattern of sheer idiocy. We may have to revoke his voting rights.
Posted by: LightPine | November 30, 2013 at 11:40 PM

What are you, the Gestapo? Shut your hole if you don't have anything intelligent to say, which for you should make you a mute.

is there still racism on the Dolphins after Incognito's gone?

Dolphins’ 4th-quarter offense?

Non existent.

Just noticed something...if The Bills beat The Falcons at home on Sunday, which is likely...and The Dolphins lose on the road to The Jets, also likely. Then The Dolphins will be 0-3 in the AFC East. Also having lost to The Bills and their third string quarterback, The Dolphins will be in last place lmao.

Cellar dwellers, right where this dysfunctional organization belongs.

I thought The Dolphins were going to be the new team to beat in the AFC East roflmao.

New logo, new era.


You obviously give a crap, because you've taken exception to my words. Others have done the same, so they give a crap. Relevant as a human being ? Lmao @ your ad hominem. Do you even know what that term means ? I'd bet that you don't. Even more than that I'd bet that you don't know what it shows. It shows that you don't have a counterargument, because The Dolphins are now a league wide joke, and so are Dolphins fans. It also shows that I've gotten to you, so again you obviously give a crap.

Once again you're a loser.

Once again, I win.

Care to try again ?

Grandpa Philby please tell me a story.

All day and all night I dream of Dolphins glory.

I have no life, and the Dolphins brass knows it.

That's why they charge a king's ransom and own me.

I'll pay and I'll pay, you can eat me alive.

I live for NFL Sundays cause I hate my wife.

I'll wear the new logo and sell out my pride.

For I'm a "true fan" you can charge what you like.

It's arch rival gameday and a time to get some answers about the character and coaching of this football team. This is the biggest game of the year. Hell they're all crucial at this time of year. One play is all it takes...just ask Bama. One play can change the whole season. We need guys to step up today. Wake, Starks, Solai, Jones, Ellerbe, Grimes, Clay, L. Miller, Wallace, Tannehill, Pouncey, Mathews, Hartline,

Memo to Philbin, Sherman, Coyle and Rizzi you guys need to start coaching like this is your last game too. Read the above so you understand one play, one call... it all counts.

"Armando Salguero: Ryan Tannehill shows signs he’s ready to takeoff for Dolphins" (http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/12/01/v-fullstory/3789103/armando-salguero-ryan-tannehill.html)

Sorry, Mando, the article oversells and is entirely unbelievable.

Tannehill actually WAS playing better at the end of last year. He was moving away from staring down receivers; he was avoiding sacks; he was throwing the ball away when necessary; his accuracy was getting better. These were all signs of improved QB play and we should have expected to see an improvement in his statistics.

However, it makes Tannehill's play so far this year all the more disconcerting. Because at the end of last year he seemed to be maturing at QB and this looks like a year of regression.

I believe in Thill and see the signs too. But The only way to make sure this thing happens with Tannehill is IF he gets a decent line or a rushing attack. There is progression no doubt about it. Like I said last year before the draft.

Uhhhh... billcale there is an improvement of his statistics. I suggest you look them up fella. Even in spite of a OL, rushing attack and even defense that are worse than last year.

Im picking the Dolphins to win the mistake bowl whichever QB makes less mistakes wins.I would hope its T-Hill that wins with less mistakes after all he is in his 2nd year Smith his 1st.
If he gets outplayed by the rookie then you bloggers that are sure he has improved from last year have some evidence against your subjective view.
Dont make excuses for this pro team they have been mediocre for a decade sans the easy schedule season of 2008.If you excuse makers were the owners you would be the owner of a loser indefinitely because you always give them another season,another season.
Everybody involved is well paid they should ALL be accountable especially coaches and management.


That's the sorriest list of players I've ever seen anyone attempt to brag about lmao.

Half the list has NEVER stepped it up...I mean like EVER.

Also, lmao @ they're all important at this time of year.

Dolphins haven't been to the playoffs but once since 2001.

"Big game" roflmao...made my day.

Character of this team.

Last week the defense folded at the end of the game, again.

Allowing the game winning drive in the closing moments at home...again.

Lost to an 0-8 team in prime time.

Rushed for a franchise record low two yards.

A midget could fall forward and get more than two yards lol.

Lamar Miller rushed for 0.8 ypc last week lol.

Dolphins are 28th in total offensive yards.

Minus 16 in PF vs PA.

No touchdowns in the 4th quarter of seven games.

"Big game"

"Helluva team"

A loss today and the Phins are 5-9 in two weeks.

"Big game"

A loss today and a Bills win and the lowly Phins are in last place, likely to stay.

Could easily end up 1-5 or 0-6 in the division lmao.

"Big game"

One dimensional Phins won't beat a Rex Ryan defense.

"Big important game"

Someone's been standing too close to the BBQ.

Let me provide a perspective for you guys. Here's a list of Great and HOF QB's in their 2nd year. Seems like T-hill has done great with the limitations of this team. Look at the avg below of some of the best QB's this league has ever seen. Not saying he's any of these guys but he's got a chance to be great. It's undeniable with the right team around him he can be our Franchise QB.

FAVRE 60.9 19 24 72.2 3303
P MNG 62.1 26 15 90.7 4135
BREES 60.8 17 16 76.9 3284
ELWAY 56.3 18 15 76.8 2598
BRADY 63.9 18 12 86.5 2843
MONTANA 64.5 15 9 87.8 1795
FOUTS 48.5 8 13 61.4 1732
KELLY 59.7 19 11 83.8 2798
YOUNG 53.7 8 13 65.5 2282
MOON 57.6 15 19 68.5 2709
MARINO 64.2 48 17 108.9 5084
E. MNG 52.8 24 17 75.9 3762
AIKMAN 56.6 11 18 66.6 2579
AVG.. 58.6 18.9 15.3 78.6 2992.6

T-HILL 60.1 15 12 61.8 2784

Sorry T-hills rating should be an 82. Ooops.

TruthhurTs going by those stats makes T-Hill look good.
They are going to stick with him because of their investment but he makes too many mistakes still,fumbles taking sacks instead of throwing the ball away.
Those list of Qbs are considered great not solely because of stats but because they found a way to win games and overcome their early career mistakes.

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