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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Panthers

It's all there for the Dolphins today.

No, really, by the end of the day the Dolphins could find themselves alone in second place in the AFC East, only one game out of first place if the following scenario happens:

The Dolphins beat Carolina. The Jets and Pats lose games they may very well lose.

But ...

The Dolphins have to do their part. First. Foremost.

They must beat a team that has won six consecutive games.

The Dolphins inactives today are no surprise: C Mike Pouncey, G Danny Watkins, CB Dimitri Patterson, QB Mike Gillislee, QB Pat Devlin, and DT Isaako Aaitui.

So Nolan Carroll starts at CB. The offensive line is the same as last week with Sam Brenner at left guard and Nate Garner at center.

There's a live blog today. Join:


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Go Dolphins!!!

Nolan Carroll is good for a touchdown or two (for the other team).

"Bully" Cam Newton!

Go Phins!!

Nolan Caroll needs to remember that when the ball is thrown he can forget about his receiver's whereabouts and intercept the ball. This is what trips up inexperienced cbs. They are still trying to track a receiver when the ball is already in the air. Forget the receiver Nolan when the ball is thrown and go get the ball!!!!!!!!!

I don't see how we lose this game. Carolina is over rated and beatable.

Go Phins.27/24 Dolphins

This is mighty unfair for Us, to play a Team with superior Players to ours and in the middle of all this turmoil in Miami Dolphins Camp now. I guess we just have to do the most that can be expected from anybody, that is, try your best.

I just read the post "Miami Herald Expert Picks: Panther vs Dolphins. What a JOKE. How the hell do they label themselves "EXPERTS" here are their records for the season:
Mando 4-6
Beasley 4-6
Neal 5-5
Mena 5-5
Cote 7-3
Only Cote has a "winning" record of "guessing who will win. All the others are LOSERS. They dump on the Phins but none but Cote can even better than the Dolphins actual record. The Editor or the Herald should rename the piece, "Miami Herald's Sports Writers (sic) BEST GUESS for the Phins games". C'mon Man!!!!
Mike W

Nice to see that the Fins are 4-0 against the Panthers. Hopefully, like we can't beat the Texans, maybe the Panthers can't beat us. Let's Go Fins!

hopefully sherman will call it a bit more aggressively and take some shots to wallace. especially following another Grimes INT. go dolphins!!

Just another thought on the Experts Pics records...
how would like to have a surgeon with that record...ask him, hey Doc how did your brain surgery's go this week....Doc, "Oh I was 4 for 6" Comforting huh? C'mon Man!
Mike W

The Dolphins simply do not have enough quality offensive lineman right now to have any hope of coping with the Panthers excellent defense.

Tannehill will not have the time to set up and throw effectively, and the run game will be stonewalled.

There is nothing they can do about this. Nothing Tannehill can do. Nothing Philbin and the coaching staff can do.

It is simply a matter of talent (or rather lack of it) and along the OL Miami doesn't have nearly enough to compete against a superior defense.

It will not even upset me. Asking for a different result would be like asking for the sun to rise in the West or demanding that Pauly Shore make a funny movie. It isn't going to happen.

I hope I'm wrong but this season is really getting that same old Dolphin feel to it.

4 starters out if you include Cogs and Martin so they have an "excuse" to lose.

Even with a loss they still have slight shot at the playoffs so they will try to keep us hanging on.

I say, no excuses. Draw up a decent game plan, play hard, limit mistakes. Defend your home turf in front of your loyal fans. Win today or go back to the drawing board.

Fans and supporters have waited long enough. Put up or shut up time.

realist, good thing you are not a player. Pessimism is not realism. The fins have played some tough teams tough. On any given Sunday. Maybe you are succumbing to the media hype that makes the Panthers sound invincible? They are not.

Giving up? Call dusty for comfort.

To all you posters who are jets and Pats fans who pretend to be Dolphins fans: Please let Phins fans voice their aspirations. And please do not resort to demeaning name calling because we believe winning is possible. As many so called media experts have said "anything can happen on a given Sunday, (or Monday night or Thursday night).


Still no sign of the 2nd and 3rd round investments at CB.

They must be really bad if they can't beat out Carroll, who gets beat easily with a couple of moves more often than not.

I've not really seen them on the field atall this season. Why ?

C'mon phins give me a birthday win !!!

Guess I'm lucky here in Seattle today as Fox is making today's Phins game the National one. I say Cam runs all over and squishes the fish, thoughts?

So sick of the investigation! Put it aside and come out today swinging! Such a huge game, and that is all that matters! This game can be won. Fins27 Panthers16

Marco, that's the million dollar question...

How could it be that this team is till fighting for a play-off spot & THAT STADIUM IS HALF EMPTY!!! Embarrassing, they would draw larger crowd if they moves to North Dakota

Tannehill has to have a BIG game today...No turnovers.

Wow...Off to a flying start.

You've gotta be FFFFFFFFFF-ing kidding!

And just as I say no turnovers...

What a joke Thill had time to throw and rushed it in there.

Newton is shaken up.

Miami has a professional football team in the NFL? Sorry based on much of what has been in the news lately I thought they were in the Lingerie Football League. Now that's a locker room culture I'd love to investigate, lol

Just saying.....actually surprised Cote didn't come up with that idea first. lol!

So, they throw on 1st down, while we run that same stupid run play that goes nowhere a majority of the time. It's going to be a LONG day for Miami.

Russell, squish the fish? Your guy just got squished. LOL!

Ca't defend the run or the pass after a turnover and terrible series from Thill.

Wake from the R side?

No TV coverage in Orlando today. How are all my fellow orange seats doing?

Wake put it on Cam. Nice play, we needed that today.

My anus face just got more puckered.

As you saw on the first play, Miami's offensive line will be overwhelmed today.

Again, there is NOTHING they can do about this even though some of you seem to believe in magic pixie dust or some other nonexistent way of dealing with a simple talent issue.

Newton uncomfortable, good news. Coaching staff seems not to understand they can't call the same game plan and expect to win...FUSTRATING!!!

Thills rating is inflated by all those underneath hits he does that lead nowhere. Even at that he still sucks at 22nd rated in the NFL

Man this team again looks very unprepared and unable to compete.

Philbin is such a joke of a coach, where is the passion ?

Tannehill should've run on that play. He might not have gotten a first down, but you don't throw in the middle late.

Nice start by the defense.


Yes, yes, one for Us.

There's your fire Marco. NOW LET'S GO! THIS IS A GAME! Dolphins. BREAK!

was that DJ?

Wake puts the team on his shoulders, what a hero the man is.

Can Thill throw a pass over 10 yards accurately and with zip.

Nice block by Jordan.

Dion Jordan making an impact on ST's !!! Now use him on defense more often!!!

Time to air it out to Wallace. ON FIRST DOWN. FUKK that stupid read option handoff to Miller.


Jordan and Wake making some noise.

Thill don't blow it !!!

Those drops are not cool.

No awareness RT

GO Go Run
GO Pass
every time

Wallace has the worst hands in the league. He should have caught the tipped pass too

longggggg day

Ted Ginn. We all knew this was going to happen right?

Still doubting what I have been saying?

The Dolphins offensive line CANNOT compete today and there is NOTHING the players or coaches can do about it.


Seems we can't run on these guys. We are in trouble.

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