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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Panthers

It's all there for the Dolphins today.

No, really, by the end of the day the Dolphins could find themselves alone in second place in the AFC East, only one game out of first place if the following scenario happens:

The Dolphins beat Carolina. The Jets and Pats lose games they may very well lose.

But ...

The Dolphins have to do their part. First. Foremost.

They must beat a team that has won six consecutive games.

The Dolphins inactives today are no surprise: C Mike Pouncey, G Danny Watkins, CB Dimitri Patterson, QB Mike Gillislee, QB Pat Devlin, and DT Isaako Aaitui.

So Nolan Carroll starts at CB. The offensive line is the same as last week with Sam Brenner at left guard and Nate Garner at center.

There's a live blog today. Join:


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I just don't know how the fins are going to score today?


Thill never steps up in there and gets the ball out.

The worst O in our history man. Philbin and sherman stink up the place.

Ginn right on cue.

DC the energy level goes cold when Thill takes the field every time.

The Dolphins sacked-machine just started the game beautifully, as usual. A long game for tne fans at the stadium, I presume.

The line could be helped by moving Tannehill out of the pocket, misdirection plays, screens, quick passes. But Sherman doesn't see any reason to change what he's doing, so they won't do any of that.

yeah its the truth... Carolina is just warming up

Panthers playing close to the line threatening blitz. Daring the Fins to throw the ball.

McKinnie gave up on that sack. Didn't finish his block.

The Dolphins will not win this game,,,,,

NICE Vernon.

Wow Ginn is going to kill us today, with passion and balls.

Now we look even worse.

Dolphins going to get their butts kicked today. Flat and unprepared again, Joe Philbin really sucks badly, why can't you guys see this ???

Defense came to play. Not sure what the offense came to do.

Dolphins D is balling right now!

Ok the D has some fire. At least the D line !!!

There are the balls.

But try tackling him for a loss.

We need to do something on O. Our D has Newtons #

Huh, I think the Dolphins managed to find a team with an O Line just as bad as their own. Or the Dolphins might have a really good pash rush and Jordan could have major impact on this one.

Someone please tell the offense the game has started!

D-Line came to play! Let's hope they stay fresh for the game! Good pressure.

This could be a 9-6 game. Maybe 9-0 if the offense doesn't try some new looks.

3 points is probably enough to win this game for the Panthers

Philbin gives a little clap and puts his hat on. The man is so disconnected from his players and the games.

What is he doing out there ? Get a first down.

Throw that ball more than ten yards with zip for gods sake. This is Thill problem, no arm or ability to avoid those sacks yet again.

The offense needs to get inspired by the play of the defense. The defense is dominating the Panthers at the line of scrimmage.

Man Thigpen looks slow and scared sh1tless.

Hey, a RB got positive yardage, WIN FOR US!

There we go. Thill can zip it.

He hit it baby!!

Yes TD Mike Wallace!!!!!


Si Senor!

about time
Thill throw it up and let Wallace fight for he ball

HOLY SHhhhh!!!!!!!! TTT A BOMB underthrown and still CAUGHT!!!!

Been waiting for that one for a while now. Nice pitch and catch and even nicer flip of the ball to a kid by Wallace. Alright in my book

Thank you!!


Thill rollouts out... for once and Wallace still makes the play on another underthrow from Thill.

Come on then !!!!!

What did I say in the blog this week? Time for Tannehill/Wallace to convert one this game.

Thank goodness!

Tannehill CANNOT throw a deep ball. WEAK. Good job Wallace


Another bad throw to Wallace, but he somehow makes a play. Where's all the losers who say Wallace sucks? He's always open for crying out loud.

Ryan has to throw it sooner.

What would have been if Sherman would have listened to everyone but himself and do just that: roll Tannehill, throw to Wallace. Yup that simple. It only took 2/3 season to figure that out!

That TD was huge. Hopefully it will open up the rest of the offense.

Bad throw by Tannehill but great job of Wallace fighting for the ball.

Man, I've been saying for the last few weeks get Thill rolled out.

Wallace has been getting open, but Thill makes the underthrow.

Same again but a great play from Wallace to be honest.

Thill on those roll outs has to be the way forward folks, nice.

Thill lucky the corner wasnt looking. Pretty bad throw. Nice they got it but it was lucky

Not tricking Koa.

As you saw on the first play, Miami's offensive line will be overwhelmed today.

Again, there is NOTHING they can do about this

Posted by: realist | November 24, 2013 at 01:10 PM

What a loser you are, writing off the whole game after one play. Breaking news, fins have the lead.

Most QB's can throw it 50 yards, not a good throw.

Come on defense, this game is on the them. We are not going to put up a lot of points. We have to win a low scoring game.

I hope the Dolphins dont lose by a kickoff return by T.Ginn Jr. That would be quite embarrassing.

Great pressure on Newton!

We are destroying the Panthers up front.

Block in the back.

Yes Wake has got the players on D into this game for sure. He is the leader of this team.

Most QB's can throw it 50 yards, not a good throw.

Posted by: Marco | November 24, 2013 at 01:33 PM

A throw goes for a touchdown and he is still not happy. not happy with a touchdown throw. Marco is just a joker playing you fools.

Nice, things going our way right now. Let's use the momentum.

Nice decision Tannehill.

GO .... PASS

Nice RT, nice !!!

anyone else notice that Newton's pass since the hit from Wake have been weak ducks?

Another bad throw, punt. Franchise QB!

But at least we are ahead.

Let's keep dominating defense.

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