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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Panthers

It's all there for the Dolphins today.

No, really, by the end of the day the Dolphins could find themselves alone in second place in the AFC East, only one game out of first place if the following scenario happens:

The Dolphins beat Carolina. The Jets and Pats lose games they may very well lose.

But ...

The Dolphins have to do their part. First. Foremost.

They must beat a team that has won six consecutive games.

The Dolphins inactives today are no surprise: C Mike Pouncey, G Danny Watkins, CB Dimitri Patterson, QB Mike Gillislee, QB Pat Devlin, and DT Isaako Aaitui.

So Nolan Carroll starts at CB. The offensive line is the same as last week with Sam Brenner at left guard and Nate Garner at center.

There's a live blog today. Join:


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marco in case u havent noticed bush is awful in detroit and has lost his job

nice stop defense.

This "D" came to play today boys!!!

Where is Fire Ross now!!

Their offense is NOT scary!

D' on fire today!

We have a SB defence but a pathetic offence.


My point being we don't have the Sproles then !!!

sctoplasm u are way over thinking it

Great opportunity to move into 2nd place in AFC East...keep it up D

You know, you gave to take some time off that clock, guys. Don't forget the hard count.

We have to get a couple of first downs here. We do not want them to change field position on us.


Pathetic offense? Panthers are lucky we don't have 2 TDs on the board.

Philbin and Ireland are saving there jobs with a win today.

Thill could have another crack at Wallace today from here. He is getting open by 5-10 yards deep today.

Big Ben would have two huge TD's today.

Wallace you are back.

marco we never had sproles

second place in afc east is like dating roseanne barr

It is still easy to see when the fins are going to run. GO, GO, is a run.

What an idiot Sherman is. THAT'S where he chooses to have Tannehill run? What a loser.

Many in blog this week prolaimed a win over Panthers an impossibility. But we shall see.

So far so good for Fish today.

Nice floater.

Exactly Thill is to run when the D will all focus on him.

That was a nice pass by Tannehill. Beautiful.

One GO and it was a run...

Kris, any chance you can squeeze in a compliment for RT today? Or will only, as usual, come by with glee when RT faulters?

marlon moore?!?!?! hes still slive?

Nice touch pass there.

Two GOs and a pass...


I know mate. What a lovely one by Thill to Miller.

Miller dropped some of those this year but that was nice.

Pathetic Offense? See: Carolina Panthers today.

Nice touch on 1st down pass by T'hill.

Nice hard count!

Hey Mike, Tannehill got them on the go-go, keep talking smart guy!

Show Thill some love yall...

Big Ben will be available this offseason fyi.

He got them.

The backs have no real burst at the line.

Nice fake by Thill.

thill easily could of run for first that play

That hurt...

Tannehill would have picked up that first if he ran.

Again Wallace open but pass is underthrown.

T'hill had easy 1st down un, almost picked.

LUCKY!!! BAD decision by T hill...terrible ...he could have run for 6... DAMN man


Thill could have run for than easily.

Wow that was one nasty hit. Sheeeeezzzzz.

Run Thill run.

Good, Good. Took some minutes off the clock.

Why does Tannehill NEVER run??? And to think he used to be a WR...Really?

love RT17 in the red zone, really aggressive, but that boy can throws some terrible passes sometimes.

Still ate time wit tat drive, still positive.


My god, 2nd and 2 and we throw 4 yrds back.......Mike Sherman does his best to give other teams all the hope in the world....EVERY WEEK!!!!

We need to make them pay while they are on their heels. Their offense will come to life sometime.

hey DC
yes he got them on the ONE out of what 700 snaps on GO GO....hmm how many yards rushing do we have?

Yeah man THill
Needs to run for the first down there
No question bout that. Wish I can see Philbin chewing him up dor not doong that but that is just that, wishful thinking.

This team has talent folks, I still think we need a better coaching staff.

At 5 minutes on that drive.

When THill rolls out he needs to plant and throw not jump

Dusty. Great minds.

He has to tuck that one down and keep the drive going. He has done this all season long. That ball could have been picked too.

He still has so far to go. Surely he has to recognise this soon, no ?

Under throws almost every pass

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