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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Panthers

It's all there for the Dolphins today.

No, really, by the end of the day the Dolphins could find themselves alone in second place in the AFC East, only one game out of first place if the following scenario happens:

The Dolphins beat Carolina. The Jets and Pats lose games they may very well lose.

But ...

The Dolphins have to do their part. First. Foremost.

They must beat a team that has won six consecutive games.

The Dolphins inactives today are no surprise: C Mike Pouncey, G Danny Watkins, CB Dimitri Patterson, QB Mike Gillislee, QB Pat Devlin, and DT Isaako Aaitui.

So Nolan Carroll starts at CB. The offensive line is the same as last week with Sam Brenner at left guard and Nate Garner at center.

There's a live blog today. Join:


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The Dolphins have the field posession but lead only for a TD. It could happen the same against the Patriots if they dont take their chances.

d just destroying car. u can tell they are on a short week

Hey DC Dolfan. Thill gets em on go-go once and u think its all good? Seriously?

We need points not minutes !!!

WALLACE OPEN DEEP BY 10 YARDS and gotta wait for BAll

D is playing lights out..

This is the defense I thought we'd have all year.

D-Line is dominating today. I hope that they can keep it up in the second half.


Thigpen is dancing around too much on kick returns.

Hey DC Dolfan. Thill gets em once on go-go and u think its all good? Seriously?

Wallace has been getting open all year long deep.

Wheeler playing well today.

YAC baby!

Mike, my point is just because you heard it on TV doesn't mean it matters on the field. There's a pass on go, so now what you got?

Hartline YES

Don't like they way we keep missing scoring opportunities but the defense keeps bailing us out.

Thigpen not to special on returns either.

Thigpen has to be replaced soon.

Can one of those CB rookies return the ball ???

marco we dont know if hes being taUGHT to not run

Miller can't break a candy cane,

egnew?? wow first moore then egnew.

O line better than real O line LOL

We're in FG range.

Come on Thill man put the ball on the money for us here !!!

Sam Brenner is doing a great job! He is dominating the his man.

Brady throws TD right there

rick 13 pts in a half vs carolina. think anyone takes that carolinas d is maybe best in league

Again missing another wide open man for a TD...

Nice. All we need is points.


If we had a running game this game would be over

ive been a big Thill fan/supporter...but its getting tougher...he's so inconsistent

I try not to listen to the announcing too much, but I must say it's quite refreshing to hear Tim Ryan not totally be anti-dolphins. In fact he's found some positive things to say About the team. Nothing like Dan Dierdorff!

Wanted the TD but FG is big there. Up by two scores. Still nervous as hell though lol.

NOLAN CARROLL. Finally, a good play bro!

That is for all of the Nolan Carrol haters.


Who saw that SH*T coming?

wow miami just beating da hell out of them

Omg Nolan Carroll!!!!' Whaaaaaaat!!!!

Our front seven is getting in Newton's head...

Amazing D today
Even Carroll came to play


WHere are all the Coyle bashers today?

See, see, that's a big play for Us.

Clay wide open that time.

Yeah he may be told that, but the coaches wont tell him not to run if he has double coverage on open man and a wide open field to run in for a first either.

When a QB takes the snap, the play breaks down he has to improvise and make plays or not hurt the tea.

You may be right though Dusty, but its a season long concern that has to be fixed.

Another score on tap!

we dont have an oline so we dont have a running game

What? I have seen every game played....and 99% of the time GO GO is a RUN, the D on all teams know it and play it, their LB and DB immediately drop coverage and come to support the run not to mention the front 7 converge on the run then...that's my point. You don't think the high priced D Coordinators don't realize that too?

Now we need a TD.

holy c$%p, the terp finally did something!!

This is like the Bears/Dolphins 85 game LOL

I have full confidence in acorn Ireland and slack jaw Philbin.


WOW, could the Dolphins add a TD before the half?!

geno smith 2 for 7 18 yards at half. jets are horrible


What ya say now?

We need to run the ball behind Sam Brenner.

"geno smith 2 for 7 18 yards at half. jets are horrible"

Jets beat Saints...never know which Jets will show up

Philbin needs to earn his $ at halftime. Don't get out coached after Panthers make adjustments.

That first shot Wake gave Newton at the beginning was exactly what the doctor ordered. Same thing happened versus Atlanta when Misi ko'd the great Tony Gonzalez.

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