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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Panthers

It's all there for the Dolphins today.

No, really, by the end of the day the Dolphins could find themselves alone in second place in the AFC East, only one game out of first place if the following scenario happens:

The Dolphins beat Carolina. The Jets and Pats lose games they may very well lose.

But ...

The Dolphins have to do their part. First. Foremost.

They must beat a team that has won six consecutive games.

The Dolphins inactives today are no surprise: C Mike Pouncey, G Danny Watkins, CB Dimitri Patterson, QB Mike Gillislee, QB Pat Devlin, and DT Isaako Aaitui.

So Nolan Carroll starts at CB. The offensive line is the same as last week with Sam Brenner at left guard and Nate Garner at center.

There's a live blog today. Join:


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Ok Dashi and DD we have to give you guys the Nolan Carroll pick!

Our running game has vanished this season.
Time to score a TD. If they dont do it, they will regret it the whole season.

I'd say a TD puts this game outta reach, but the Pats game taught me better.

awful play call use hartline

ur crazy dc, u watch them just like me. a td def doesnt put anything out of reach

Man we have to punch it in here.

That first play really sucked.

WE should have taken a shot at the endzone, the two minute warning was coming up anyway at 2:01.

Take a shot at the endzone from there folks.

8 yards, quick hits. This is Thills bread and butter, those quick passes.

Or Thill does the bottleg with a reciever rolling out with him.

Panthers to be put to the sword.

Bet we run it !!!

WTF !!!

Throw Endzone.

they are gonna blow this great D effort if they don't score A TD here

We need our best misdirection play

first and goal

run it 4 times now

From there all three passes have to go endzone all three.

philbin just woke up from his nap

Give me a F*****G BREAK!!!

Refs F**K us again..



was a clean hit. lets not be bias, was the right call

Go for it !

holy bleep is philbin showing....concern? passion?

He launched to the head!

He needs to hold onto that ball. Tannehill put it exactly where it needed to be.

NFL officials worse than any other Pro Sports. A real friggin joke...They should be embarrassed.

Bad call.. sorry...

Made helmet contact. League will review and fine uechly.

for one second robbie, back to sleeping

You've gotta be F-ing kidding!!! They get away with it on MNF and NOW!!! Guess the Panthers can do no wrong in the endzone!!!!!!

Looks like a helmet to helmet hit. Defenless reciever. If the flag is thrown its for a reason

Still chap 3pts, thx Carroll, great int!

NBA refs > NFL refs. Yep that bad. Game is way to fast now for these guys. Every type of play should be reviewable including PI. Awful.

ANFL is fixed...

Forget that. We're in the driver's seat. Keep up the pressure.

That was a penalty!

Man Philbin finally gives the refs hell.

That was a 15 yard penalty that ref should get blasted for that one.

We had three dumb calls from there. The NFL have to review that crap. The flag was thrown there, where is the problem ???

Back to Sparanus country, FGs, and more FGs. We should be winning 24-3 !

lets see what coaching changes carolina makes at half, see if philbin counters

I guess the refs gave a little tit for tat there. Wake's hit to Newton in the 1st quarter was helmet to helmet too and went uncalled and Cam has been terrible since.




hit his shoulder, at some point it will be flag football

dusty, you're an idiot. If Matthews would of been a QB, no fu***ng doubt that would of been a penalty. You don't know what the fu** you're talking about. as usual.

carroll looking like a CB

Nice tackle there.

no doubt dc, up 16-3. not a fan in here who wouldnt of taken that

A rousing and inspirational half time speach is being planned by Philbin right now. Note cards and all in his dead pan style.
Second half collapse coming.

We should never have called a TO there

Sorry dusty but you need glasses...

montreal thanks for getting personal, and also matthews isnt a qb

If you're going to call it against QBs, call it against everybody else. Goddell is a complete moron. No balls.

dusty, I had Dolphins 27-17, looks very possible right now.

Montreal, dusty's right. Matthews ISN'T a QB. He's not even a star. It was a questionable call, the Pats call was right (or non call) and this one could have gone either way. Won't determine whether we win or lose. We have the game in control. It's on us.

Big chances missed in the first half.

Hail Mary to Ginn.

bill Connors, you're a complete clown. What else is new.

The Panthers are going to be mad in the second half. I am not taking anything for granted.

wow what disaster to give them a fg here. unreal

WTF just happened there!

Did the defense really give them a bs FG at the end of the half. That's how we freakin lose, not on a stupid call.

Horrible defense and gave 3 points right to carolina

huge mistake for fins there montreal keep burying yourself. what name will u call me next

defenses play solid all half, then go to rpevent and give up fg. just comical how bad coaching is

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