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Live blog: OL in shambles, Patterson active

The Dolphins offensive line -- the source of off and onfield issues this season -- is the focus again today.

The Dolphins staring offensive line versus the San Diego Chargers will be: LT Bryant McKinnei, LG Sam Brenner, C Nate Garner, RG John Jerry, and RT Tyson Clabo.

Garner, who played left guard the previous two games, moves over to center because Mike Pouncey is out. Brenner was added off the practice squad Saturday. He was an undrafted free agent who was with the team since training camp.

The amazing things?

Danny Watkins, a former first-round draft pick acquired nearly two months ago, is active but obviously not better (in the coaching staff's opinion) to start ahead of the rookie.

And Dallas Thomas, who was worked both tackle and guard since the start of the season, is active but also not considered better (in the coaching staff's eyes) to start ahead of the undrafted rookie. By the way, Thomas was a third-round draft pick.

The good news?

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active today but he is not starting.

There's a live blog today. It happens below:


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Charles Clay is one of the RARE bright spots this season.

dustybottom, you're right, we lost to Balt.

I agree Orlando, about Tannehill.....BUT, I do think they should draft a QB this year, in the early/mid rounds.....have seen enough questionable play from TH to warrant that, IMO--just gotta be realistic....and prepared

i wouldnt benz, moore under contract another year thill is our man

John Jerry...Another 3rd round BUST.

Fist pumps ... fist pumps. Nothing but fist pumps!

these are 2 really bad teams

We had 2yds rushing on the opening drive. That's last week's total for the entire game.

Maybe we should replace Jerry with a practice squad guy too. His penalty cost us a TD.

Jail Incognito, go get some feminine powder and tampons pussie. You full of it.

Sam ... watch Miami get 4 yards this game and hear Philbin brag about how we've doubled our production!

Fist Pump FG!

Lamar Miller = -1yd rushing. He owes the NFL rb fairy 1yd.

BTW, that's what happens when you take the ball and score. Some momentum

I see another fine turnout at sun life stadium. I live in Canada and could only wish to go to home games. C'mon south Florida. Show your support

How long will take Rivers to find Nolan Carroll, any bets?

Rick, couldn't agree with you more. Jerry should of been replaced a long time ago. He's a backup tackle, not a starting guard.




These LBs are awful. Second biggest priority in the offseason after OL...

San Diego is going to shred our defense. Everything about this Dolphins team right now is FAKE!

I thought our defensive line was our strongest position on the team

Oliver Vernon struggles against the run...Our o-line should be Starks and Soliai inside and Odrick and Wake at DE.

I think the biggest priority for this team will be picking curtains for their new head office in L.A. after this debacle of an effort.

Brent Grimes baby. Grimes and Patterson have played pretty well.

So we came into this season thinking our DB's were the problem, turns out the DL and LB's are the problem on D.

Nice over the shoulder catch by Grimes

man love grimes, and some of u didnt want a thing to do with him

#1 clueless

Grimes should have a long term contract already. Ireland will screw it up though. Or should I say Aponte will screw it up, just like Solia and Starks!

Sam ... good call ... except he found Grimes.

Seems Wheeler and Vernon are the guys who get gashed most in our run stop defense.


If Philbin/staff goes.....the new coach needs to have head coaching experience, either in the pros or college.....no more unproven coordinators like Cameron, Sparano and Philbin......Cowher, Lovie Smith, Sumlin.....whoever.....we need someone that has been a HC, and knows what it takes

Hartline with the horrible pass.

Do you want to know why Foles has been so successful, despite only above average skills/arm?--because he doesnt throw INTs like TH just did

zaphod, go back to YOUR JETS blog homo

And, so many here still defend Tannehill.

Tannehill with the horrible pass.

horrible pass by THill.


Bobbyd12 ... remember ... what you type on a forum is FOREVER ... if you can't be INTELLIGENT ... or are incapable of being ARTICULATE ... please do yourself a favor and log off until you have either sobered up or graduated from 7th grade. Just some friendly advice, buddy.

Awful two passes by Thill. All day long to pass that's one of the many reasons to draft another QB or let Moore play WTF.

That's your franchise qb for you. SUCKS!

THILL brings them down drive one and gets them first and 10 on 9 yard line. Fat John Jerry false start pushes them back on second down. THILL hits Hartline right in the hands and he drops it on the 2nd and long. Perfect way to set up a FG.

Fans blame THILL...pathetic.

How about our RUN defense? SD OC should be shot for passing so much. Our RUN defense is an abosolute mess.

yeah, that was a brutal pass.....plenty of time.....wasnt even close.....awful

Marco retard. Hartline is falling down.

" I think Tannehill is the real deal", says guy who disappeared .

Marco ... scott ... please watch what you say, we don't want offend Bobbyd12!

Yes JPAO we still blame T-Hill... Love that pick! He doesn't have it.

Sam, exactly. Probably Wallace's fault right? LOL!

jpao, so many things to blame including Tannehill.

The run defense is pathetic.

Tickets where $15 today on stubhub. This is one garbage organization. They even sold thousands of those $25 fundraiser tickets to local brokers for the Patriots game! Those tickets are supposed to be for kids and non profits


On the bright side, not many farts to be placed on me today.

Reshad Jones is awful.

can anyone on our D besides Grimes make a play?--they rip off 7 yards every run......little pass rush.....

What the heck happened to Reshad Jones?

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