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Live blog: OL in shambles, Patterson active

The Dolphins offensive line -- the source of off and onfield issues this season -- is the focus again today.

The Dolphins staring offensive line versus the San Diego Chargers will be: LT Bryant McKinnei, LG Sam Brenner, C Nate Garner, RG John Jerry, and RT Tyson Clabo.

Garner, who played left guard the previous two games, moves over to center because Mike Pouncey is out. Brenner was added off the practice squad Saturday. He was an undrafted free agent who was with the team since training camp.

The amazing things?

Danny Watkins, a former first-round draft pick acquired nearly two months ago, is active but obviously not better (in the coaching staff's opinion) to start ahead of the rookie.

And Dallas Thomas, who was worked both tackle and guard since the start of the season, is active but also not considered better (in the coaching staff's eyes) to start ahead of the undrafted rookie. By the way, Thomas was a third-round draft pick.

The good news?

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active today but he is not starting.

There's a live blog today. It happens below:


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yahoo sports hahahahahahahahaah

Let the beating begin!

We still suck against the run and I have never seen a team blitz and not get to QB as much as the Fins.

Horrible INT from THILL. But they keep forcing passes to the sidelines. When is Sherman going to attack the middle of the field?

Lets suck for Johnny Manziel "Mr Football"

Armando doesn't even come in for his own live blog because he is a FRAUD.



NIce coverage Reshad Jones...you look like a damn fool!!!!!!!!

Where the hell was the coverage ? No bump ever by these DB's.

Coyle is as bad as the Players.

Thill puts us in a hole again. Man we ned to give Moore a chance.

Stats wise Thill has regressed big time. After this game his QBR will be around that of his rookie year. Where the hell do you go from here ?

Matt Moore or draft a QB next year. Thill sucks as always. Philbin too.

Why is Tannehill grinning? He's a #2 QB and knows it?

Don't know how many of you were around but this run (D) eense reminds me of the Tom Oliva(D)otti days!

The stands are empty!!

San Diego KNOWS we're going to be passing all day ... we're still at only 2 yards rushing. This team is EASY to defend against. We have so much to fix on this team it's getting comical ... now if only more of us could start laughing.

Hey 'Zahod' did you used to be a jailhouse punk?

You might wanna cover gates better. It's really amazing how one man incognito could take this season down all by himself. Can we just cut both him and Martin and call it a day. The longer those two bafoons remain on the roster the longer the distractions continue.

Reshad Jones is a play maker. It said so on the Dolphins FB page.

dusty.....from earlier....I know Moore is signed for another year but he's not the long term answer.....I'm saying we need to draft a reasonable QB (not a 5th round guy) to push TH over the next year or two.....he hasnt proven nearly enough, to say the least.....and I've said this here before, but I dont like TH's body language, lack of fire, etc.....I cant tell if he's just not that competitive or not, but it seems like it.....that easy going/nice TX gig is ok I guess, but maybe he's too nice?--where is the edge?

Marco you are a frickin moron.

So Tanny threw a pick. So did Rivers. He just has to keep throwing the ball. We obviously can't run it.

Ellerbe stinking up the field as always. Thill has no abilty to look off defenders and shift DB's with his eyes.

Good scramble and play by THILL there

TannePuke is just terrible. Put Moore in NOW!

Just ... did I "used to be a jailhouse punk?" I don't get it ... I'm not familiar with the lingo. Sorry.

New logo, new era.

Nice pocket awareness by T-Sizzle to find Mathews.

Well, can't wait for the 2016 season. Oh yeah. You see: next year Ireland ia gone but philbin stays, Sherman and Coyle are gone, but Heartless Philbin is still running the team. New GM but disfuctional relationship with the HC, 8-8 season. The following year the HC is gone and so is Tanehill... 4-12 So QB first round pick but a couple years to develop. Did i say 2016?? Sorry 2017


HE got a contract and Coyle changed the defense so he can't roam and must cover, which is not his forte.

Thill is smiling because he doesn't really care.

A fire should be lit under his ass for that throw. The middle of the field was wide open and he had two recievers open. The guy has zero vision.

We miss Karlos Dansby. Dannell Ellerby has been a complete bust so far.

UNDERTHROWN AGAIN!!!!!!!!! TDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! waiting!!!

WTF Thill again !!!!

This is just pathetic the Tannehill/Wallace under throws.

Well mike Wallace open again. He can't throw the ball to himself

Chicken or the egg ?

Who's the problem ?

Tannehill or Wallace.

Could it be...BOTH ?


Wallace is getting open you d1cks, you are as thick as ever.

Wallace no confidence at all in Tannehill..

Now that pass did suck. Wallace wide open.


Jones has been bad ever since he got paid. That is what happens when you stop working on you craft.

A roll out at last !!!

Wallace wide open once again. It's his fault of course.

The Dolphins are gay.

Thomas finds some balls.... good.

Tannehill really has to start working on his deep pass. If he can work on that in the off season and the fins can get the running game, they can be very good on offense next year.

I don't wanna hear how Wallace is a bust. That was a TD easily. Tannehill not accurate. Plain and simple.

man both these teams have some of the worst defenses u will ever see

Man at last some innovation man. We should have done this last week.

Boy, would it be nice to see Tannehill OVERTHROW Wallace just once.

Even that would be a great improvement.

I like this aggressive line play. Come on !!!

False start = FG time lmao.

Terrible team.

wallace is good, never been a question from anyone who actually watches football

John Jerry s killing us.

John Jerry definitely put money on the Chargers.

Chargers have it...

lol wow they got bailed out

Saved by the roughing the passer call.

Wow what a break.

You are ficking kidding me. Of 15 yarsd thank feck.

THILL blows the deep ball again. But how about that fumble by Hartline? How about the 2nd false start by Jerry? Come on I get he needs to work on his deep passing...really badly...but this team isn't doing him many favors.

Phns will not go 8-8.

Get real.

7-9 is best case scenerio.

6-10 more likely.

Wasted TO again. Philbin doesn't have his QB on-line with the calls, this has happened all season.

Thomas up the middle. He has caught fire.

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