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Live blog: OL in shambles, Patterson active

The Dolphins offensive line -- the source of off and onfield issues this season -- is the focus again today.

The Dolphins staring offensive line versus the San Diego Chargers will be: LT Bryant McKinnei, LG Sam Brenner, C Nate Garner, RG John Jerry, and RT Tyson Clabo.

Garner, who played left guard the previous two games, moves over to center because Mike Pouncey is out. Brenner was added off the practice squad Saturday. He was an undrafted free agent who was with the team since training camp.

The amazing things?

Danny Watkins, a former first-round draft pick acquired nearly two months ago, is active but obviously not better (in the coaching staff's opinion) to start ahead of the rookie.

And Dallas Thomas, who was worked both tackle and guard since the start of the season, is active but also not considered better (in the coaching staff's eyes) to start ahead of the undrafted rookie. By the way, Thomas was a third-round draft pick.

The good news?

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active today but he is not starting.

There's a live blog today. It happens below:


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On the bright side, not many sweaty balls dripping on me.

running left everytime

Yes! Offensive line playing well today

This is football at it's ugliest. LOL!!

Got to give it him....Thomas ran very hard that drive. Good for him.

egnew doing his job who has ball last wins. these defenses couldnt stop us

We need a TD here!

The fins are dominating this game no offense. The offense does have talent on it. Both the offense and defense just need to be tweaked next year. And of course Tannehill needs to take the next step.

Wallace HATES TannePuke!! LOL

The Chargers are just an awful, awful team.

It's apparent 2 mediocre teams going at it today. Mistakes rule the day.

That's the same look I give when I catch my wife blowing a horse.

That's a TOUCHDOWN!!! Thomas running hard

Thomas. Where has that fire been all year ? Someone finally got in his ear and got him fired up. This is more like it.

The line is doing a nice job, but the Chargers on D don't look very good today.

Come on !!!

Nice play

Shut the hell up #1 fan. Douche.

Here comes idiot DC. What's up buddy. Good to see most of the Armando loving Dolphin haters are here.

There will not be a win by either team today. Just a slugfest to see which team out-awfuls the other.

yes dc there defense is comical

Cant get much more of a better match up than this.. two qbs that love to turn the ball over

It is good time to discover who can pay on this line. The kid Brennar is looking good so far. McKinney looks to be OK too. If those two pan out, then Maybe next year you are looking for just one or two starting OL. Another OT and one more guard. That would enable them to add in other areas.

unless you're a Jets/Pats fan, and then you're just a loser with no life for even being here......support your team and stop bitching......yeah, it aint great and plenty to improve on.....but support 'em, or hit the road.

Philbin finally worked out that we can run the ball.

A few new wrinkles to the game and the line, with Thomas going strong thats it.

Roll Thill out and maybe let him run at full steam.

The team that went to the end against Denver. You people are literally RETARDED.

Vernon's beginning top look bust!

orland o if we go into 2014 with mckinnie as our lt then we will blow again

seriously, its worse to listen to you whiny fans and read your nonsense, than watching this team play

Orlando, line good.

Wow our D pass rushers look so slow against that rush. Thats what Thill has to learn how to do.

Agreed SAm

When's the last time Olivier Vernon's made a play. Anyone remembers?

get outta hear.....go check out the CNN site, and get the latest on that very objective Incognito/Martin situation.....its been so well covered and unbiased, after all

Why is the defense worst this year than in the past? The Dolphins were a top 5 defensive unit and now they are horrible. The loss of Burnett and Dansby were huge (that is on Ireland). That money could have been spent better else where , like in Jake Long.

Wake made two nice tackles this drive.....Good showing there by D overall


deity, fk-u. A**hole! Mr tough guy on a blog. Very intimidating. LOL!

That was Vernon applying the pressure to cause 4th down. Another idiot poster eats a dikk.

"3rd down and long where the Dolphins shine",

Ha ha, has that guy been watching the Dolphins this year. We have sucked on third and long.

hey, thought I'd pass on these news-flash headlines:
1-the sun will rise tomorrow
2-college kids drink beer
3-the Fins Oline coach uses vile and insulting language

Yeah this is only game 10 for the Fins this year.. Jake wouldve been good for at least 1 more game before he got hurt again

Not trying to be a tough guy. Just call em like a see em. Deal with it.

Loudest this crowd has been all year. And not as many no shows a I thought. Same as Cincy game

1 fan. Ignore him mate, he will go away.

The entire team fell apart without Jake Long.

Rollout, rollout and rollout !!!

an us against the world attitude???? where was that last week?

bobby just being serious, on tv it looks empty

Like the misdirection and roll outs today.

cheap the entire team sucked when long was here

The kid can really throw on the run. Not sure why we dont see it 8-10 times per game?

Thill has to go long again for Wallace, he is getting open today.

deity, stick with woman's beach volleyball. And go jer* off afterwards. Jerk.

Bc Sherman takes forever to insert anything into the playbook that wasnt his idea at the beginning of the year..

Who cares about the crap Dolphins anymore? They've stunk for a decade.

No he won't Marco. He's here more than you are. And he tells it however he wants. Especially to Armando loving Dolphin haters. Deal with it.

There is nothing wrong with a player going straight from the practice squad to the starting lineup. Brenner was and undrafted FA, Thomas a 3rd rounder. Brenner might actually have had a better training camp than Thomas, but no team will expose a high draft pick to waivers so that he could be placed on PS, even if others on PS are more game ready. (Gawd, I am starting to think like Ireland now...)

THILL needs to move Thomas to the side of the blitzer. Thomas hit nobody.

At least Thill dumped that off to Thomas and didn't take yet another sack.

Horrible punt coverage. At least 2 missed tackles.

FIELDS is the best tackler on the field.

What's wrong with womens beach volleyball? Pretty awesome to watch actually. And jerking afterwards is always an option. Too bad you do the same when the men come on. Wooooo!

come on dogs!!! who needs head cases like pouncy, cogs, and martin

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