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Live blog: OL in shambles, Patterson active

The Dolphins offensive line -- the source of off and onfield issues this season -- is the focus again today.

The Dolphins staring offensive line versus the San Diego Chargers will be: LT Bryant McKinnei, LG Sam Brenner, C Nate Garner, RG John Jerry, and RT Tyson Clabo.

Garner, who played left guard the previous two games, moves over to center because Mike Pouncey is out. Brenner was added off the practice squad Saturday. He was an undrafted free agent who was with the team since training camp.

The amazing things?

Danny Watkins, a former first-round draft pick acquired nearly two months ago, is active but obviously not better (in the coaching staff's opinion) to start ahead of the rookie.

And Dallas Thomas, who was worked both tackle and guard since the start of the season, is active but also not considered better (in the coaching staff's eyes) to start ahead of the undrafted rookie. By the way, Thomas was a third-round draft pick.

The good news?

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active today but he is not starting.

There's a live blog today. It happens below:


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Curious what the attendance number is....more people attend high school games..Dolphins have really eroded their fan base..

Thill has been late on almost every throw thats true.

He seems to be sh1tting himself. every game he plays these days. When he has time he still looks a little lost almost expecting the sack. Denver run all those 2 second quick hits. We need him to do the same, with the odd flea-flicker to Wallace.

Run the ball all second half and bump Rivers receivers now and then.

Our Safety and LB play has really been disgusting this year. Dolphins a bit more focussed today though.

Lets see some tough hits this half from our D.

Good attendence on this blog the game day brigade is here already 6 pages Miami Harold defense wont be able to hold bloggers to less than 10 pages

This game is here to be won. Really need to not let this one go.

K Allen, outperforming Jordan by miles.

Dolp, nothing like losing to erode a fan base, but especially in cities like Atlanta and Miami. Even in their heyday at the O-Bowl, the Canes would have 40k crowds unless it was FSU, Notre Dame, UF, etc.
If the Fins were 5-2, you think the former J Robbie would be empty?

By the way, whomever said Ross is cheap??? See 2013 free agency.
Now dumb, perhaps yes, especially as it relates to the NFL and his own team.

3rd and 10, money down for any opposing team vs the Dolphins.

Defense needs a lot more work than offense, believe it or not. Coyle sucks lemons.

Jordan doing nothing so far. He has been in and his rushing is doing nothing.

Pass rushers being held or blocked in the back every play but no flag.

You are kidding. Thats the d we have seen all year long. Zone killing us again with Croyle. Are you a fool man ?

Sherman, Coyle and Philbin have us in the bottom 10 on Offense and Defense.

Wake is almost always held.

Zero rush, meets zero coverage. Nice Joe.

There is Nolan Carroll making his big play contribution for the week.

Allen taunting aside...Carroll looked bad

Terrible call on Allen, Im happy but that sucks too.

Tannahill is just awful. I am tired of hearing he is getting better. If moore was in we would have won the buffalo and tampa game

OK...3rd and 19 make a play.

3rd and 19? Are we going to stop them?

There's Jordan doing a good job in coverage again (I guess that will get him a seat on the bench.) Anytime he does something good he's rewarded with fewer snaps.

Thats an awful call on 3rd and 19 allowing that much yardage. Pathetic.

Our pass rush is almost a none event. The zone is a weak coaches approach.

Run the ball Sherman. The D will need to have a rest after that last series. Even get Thill on a rollout run option. The guy has 4.7 40 speed I beleive ?

Think about it folks, if Jordan plays well, he proves Coyle wrong. And Coyle can't be made to look bad like that, so it's a self-fulfilling prophesy. I think Coyle is doing this for his wn selfish reasons (not what's best for the team).

Clay has really improved. I would love to see them add another TE next year to pair up with him.

Nice move by Clay

Amazing. We compete at the line again nice.

Also, Garner, anyone here his name today? Not playing so bad is he? But he couldn't get in before last week. Coaches wouldn't try anything new since what they were doing OBVIOUSLY wasn't working. This is why I say Philbin and the coaches are in over their heads.


Don't want to jinx - but Nate Garner has done an outstanding job today - not even a botched snap so far.


There we go. Miller so under used in that inside passing gaem. Much better from Sherman.

I am keeping my eye on Brennar and he is doing a great job. This guy should have been playing a long time ago. Garner is also doing a great job.


CHARLES CLAY - Best player on the offense!

Charles Clay is a football player

That's what we see OTHER teams players do. Finally


Just imagine if they'd used Charles Clay properly all year?

Orlando, keep in mind the Chargers defense would make my nephew's Pop Warner team's offense look good. But yes, I agree, today Brennar is doing better than expected.


Something's different today. The play calling. I think Tannehill is calling some of the plays.

Charles Clay, MAN. Remember when you douches called Clay a bust. Or how about Egnew. So maybe your constant negative Armando loving Dolphin hating post should be destroyed! No, not maybe. Should be! And will be!!!

Yes, how about Charles Clay! Here the players that we have to give Ireland credit for: Clay (6th round pick, Mathews (7th round pick), Hartline (4th round pick), and Brennar (undrafted rookie). Many hate to admit it but he has found a few good players.

Was that a hard count? Damm 6 weeks ago and we have at least one more win based just on that.

Clay could spark the team with that one. Breaking tackles and putting the head down, gorgeous play. Guess Sherman throwing has finall yworked in the first possession off the 2nd half.

Then again, what's that say about Ireland's 3rd round pick (Thomas). The guy must be just pathetic. Please fire Ireland today!

With Brennar and Garner playing this well.....one might want to ask why Jerry was starting this long?

CLAY!!! There we go baby.

You nimrods are total knee jerk reactors. And I see Oscar(Fraud) made his way back. What's up Mr pretends to be a doctor?

TWO hard counts, man. Long time.

deity, nobody called Clay a bust. How can you be a bust when you're a 6th round pick? Stop acting like a little girl who knows it all.

Do yourselves a favor, strawberry cucumber margarita. AMAZING! Cucumber makes it.

Brennar and Garner seem to be doing well I agree. The attitude today on offense is so refreshing.

New hope after that drive from me. Sherman steals a few tricks from the Broncos on that drive.

come on D hold.

Middle of Defense is really looking bad today

It is too early to call Dallas Thomas a bust but yes I am surprised that a 3rd round pick cannot sniff the field and that an undrafted rookie starts over him. It is early in the kid's career though. Many of you were saying Clay was a bust last year.

D has to at least blitz hit Rivers.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 17, 2013 at 06:01 PM
Yes Orlando, but NONE of those guys will prolly sniff Hawaii. Maybe Clay someday.
I wouldn't necessarily anoint Brenner as yet. However, I hope you're correct about all these guys for a long time. I really thought Vernon would be more effective.

Didn't look like Vernon held the edge on that last play too well. But Dion Jordan isn't good against the run.

Dropping Shelby in Coverage??????????????

Nice coverage and tackle by Wilson....No way Taylor can play worse

Where the hell is Jordan, Wake and the rush again.

D looking pathetic. All day long blitz him.

good lord this d is awful

Have we sacked Rivers once today?

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