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Live blog: OL in shambles, Patterson active

The Dolphins offensive line -- the source of off and onfield issues this season -- is the focus again today.

The Dolphins staring offensive line versus the San Diego Chargers will be: LT Bryant McKinnei, LG Sam Brenner, C Nate Garner, RG John Jerry, and RT Tyson Clabo.

Garner, who played left guard the previous two games, moves over to center because Mike Pouncey is out. Brenner was added off the practice squad Saturday. He was an undrafted free agent who was with the team since training camp.

The amazing things?

Danny Watkins, a former first-round draft pick acquired nearly two months ago, is active but obviously not better (in the coaching staff's opinion) to start ahead of the rookie.

And Dallas Thomas, who was worked both tackle and guard since the start of the season, is active but also not considered better (in the coaching staff's eyes) to start ahead of the undrafted rookie. By the way, Thomas was a third-round draft pick.

The good news?

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson is active today but he is not starting.

There's a live blog today. It happens below:


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Wheeler is bad. We should have kept last year's linebackers, Dansby and Burnett.

DC exactly. I said it earlier. Vernon struggles against the run. Him and Wheeler.

Bourbon and Green Tea working for me here in Naples

Orlando, I think the earlier post regarding Brenner playing ahead of
another guy was referring to the guy we have that was a former 1st round pick, and sits on the bench.

Now that was better for Jones

D held them to a fistpump!

Win for the defense, held them to a TD. Now it's on Tannehill.

Sorry, meant to say FG

Says a lot about the coaching staff that today's O line is better than who they picked to start lol

everyone makes their kicks against the Fins, even Carpenter.
Long kicks especially. Must be the tequila. LOL

You guys notice the other team never misses a FG against us. We can't buy a break.

Draft next year will have a young inside LB in there.

I pray Ireland isn't picking him. He just sucks at picking players at LB.

Cut this puss Paterson and get Taylor on the field

Need Another good drive here.

Thigpen making better decisions so far...You know Rizzi got up his but after last week

Good question #1. You guys are the ones that scream it when a guy doesn't go all-pro in his first year.

Rick, we see the same things. EVERY KICK, made.

Great start. Keep it in there.

Sherman. WTF ?

OK I thought that you were talking about Thomas. Many are already calling Thomas a bust but some players develop slower than others. I think that we should give Ireland credit for a great find in an undrafted rookie FA.

Move the pocket. Move the pocket. Move the pocket!!!

Brennaj just busted there....why not run on first down?????? SHerman!!!!!!!

3 more sacks

Not all Brenner's fault. Tanny is so slow sometimes.

So slow man. That Sherman Thill 5 step drop, shows me has has learned nothing all year.

Our O-Line can['t block a screen. Wrong guys for zone blocking schemes. Fat and slow.

That mess is on Sherman...you run for 10 yards on first. You are on your own 30 and you drop THILL behind this newly formed line? No...nobody would expect a sack there?????

It's about that time for San Diego to take the lead.

Gonna be one of those last minute games.

We haven't played very good ST on coverage for 3 games now

bears about to finally win

Tannehill has to step up too. He has no presence. Had he stepped up in the pocket there, he probably would have found the opened man.

sad but true rick

Nothing good usually happens when we go 3 and out right after the opponent scores.

Ohhh-tay.... Spanky.

Philbin goes back to his old shi.t, dropping Thill back.

We are running all over on then A hole, why are you killing us with the deep drops ?

The weakest coaching we have seen in years.

Thill has zero pocket awareness together with awful coaching from the top down.

10 yd run on first down then we get cute behind a patchwork line and throw. Sherman has to go.

There we go. Bye bye season.

We never had a chance with this play calling.

Great job setting the edge

Sam I Am, way to call it.

Fel something bad was about to happen. Usually does right after a bad offensive possession.

10 times for 56 yards, wouldnt say running all over anyone,lol but yes good avg at least

Our run defense is terrible. Let's here Coyle provide excuses after the game that they ran for a bunch of yards but that it was only a couple of big runs.

Hey Sherman see what happens when you STICK WITH THE RUN

Ridiculous run D

Man. Philbin coaches lost and looks lost time after time.

Bad players, bad performance, plus Coyle is terrible

The commentator goes: Miami in the lead, but for how long? - everyone knows we are blowing this away

What you guys think? Everybody except you, deity.


Ireland performs the best rusty trombone.

4TH QTR coming up. Time for the oline to begin giving up sacks in pairs.

Here comes the unloading of Noah's Ark.

carrol was beat so badly he almsot made int

Nolan Carroll, is just terrible. How does he drop that pass. You have to make that catch!

Patterson would have intercepted that.

Hey Nolan. Your allowed to catch the ball when it hits your hands. That guy offers nothing to the team

I think Miami will win. Chargers have had no luck against Miami when visiting since the infamous playoff game in the 80s. Six straight loses.

Classic Nolan Carroll

We need 7! Or another pick! RISE!!!!!!!

The fins need to go for the jugular. They need to try and make the Chargers pay by driving all the way down for a TD.

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