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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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Good evening Armando. Not feeling to good about this game tonight.

I'm sure we'll get plenty on the other topic you mentioned as the night goes along.

Not interested in other news, Armando. Stick to the game. Can't deal with anymore of that kind of "news"

Frick!! patterson, can you friggin stay healthy, man?

Armando, you seem happy Ireland may be in the cross hairs, just as you seem happy Cogs is done. You were anti-Ricky, the greatest RB we ever had. You never even wrote a farewell article for him, who sacrificed his body for this team as much as anyone.

Was Jason Taylor the only one in the entire organization you ever liked?


Anxious to see if defense till plagued with the 3trd and long virus. If no, tonight's game should be a cakewalk even if the D wins it 2-0!

Yes, I want to hear EVERYTHING Mando. Also, no Dimitri, no Misi, NO REASON not to play Jordan.

Jason Trusnik starting for Misi watch for alot of Tampa T.E.'s and screens to RB Mike James tonight forcing the Safety's up.

Truth be known, the defense is making more game changing plays than the offense.

This team would be 2-6 if not for the defense.

Don't know. Changes in the oline. Patterson and Misi out. Carroll frozen neck is always butterflies in the stomach. Tampa played plenty of teams tough.

In Mando's defense, he was not happy with the COGS signing from jump street.

In other news...In fantasy my football team has played to a tie this week. As luck would have it I have V Jax and Clay yet to play and my opponent has Mike Wallace and The Fins D. Go figure.

I mention it ever since the drama this team will give Tampa bay its first win...you see. I love my PHINS
But this coaching staff probably the second third worst behind Cam Sparano
Its time for a clean up just start over get rid of the Parcell cancer once and for ever!

Anyone see that field goal on c'mon man. That was the funniest thing ever. Still laughing

You guys sure you don't want the Dolphins to lose? You angry at them? Look deep inside you.

Also, no Dimitri, no Misi, NO REASON not to play Jordan.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 11, 2013 at 08:18 PM

Jordon is not a CB or LB. He was drafted to be DE. I know that you know better than the coaching staff, but its time you got it through your thick skull he is a DE and not CB, LB, NG, SS, WR, TE or Center.

Can the fins show that they are a cohesive group? They need to prove everyone wrong. They need to shut all these wimps in the media up.

All but 1 pick bucks on Pergamum. They need a gallon of shut the hell up. Bunch of turd burglars

If they fire Ireland, I wonder if they will consider DC Blabber or Dashi SoupWeed?

Tonight we find if Philbin's in charge of the locker room or are the inmates now running the show.

The final score should be all of the proof in the pudding we need.

I think it's safe to say Ireland's days are numbered. I'm sure Ross is not too impressed with Ireland's response to Martin "Punch him in the face". How ridiculous was that? Between the Dez Bryant incident, the other incident with the fan, and now this...I mean c'mon. Enough of this.

I'm sick of this ESPN crew and their so called righteous indignation
If only they were that outraged at all the wife beaters, drunk drivers and drug dealers playing the in the NFL

LOl I think the ESPN panel is embarrassed to pick the Fins.

Playing an 0-8 team and only one guy on the panel picks the Fins. Yep this is our year Jeffy.

Everyone on ESPN except Carter have picked the bucs. Please fins let's shut these hypocrites up.

It is the fins against the world. Let's go fins!

Stupid autocorrect, it was supposed today. All but 1 on pregame pick the winless bucs. Please Phins, make them look like A-holes please

The big winners of this whole Incognito-Martin fiasco is without a doubt Monday Night Football. Now they have something to talk about. And we'll hear about it all night long. If this wouldn't of happened, this would be a snoozer for ESPN and most football fans.

Great job Mando!
Look! We have lost two Offensive Line Starters to this nonsense at midseason. Not an injury to speak of, yet we lose the Left side of our OL. We let Jake Long go because we were led to believe Martin could fill his shoes. We created a nightmare scenario in our locker room due to shenanigans and BS!
Ireland's draft picks stand out in what way? After 25 plus picks, what has Ireland brought to the Miami Dolphins? Ireland has allowed more talent to leave the organization than he has drafted. It appears to me Ross has his decision already made. Ireland in no way should keep his job.
How can anyone argue that Philbin should be retained? This guy has no clue what's going on in HIS locker room?? Seriously?? A Coach who opens the season 3-0, then cliff dives should keep his job? Since when?? Tannehill was already the most sacked QB in the NFL before all this nonsense became a national media firestorm. Nobody would be surprised if he ends up on IR because those leading the program are clueless, career assistants, who never should have risen to positions of authority to begin with. Seems to me, what the Dolphins franchise does best, since Don Shula retired--is---start over. A new owner with a pulse, that cares about winning, like Joe Robbie did would not be a bad idea either!!!

Tonight we find if Philbin's in charge of the locker room or are the inmates now running the show.

The final score should be all of the proof in the pudding we need.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 11, 2013 at 08:27 PM

I disagree.

This game they will be naturally pumped up from all that is going on. They will have an edge to prove something.

Will they sustain it after this week or will they shoot their wad and go limp for the rest of the season? That is the question.

I have now dubbed Glennon "The Stork" can anyone argue that? LOL

That actually was pretty good, John Gruden. They all picked against us? Except CC but he picked us with jokes. Lets go Phins!!!

Looking at the faces of the Buc players, none look as though they want to be here tonight. If we lose this game, Philbin has lost the locker room.

Then Philbin and Ireland need to go.

On a day in which we should all reflect on the folks who truly sacrificed, I think of the 54th Massachusetts infantry, the Buffalo soldiers, The Tuskegee airman and the red ball express, these men truly sacrificed and suffered through adversity that is unimaginable... What we are dealing with in the NFL locker-room today is a joke and should not be even considered in the same breath. We have truly lost perspective and it proves to me that our current society is a total joke...

Ray Lewis was involved in a murder and now he is acting like an alter boy. Criticizing the dolphins for being bullies. Really man look in the mirror before you start criticizing others. Who knows how many people he bullied. Warren Sapp talking the same smack and it has been well publicized that this guy was a major jerk and a bully with his teammates. Of course Tony Dungy did not have a problem with that. They are all piling up on the fins now.

It looks to me like in the end, Jeff Ireland will be the fall guy here.

Martin will get what he wants, Coggy will get picked up by a team making a playoff run, and Ireland will go back to scouting, probably to Dallas.

Let's not forget the Bucs played the Seahawks pretty friggin tough last week. When was the last time the Dolphins had an "easy" win? I can't even remember.

ESPN jumped the shark years ago. They are no longer a sports channel. Like everything else in this "wired up" World, they feel they have to become a TMZ or Insider Edition. Ready to turn off the sound and turn on 105.9. Stick it to them Fins!!

I can't even remember.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | November 11, 2013 at 08:34 PM

It's called frozen brain syndrome. Pour some warm maple syrup over your head before going to bed.

Gruden's assessment of the left side of the O Line just now should be submitted as evidence that Ireland is fired...

Yeah, that is insulting; no one choosing the dolphins to win. This insult by the NFL panel should cause the dolphins to open up a can of swoopaz on TB!

Bobby, you're right. ESPN is so overrated it's not even funny. I think they want to put on a show more than anything else.

ESPN is nothing but an ex-jock strap club now. It's an avenue for retired players and coaches to hang on to their past and feel important, and...stroke their egos. Real journalism is out the window.

Parrot, you idiot, blow me. You're dumber than you look if you think Miami doesn't have 34 sets. Jordan can (and has) gotten on the field as a LB. But keep talking, you're making me hard doing your best vagina impression.

Tony Dungy is on that great committee that Armando was talking about. Perhaps he can help us understand how he was able to cover up for Warren Sapp for so many years as a bully. These guys never practiced what they are now preaching and now they are all appalled by the Dolphins. What a joke.

You guys know already what I posted I don't see the PHINS wining tonite they will give Tampa their first win tonite I guarantee it..I love my PHINS but with all this drama OL screwed up and secondary missing one of the top corners and this team not able to adjust at half time for the last couple of games. Is a formula for disaster.. I hope not prove me wrong dolphin! But it's a gut feeling.

Po White....good post man.

It's essentially a buddy club. None of those guys are reporters or journalists.

That's fine, Cris Carter will win this week, no biggie.

Well, I can certainly agree with you guys about ESPN. However, I much rather watch ESPN than Fox News/Nsnbc.

Espn hasn't quite deteriorated that far yet.


You are right. These guys are not real reporters. Many of them were bullies and thugs themselves.

Thanks drsamii...

A loss tonight and I'm afraid I'll have to jump on dusty's bandwagon.

Tank the rest of the season and fire the whole damn bunch.

Nolan Carrol strikes. He sucks!!

Nolan Carroll right on cue!

Nolan Carroll. God this guy sucks. Only the Dolphins keep garbage like that.

Why is Nolan Carroll still playing in the NFL?

I hate to say this but so far the fins do not look ready to play.

Nolan...Oy Vey

Man our team is really playing mad aren't they??

Odrick was pancaked

The Dolphins clearly aren't ready to play.

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