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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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The running game killed the Fins tonight...both sides of the ball.

night guys.
Well, it certainly won't be dull the next few days.


Yep austin, that about sums it up.

oscar canosa,
Where are you my friend?
Are you aware the Dolphins played tonight?
Are you aware that they got embarrased on MNF, again.

To Get Mike Wallace....we give up Marshall....Why?
Oh yea, because we didn't see the value in Wes Welker!

Did Tampa beat Miami? LMFAO!!

Now the locker room will implode..disgusting..

Philbin, goes out at the end of the year if he falls below 7-9 right ?

If he stays then I think we boycott teh stadium.

Giving away the run pass go, go-go is a so wrong.

Philbin has no ability in anyway whatsoever.

Thill must be told not to run, because Marino could have scored from there, its no joke.

I am not as down on Tannehill as some of you. I saw him do some great things out there. I would love to see what he can do if he had a great offensive line to protect him.

You know what the sad thing is? Godell is going to look at punishing the fins. We probably will not have a 1st round pick next year. The bad news just keep coming.

Cnt really blame Wallace when he doesnt have a QB.

Can you believe once upon a time we actually HAD a respectable football organization? This management and leadership is UNCONSCIONABLE!!!!

This is not the lowest point, that comes when we get blown out by the jets...

I posted last year that this will get much worse before it gets better. Maybe by 2020 we will be 8-8. Maybe.

Hartline and Mathews had pretty good games and Gibson and Clay had done well all year. Maybe it is Wallace that cannot play.

Wallae gets open deep but Tannehill is too inacurate...

... dear, lord ... Tannehill's press conference is worse than Philbins. We're doomed. I hop to God the Ottawa Senators get their season back in order this year because the Dolphins are dead to me!

Thill has no deep ball, pocket awareness, game management.

You fools that don't know the game and back him are the scum of the earth, you really have to know that.

If you want Philbin to stay, you have to be on seriously hard class A grade drugs.

I'll take Rob Ryan anttime over this pathetic mess.

Ireland and Philbin will go. The new GM will take Philbin out.

Ross always screws us after the clean house.

I agree Orlando...I think THILL is making progress. The fact is he had a 98 passer rating at 3:00 left in the game. He falls to a 83 or 84 passer rating after a last ditch hail mary interception (2nd one this year). Many QB's don't throw that pass to avoid hits to their personal stats. This kid is not selfish and he gives it all he has.

This team lost tonight due to the running game (both offense and defense). They got manhandled at the line tonight.

Last bit of Irony...This team has two OLINE starters out...they gave up 2 sacks...that is actually better than when Martin and Cogs played this year.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 12, 2013 at 12:10 AM

Even Goodell can't take away a 1st round pick. No cheating went down, as did Belicheat. This should be handled by the Players Union, not Goodell. However, due to the incestuous relationship between Kraft and Roger, who knows?

If it's found that Martin had a PREVIOUS CONDITION, such as previous psychotherapy, all bets are off.
Ross should sue the NFL/Goodell if it tries to interfere with an INTERNAL issue.

I would like to see some passion from SOMEONE, Philbin, Tanny, Grimes, Wake... wake the hell up.. do the players or coaches really care? Show some emotion when you lose and if we are lucky enough to win again, show some emotion there too! 1-5 in last 6 games... 3-0 so much hope, I guess it was smoke and mirrors... how do we figure out ways to lose close games... I think we won 1 close game... against Cincy last week, right... that's it... good teams win at least half of the close games, we are 1-4 in close games.

Making progress you have to be kidding. Thill continually sucks on ppocket awareness. He never tucks to down and takes off on the run.

What did he do to help us win the game ?

Those dump offs under 15 yards won't win us games.

He wont be on the roster in 2015, if we get a new coach.

THILL had one bad pass tonight to Wallace.

After that Wallace played weak...like a school girl. Ran a stop route one yard short of the first down marker. Dropped a ball that his both his hands. Did little blocking to help his teammate. Face it...Wallace is one dimensional on this team. I blame Sherman for that but Wallace needs to step up as well.

I've never seen a worse pro QB than Tannehill.

Will Sherman stand by his preseason boast that Tannefail will be the most improved QB this year?

Solid effort by a hard-nosed player and douche defender: Mike Wallace.

Why not roll out Tannehill, Why? Don't get it Coach Sherman.

Stuart Scott making Revis out as hero for his one INT at the end of the game. The Fins are in 4th down +20 yards to go. THILL has to throw up a Hail Mary pass into Double Coverage. Wallace doesn't even jump for the ball. Of course Revis is going to make an INT.

Give me a break!!!

Only an imbecile man like Ross could extend Ireland's contract. No doubt Ross has a 2digit IQ.
What did we fans do to deserve such an owner and GM ? What did we do ?

Orlando D, I'm sorely puzzled by Tanny's inability to let his legs go. I do believe it's Sherman and Philbin's want not to risk injury. But Tanny is not Aaron Rogers, no ultra quick release. Tanny's getting killed as is, so let Tanny take off. Cost us a TD tonight, and the game with 1:30 left.

I've never seen a worse pro QB than Tannehill.
Posted by: Finman 84 | November 12, 2013 at 12:17 AM

Neither has Mike Wallace! LOL

I would love to see Rob Ryan as the Phins coach to provide this team some courage. But Ross is to dumb to hire some one that will give this team some beating against the other team instead of each other. Also is not the WR is the team has a habit of destroying Good WR's reputation. Look at Marshall and Welker. And if Wallace goes to another team He'd be great.

Ok take a 1st rounder. That means we don't get stuck with another highly paid bust.

Dion Jordan man. There is no excuse for this latest joke on the team.

Wheeler is a weak weak player as is Jones, Ellerbe and Carroll.

Philbin just doesnt give a damn guys.

He has to go at 7-9 no ?

If these scrubs go 7-9 they'll throw a parade.

Rob Ryan please.

The ryans know football and at least will give the team balls.

San Diego will kill us and then we can all feel better.

Thad Lewis and Mike Glennon get their first wins against Philbin.... ha ha ha.... I've got to laugh.

Philbin will look at the tape folks so don't worry.

Philbin just doesnt give a damn guys.
He has to go at 7-9 no ?
Posted by: Philbin Leave Please U Suck | November 12, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Nah. Winning is not a requiement for a Stephen Ross HC. Or GM.

I'm done explaining NFL QB'ing to idiots on this board.

THILL is put in a situation where he is down 15-0 against an 0-8 team. He drives the ball up the field going 8 for 8 and throws a TD pass.

He takes the lead in the 3rd QTR after another great TD pass.

The Defense is given a 4 point lead against a rookie QB leading an 0-8 team. They RUN the ball all over the Fins D and score a TD. They take the lead.

THILL had a passer rating of >95 at the 3 minute mark in the 4th QTR. 2 TD's and 0 INT's.

His new starting OLB who makes millions of $'s to play this game hits the QB late for a 15 yard penalty after a successful stop on 3r down. The Fin's would have been given the ball on the 35 yard line or better.

Instead the Bucs take more time off the clock and punt it down to the 5 yard line after another bad decision is made by Thigpen.

THILL gets a few good passes and moves up to the Fins' 30 with 2 minutes to go. The OLINE gets rest and water and then proceeds to let up 2 sacks for a loss of 15 yards total. I don't want to hear about pocket presence. He had NO Chance. Sherman never even thinks to roll the QB out when he knows full well the OLINE is horrible.

Yep that was THILL's fault tonight....please you HATERS are complete idiots.

Armando is right. This team SUX!

Soft all you are.

ross's problem is that he hired a ceo, not a football coach. he mentioned that he was impressed by how organized philbin was during his interview for the job. that's great, but can he INSPIRE anyone? can he LEAD anyone? you don't evaluate human beings like assets for a company. you need personalities that not only fit your vision, but also mesh well together. philbin is a control freak. he removed anyone with strong opinions from the locker room. but it's like removing a dictator in the middle east. you better know who will fill the leadership vacuum if you do it.

Lots of excuses for TannePuke...

Tyson Clabo hurt... oh no, there goes our 2 yards running again.

It can't get any worse Armando. Clabo was gone anyway.

0-8 Bucs take us to the woodshed. Thill can't close out from the 10 yard line, no wonder Wilson tried to run that int in for a TD.

At least we might have found another receiver? Rishard Mathews was catching everything until the Bucs decided to double him in the last few minutes and no other receiver stepped up.

Way to jump for it, Mike. $30 million effort. "I love Richie"

No rt didn't lose the game, they could not run or stop the run

This game was a bad omen - if we win 3 more games were lucky. Time to focus on my Christmas lights - season is done and coaching staff is the other team's 12th man

Soft, all you are like Martin. You reap what you sew.

Done with the Fins this year maybe next year or the next

Thill fans, why does he not run the ball. He has no deep ball, can't you see that.

Today in the NFL your QB has to be able to throw deep and or tuck it away and run.

Defenses know Thill will not run ever, its beyond belief, the secondary could be made to play up if Thill uses his skills, thats what is very frustrating.

We don't blame the whole thing on Thill no way, don't get all Jon Martin on us you sweet lil things.

With Tannehill as starting qb Dolphins will always need to go length of the field to score touchdowns.

Tannehill lovers, this is not a winning formula in the nfl, unless you have a very potent running game and defense to make it stick.

Too many occasions Wallace is underthrown deep. Even on the game ending int. Yeah Wallace didn't give effort to break up the int. But he had 5-6yds on Revis and as usual Tannehill UNDERTHREW it deep.

If you think Im lying t-vo it and look for yourselves.

...Sweet the weekly is it Tannehills fault debate after ever loss. I would say that this week the right side of the debate would be the side that does not believe Tannehill was at fault...

We all know Tannehill is flawed. Will he ever be good enough to get us to the next level? Who knows. What I do know is we as a team rushed for 2 yards..2. That number is pathetic. How many teams have won games where they have rushed for 2 yards? Has it ever happened?

If we needed a game manager, we could have saved the #8 overall pick on Tannehill and kept Matt Moore as starter.

For what Tannehill actually does he's a waste of a first rd pick. We could have just traded for a middle of the pack starting qb. Matt Moore is borderline that.

D Thomas 4 for -2.

He averages less than 2.3 per carry.

A guy of the street at RB for Bucs has almost 100 yards.

Hollywood couldn't write the script.

All aspects of the game was so poor.

Come on give me one reason why Philbin should stay.

Give me one ???

Darryl exactly why I say go GROUND ZERO and blow the entire team up. Every single thing is flawed.

I would trade Wake right now if I could get a #1 pick. Ireland has put a VERY FLAWED team together.

Don Shula and his 1972 coaching staff could not win with this team!

Mike Shula, anyone?

This team is severely flwed. The sum of its parts falls way short of making it whole.

Thanks for nothing over the past 6yrs Mr Ireland!

Posted by: Philbin Leave Please U Suck | November 12, 2013 at 12:39 AM

You got it wrong. -2 Means D Thomas OWES the league 2yds.

If Sherman is telling Thill not to run the ball if he has nothing open and some space then he needs to be sacked right now.

I don't believe he has told him this to be honest.

If the endzone is there why shouldn't he run, its a complete joke and is why he has no future as QB as long as he plays this way.

I loved it as Thill laughed at another incomplete pass. He is such a goofy git. I bet he never becomes a doctor, anyone that has watched him play can realise his limitations.

Yean no line or running game doesn't help, but he has so many flaws in his game its not funny.

Sunday: Mike Wallace, “We’re all tired of talking. We’re ready to play some football.”

Monday: Mike Wallace: We lost. I'm still tired of talking. Going to the strip club.....for a meeting"

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