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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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I believe Tanehill's afraid to run the ball because 8 out of 10 times he gets hit he fumbles the ball.

I believe the kid's fast becoming a basket case in his own mind.

Proof is he has more than enough arm strength to get the ball deep to Wallace. Yet underthrows it 100% of the time. It's a mental, not physical issue underthrowing Wallace.

Is jpao the only person on here who has a clue? If you're laying this loss at the feet of Tannehill, you know zero about football.

On Thomas got -2 yards mate. Sorry are you defending him, Im leaving that arguement you must be joking.

..Sam I Am..When you say blow the whole thing up. Where do you start? Before I go on..I agree to a point. But be realistic. What would be the best part of the team to put in a box and blow up? We can't just get rid of everyone. Do we start with the coach? I would be okay with that. I think of Joe Philbins ceiling. And my gut,my first instinct says we will never be good enough while he is in charge. Do you mean the GM? He looks like a dead man walking. Seriously how would you blow it up?

We chased Reggie Bush out of town for this Miller and Thomas.

Ireland Ireland.

Wallace for Marshall. Pro Bowl beast for Ted Ginn's poor imitation.

Ireland Ireland.

A QB with no balls, deep arm, pocket awareness or ball security.

Ireland Ireland.

Fail Forward Fast.

Tannehill didnt overthrow a wide open Wallace deep tonight? Is not this an ONGOING issue?

Look, is you Tannehill apologist who make this soley about Tannehill. Have you noticed those pointing out repeated same offenses committed by Tannehill also point out the same things in the entire team?

Or are YOU GUYS the ones OVERLY FIXIATED on all things said Tannehill? No one blames it all on Tannehill. Just seems its the only things you guys are able to hear.

David Carr's career was ruined by having no o-line. The same is happeing to Thill. If he was any good its being bashed out of him.

D Thomas sweep sums up the Sherman era.

Sam I am agreed.

Thill has no line, running game, coach or confidence.

He may be able to turn it around as Smith did with the 49'ers.

Thill will never work within this regime, never.

Darryl, EVERYTHING IRELAND needs to go! TRADE Wake too if we can find someone who would give up a 1st rd pick.

Get the right personnel people in place. I don't mind losing to become better. But losing because you truly suck has always been counter productive.

Blow the whole damn thing up. Spare no one.


DD, it can be done.

Its very difficult, but I don't want people who have zero passion for this ball club, like Philbin.

There are so many players on this team that clearly just don't get it or care.

I wonder if Mike Tomlin can be had for a second round pick! Not like we can pick second rounders.

Sam I am.

Yes anything Ireland can go.

J Martin can then feel safe to come back yeah.

Folks saying Mike Pouncey is untouchable, watch those 2 sacks. Pouncey was destroyed. he is the center, and responsible for calls. He should be playing guard, and Garner at Center. It's obvious that Pouncey cannot make line calls. If he doesn't like the look of the defense, call a timeout. Lots better than a sack, that costs us a game.

I would go as far as demolition of the Davey complex and rebuild it from the ground up too! Anything that still has Ireland's STENCH or finger prints on it!

..Sam I Am..We are in agreement that there must be change. My thought is that before we start getting rid of players..I think we would have to see who was brought into replace the architects of this mess.

What kind of general manager would we aquire? If Philbin was let go..Who would be our coach? Those questions would IMO give us some clues as how to complete the so called bomb that may be detonated again. Would Tannehill be in the blast radius? Or would he have a bomb suit?

Whatever happens..I hope Jimmy Wilson is warned about the bomb.

IMAWriter, I would trade Pouncey too. GROUND ZERO, totally fresh beginning!

Relax noobs, this is only the second year of the rebuild.

Last year was the "Evaluation Year" i.e. a wasted year.

Ireland just needs another five year plan, because clearly this one, his second five year plan isn't working.

Draft some more defensive lineman in the first round.

Ignore WR (they can be bought in free agency)

Ignore LB (they can be bought too)

The entire draft should be offensive line and go home

Darryl that committee Ross has assembled, Shula, Dungy, etc... He hould be able to get some very wise input as in to which direction he should lean in bringing in a new GM.

Personally I believe Bill Polian brings instant credibility and is a very good talent evaluator. He wants to groom his son as his replacement as he was doing in Indy.

I wouldn't mind putting Polian in charge as he oversees his son for the first 2-3yrs.

I like THill, think he's got a future. However, isn't it amazing how a good QB can make a POS team look like contenders?

Personally, I see Tannehill as the 2nd coming of Matt Shaub. At his best he'll get us close but never close enough.

Sorry guys, just one man's opinion.

State of Florida is 6-21 in the NFL.

National radio is going off on the loser Phins.

NBC Sports Radio

"Shame on the Dolphins for having the most dysfunctional team in pro-sports"

"Shame on the state of Florida"


Ross has been an unbelievable disgrace, along with Lil Jeffy.


S I A,

I'd take Matt Schaub in his prime for 5 years at this point! But we're nowhere near any of the contending teams.

The Dolphins should absolutely blow it up.

The only players on the team are Wake, Grimes and Fields lol.

Wake and Grimes are not young players.

Pouncey's production does not match his salary.

The whole team should be blown up.

I'd trade Tannehill too for a 3rd or a 4th round pick.

Just start Moore and be a 4-5 win for two years, but build a nucleus for the future.

...I don't know what the future holds for the GM, the HC, the rest of the staff. I just think if Ross Fires one of them..ROss should just go the rest of the way and get rid of the whole lot.

Why would you just keep the HC? Because you think he is a swell guy? Do you think either of the coordinators will be around? What does that say about the HC's ability to pick his staff if both OC, and DC are fired, the GM too(I know Philbin doesn't hire the GM)...But you spare the HC at the expense of all the other high profile coaches, and executives?

As far as the players go..Ironicaly I think Ireland has done a decent job of fielding a decent team. The Wallace signing looks bad. The Dion Jordan trade looks horrible..But I don't think it is his fault Jordan doesn't play more..Still WTF?? I think his handling of the personnel on the offensive line will ultimatley cost him his job. But for the most part..You put this roster in the hands of a capable staff..and perhaps the story line is much different.

@Darryl Dunphy. 2 yards rushing has never been done ever! Whether
winning or losing!

Two names, Mike Mayock and Mike Shula!!! Mike n Mike!

The Dolphins were headed in the right direction after 2011. The Dolphins played their best football since 2008 at the end of 2011...and their best offensive football since Scott Linehan's offense clicked at the end of 2005.

Daboll, Moore, Marshall and Bush had it rolling.

But Ross wanted to sell season tickets by selling people hope.

So the team reached for Tannehill and proclaimed him the savior of the franchise.

I was pissed...disgusted.

6-3 finish in 2011 and the team had seemingly rid the mediocre losing culture.

They deserved another year.

Think if they had stayed the course.

Drafted Luke Keichly (spelling ?) instead of Tannehill.

The 2011 Dolphins in 2012 may have been a pretty good team, a wild card team.

The 2011 Dolphins gave the A.F.C. Champion Patriots all they could handle at the end of the year at Foxboro.

Blew it up for hopey changey b.s..

...and so Ireland could make more excuses.

2011 Dolphins deserved another shot in 2012.

If it didn't work out.

The Dolphins could have fired Bowles and Daboll, demoted Moore and brought in Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

A hyped up top ten pick sells tickets, Matt Moore's 16 td's and 9 picks in 2011 does not.

That's why The Dolphins are here.

Dolphins fans booed Chad Henne during the pre-season in 2011.

...and the decision was made to draft a quarterback in the first round right there.

Enjoy Tannereach.

Why do posters ISOLATE EVENTS and call this a decent team? We have to look at the ENTIRE body of Work over a SUSTAINED period of TIME.

Considering this, IRELAND gets a D MINUS at best. How can any true Dolphan not see this? Not saying anyone here isn't a TRUE FAN, just curious as to how you can not see this.

Darryl Dunphy, we are hopeless!

Its entirely possible to have a few good players but still overall have a very terrible team.

Welcome to our 2013 Miami Dolphins. We are an extremely terrible team!

We looked awful going 3-0. I've never seen a team look as terrible as we did building a 3-0 win streak.

I knew we couldn't continue to look that bad and continue to win games. Now the proof's in the pudding.

We lost the last 5 out of 6gms. The Bengals win seems like a gift too. The talk now is Andy Dalton is regressing.

Anybody else notice that Philbin is always slack jawed and open mouthed on the sideline. His favorite TV show is LOST because that perfectly explains his entire existence.

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