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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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FIRE ROSS - will you cry if we win?

No Rey el heat PHINS fan is the happiest
And dolphin Ray is the happest!

Sorry, jpao ... I will "defer" to your vast and inimitable wisdom and logic.

This is a L guys. I see the writings on the wall.

Zero control over this team. Thats Philbin another trait.

He looks so lost and confused. WTF is he still doing here ?

Holy cow this is looking like it's going to be a debacle.

Early results have been catastrophic. This eam is fractured ad may need to be rebuilt from grond up.

Dave Wannstedt...LOL!! How does a clown like that always find a job in the NFL??? Unreal.

No better way than to prove everyone right Pouncey you damn fool

This is what Ireland has created. The coach and GM both are no where near good enough.

#1 Phins fan ... unfortunately they meant "mad" as in completely mentally unstable.

Pouncey is a piece of crap. This team is a giant pile of shame.

DC, we're supposed to be very mad, remember? LOL!!!

If the fins lose this game. The fins will not win again this year.

I thought that the fins were going to be pissed going into this game. Instead they have stuck their heads in the sand.

Typical...OLINE kills this team every week. McKinnie blocks nobody on the first play run to his side. THILL gets 9 yards on 2nd down with a strike to Hartline. But Pouncey acts like the Hernandez thug he pretends to be and gets a 15 yard penalty. THILL has NO CHOICE but to throw it away on third down as the Sherman safe call for a screen is completely covered.

Yep another three and out...yep fans will try to blame THILL but the TRUTH is the OLINE kills drives every single week. This first one is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE.

Even the white kid looks like Adrian Peterson.

All Philbin does is mess with the knobs on the headset. Wow we're collapsing

Nothing left of this team but SCRAP METAL.


Vernon is a liability....get him out of there.

Man, Sammie Smith could run against us today.

These guys are a bunch of human waste in Dolphin uniforms.


That's it sick with Wheeler covering one of the best WR's in the league. Come on Coyle wake up!!!

These linebackers are bad. Like real bad. Very expensive...And bad. Not good.

You see, Misi is more important than you realize.

LBSey was running guns for Hernandez.

Where is Wake and Jordan?

Coaches don't even have a clue.

Wow a run that didn't go for 20 yards! Small miracles!

There is something clearly going on with those guys on the sidelines.

What the hell is Coyle doing? Get the starting DLINE in this game!!!

Dolphins defense sucks so far !
It seems to be the easiest game for the Bucaneers in years. Ten yds/play in avg.

I think the players are throwing the game on purpose. It looks like they are only playing at half effort. I'm starting to think it's intentional

What a bunch of losers. I told you guysTD coming up

No matter who they put in there at RB the Bucs are running all over the fins.

Be funny if the cops arrest Pouncey at halftime. That would really be the death of Ireland.

Coyle is terrible, Philbin terrible, team terrible.

Ross likes Philbin.

How are we going to get a new GM that doesn't want to change the coach?

Finally we showed a little heart. This game may not be over yet.

Looks like I picked the wrong night to quit drinking

The fins are playing with no pride. They have given up on the season.

This is not good for Ireland or Philbin.

A feel the Bucs scoring on a turnover coming up next.

Nice play by Jordan getting some decent pressure and Ellerbe is so much better than Wheeler in coverage.

It's a shame DC Limpy can't be calling the plays. He knows best. For sure.

RIAN Lindell? When did he add that I?

IRELAND not the only MORON.... fans are too....

lol cocoajoe

Wake and Jordan standing on the sidelines looking disinterested in being on this joke of a team.

Rotten throughout. They are all missing Ritchie !!!

Thill to go 3 and out again ?

Abondon the running game as per. This can't be real ?

hi guys,don't worry we will win

Miami better wake up is right!

these guys can do nothing but screw up! what is their major malfunction! honestly! making the bucs look like they are 8-0 instead of 0-8. this of all games this season, why are we going to be the team to give the bucs their first win. plz lord

horrible horrible coaching.. Coyle needs to go back to being a backs coach

I mean,.... every FREAKING year after year for the past HOW MANY 20 SH...............T WHY NOT 40...........

all you say is WHAT TIL NEXT YEAR..... you get excited in off season..

this team is crap.. WAIT with a capital "C"


maybe not..:(


Coyle needs to get Odrick at DE, Starks and Solai in DT's and Wake on the other side. They are going to run all night long.

Why the hell would they try to run it out down 10-0? Thigpen sucks!!!!

Wheeler not being able to cover receivers is my biggest disappointment. Last year's guys were better.
I was not familiar with him other than he played for the Raiders.
Tanny walks out with no energy. We've made him David Carr.

So is Martin playing tonight?

They are playing with no heart. The team is sleep walking. They have thrown in the towel for the season. Thanks Jonathan Martin!

Philbin better start looking for a new HC job and Ireland will never land a GM job again.

Well at least the Phins won't go up 17-3 tonight, just to see the lead dissolve...

Embarrassing I'm sorry I'm a fan

A breakdown in all phases of the game as I thought.

Philbin has no leadership ability, he is janitor not a coach. Zero balls or brains whata waste of all our time.

Im gone !!!

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