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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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iMO it's a wrap for Ireland after this Loss. Gosh I hope Philbin goes too, I can't stand his mummy self! Jeez we need a guy with energy he has NoNE!!!

I'm only 5min away to turning off this game. This team is showing it doesn't even want to play.

It couldn't be easier for the Bucs if we were intentionally throwing the game

Wake and Starks on the sidelines.. great idea.. looks like its working out for him... Solai Starks Odrick and Wake let them pin their ears back and get after it.. not this BS

Line up and run right at them. Give your Defense some rest.

I used to go to training camp 2 times a day when it was at St. Thomas.

was a Die Hard FAN....

that died after the 62-7 joke of a game and team...

This team may be worse than the 2007 team!

Told you he won't go to Wallace.

Rishard, nice.

First down ... wow, didn't see that happening!

Nice pass

Boy! Do I miss Don Shula and Dan Marino. This is really bad football by Dolphins.

The only one that can change things in this type of game is a QB. He has to be a leader.

They need to disband this organization and start over. Move or start a new organization with all new staff, new name, new uniforms, new everything. Put this forsaken team and it's fans out of their misery.

The only reason I would like the PHINS to lose the remaining games is so Philbin the clown and his circus clownings.get canned and the new young fresh coaching staff with new ideology schemes and toughness a real football team needs, a wining mine set! I dolphin will get blown away. Tonite mark my words. Or my post! ROTFTMFAO! If I was the new GM these are the guys I trade. Pouncy Ellerbe Wheeler Wallace RB Thomas
Martin Clemons. And than trade up go get Bridgewater or the best QB coming out and than draft OL OL OL OL OL LB LB CB CB RB RB.

Why do you bozo's expect so much??

WHY please answer

We will be OK in five or six more drafts

Another nice pass....yeah THILL sucks!

Told you he won't go to Wallace.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 11, 2013 at 09:11 PM

Wow you are ALWAYS right!!!!

A. Cohen said that 4 wins in a row by the Dolphins is somethig possible now. Pressumably this Ross' clown must be on drugs.
Get back to your hole Cohen ! Right now the Dolphins cannot beat even the Cam Cameron's Dolphins.

Agree with gruden. Tanny needs to run QB draw

Hands of clay

The Go Go just does not work…Tampa's defense is off the line faster than the O.

Not one single pass attempt to Wallace yet. 60 wasted million dollars.

Nice pass RT!

Horrible pass.

Mathews was open

I've had enough. Have fun guys!

Tannehill has a target on him ... especially now, there's no way the ref's are going to call roughing ... after all, he plays for the "bully" Dolphins ... he deserves all the "extra" hits he gets!

Good throw by THILL after Miller steps up to pick up blitz.

Wallace's body language is like why am i running down the field.. im not going to get the ball

Now that was a bad pass.

Tannehill is throwing the ball right away now even though he has time. Used to having no time

Philbin looks like Franken steen monster in Young Frankenstein

I've had enough. Have fun guys!

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 11, 2013 at 09:15 PM

This of course means he'll be right back ;)

What does that say when you're coaching staff is getting outcoached by Greg Schiano and Dave freakin Wannstedt? Really?

geez they are horrible

Horrible pass. Tannehill does not appear to have what it takes to be a leader and a franchise QB in this league.

If the QB cannot get them into the game then they are lost.

Exactly matty, but not all his fault. Sherman needs to move him around.

Not one roll out. Not one WR screen. Never Wallace in Motion. Nothing different from Sherman AT ALL. Tampa is throwing the kitchen sink at them and Sherman lines up and plays Pop Warner style offense.

I don't want to hear about McKinnie being new. He is a seasoned veteran. It's simple Brian...block the nearest guy to you.

You said it Bozo's that's what we are looking at Bozo the clown and his clones! I like it more losses the better. Can't wait to see the new GM and coaching staff.

No pass rush.

This coaching staff has to go. How can another team know your snap count? No adjustment to the cadence whatsoever.

is there a way to voluntarly request to not play in any primetime games? i swear they play so terrible everytime they are on tv. & last week was complete luck

Are the refs not calling anything tonight against Tampa? How about the blatant holding?? That's nuts!

Am I the only one that notices the Bucs are jumping the snap count!! Simple things like 48 GO GO is a run if the fans pick this up doesn't Philbin think the other teams have picked up on it??? It's simple things like that which makes Philbin a horrible coach!

why isn't JORDON starting over Trusnik at least

I've never heard Gruden speak with so much disdain and disbelief.
It's jarring, considering his usual happy-go-lucky, everything is awesome demeanor.

Okay ... I don't want to hear the "company line" BS in the after game interview ... I want Philbin to come right out and say that this whole "bully" crap has been a HUGE distraction and this team is simply not up to the task.

Glennon runs, Tanny doesn't. Coaching decision.

Who the heck is Brian Leonard. The fins should be able to make the bucs one dimensional but yet Leonard is running all over them.

Horrible call. The NFL has spoken

Here come the refs.

Yup, refs got the nfl's word, we lose at all costs.

We had 11 days to prepare for the worst team in football.

Bad call

the lack of being ready falls straight onto the coaching staff.. i was a Philbin fan but no longer.. the way he utilizes his rookies, the slow starts, the lack of ability to change during the game.. allowing your O-Co to call crap and have a cadence that tells the other team whats going on, allowing your d-co to rotate your interior so much it takes away from their impact on the game.. so frustrated right now by this organization.. enough is enough

Looked like offensive interference to me.

Our defense is going to be spent by the second quarter at this rate.

Another BS call. These PI calls are horrible. What a joke.

Yes the refs are on my side love it!

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