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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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We're going to see A LOT of "Incognito" penalties this game.

So much was made of the replacement refs. These guys are not much better.

Another BS call from the Refs

Oh, dear lord, I almost though Miami was going to get a "not allowing Tampa Bay to gain 15 yards on the that run" penalty. Wow.

End of first, Miami still warming up. Way to go Brownie...I mean Philbin.

Wallace's body language is like why am i running down the field.. im not going to get the ball

Posted by: mattybfromnc

Well to be fair to his laziness, there was a running play where he literally stood still for a second or two before moving.
If not laziness or discontent, it may be that he has no idea what's going on around him at times.
At least on that play that was the impression I had watching him pre-snap.

Great, Referees already started their party !
This, together with the usual pathetic performance by the defense will imply the 5 loss in 6 games.

Tartar sauce on the PI call!!!

Wow really prepared. Defends getting gashed.

Wallace won't targeted this game.

Refs have gotten the memo, screw the Fins every chance you get.

Btw, both our lines getting shitted on.

I want the Phins to lose bc I want Ross to clean house. BUT that was a BS pi call.

Maybe we cut Sparano too soon? Even the WC is better than this crapola.

Where are all of the Philbin apologist now?

THis year, there have been more screwy PI calls against ALL teams. These guys need to be full time officials, as they just can't get it right half the time. Even the replay refs are semi-blind.

And Ross needs to fire himself! Stating I have all TBE confidence in Philbin what a stupid freaking a s s hole of a owner I hope he gets sued so badly that he is force to sell the team. The guy is rich but stupid when it comes to football. No clue!

Did we borrow a page for the hurricanes defense plans?

impressions after the 1st quarter? I am really embarrassed to be a fan of this gutless, heartless team. Can't wait to see 50 new players and all new coaches and GM next year. Of course, every player who goes to a different team will be an al-pro when they leave Miami

I see the refs have already decided the Phins will lose. Fallout from making everyone hate us?


I agree. Philbin does not look like an NFL HC. He does not adjust, team is not ready to play, refs have no respect for him, and the locker room is out of control. All bad signs!

It is time to start looking at the off season.

maybe but im not not utilized to anything close to my potential.. i might stand my butt around too.. Sherman cant utilize a player worth a dayum. Bush last year and now Wallace.. its his old coaching style or nothing.. which is why hes been fired and will be again

We make the Cowboys defense look like pro bowlers.

Is Coyle ever going to blitz this young QB?

Hey Coyle, you know you can blitz, right?

New blog up. Go there, slaves,

Seriously Clemmons couldn't catch a cold.

Can we cut Thigpen yet? Hasn't done crap

I like what I'm seeing out of this team. Mr. Ireland and Mr. Philbin deserve contract extensions. Perhaps lifetime contracts....Still deciding.

Why is Thomas on the team?

Jesus F%^ing Christ

Nice call Sherman

Safety LOL

The team is poorly coached, period

We should give up.

hahahaah what a play call

This team is so bad!!!!!

T-hill cadence: "go-go" = run
"go" = pass

As I write it, a safety. Pathetic

Safety on a running play. Unreal.

Wow, nothing going the fins way. The defensive line clearly knows the snap count.

For the rest of the country this game is a stinker. They are going to get blown out by an 0-8 team. Embarrassing!

That Bucs coaching staff looking like geniuses tonight...Even Wannstedt with his special teams...Now the defense gets a safety. LOL!!

Great play calling Sherman!!!!!

I seriously think the players are trying to lose on purpose.

mattybfromnc - I've been disappointed as well in the lack of creativity with Wallace.
When they got rid of Bess and picked up Gibson (More of an X type) I thought that was an indication we would see Wallace moving all around, and laying a lot in the slot.

hahahaha. ridiculous.

I can't believe Im gonna say this but I miss Incognito!!!! Lol


Phibin is garbage. This team is crap. Piece of Shhhhhhhhh!t. Egnewwwww


we already did give up, WEEKS AGO!!!!!!

Ross won't even care, he'll just say "they were distracted this week," instead of...

"they are poorly coached and Ireland has fielded a sub par team."

Blow his darn thing up. This team is horrible. Ross does not need to wait anymore. Philbin has lost total control of this team.

Miami now looks like the worst Florida team.

Is the NFL going to do an investigation on Tampa for bullying? lmao

Mike Wallace should have been deactivated today. Might as well keep an extra lineman than a guy you're not gonna use.

Well I guess we all know how this team responded to bully gate. Just lifeless and pathetic

That's funny when me Fire Ross said that Irescum and philbin sucked balls we were right on the money. I knew it from day one when they hired Philbin and Irescum hired him! Don't you see. That Irescum is a loser so in retrospect that equals the coaches to be losers. Hahagagagafagahafa

Even Fields is having a bad game. I'm starting to think whomever said we're tankiung on purpose may not be far off.

Trunk is garbage

Seriously that kick? This team is a god damn mess!

This is just sad, Fire everyone Ross.

Nice tackling Trusnik and Wheeler. LOL!! Making Leonard look like Emmitt Smith.

It's a tackling clinic!!!

guys I haven't got MAD in years all I do is Laugh my arse OFF




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