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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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Get rid of every OL on this team and start all over. We may even need another QB.

I don't want to see Trusnik or Vernon in this game.

THIS IS the REAL character of the locker room. Quitters...including big mouth Hartline.

No pass rush, Can't cover no name receivers

They should just forfeit. This is embarrassing.

Cool. With a patchwork line, backed up, let's put in the guy that can only pick up as many yards as the line allows.

On the bright side we have Tampa exactly where we want them....Right? ESPN has led me to believe they can;t hold leads.

Either that or the Dolphins continue to surprise me...Every time you think they've hit rock-bottom and things can't possibly get worse they prove you wrong...I thought this past week was embarrassing but that's been nothing compared to this first half.

Philbin would be the perfect zombie for a George A. Romero movie even without makeup.
This team is collapsing faster than the speed of light. Yes, for the Dolphins everything is possible !
It would've been better if the Dolphins lost by default. This game is becoming more embarrassing in Natinal tv than the Incognito-Martin affaire. This is a nightmare.

Looks like preseason, a lot

Wheeler lets this one up

It's pretty obvious the players are just going through the motions, Tampa is 0-8 for a reason

You can tell Gruden doesn't watch us much, 3rd and long = 1st down vs Miami d

The dolphin franchise is dead not coming back from this!

Maybe the Bucs will tire themselves out running up and down the field

Seriously what the hell is Coyle doing here? Not blitz? Blown coverage???

Watch this .... 3rd and anything, and Tampa will get it.


Vernon is fine trusnik is garbage

How many of you BOZOS are season ticket holders.???

All the 'we just want to play' BS. These frauds QUIT.


This team has folded!

Where is the pass rush

it looks like they are throwing it.

..I hardly ever participate in the live blog because of comments like this one I am about to post..Anyone that was in denial about this week being a distraction...Some of you know who you are. What were some of my favorites?? The idea they would be unprepared is ridiculous. We are going to angry.......oohhhh that one was good. My favorite..We will win this for our leader Incognito! That was well thought out.

I love the Phins..But part of me is feels that we deserve this tonight. Every bit of the embarrassment that we are on the field tonight, is a direct effect of the embarrassment of the field last week. Lots of time to turn it around, perhaps we can.



At this point why even keep Philbin. This team is dead. You have to start all over. It is a shame because we have to suffer through another rebuilding process.

Bucs holding on nearly every play. Officials call one out of 20 of them.

C'mon Clabo, 'stand up like a man'. All talk.

Apparently Dmitri Patterson is far and away the team MVP. When he is not active no one on the team remembers how to play football.

Ross likes Philbin, is not going anywhere. We are doomed

I don't know why the Bucs settled for a field goal??

How many yards does our Offense have? 10? I think the bucs have a couple hundred already.

1st bad play by Bucs, should've gone for it on 4th down. They would have made it easy.

Just wait until we adjust at halftime. Just wait, you'll see

Philbin looks like Mason Verger

Here is an idea, at the snap, our d should turn their backs. The buds will think they are running the wrong way and turn around and run into their own end zone,

Dmitri "China Doll" Paterson, forget it, he is always going to be hurt.

The 1-15 season wasn't as embarrassing as this mess

DD, exactly.

Missed tackles by Wheeler and Ellerbee continue
1st round pick on odrrick
Ireland's decisions killing this team

We suck, we suck big dick!

C'mon man!

Stop playing like a bunch of Marins.

Can you say QUITTERS?

Lol Mojo. Isn't that from the silence of the lambs?

How many of you BOZOS are season ticket holders.???

Posted by: Mr. Mojo Risin | November 11, 2013 at 09:32 PM

Why? wanna buy mine?

Once just like to see Philbin fired up about something

What an embarrassment

Fire Philbin and Ireland after this game

errr Stop playing like a bunch of Martins.

We are better than this!

Win it for 'Cogs'.....LOL...PATHETIC

New goal at least. Forget make Playoffs, now it's don't come in 4th place in the division. Even that is 50/50.

"Dion Jordan was a great draft pick."

- Said nobody ever

Gut check time for this team

Time to start all over Mr.Ross...From scratch...

I was a WEEKEND WARRIOR my entire life... was always picked 1 or 2; was unstoppable; played 110% and played injured; sacrificed my body

and didn't get paid a FREAKING DIME.......

these guys suck

I hope they all quit after being bullied by the Bucs and don't come out after the half time! I am shutting the game off now, to save my agony!

I'm so sick of watching this team play like crap....

"How many of you BOZOS are season ticket holders.???"

No need to be a cow to know spoiled milk.

I expected them to lose due to the distractions, but this is blatant giving plays away.


They need to bring someone with Head Coaching experience. Someone that has the respect of the players. Bill Cowher would be a great name but will he be willing to come down here?

Darn!! I cannot believe that we are going to have endure another rebuilding project. This is so frustrating. We are one of the worst franchises in he league.

I hope Ross brings Martin back with him, the team needs him.

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