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Live blog on Dolphins vs. Bucs

TAMPA -- The inactive for the Dolphins today are Dimitri Patterson, Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Koa Misi, David Arkin, Dallas Thomas and Jonathan Martin.

The loss of Patterson means Nolan Carroll starts at cornerback. The loss of Misi mean Jason Trusnik starts at outside linebacker.

We have a live blog.

And as you know, there is the other news. I will add that to another post if you're interested.

Join me for the live blog.


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Great job Wallace

RT not a franchise QB.



I'm going on the record here with 9 minutes to play in the 2nd Half. The Fins will make a comeback. If they lose it will be by less than a TD. I think they actually pull out the Victory.

Wide open..throw it out of bounds....

My bad. Not MW fault

Terrible pass. Tannehill is not the answer. That is starting to become clear.

OH CHEESE CURLS!!!👿 The dolphins better step the intensity from a 1 to a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 WAKE UP FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😤👿

Tampa has played like crap and yet they are killing us. Please do not be fooled even if we win this game. This TB team is horrendous and playing with a lot of injuries, heck down to their 3rd RB. This team is never prepared, they do not use their players' strengths, stubborn play calling. You could really make the case Gruden could right now take over the headset and make this a game, I wish I was joking but it is sadly true. And Tannehill just got crushed, doubt he makes it til the end of the year.

Wwwwwiiiiidddeee ooopppeeennnn

Wallace open...But the QB can't make the throw.Yet some idiots here claim Wallace is the problem. LOL!

Told u orlando. This is awesome. Finally we suck more than eveeyone. No more 7-9 years. Lets go 4-12

Tanny is shellshocked now. Then he hits a 15 harder.
Just can't throw long, I guess.

Throw sucked, but the lack of awareness (of the sideline) by Wallace was pathetic as well.

Mike Sherman

OK, I have seen enough, Tannehill has no pocket presence, doesn't know when to run or throw the ball away and can't throw a deep ball with any accuracy. Time to find a new QB next year or hand the reigns back over to Moore.

Ireland makes me puke. This is his magnus opus.
Wallace is Ireland's jewel. Beautiul Ireland, you're just beautiful, you piece of sh;((t.

Clay, can't you block???? Seriously.

Note to Mike Sherman ... LEAVE ... just LEAVE at halftime. Your services are NOT needed any longer!

We look like fools on national TV for the second time this year

Now close your eyes and picture Miami playing against the JET defense....twice...the Pats, Phillip RIvers, and Cam Newton ;)

I will be turning the TV off soon.

Are you kidding me...throw the f'in ball downfield! Wallace goes down with the blow of wind

Check down thill. My goodness

William Clay...lol.
That's what, 3 times Gruden has screwed up the name.

Are you kidding me...throw the f'in ball downfield!

Its all starting to come apart

Mike "when you need 15 go for 2" Sherman.


I hate the Dolphins

it's not worth reuilding again. nobody wants to coach this team. nobody good wants to come here. this franchise is ruined, short of Marino stepping his ass up and taking the reigns.

Wanny's special teams are killing us

3rd down play not a single receiver beyond the sticks wtf

Miami Garbage Miami Garbage Miami Garbage #1

Mike Wallace must be telling himself: What the f*** was I thinking when I decided to come here???

3rd and long and we throw it 2 yards and now special teams is gonna suck too.

Philbin should do us all a favor and resign after the game. It is tie to start all over again.

For Dolphin fans, the real question is when it is safe to turn the TV BACK ON...

hahahah run it back all the way....about 5 minutes from officially giving up on my 40 year allegiance to this team

all 3 phases not playing

Not today jpao, writing was on the wall. Team is shook, no leadership, no pride. Time to clean house.

3rd 15 throw it 3 f#$*&$@ yards.. our receivers dont get seperation on slant throws

Just fire the whole coaching staff. Most embarrassing showing ever.

Uncle. Uncle. Uncle!

I get it, we suck.

Why have we sucked for the past 20 years?

Its not like we haven't tried. JJ, Saban, Parcels...

We tried Damnit!

Do the Dolphins ever call an audible? Worst play calling in every situation.

Only one thing can save this team this wussy Ross to sell, get rid of Ireland, the coach and start new. Anything else will never work.

Dave Wannstedt's special teams are kickin a**...LOL!!!

This is truly humiliating, I believe the entire Org. needs to be BLOWN THE "F" UP! The Bucs have been getting off the snap quicker than our OL! The DL getting blown 5 Yds off the line. The S.T.'s everything!

Making TB look like Manning and the Broncos

The one council Ross has coming in includes Marino and Dungy.. maybe thats a prelude of things to come

Wow a m'fing blitz???? go figure???

Philbin looks scared for his life. He needs to be a man and resign after the game.

Let Carroll play DE and Jordan play corner. LOL

If your gonna lose you might as well go out with a bang.

Throw the dang ball deep, run some hurry up and dial up some blitzes for petes sake.

Sherman is disgusting.

Philbin is lost.

Coyle a joke.

Where is the fire and passion from this team ?

Good news is we won't have to worry about seeing the fins on Monday night again for a few years after this year's debacles. How do you lay an egg with 11 days to prepare for an 0 and 8 team? The only solution is to start firing coaches 1 by 1 until they get the message.

So much for that come back...bad call on my part I guess.

Even Fields is off his game tonight. Three bad line drive punts.

im telling you primetime is poison for this team. they would be rolling if none could see this. hopefully everyone else turns it off soon to.

Time to start rooting for any team that plays against them. Let's see how badly each remaining team can blow them out. Watch opposing teams set incredible records against this team.

Gruden knows Philbin is ajoke listen to him.

Let's be honest, this is PROOF that the NFL has become the WWE or WWF or whatever the hell that wresting fantasy thing is called. The headlines for Miami's meltdown have already been written.

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