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Look back at Tampa Bay courtesy PFF

There was a time the worst news the Dolphins could possibly fathom was dealing with a loss. Then the scandal and suddenly losing was a secondary part of a larger depressing state of affairs.

Today, with the help of my partners at ProFootballFocus.com, we try to make some sense of the Tampa Bay loss on Monday night. As always, they come with the film study while I add insight.


Despite finding no room to run, Lamar Miller has taken full control of the backfield, out-snapping Daniel Thomas 43 to 13.

Salguero: Miller earned the add snaps as he entered the game having averaged over 5 yards per carry the previous three games and had had his best game of the season in the previous outing against the Bengals. Thomas, by the way, was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Rishard Matthews played his highest snap percentage (73%) of the season. Matthews was targetted seven times and caught five of them against Michael Adams for 55 yards. His touchdowns, however, came against Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson. Matthews had more yards after the catch than all other Miami receivers, tight ends, and backs combined.

In his return from injury, tight end Dion Sims logged 14 snaps behind both Charles Clay (43) and Michael Egnew (19).

When Ryan Tannehill was blitzed, he went 3 for 9 with 28 yards and was sacked once. On throws 10+ yards down the field, Tannehill was 8 for 19 with 92 yards.

Darrelle Revis was targeted in coverage six times. All six targets were to Mike Wallace and he hauled in three of them.

Salguero: I recognize that Wallace is not a fan favorite. But I must share that he generally won against Revis and yet had very little to show for it. On the play where he caught the football out of bounds, Wallace was open by a couple of yards but the ball was poorly thrown. There was another instance when Wallace was not targetted that he beat Revis deep and Tannehill threw to Matthews instead. The Dolphins simply do not maximize Wallace.


The Dolphins struggled against the run. The Bucs gained 140 rushing yards. It seemed as if the Dolphins got bulldozed. But the truth is most of the yards came on the edges not between the tackles. Randy Starks was dominant against the run. He had five tackles, two of which went for a loss.

Dion Jordan played just nine snaps, but produced two hurries on six quarterback dropbacks.

Salguero: Third overall pick. Nine snaps. Dolphins don't trust him on running downs. But honestly, are the guys playing in front of him playing run defense any better?

Philip Wheeler played 49 out of 67 snaps, with Jelani Jenkins (7) and Jonathan Freeny (9) picking up some snaps. Was Wheeler benched for his poor play in the second half?

Salguero: No, he wasn't benched for poor play. He was benched for dumb play. He committed a roughing the passer penalty midway through the fourth quarter that turned a third down incompletion into a first down. The Bucs didn't score as a result, but Wheeler took a seat on the bench.




  • Vincent Jackson caught just 3 of his 8 targets, but two came with Dannell Ellerbe in coverage and the other came against another linebacker, Jason Trusnik.
  • Brent Grimes was targeted four times by Mike Glennon, giving up just one catch to Tiquan Underwood.


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That wasn't Ellerbe in coverage against jackson, that was Wheeler

Painful game to watch. Agree that I don't see how Jordan could do any worse. Coyle mystifies me here.

If Jordan's on his way to the QB for a sack, and the QB hands the ball off, how is it that hard to adjust to tackling the ball carrier? Jordan is FAST.

Plainly I do not understand football.

Where's the o line grades??

Too late, Wallace's frustration with Tannehill's short-armed deep balls are at to high a levels. Only mending would be for Tannehill to totally all of a sudden correct this, or we have no recourse but to seek out a trade partner for Wallace this offseason.
The Wallace/Tannehill relationship truly won't last another season as it is now. Monday night was full proof of this.
The offseason problem is finding a trade partner that's willing to accept $17 million against their 2014 salary cap. To keep our 2013 cap lower Aponte/Ireland deferred a huge chunk of Wallace's pay to 2014. I think its like $17 million. I'm sure someone here can correct me on this.
So, we could be stuck with Wallace and a very bad Wallace/Tannehill relationship for at least another season.
Posted by: Sam I Am | November 13, 2013 at 03:45 PM

Sam, waht does that matter? They still have a tonne of space that won't inhibit them from making the necessary moves they choose. The bigger concern is can they make the right moves?

This team has become irrelevant...New GM and coach ....here we go again.

Wallace is here to stay for another year...Tanne will be to...although...Tanne will be in competition for his job if a new regime is brought in...


you decide who is @ fault for a career 8 TD guy having 0ne TD @ the #9 game point of the season....

According to Sportstrac:

2014 Wallace due $17,500,000. Even worse, he's $23,800,000 in Dead Money.

Seems we're stuck with a deteriorating Wallace/Tannehill relationship for at least 1 more season.

2015 Wallace due $12,100,000. Dead money is $6,600,000.

If the Tannehill/Wallace connection does not improve, Wallace can be cut in 2015, counting only $6,600,000.

On the positive, at the present pace, we may get the $3,250,000 production Wallace is receiving in 2013.

Only two teams showed interest in Wallace. Two bad teams. 30 other teams knew better.

Toss Marshall, pass on Dez, overpay for Wallace who in his own mind was worth Fitzgerald money.

Ireland thinks too much and makes dumb moves because of it.

You can boil down the Jeff Ireland situation to one thing - youth. He was in his twenties when he was given a job way over his head. He just doesn't have the general life experience and perspective.

By all accounts he is a seriously, well respected scout. He just was never ready to be making decisions at a GM level. Parcells was there to spoon feed him, on his own though, he is simply not ready for prime time.

It appears the more mature and experienced Philbin and Apone have convinced Ross of this.

Chemistry is just not a predictable element. Tannehill had it instantly with Hartline. He showed it quickly with Keller and Gibson. He and Wallace however are clearly not on the same page, different bio-rhythms.

"Despite finding no room to run". No room to run sums it all up about this team, coach and GM.
Don't hesitate Ross, pull the pin


All you need to know about Miami and the people who live there.

The way that Ireland/Aponte structured Wallace's contract he's virtually immovable in 2014. I see no one taking on his $17 million 2014 contract, and he's $23 million in dead money if cut.

What a farce this is turning out to be. We have a top 5 NFL deep threat but a qb to inaccurate deep to get the ball to him.

IFY, chemistry? Hartline isn't in Wallace's league as a deep threat. Isn't that the PRIMARY REASON Wallace was brought here, top NFL deep threat?

Well, Tannehill has yet to prove the needed accuracy to take advantage of a top NFL deep threat. What, is this supposed to be Wallace's fault?

Coming in, everyone except Ireland knew Wallace still has a ways to go to be well polished wr. Why do many here now seem surprised?

There goes the highes (or 2nd highest) average per carry stat that so many wanted to toss around last week....

The ONE good thing that came out of this is that PHILBIN told us...tha the way the Dolphins were winning...WAS NOT SUSTAINABLE...

guy is a GD PROPHETin that aspect....

and that was after we wer all school-grl giddy with our 3-0 start....

Tannehill is almost never on the same page with any of his wr's when wide open deep. So does this makes it the wr's on the team's fault?

This 'deep ball' problem is not only on THILL. He throws one a game, maybe two. No QB hits every deep ball thrown. Sherman has to dial up a minimum of 3-4 per game.

Also, THILL seems to have about 50 yards in his arm. Anything beyond that will likely come up short. Wallace needs to know that. He should expect it to be short if he goes beyond 50 and be ready to fight for it in the air. He seems to wait for it to come down to his hands.

Finally, they need to try attacking the deep center of the field. It allows for a larger window of opportunity. Throwing deep on the sidelines only limits the window of success. Again that is on Sherman to get Wallace into motion and make him a threat all over the field and not just the right side.

THILL is only 2 years into the NFL. He NEVER threw deep last year. So, it's something he will and can learn. We shouldn't be declaring him unable to deliver deep at this point. Way to early for that.

I think part of all this dysfunction with aquired players in the draft and or free agency has to do with differing methodologies between Ireland and the offensive and defensive coordinators.
As I posted before Im starting to think that whoever stays as far as the coaches they might want to simplify the structure and make the head coach the GM or make the head coach the play caller etc,because all these chiefs are clearly not motivating the indians to play their best.Something is being lost in the differences in philosiphy.

Sam, I don't buy that. Hartline can catch from RT. Gibson was able to. Matthews is able to.

Sure, RT had some bad throws Monday night, but every QB has some bad throws.

If you throw the ball to Wallace, is there any very strong reason to expect him to make the catch?

Again, Sam, who cares about Walalce's 2014 cap #, they have ~ 34 M in cap space coming up this year and can clearr another 6 by cutting wheeler, another 7 by cutting ellerbe. Will never be able to spend it all

Cap space is so far from a problem. I could care less what someone's pay cheque is, not my money. I do care about cap space though and we have tonnes...

So, we're about to play our 10th game, and Patterson, ONCE AGAIN, is doubtful. That makes 6 non-appearances. He's been available 40% of the time. I don't care HOW GOOD you are when you're on the field, if it's just 40% of the time, you need to be replaced as a starter. And in that 60% he's been off the field, they couldn't coach up Taylor to take over? INDICTMENT!


I want my QB comming out of college understanding timing...accuracy...and how to throw it deep....the coaches job is to fix his feet...shorte the delivery...and teach him how to read a defense..and ake smart decisions..

How many QBs who have deep ball accuracy issues ever correct this...

none...by my count...perhaps you know of others that do...

and I d agre...they need to throw it a bit more...but I think Tanne is a bit timid to attempt it....

still need a qb

Sam, Tannehill is putting up the yardage. The only problem of ANY wode receiver they have on the roster is with #11. Don't make it sound like he can't use WRs now. Gibson good, Clay good, Keller good, Hartline good, Matthews good, heck even McNutt when he was here was working.

The only guy is #11. Something off with those two.

Tannehill is on pace for 4,000 - definitely shows he can put up yardage.

Sherman never lines up Hartline and Wallace together and have them both go on deep routes. Run Hartline up the sideline and Wallace run the Post route. Then have Clay run underneath.

I would think most Safeties and CB's in this league would have a tough time covering them together. Instead Sherman always forces them apart and sets a one dimensional attack. It makes it much easier for the Defenses to cover.

Bottomline the entire organization from owner to Gm to the coaching staff to the 53rd man on the roster is flat out pathetic.


Not sure if you are commenting or asking...but I never implied it was the WR's fault. I was saying those two are not on the same page.

annehill has missed him deep plenty, but by the same token, Wallaces hands never seem to be ready for Tannehills mid range passes that constantly bounce of his hands. Hartline and Gibson and Matthews have no trouble with those passes, Wallace does.

jpao if Tannehill can only fling it 50yds, then Houston we have a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM. Or a serious problem in your logic.

I can throw a football 50yds. If Tannehill can't he has no business in the NFL, let alone being a #8 overall qb pick that can not throw a football more than 50yds.

Do you see the illogic in this?

DC, have to agree on both counts. patterson counts for a lot of money too $5.4M next year - plenty of money to find a CB in the market. he also missed a bunch of time last year. Enough is enough.

And I also agree about not getting Taylor on the field. A little investment now in passing packages would've gone a long way towards him being used next year.

Definite indictment.

We need a BOLD leader.

Harbaugh fires his OC late in the 2012 season because he sees he is detrimental to his QB. BOLD. They win the SB.

Irsay fires veteran GM Polian and flushes the whole FO after the first miserable season in years. BOLD. He gets Luck, brings in a new FO, and in the following season gains instant credibility.

Ross continues to walk on rice paper when he should be roaring a Harley through the mud. He needs to be BOLD.

An addition to my last post since this is sports and everyone uses catch phrases such as down to the wire etc.
The Dolphins have too many chiefs(with different ideas)and not enough good indians.
Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

mark, the prob. is # 17

Finally the truth is spoken!

Posted by: Kris | November 13, 2013 at 04:12 PM

I don't disagree Kris. But the fact is THILL had limited college experience. The fact is he had no legit deep threat his rookie season. This is the first time in his NFL career he has been asked to go deep. I just think people dumping on him at this point is a bit early and a bit unfair.

I see SHERMAN as the biggest problem. I also see WALLACE having several faults in his game that is limiting his overall success. I have seen THILL throw short for sure. BUT I have seen Wallace drop several balls that hit him in the hands as well.

jpao, what Tannehill sems not to have is:


Anticipation is throwing to a spot where you perceive your wr is going to be down field. I believe Tannehill is guessing and everytime guesses short.

The problem is Tannehill on long throws. Wallace isn't the only wr he's short-armed on long balls. I believe anticipation is A GIFT. Some of us have it, some of us don't. We're beginning to see where Tannehill fits in with the anticipation equation.

Does PFF look at stupid ignorant ref calls. Like the 1st quarter Pass interference call against Grimes setting up the 1st quarter field goal. How can they call themselves legit when they don't count one of the main factors in Dolphins losses. The ones that cost us the big play.

In the case of the interference call Grimes was on the inside where the ball was thrown and the receiver threw him into the ground. WTF. (say that slow please)

I won't go ranting about it. The team did do enough to lose but take away that field goal...

And go and go go. Still? Week 10. If they can't even manage to draw an offside from a drooling bunch of dlineman there is something wrong.

OOP, did I offend anyone with the drooling linemen. Slack jawed lackeys. OOPs.

Anyway that is a stat that PFF should really look at. I bet they are too chicken fart to look at it at all.

Shut up, Chad!

no doubt...Wallace has dropped morwe than his fair share of catchable balls...and even tho I am a defender of the Wallace Camp...

If I was the QB...I woudn't throw it to him either....unless he was WIDE-OPEN...because...right now...he doesn't fight fo the ball....

wether that is do to lack of heart....or lack of care...I don't know....

If I was the HC...or OC....I would get these guy in a room....and force them to hash it out....

Wallce is worth to much in MONEY...and Tanne is worth to much in VALUE to sit on the sidelines...and watch this train wreck of a situation...

Maybe have Wallace send Tanne a Facebok request...i don't know...something....


I don't disagree Kris. But the fact is THILL had limited college experience. The fact is he had no legit deep threat his rookie season. This is the first time in his NFL career he has been asked to go deep. I just think people dumping on him at this point is a bit early and a bit unfair.

I see SHERMAN as the biggest problem. I also see WALLACE having several faults in his game that is limiting his overall success. I have seen THILL throw short for sure. BUT I have seen Wallace drop several balls that hit him in the hands as well.

Posted by: jpao | November 13, 2013 at 04:17 PM





Sam - I agree he needs to have better anticipation. BUT he is a 2nd year QB. Other than Luck and Wilson most 2nd year QB's are not setting the world on fire. Both of them have had bad games this year too.

Also, put Brady, Luck, Manning and other "top tier QB's" behind this line and lets see how many deep balls they complete. The kid is getting mauled out there each and every week. I think he is primarily anticipating getting killed as much as anything else. I have to continue to praise him for having the courage and fortitude to stand in there and take that continued beating.

Overall, I just don't want this team to give up on THILL at this point. Too much invested and nobody they draft next is going to be a sure thing. Why not let this kid continue to grow and see what he can do with an improved line and hopefully a better OC?


Wallace $17,500,000. Dead Money $23 million

Enough said!

Jordan had 9 snaps. Highest drafted special teams player in NFL history? On one of his 'hurries' no one blocked him. What a joke.


we all know what anticipation is. I think Tannehill has shown plenty that he has it. He has made plenty of clutch 'anticipation' throws, especially on some of those game winning come back drives.

why can't they have wallace run small routes closer to the line of scrimmage for a few plays. short yardage gainers. take them all if they won't come up to play him that short. once they start to honor his short game, then he has the chance to take off. the short yardage routes, stalls his sprint long enough to keep the overall play around 40 yards deep. That's tannehill's sweet spot. He should be able to sprint by any player that challenges him short. If there are enough receivers in the field, he should be open. if they are double teaming him, then hartline or clay or other should be open.

Tanne and Wallace are just not a match made in heaven. Tanne is off target too often on the long throws. Wallace drops so many perfectly thrown short passes that it is making Tannehill constantly look the other way now.

I would never place Wilson in the same comparisons as Luck/RG3/Tannehill. These are the top 3 2012 1st rd qb's taken.

Wilson was taken 3rd rd. The Seahawks are playing with house money. I would trade Tannehill today for Russell Wilson. Wilson doesn't always have gaudy numbers, but, seems to almost always have what it takes when Seahawk need that game defining drive most.

Can we say this about Tannehill? Go ahead, make more excuse like we did with Henne. Did not we learn anything in our Henne lessons?

Bodi, you guys hear what you want to hear. We're talking DEEEEEEP THROOOOOWS.

Did I make myself CLEAR ENOUGH this time?

Sam I do think you are selling Tanne a bit short. I agree on his long ball issues, not on some of your other points. Tanne has taken the team on his shoulders a few times. He has had a handful of very impressive drives this season. He is also on pace for the most sacks in history...which is a testament to just how bad our line is,

He needs to be coached to get the ball out quicker or throw it away. Also he throws very well on the run, I don't know why there is never more than one roll out play per game.

DEEP THROWS are so important in today's NFL simply because you will not be a high scoring offense without them.

We can't have to drive the length of the field every possession because that's always ADVANTAGE DEFENSE.

Also, we do not have elusive tackle breaking wr's, and Tannehill can't seem to connect with the only wr who can get us the CHEAP TD. Great offenses get CHEAP TDS.

..Jpao I disagree that it would be easier for the offense if Wallace and Hartline were on the same side. First..I'm not suggesting we shouldn't offer this look. I am offering up my opinion as to why we do not.

I think the idea is to isolate Mike Wallace so that the safety has to help the corner. what id does in theory is cut the field in half for Tannehill. Why do you think there are so many completions to the slot guy? He is the mismatch. He is usually beating a nickel corner, or linebacker. Usually. So IMO the concepts are fine. The problem is that we get stuck into a corner with the tendencies we go to in certain situations.

I think Sherman id doing this to simplify the offense for Tannehill..The slot guy is probably the first read in a lot of formations..Then however it progresses..I don't know this for sure..Just my opinion as to why we seem stuck in the same formations.

Sammy, maybe you should read better. See my post 4:30.

Sam, I was goign to wait until someone post the Henne-Tannehill comparison...

This is different ... Henne from year to year, same subpar stats ... 205 ypg, 220 ypg (league avg 251), tds per game 0.9 to 1.0 (league average 1.6) no significant improvement in those key areas, negative TDs to INT ratio both years ... same craparse 75 rating both years.

Tannehill year or year (2nd year projected), YPG 220 to 255, tds per game 0.9 to 1.6, positive td:int ratio both years (rush included) and increasing, rating increasing from 76 (better than henne even as a raw rookie) to 81.

In short, there is growth, if this is his ceiling, then perhaps you think about upgrading, but because we've seen growth even as his o line and run game disappears around him, is the reason you should feel encouraged about this guy getting it ... so few of the great QBs were finished products after year two. In fact brees was putrid in year 3. Now there are no guarantees but to close the book on the kid right now is not wise at all.

DD - I don't disagree with your points. I am suggesting that they try mixing up the formations a bit and pairing different receivers on different sides to keep the D guessing. I am NO offensive coordinator....for sure. But it seems the 'simple offense' for THILL translates to simple offense for Defenses to figure out.

seek @ 4:26 except every time they've tried that, they bounce of #11's chest like his arms are tied behind his back.

Bodi we need CHEAP TDS to e a GREAT SCORING offense. At present, Tannehill seems to be ENTIRELY INCAPABLE of this.

In today's NFL you need the ability to score in DROVES. That's entirely IMPOSSIBLE if your offense can not get CHEAP TDS.

Look at the highest scoring NFL offenses and you'll find CHEAP TDS all over the place.

Tannehill would be great 40yrs ago when the NFL theme was BALL POSSESION offense. All would be needed is surround him with a great run game, possession wr's, and let him throw the ball 15-22 times a game.

Problem is, this isn't 40yrs ago.

Sam, do we not also see Tannehill get better in crunch time (end of halves, games when he isn't getting mauled after two seconds) where Henne would throw a two yard pass on 3rd and 15?

Wallace can't be traded, no team will assume his contract.

Tannehill is a bust because he can't throw the deep ball with accuracy.

If a QB can't do that, he's done.

Dan couldn't throw the deep ball at the end of his career, neither could Trent Green when he came to the Phins.

Can't win consistently with a QB like that.

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