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Look back at Tampa Bay courtesy PFF

There was a time the worst news the Dolphins could possibly fathom was dealing with a loss. Then the scandal and suddenly losing was a secondary part of a larger depressing state of affairs.

Today, with the help of my partners at ProFootballFocus.com, we try to make some sense of the Tampa Bay loss on Monday night. As always, they come with the film study while I add insight.


Despite finding no room to run, Lamar Miller has taken full control of the backfield, out-snapping Daniel Thomas 43 to 13.

Salguero: Miller earned the add snaps as he entered the game having averaged over 5 yards per carry the previous three games and had had his best game of the season in the previous outing against the Bengals. Thomas, by the way, was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Rishard Matthews played his highest snap percentage (73%) of the season. Matthews was targetted seven times and caught five of them against Michael Adams for 55 yards. His touchdowns, however, came against Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson. Matthews had more yards after the catch than all other Miami receivers, tight ends, and backs combined.

In his return from injury, tight end Dion Sims logged 14 snaps behind both Charles Clay (43) and Michael Egnew (19).

When Ryan Tannehill was blitzed, he went 3 for 9 with 28 yards and was sacked once. On throws 10+ yards down the field, Tannehill was 8 for 19 with 92 yards.

Darrelle Revis was targeted in coverage six times. All six targets were to Mike Wallace and he hauled in three of them.

Salguero: I recognize that Wallace is not a fan favorite. But I must share that he generally won against Revis and yet had very little to show for it. On the play where he caught the football out of bounds, Wallace was open by a couple of yards but the ball was poorly thrown. There was another instance when Wallace was not targetted that he beat Revis deep and Tannehill threw to Matthews instead. The Dolphins simply do not maximize Wallace.


The Dolphins struggled against the run. The Bucs gained 140 rushing yards. It seemed as if the Dolphins got bulldozed. But the truth is most of the yards came on the edges not between the tackles. Randy Starks was dominant against the run. He had five tackles, two of which went for a loss.

Dion Jordan played just nine snaps, but produced two hurries on six quarterback dropbacks.

Salguero: Third overall pick. Nine snaps. Dolphins don't trust him on running downs. But honestly, are the guys playing in front of him playing run defense any better?

Philip Wheeler played 49 out of 67 snaps, with Jelani Jenkins (7) and Jonathan Freeny (9) picking up some snaps. Was Wheeler benched for his poor play in the second half?

Salguero: No, he wasn't benched for poor play. He was benched for dumb play. He committed a roughing the passer penalty midway through the fourth quarter that turned a third down incompletion into a first down. The Bucs didn't score as a result, but Wheeler took a seat on the bench.




  • Vincent Jackson caught just 3 of his 8 targets, but two came with Dannell Ellerbe in coverage and the other came against another linebacker, Jason Trusnik.
  • Brent Grimes was targeted four times by Mike Glennon, giving up just one catch to Tiquan Underwood.


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Tannehill needs to step up and run if a play is not there.

Wallace needs to be in constant motion not pinned to the right side line every play.

Wheeler needs to sit and give Jordan his reps.

Starks, Solia and Grimes need to be resigned.

And there is a whole lot more to playing football and Qb than DEEP THROWS!!!

MIT, I wasn't making a Tannehill/Henne comparison statistically, just comparing excuses given for Tannehill nearly identical to those given for Henne.

Hopefully making aware some of us could be falling into the exact same trap. Jags 1-8 with Henne there.


Great offense are a product of years in the same system with much of the same personnel. Tannehill in year 2 has a different set of receivers and the most unstable and worst performing oline in the entire NFL.

Call that making excuses if you find that convenient, but at the same time, you have to keep in mind it is a team game and the QB can't do everything. Dan Marino proved that much.

Can't throw the ball deep ?

That means 8-9 in the box.

The deep ball is paramount.

Reggie Bush had his only 1000 yard season because he routinely faced seven in the box once Matt Moore became the starter in 2011.

Matt Moore was very accurate with this deep ball.

I rag on you idiots because the hatred for Matt Moore showed/shows ignorance.

This team would be better off if Moore had started the last two years and Luke Keuchly was picked instead of Tannereach.

Ross wanted to give you fools hope...and hope you did for a year and a half.

Now reality is setting in.

Tannehill is a bust.

Phins are wasting time with him same as Henne.

Party because...

Anyone who supports the new logo deserves to be ragged on too.

Also he throws very well on the run, I don't know why there is never more than one roll out play per game.

Posted by: Bodine | November 13, 2013 at 04:35 PM

... THIS. For the sweet love of God, THIS.

... And, yeah, enough with the "deep ball" thing. I'd like to see more of those too, but the game is won by converting downs, not by heroics.

You know who *else* likes deep balls? Dmitri Patterson (when actually on the field). Eats them with fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Mark in Toronto, to your comment way earlier, somehow the retarded defensive coaching staff did match up Ellerbe on Jackson. It was in the 2nd quarter and the play went for a first down to Jackson.

To your other point regarding there being more to football than just deep throws, a QB has to be able to make all the throws, especially the explosive ones that break a game open or get you back in it in a hurry. Tannehill is a bust. I understand his O-Line sucks, but he just isn't an NFL QB. He doesn't take his eyes off his receivers. He doesn't look at all the options before getting rid of the ball. He doesn't do anything that makes you say, "WOW!". Thats a problem. If the Dolphins are smart they draft a QB this draft in the 2nd or 3rd round and have him there in case.

Toronto don't torture yourself.

Tannehill is a bust.

Sam, it's not making excuses, for me anyway, I see an unfinished product. Guy is better than last year, expectation is he will be better next year.

No point concluding on the guy now.

Drew Brees threw 11 TD passes in his third year in the league ... 11!!!

Again, as long as he continues evolving, he should be given the benefit of the doubt... IMO

It's not like he's the same or worse and we are blaming the OC, O line, et all.

he's better in spite of all these problems .. that should say something.

Also premature to give up on the #11-Tannehill connection too. It will be as good as they want it to be, as long as they put in the appropriate work in together like all the great combos have in NFL history...


How long has it been since you've touched a woman? If things have gotten this bad for you, maybe its time to switch hit?

Great offense are a product of years in the same system with much of the same personnel.

Im sure Peyton Manning would agree(1st season at Denver).

Guys, my argument with Tannehill is until he can be accurate deep, all of our games will always be 50/50 to win or lose. This alone will make him a 50/50 win loss-loss qb, or career 500.

I would so love to see Tannehill turn around the deepball woes. In today's NFL its critical to become a high scoring offense. I only speak of Tannehill's deep ball woes. Even though he's still inconsistent with his pocket presence too.

Wallace is acting like most other diva receives who hit the jackpot in free agency.

...bank that money first and foremost...and don't get hurt

He has no reason to 'fight' for balls anymore...his ship has come in and its easy street all the way.

I knew that was coming Sam,

Go ahead and compare possibly the greatest QB in the history of the game with decades of experience on a complete team against Ryan Tannehill, 2 years of experience on a train wreck dysfunctional team.

You know better than that,

Finding rare exceptions to the rule does not make the argument.

Get real. Wallace does not try. He tries to catch the ball waist high. When have you seen him stretch out like a real receiver?

If you will notice in Throwing competitions between QBs at the Pro Bowl, there are no 50 yard targets! It requires adjustment by the receiver to complete those throws.

Wallace does not adjust his stride to keep the corner behind him, and then stretch out for the ball. I have seen him slow at the last minute to make an adjustment if he is wide open. How often does that happen.

The corner follows the receiver to the ball and Wallace is not shielding them away from it.

Tannehill is a bust.
Phins are wasting time with him same as Henne.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 13, 2013 at 04:51 PM

I do not see Tannehill as a bust. He does need to be surrounded with a great run blocking oline, elusive or tackle breaking rb's/wr's.

As we're presently constructed, DC's are going to begin forcing Tannehill to beat them deep. When they become confident in Tannehill's deep ball inaccuracy, they may even stop doubling Wallace, making it more difficult for the other recievers.

DD/jpao, it's also drawing up the play so it will work (specific to the team you're playing). Take the screen to Wallace (where he was tackled behind the line of scrimmage). Clay was supposed to block in front, but he took out the LB (or S, not sure who that was). Not sure if that was the right block, but if so, it was drawn stupidly. You're telling me no one had REVIS, the best player on the field? Wallace could have outrun the LB, Clay should have kicked out to block Revis. Or else Wallace should have caught the pass and run inside of Clay (instead of outside). I'd like to hear the anatomy of that play from the OC and have him break down exactly what should've happened.

Peyton 15 years experience.

Tanne 1.5 years experience.

That is ten times more experience from a first ballot HOF.

Let's not make any more unrealistic or incomparable arguments. The rare exception versus the rule. It's just a waste of time.

I see Tannehills two biggest problems being

a. accuracy on the long ball, lead the receiver.

b. He has to learn to get rid of the ball when the rush is too much.

The first one remains to be seen if he can improve on.

The second one is easily correctable with more experience.

..JPAO...I agree that it would be nice to see the formations mixed up a bit. We see it with the tight ends...Sometimes the backs get lined up wide. But the recievers are usually in their own spots. No matter the personnel grouping.

What this suggests to me...And I could be way off base, not close, clueless..(this is most likely the case)..I think that Tannehill is struggling to grasp the entirety of the offense.. How can that be? He played in the same offense in college..Well yes and no. We don't know how or what parts of the A&M offense were being run that are the "exact same"..We don't know how much of the A&M playbook Tannehill executed.

My theory isn't just singling out Tannehill. It could be the recievers are not yet comfortable in the system. Perhaps they are struggling to grasp the concepts as well. Really it was no surprise that Matthews played well Monday night ..He is familiar with the playbook, he has been here. Hartline as well. They do not ask these guys on the z side to do anything spectacular..it is straight forward.

So perhaps Wallace is struggling to pick up the offense. This was a possibility. Add to what I think is a speed bump(this is just my theory..That Tannehill for whatever reasons has not mastered the offense)in Tannehills development..And we see, and opposing defenses understand, and know our tendencies...

Tannehill has improved his SLANT THROWS. He doesn't consistently throw it behind the receivers nearly as much.

The pocket presence has gone from plain awful to inconsistent. The deepballs are still plain awful.

Part of the problem is,#17 is a project with potential,problem is he was drafted in the first round,when he should've been a 2nd or 3rd rounder,everyone says " give him time,3 years ago he was a wr" I'm sure 90% or better of all staring nfl qbs have been qbs most of there football career?He doesn't have qb instincts,he doesn't have the qb clock in his head,he doesn't see the field and use his athletic ability to run for some 1st downs when it's open,he should have been able to sit for a couple years to learn,but he was rushed into duty because of his draft status.Coaching staff doesn't utilize his strengths as far as rolling him away from the rush,everyone except us uses the read option,are offense is stale,I sit at home and successfully predict 80% of are play calls, why does Daniel Thomas get in the game ? Why did we draft the rb from Florida and not give him a chance........News flash Daniel Thomas STINKS!!!!!! Where going nowhere fast........give the young players a chance to be evaluated......Philbin is over his head........get rid of Ireland

"Im sure Peyton Manning would agree(1st season at Denver)."

OMG. Yes, the rookie QB at Denver.

Peyton can throw a 60-yd ball that *I* could catch, and I can't catch anything but colds.

The man is a phenomenon. I don't expect that from RT. Don't really want it. We had Marino, and how many Super Bowls did we win?

Ross didnt know he was buying a sinking ship when Huizinga sold him the franchise.Its going to take an owner that devotes most of his time in THIS BUSINESS AS OPPOSED TO THE ONE he earned all the money to buy this one.
I dont know if he has it in him.Not to use him as a role model but Jerry Jones devotes ALL HIS TIME to it is the franchise at the top of the list for revenue in the NFL.

see Tannehills two biggest problems being
a. accuracy on the long ball, lead the receiver.
b. He has to learn to get rid of the ball when the rush is too much.
The first one remains to be seen if he can improve on.
The second one is easily correctable with more experience.

Posted by: Bodine | November 13, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Bodi this is all I've been saying all along. I guess maybe you guys were getting the interpretation I was calling Tannehill bust.

I would like to see him make great improvement in the same 2 areas.

I believe Wallace is a big disapointment, to date. I believe the Dolphins saw a guy in Pittsburgh who could fly and who would be perfect as the #1 receiver in the Dolphins' system. The more I watch him, the more I am convinced that while he may be fast, he does not have the superior skills necessary to be a standout #1 receiver. Unfortunately, we paid him to be just that. He doesn't have very good hands and his ball skills are average at best. Even on the deep sideline pass, on which Tannehill clearly threw a bad pass, he made very little effort to keep his feet in bounds and, in general, he rarely looks like he is making much of an effort (Hartline doesn't have his gift of speed but I believe he would have at least made that a closer play.) Wallace may be a cut above Ted Ginn, Jr., but not enough of a cut to justify the money he is being paid.

Not really much to add that hasn't already been said before. Wonder where the Ireland supporters like our beloved Dashi are now.
They should be hiding in shame. Gonna laugh when I see that banner flying Sunday.

Believe it or not, I do think Matt Moore could provide us with a spark. The guy can make things happen and Tanny just seems shellshocked right now. If nothing else Moore will know when to take off an run when he has to... which will be a lot behind this awful OL.

We would be much better giving Tannehill those first downs than wasting them on 2 yards and a cloud of dust.

We would be much better giving Tannehill those first downs than wasting them on 2 yards and a cloud of dust.


... Yeah, that became extremely predictable.

Posted by: West coast dolphin fan | November 13, 2013 at 05:07 PM


There is a lot of pressure on THILL because of where he was drafted. That is not his fault but it's his reality.

Sam mentioned that RG3/Luck/THILL should be lumped together but not Wilson due to their draft selections. I agree. But the IRONY is that when you look at their stats (I did but am too lazy to type them all here) Wilson's are the best of this bunch.

Ireland failed to take Wilson....but that was the case with all the other NFL teams. He and Brees will go down in history having this in common.

Yeah Philbin has lost the locker room. Here are the top ten reasons I have

1. Never answers questions directly
2. Lies constantly regarding play calls, the spike !!!
3. Never challenges refs calls at key moments.
4. Always uses idiot cards whe addressing his team
5. Can't control players, Starks bird to him
6. Couldn't sort out RI and let the Martin situation slide.
7. Rarely ever blames himself for terrible coaching.
8. Never gets the team fired up for games.
9. Has not established a group of leaders from the vets
10. Can't edit the awful play calling of Sherman.

He has lost the team.

The simple fact is that it's a TEAM GAME and this team is not complete at the moment. I have dumped on Sherman the past few days. But this OLINE prevents success. How could he, Miller, THILL or Wallace expect to shine when the core OLINE unit is horrible? This is the BIGGEST PROBLEM of the 2013 season....THE OLINE IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!

To be a head coach in the NFL and reach the pinacle a super bowl championship win takes a LOT of hard work but also just as important a drive and will to be the best.
I dont see the coaches that have moved to the booth as anylysts in ANY RUSH to get back into coaching(Gruden,Cowher,Dungy etc) they have ALL paid the price to reach the SUMMIT do you think they will EVER give up the well paying easier jobs they have now as takin heads to get back to THE GRIND of being an NFL Head coach.I doubt it.It will take an offer they cant refuse such as more control as in also being the GM,or even a piece of the franchise.

Another point of Irony that I see....The Fins can actually beat SD this week. They play like they did against the Bengals and they will beat SD who doesn't travel well to South FL historically. I know their QB is playing better but I see a 60% chance of the Fins winning this week.

Back to .500 and the drama will continue on. If they lose I think it makes Ross' decisions easier. They win and things remain a bit more complicated for him.

thill has played a year and a half, to call him a bust is plain dumb

Thill did show a cannon arm on some of those quick slants, he can put it on a lazer beam.

I've still got big concerns with his pocket awareness, leadership abilities and ball handling skills, however he is the best I've seen since Penny.

Im not convinced he is the QB for the future though. Good QB's can work with almost any WR and bring the best out in them.

Brady, Brees, Manning et al, have the odd exception with guys they can't work with, but those WR's rarely go on to other clubs and thrive.

Thill is handicaped by having a terrible HC, OC and O line to be fair.

He doesn't have the ability to improvise like RG III, Luck or Wilson. I don't know if that would ever come through ?

Next year I would take a shot at a more mobile QB that can run the ball when all else fails.

Thill really has me screaming at the screen when he continually igmores the option to run and move the chains. The last one against the Bucs was really a terrible non run.

WTF are the coaches doing with his head ? Or is it Thill who just doesn't want to take the hits ?Either way its holding the team back and if he can't sort it out then he will be the 17th QB to fail since Marino.

JPOA, Well for a start he could stop the toss sweep to Thomas and not have Thill take 5 step drops from the shotgun.

The Jets with almost as weak talent on the o-line found a way to beat the Saints. The line did rush for 160 against the Bengals, so they are not that bad.

When the go go go situation allows the edge to the D, with the fact that D Thomas is worse than Sammie Smith and you can his number time and time again with no FB, you will fail most of the time.

The problem is terrible coaching coupled with Irelands lack of ability to draft talent.

"The Jets with almost as weak talent on the o-line found a way to beat the Saints."

Sproles went out on the 1st drive. That is why the Jets beat the Saints, first & foremost.

... Coaches & GMs who cut players who are short should first remember Sproles & Welker.

I just do not see Wallacee fighting for the ball like he should be

To the Thill fans. Ok put him with a good HC and OC and a couple of good o-linemen and then see yeah ?

They may coach him to make up for game killing plays he has made. He is suffering from the David Carr treatment thats true.

How many years do you wan to give him 3-4 with no playoffs ?

Sproles plays offense. Im taking about the Jets offense against the Saints D.

I dont see T-Hill being the biggest problem. It's has to be Sherman because of the bad play calling. If you have a QB who can run(because he played WR) then use him, but this OC thinks lets just sit back there and take a five step drop and see what happens. This is what keeps happening with the dolphins year after year.

Jets went 350 yards and no turnovers with an o-line as bad as ours ?

So you think Sherman and Philbin are doing a good job yeah ?

PLPUS: Right. And it's true that the Fins f---ed up by dropping the running game.

But it's also true that the Saints would not have been held to 20 points with Sproles in the game.

Wallace does not have the passion to be a great WR. All the great ones Megatron, AJ Green,Dez, do not always get perfect passes. They go up and fight for the ball more often than not. Re-watch the game even the pass that was out of bounds, it appears Wallace could have made some effort to catch it and stay in. More than likely he cant stay in but at least make some effort and give yourself as chance.It want such a poor throw as to react the way he did and just give up on it.
T hill is not there yet but this team has much bigger problems than the QB. He will be every bit good as Dalton , A Smith, Bradford, Flacco etc. Those guys all have a much better surrounding cast currently.

I hope to god there clean house and we start over with new gm and new head coach?

yeah like it or not geno smith has def been better than anyone thought he would be. they def dont have more talent than us but they are much better. sad

Yeah the Jets caught a massive break on D I'll agree 100%, however watching the game, brian schottenheimer, came up with amazing calls with the talent he had.

Even the Wildcat could produce more yardage than this in 3rd and 1.

2 yards, come on man thats on Philbin and his best pal Sherman. ~He will leave with him before he fires him.

You guys seem to forget that THill was a project coming out of college, very little experience behind center. He would be just now catching up with his counterparts, but has been limited due to the poor OL play this year and lack of targets last year. I really don't know what you guys expect him to do? He is progressing slowly and it really isn't his fault considering he is being limited by the lack of time to throw the ball on most occasions. I noticed he threw several balls early Monday Night that lead to receivers not in position to make a play. The deep balls were for the most part are his biggest achilles heal. Wallace runs lazy routs, he does not fight for the ball, and he waits for it to reach his hands and even then he drops the majority of them when they do reach his hands.

Stop bashing THill, he has no line to block for him and he is dealing with Sherman's terrible play calling. Wallace needs to be used in a fashion that will play into THill's strengths, not his weaknesses. The WCO is more of a dink and dunk type of offense anyway and the deep threat is just an after thought. I blame every bit of the issues we are having this year on the coaching staff and the GM. THill should have sat for at least one season behind Moore and who do you blame for that? Certainly not THill.

I60 MILLION FOR WALLACE..................




SHORT ...........

Here is the definition of what good coaching and Front Office decision making can do for a football team. Here is a qoute from a true Fins homer yesterday (he knows who he is) that couldn't be any further from the truth- in fact it strengthens the arguement for ridding the Fins of it's putrid GM and coaching staff.

"Don't forget That Harbaugh, Carroll and Reid went to teams that already had a pretty decent roster."

When Harbaugh shunned the Fins for the 49ers they were coming off a 6-10 season. Here's what Harbaugh did:
The 49ers rebounded from their disappointing 2010 season to end their streak of eight consecutive non-winning seasons. We know what they have done since and they're not going away anytime soon.

Reid took over a 2-12 team. They must have been LOADED with talent. Now they are undefeated. The 49ers had 8 consecutive losing seasons before Harbaugh. But they were loaded with talent right?

Lastly, the Seahawks sucked for many years and here's what Carrol did:
In his first season, Carroll almost completely overturned the Seahawks roster, totaling over 200 transactions in the course of only one season. However, these moves paved the way for a 4–2 start to the 2010 season. Although Seattle faltered through the latter half of the season, the team beat the division rival Rams in the final week of the regular season for the NFC West championship, becoming the first 7–9 team in NFL history to win a division title. Carroll made even more history as the Seahawks later upset the then-Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints during the wild card round of the playoffs. However, they then fell to the Chicago Bears, whom they had defeated earlier in the season. After a 7-9 season the following year, the Seahwawks went 11-5 and won on the road in the wildcard game last year. They look pretty good again this year.

The most noticeable thing is how our homer states all three of these teams inherited good rosters. HUH? But, inconceivably, they all posted losing records before the new coaches were hired. HMMM.. they inherited good talent but they were all perrenial losing teams. How does that work?

Even if that statement was true, which it is not, if Ireland has accumulated all of the talent that our homer claims, shouldn't we see a turnaround in the organization after 3 years of the Ireland re-building project on his own? How is it that those other coaches turned their teams around, and the Fins are still in "re-build" mode.

Could it be perhaps that the Dolphins have made more bad decisions than good ones? And that our coaching staff is not as strong as Ross would like to believe it to be? It's simple folks. With the fluid nature of the NFL these days, teams can be turned around in a single season,not years. Isn't it our turn?

Let's get some competence in house!

Geno smith has a good OC and although I can't stand him Ryan has balls, he is so passionate and his players love him.

I loathe the Jets but Ryan has a credible track record and if his bro is available next year go for him. I'd take him over Philbin anytime.

not enough credit to the offense for the REDZONE production and efficiency...of course until they put up the stat during the game and jinxed it!
we needed that TD!


We had good enough players to go 3-0, be up halftime against the Ravens, Pats and Bills but go on to blow the second half.

Good coaches make adjustments at the half and can make the difference.

You could see in the players man in the Bucs game that they didn't wake up till it was 15-0.

Players need to be coached well otherwise they don't perform to the max.

Love to see a Ryan versus Ryan rivalry in the AFC East. Worth the price of admission alone

Redzone stat is a percentage only. We can't even get into it that often.

So many times after turnovers from our D we can't progress very far down the field. Form the 7 we Thill had that wide open TD on the ground and threw into tight coverage.

It seems that most of you love whining so much that you may be happier now than if we were winning.

Exactly. Even if those teams did have decent talent before their new caoches arrived, those coaches were able to lead and acquire more talent, and get the best out of their players. That ain't happening in Miami.

That's on the Coaches for not coaching the talent they have, and the GM for not acquiring enough talent. Plain and simple.

sorry philbin...it aint philbin.
Its all on Sherman.
philbin has coached very well. im satisfied at least.
I just wish he would close his mouth on the sidelines.

RZ% is way better than with Henne...ill take a TD when it happens any day over a FG.

Rob Ryan unlike Sporano and Philbin is an actual co-ordinator that calls plays.

Ryan currently has taken the Saints D from last in the league to 7th. Wow.

He also is a players coach. Soprano may also have been that type of guy, but he had very little abilty to adapt his strategy during the games. Also his inability to get the 0-line working was terrible.

Early pick for HC in 2014 Rob Ryan. Although the HC shake up could well produce a better man for the job.

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