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Look back at Tampa Bay courtesy PFF

There was a time the worst news the Dolphins could possibly fathom was dealing with a loss. Then the scandal and suddenly losing was a secondary part of a larger depressing state of affairs.

Today, with the help of my partners at ProFootballFocus.com, we try to make some sense of the Tampa Bay loss on Monday night. As always, they come with the film study while I add insight.


Despite finding no room to run, Lamar Miller has taken full control of the backfield, out-snapping Daniel Thomas 43 to 13.

Salguero: Miller earned the add snaps as he entered the game having averaged over 5 yards per carry the previous three games and had had his best game of the season in the previous outing against the Bengals. Thomas, by the way, was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Rishard Matthews played his highest snap percentage (73%) of the season. Matthews was targetted seven times and caught five of them against Michael Adams for 55 yards. His touchdowns, however, came against Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson. Matthews had more yards after the catch than all other Miami receivers, tight ends, and backs combined.

In his return from injury, tight end Dion Sims logged 14 snaps behind both Charles Clay (43) and Michael Egnew (19).

When Ryan Tannehill was blitzed, he went 3 for 9 with 28 yards and was sacked once. On throws 10+ yards down the field, Tannehill was 8 for 19 with 92 yards.

Darrelle Revis was targeted in coverage six times. All six targets were to Mike Wallace and he hauled in three of them.

Salguero: I recognize that Wallace is not a fan favorite. But I must share that he generally won against Revis and yet had very little to show for it. On the play where he caught the football out of bounds, Wallace was open by a couple of yards but the ball was poorly thrown. There was another instance when Wallace was not targetted that he beat Revis deep and Tannehill threw to Matthews instead. The Dolphins simply do not maximize Wallace.


The Dolphins struggled against the run. The Bucs gained 140 rushing yards. It seemed as if the Dolphins got bulldozed. But the truth is most of the yards came on the edges not between the tackles. Randy Starks was dominant against the run. He had five tackles, two of which went for a loss.

Dion Jordan played just nine snaps, but produced two hurries on six quarterback dropbacks.

Salguero: Third overall pick. Nine snaps. Dolphins don't trust him on running downs. But honestly, are the guys playing in front of him playing run defense any better?

Philip Wheeler played 49 out of 67 snaps, with Jelani Jenkins (7) and Jonathan Freeny (9) picking up some snaps. Was Wheeler benched for his poor play in the second half?

Salguero: No, he wasn't benched for poor play. He was benched for dumb play. He committed a roughing the passer penalty midway through the fourth quarter that turned a third down incompletion into a first down. The Bucs didn't score as a result, but Wheeler took a seat on the bench.




  • Vincent Jackson caught just 3 of his 8 targets, but two came with Dannell Ellerbe in coverage and the other came against another linebacker, Jason Trusnik.
  • Brent Grimes was targeted four times by Mike Glennon, giving up just one catch to Tiquan Underwood.


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how has philbin coached well?

DJ. Philbin hires the DC and OC, which both suck. Doesn't that make him accountable?

rex ryan i cant stand, but only cause he isnt coaching our team



Sorry mate but could you clarify your statement about Philbin please. Im seriously missing something here and I've watched all of the pre-season and regular games.

Where have you seen Philbins great coaching ?


Early pick for HC in 2014 Rob Ryan.

Posted by: Philbin Leave Please U Suck | November 13, 2013 at 06:13 PM

Don't you get tired of embarrassing yourself?


More deep balls = More Sacks

We don't have the O-line to be consistently looking deep.

Why is all the love for Tannehill? I just dont get it! he is giving away the play before run it with the stupid GO & Go, GO! he cant throw, please stop the excuses, Wallace is a proven WR in the NFL, he just cant go out of bounds to catch a pass! this team should have been build around the real QB Matt Moore when we finally found him! instead of destroying this team again.


Philbin has the Offense at 20th and the defense at 21st.

An overall 11-14 record. We have blown 4 games when up in the 4th.

In our last game two players gave up 15 penalties, both players went to the sidelines without being spoken to by the HC. On the other side of the field the Bucs HC addresses his player immediately after a similar foul.

What do you think of that coaching style ?

Ha ha. Nice name. You stick with Joe pal. Through a name out there then ?

Let me guess Gruden or Cowher ?

I would be ecstatic and thrilled if Rob Ryan is our next HC.

It would mean Ireland has gone, Philbin, Sherman, Coyle and players that have no interest in winning at this club.

A guy with a proven NFL pedigree. Who the hell would wan the job anyway, we would be lucky to get him here.

would all depend on gm , a respected one could get a solid coach. i could live with carl peterson as gm but if he whiffed on his buddy cowher herm edwards would probaly be his next choice

4-5. Show Must Go On.

Saw a couple of really dumb post on here today in regards to Ryan Tannehill and his "alleged" weak arm?
So I spent the last 2 hours reading ALL the pre draft scouting reports on Tannehill and EVERY one said he ahs average to above average arm strength. In fact his arm strength was compared to a guy named Tom Brady! Almost every single pre draft report said that he is raw and if the team that picks him has patience he has the chance to be a franchise QB for many yrs. One report even said he would be All Pro for many years to come.
Please all the Tannehil haters do not reply to this. Mark, Phins78 and myself are sick and tired of trying to educate you. Simply put you cannot put the cart before the horse. When Tannehill gets talent around him he will be what he should be. He is far from as bad as Henne so save that crap too.

Dusty. Thats true. I don't know what Ross will do with the GM situation.

Hopefully someone that doesn't know Peterson IMHO. So far he hasn't really give Ross sound advice.

Maybe if Jerry Reese gets canned in NY take him.

No new GM's with the current state of affairs.

Bill A.

What are the most obvious weaknesses in Tannehill performance at QB so far this season ?

Let's put this in the only manner that Ross is capable of understanding.
Suckiness up = revenue down.

Philbin fans. Didn't think you'de be back, shame though.

The Dolphins job(s) if available next year will be the most sought after. Ross is a great owner to work for. He spends without question and does not get involved in football decisions. The team has a very talented Defense and with a 3 decent new OL, a real #1 WR ad a TE this team will be ready to make a run for the Super Bowl. Of course ALL this is predicated on a good HC with the right scheme.

Thill stated the meeting with Philbin went great today.

Clearly they were not talking about the last 6 games then.

PLPUS that question cannot honestly be answered. The OL is the worst in the NFL, we have no run game, No deep threat that can catch and no TE. How can we judge the guy when he is basically out there with ZERO weapons? If you held my feet to a fire until I answered. I would say his deep ball needs a lot of work.

Bill A.

How would you rate the Dolphins defensive performance against the Bucs ?

PLPUS....HORRIBLE!! over 140 yds on the ground and gave up the winning TD in 4th quarter

Bill A.

Ross does spend money without question that's true. It seems he may also do it without thinking at times too.

It's silly to blame Mike Wallace for any of this. Tannehill simply doesn't have time to throw downfield. Mike Sherman has no plays specifically designed to get Wallace open. I still think he's a stud with tons of talent. Not his fault that Tannehill can't find him

You guys seem to forget that THill was a project coming out of college, very little experience behind center. He would be just now catching up with his counterparts,

Posted by: WashPhinFan | November 13, 2013 at 05:55 PM

No indictment on Tannehill, but, that's EXACTLY WHY many DOLFANS did not want him 8th overall pick.

I disagree with the catch up with his COUNTERPARTS phrase because he could NEVER do this unless his counterparts THEMSELVES cease to MOVE FORWARD.

Or, Tannehill would have to develop twice as fast to CATCH UP. Its simple law of physics.

You guys seem to forget that THill was a project coming out of college, very little experience behind center. He would be just now catching up with his counterparts,

Posted by: WashPhinFan | November 13, 2013 at 05:55 PM

Great point...Tannehill has not only caught up with his counterparts he has surpassed some of them already. He has done this with NO, I REPEAT no offensive line, No WR, No Run game and No TE.

Bill A,

I would agree on the D's performance of course. You said it was a talented group. Which players would you feel comfortable with on the D next season.

I have problems with 6 of the current starters.

Too much emphasis on the "need" for deep throws and the "need" to rush the ball. They are NOT needed. The drive at the end of the first half was a thing of beauty. NO long passes. NO rushes. Just Tannehill making super-quick reads and throwing it. It resulted in an easy TD, and Tampa proved they could not stop it. So surely Mike Sherman would keep it up, right? Uh, no. Back to deep passes. Back to rushing. The result? 22-19.

Basically what this all comes down to is the fact that Ireland screwed up by giving a #2 WR $60million and expecting him to be a #1. He also screwed up by drafting a project QB at #8 of the 1st round. If he wanted Tannehill so bad why not trade down and get him later while picking up another draft pick?
But then there is a lot we could question about Irelands drafts since he got here?

I'm beginning to disagree Tannehill doesn't have time to throw deep to Wallace. But, only based on the last 4 games, which includes the victory over the Bengals.

Beginning with the Ravens game, I think it was, the oline was PRISTINE in protecting Tannehill until it needed to most late in the game. Same with Pats game. Zero sacks first half. 6 sacks 2nd half. All came on critical drives to tie or win the game.

This is what has become a pattern as of late. So if protecting Tannehill well early, why is he short-arming dep balls or not attempting them at all?

Can those saying he has no time answer this one for me?

Bill A.

Tannehill has all of those problems no doubt and thanks for answering honestly.

I worry about his ability to tuck the ball down and run for a first down where he can.

Now I have seen lots of nice throws, with touch and timing. Against the Bucs he threw some bullets thats impressed me.

The ball control issues could be forgiven as awful pass protection from the entire line TE and RB's.

PLPUS I think our DL is good. If you trade up to #3 to get a guy he should be playing every down. So Jordan must play more. The LB's SUCK. Poor tackling, no push, poor in coverage. I would keep Ellerbe cuz with more talent around him I think he would shine. I cannot stand our safeties and ONLY Grimes is worth keeping as a starter. We don't see enough of Taylor so we don't know if he is good or not.

Sam. I noticed that also. Good point.

There wasn't any trade down and draft Tannehill later opportunities. Most of us remember the Cleveland Browns lying in wait if we passed.

The Browns were done with their Colt McCoy experiment. Exactly why after we took Tannehill they made Brandon Weedon the next qb taken. Weedon was a bigger longshot than Tannehill, especially given his age.

So you can not listen top self-proclaimed know it alls like Bill Arnsparger. Especially since he'll attack you for your opinions then turn around and regurgitate them exactly like he always does to me.

I just laugh and say nothing to him. He would never admit it but he knows its true. What a smart guy. lmao.

PLPUS I truly think if Ireland is not picking the talent next year and the right GM is in place we could turn the corner and be special with a good draft and FA period. We have a ton of $ again next year...however cannot afford to make another Wallace mistake. A error like that handcuffs you for a few yrs out.

So you can not listen top self-proclaimed know it alls like Bill Arnsparger. Especially since he'll attack you for your opinions then turn around and regurgitate them exactly like he always does to me.

Hmmm seems like the kettle calling the pot black again. I could care less about your opinions baby boy. Obsessed muchhhhhh.....isn't it time to go to bed for school sonny?? 3rd grade must be soooo challenging!

Bill A.

I would keep the starting D line minus Vernon and Grimes with Ellerbe.

Ellerbe hasn't really been that great, ok but not really worth the money. Value on this team is not too great.

Wallace suffers from poor coaching. I agree he hasn't played well, but he also suffers from playing with a weak O-line.

At Pitt he didn't play this poorly. Indeed this style of offense does't suit his play it seems. He will be there next year and I don't rule it out that under a new HC and OC he can perform to a higher level.

Ross is shrewd businessman who reminds me of another successful businessman, Wayne Huizenga. Huizenga like Ross is doing right now threw money at the problem / team and went out and hired a coach in JJ who didn't really want to coach anymore. Gave him the keys to the entire franchise. Now JJ was a good coach and an excellent talent evaluator. But his retread OC and DC didn't really pan out for us.

Huizenga spent his money in baseball too and that bought him a championship. The strategy he tried to incorporate into the NFL doesn't work. You need to build in the NFL. You need people who can grow the talent you have and find new ones when you need them. Ross giving Ireland his bank account to do with as he pleased didn't know that by spending doesn't mean you're winning. It might work in real estate with in the short term but necessarily in football.

It seems the Dolphins have been saddled with two owners now you wanted / want a Lombardi Trophy to put on their mantle as a sign of success.

I haven't defended or blamed Ireland for what's going on. However, I believe Ross should have started anew and gotten his own people in there to do the job. It's clear as day now that Ireland armed with draft picks and an open checkbook still couldn't pick out the right "groceries." As hard as it is to say, Ross needs to give the new GM full control of the process and let him choose his coach. Otherwise, the decade of rebuilding will turn into two and by that time Ross might not be around.

Unlike the other sports where you can buy wins in the NFL you need a system in place. Unfortunately for us fans, the people in charge of this organization don't have a clue how to go about doing that.

PLPUS valid opinion backed by thought and facts...I love speaking with folks like you, Mark, Phins78, Kris, Dashi and yes even Craig M. No name calling just good debate. You act like adults!

Aside from Nolan Carroll, Philip Wheeler, and Tyson Clabo I'm not sure how some folks can come to conclusions on certain players when the whole unit isn't executing at a decent percentage of the time.

Even the so called tension between Tanny and Wallace is nonsense. If Wallace has a problem it's on the coaches.

I think the design of our passing game at least in theory is to try to exploit mismatches. That's the reason the Dolphins said they didn't want a #1 receiver to start with. It's also the reason that Jon Gruden and Keyshawn Johnson had trouble in Tampa. Of course Gruden even had Johnson on the sideline for some formations.

Ultimately Johnson, the fans, and the owners that paid Keyshawn all that money, won that battle. Gruden started making it more of a point the get him the ball and it actually paid off.

Sadly though I actually think Johnson was more of a complete receiver than Wallace and he wasn't even that good.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 13, 2013 at 07:19 PM

Spoken like a true NYer! I agree 100%. To take it a step futher the Redskins have been trying for many years to buy a championship. Snyder finally learned you cannot do that in the NFL...chemistry is too important in the locker room.

Bill A.

Wallace doesn't want to play for us though. He is almost a carbon copy of Ted Ginn, going down so easily, never breaking tackles.

He can get open deep though thats for sure. As you said with RT's deep ball its hard for him to get into gear.

The coaches have had so much time to fix this and its hasn't been addressed. In an attempt to fix the problem they have been throwing those horrible screens etc.

A burner WR with an average of 3.8 yards on 4 catches is not easy to do, but Philbin and Sherman pulled it off.

I like how Sam I am acts as if he knows what he's talking about.

this game was like every dolphin season.. they do just enough to give you hope and always let you down in the end.

Bill A,

I'm just worried that Philbin might have won Ross over with his power point presentation rather than his coaching philosophy.

Dolfan Rick....agree. Johnson was better WR in my book because he was fearless across the middle and would actually fight for the ball against a defender. Wallace is "timid" across the middle and NEVER fights for a ball. His career stats speak for themselves. 77 out of 100 WR's and 53.9% catch %. that's not including this year.

Mike S,

LOL. It's called a TEASE in the news business.

Bill A,

I'm just worried that Philbin might have won Ross over with his power point presentation rather than his coaching philosophy.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 13, 2013 at 07:25 PM

I think you may be right here also. If the next GM cannot "buy the groceries" he is doomed. In fact it will stop us from getting a good GM. It will set us back for 10 yrs. If that's the case we are better off keeping Ireland and bringing in a VP of Player Personnel to pick the players.

i think the OC, needs to understand that Tann, loves the slot receiver, its evident, and statistically proven.. why are they not moving wallce into slot, when 3 wr sets.... this regime, are either, unable to go with the flow, or to stubborn to make changes.... thats why the tann/wallce combo will never work...

Bill A,

You know have a very sound grasp of the game. I admire the way you defend RT. The guy is performing quite well under the circumstances.

The coaching IMO, is the biggest thing holding him back to be honest. The line are bad, however there are times that they move the ball so well togther. That drive at the end of the first half was a thing of beauty.

What do you think of Matthews and his prospects for the future ?

Bob Dole shhhhhh the lil baby is sleeping that's why she was cranky....shhhhhh!

Posted by: JacksonvilleDolfan | November 13, 2013 at 07:02 PM


I kind of agree with you on our passing offense. We seem to be at our best when we are up tempo throwing short passes pretty much every down.

I get that we have to establish a running game but you gotta keep going with what's working if you want to win games.

I think it will take more than a series or two to change your MO and get the defense on their heels. Then you can start popping some runs in there.

Of course thats the probably part of the issue with this group. They're trying to make their system work the way planned it to but they don't have all the right parts or a whole lot of time.

PLPUS I only defend TH because we have been searching for a QB since Marino. Now we MAY have found him and we aren't giving him the tools to succeed. Lets give him a decent OL, Run game, WR corps, TE then make a decision. That being said I would be drafting a QB 2nd or 3rd rd this year to replace Moore and his $5.5million and to push TH at the position. As for Matthews I like what I saw. He went across the middle and fought for the yards and the ball.


Wallace is not a very good fit for this offense or team culture. At Pitt he seemed to be playing at a much higher level with focus, pace and attitude.

In Miami his lack of all the above is very frustrating. I can't understand why he is playing this way. The coaches again can't get him going. Yes it's no him to a certain extent, but they have a big part in this too.

Bill A,

A QB in the 2nd or third would be a wise move. Its amazing that we paid Moore the money that Bush was asking for.

Matthews is a great prospect and he seems to be a favourite with RT.

Next year with Gibson, Hartline, Matthews, Keller,(if healthy) and even Clay gives you not a bad crew.

A RB that can bail him out like Sproles or Bush would go a long way to improving his game. RT has the biggest upside more than any other young QB since Marino.

I didn't mention Wallace as he may be traded by the new GM.


Agree. I find myself pulling for Wallace even though it wasn't my decision to bring him here.

I have a couple friends who are Steelers fans and they really weren't sweating the loss a whole lot.

If he runs decent routes, hustles and catches the ball he should be a solid receiver in our offense though. I just don't think he's worth $60 million.

PLPUS I think Bush is gone because Philbin doesn't want guys in the locker room that speak out. Look at who he has removed since he got here. If I were Starks I would start packing. He spoke out and gave the Dolphins sideline the finger after his 1st sack.

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