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Look back at Tampa Bay courtesy PFF

There was a time the worst news the Dolphins could possibly fathom was dealing with a loss. Then the scandal and suddenly losing was a secondary part of a larger depressing state of affairs.

Today, with the help of my partners at ProFootballFocus.com, we try to make some sense of the Tampa Bay loss on Monday night. As always, they come with the film study while I add insight.


Despite finding no room to run, Lamar Miller has taken full control of the backfield, out-snapping Daniel Thomas 43 to 13.

Salguero: Miller earned the add snaps as he entered the game having averaged over 5 yards per carry the previous three games and had had his best game of the season in the previous outing against the Bengals. Thomas, by the way, was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Rishard Matthews played his highest snap percentage (73%) of the season. Matthews was targetted seven times and caught five of them against Michael Adams for 55 yards. His touchdowns, however, came against Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson. Matthews had more yards after the catch than all other Miami receivers, tight ends, and backs combined.

In his return from injury, tight end Dion Sims logged 14 snaps behind both Charles Clay (43) and Michael Egnew (19).

When Ryan Tannehill was blitzed, he went 3 for 9 with 28 yards and was sacked once. On throws 10+ yards down the field, Tannehill was 8 for 19 with 92 yards.

Darrelle Revis was targeted in coverage six times. All six targets were to Mike Wallace and he hauled in three of them.

Salguero: I recognize that Wallace is not a fan favorite. But I must share that he generally won against Revis and yet had very little to show for it. On the play where he caught the football out of bounds, Wallace was open by a couple of yards but the ball was poorly thrown. There was another instance when Wallace was not targetted that he beat Revis deep and Tannehill threw to Matthews instead. The Dolphins simply do not maximize Wallace.


The Dolphins struggled against the run. The Bucs gained 140 rushing yards. It seemed as if the Dolphins got bulldozed. But the truth is most of the yards came on the edges not between the tackles. Randy Starks was dominant against the run. He had five tackles, two of which went for a loss.

Dion Jordan played just nine snaps, but produced two hurries on six quarterback dropbacks.

Salguero: Third overall pick. Nine snaps. Dolphins don't trust him on running downs. But honestly, are the guys playing in front of him playing run defense any better?

Philip Wheeler played 49 out of 67 snaps, with Jelani Jenkins (7) and Jonathan Freeny (9) picking up some snaps. Was Wheeler benched for his poor play in the second half?

Salguero: No, he wasn't benched for poor play. He was benched for dumb play. He committed a roughing the passer penalty midway through the fourth quarter that turned a third down incompletion into a first down. The Bucs didn't score as a result, but Wheeler took a seat on the bench.




  • Vincent Jackson caught just 3 of his 8 targets, but two came with Dannell Ellerbe in coverage and the other came against another linebacker, Jason Trusnik.
  • Brent Grimes was targeted four times by Mike Glennon, giving up just one catch to Tiquan Underwood.


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Bill A,

I would love a Player Personnel director to baby sit Ireland. However, Dawn Aponte seems to have Ross' ear and neutered Philbin. But at this point nothing short of a house cleaning on the sidelines and front office.

This team has talent, it's just not being coached or used in the proper way.

I didn't mention Wallace as he may be traded by the new GM.

Posted by: Philbin Leave Please U Suck | November 13, 2013 at 07:41 PM

I stated on here weeks ago that Wallace is not tradeable next year his cap number is huge nest year and the following year. The only way we get a trade is if we trade for a player our trade partner needs to move also. Kinda trading salaries.



We win those 3 we make the postseason.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 13, 2013 at 07:45 PM

We agree but listening to Ross Monday in his praise for Philbin was an eye opener.....all we can hope is that his committee advises a clean house!

Bill A.

Philbin doesn't cope with strong players who speak out, even with good reason or sound advice. This probably has been part of the problem within our entire team.

Leadership muted. This leadership council Philbin has invented seems to be a way of getting rid of players once they are a member.

All the leaders last year are gone. This season who knows which ones may be back ? RI is a goner.

What has happened, in my opinion, is that coaches used to be somewhat open with the media. Then Belicheck came along with his secrecy and anti-media attitude and every other coach started to copy this. What they didn't know was that Belicheck was cheating and had to shut out the media.

Very interesting observations by Armando, but very misleading. Armando uses ProFootball focus data to make negative comments on Tannehill while expressing sympathy for Wallace. However Armando does no mention the PFF rankings for the game and for week 10.
PFF gave Tannehill a rating of 3.5. This translates to # 3 ranking among the 29 QB that took at least 25% of the snaps.
Wallace got a ranking of -2.5. This translates to a ranking of 82 among 84 WR that too 25% of the snaps.
For the season Tannehill is ranked # 7 among QB and Wallace is ranked 106 among WR. PFF thinks Tannehill is among the top 10 QB and Wallace is among the bottom 5 receivers.
Either PFF does not know what they are doing in which case Armando is wasting our time by quoting them or Armando's sympathies are misplaced and causing him to cherry pick data that supports his conclusions.

Bill A,

Ross did give Philbin a vote of confidence as a person and caring coach, however he didn't say too much about his success on the field.

Ross also gave Sporano his full support after the bid to land Harbaugh collapsed. New GM gets rid of Philbin almost without question.

If Philbin goes say 9-7 and we make the wildcard then he stays, but that's not going to happen on our current form.


I have to agree with Bill A, there is no one in the NFL who is going to pay Wallace that kind of money. I guarantee the best we could probably get for him is a 3rd rounder, below Marshall compensation.


Phillip Rivers


No doubt RT is out-performing MW. Armando isn't sold on RT.


Gunslinger on the way into town.

Folks great conversation tonight. Once we put the children to bed its actually fun! I gotta get ready to save NY 12-8 tonight.....see y'all tomorrow!
Watch the roaches come out and trash my good name LOL!

I insist the THill-Wallace failed connection is on all the coaching staff. This is the same coaching staff that does not utilize Jordan, the same staff that does not trust the rookie corners as if they could be any worse than Carroll.

The same staff that tells THill not to run ant not to throw deel saving him from I don't know what. Let him make his mistakes, if he overcomes them only then we'll know if he is indeed a starting QB. This coaching staff is seriously out of touch.

Good luck Bill A. My nephew does 4-12.

Well we'd better find a HC and OC that can use him. I don't doubt he can still play at a high level in this league.

He was out performed by Matthews on Monday. The problems on RT's deep balls and the weak o-line have made matters for Wallace worse.

The lack of motivation to play hard and with focus are equally in him as the coaching staff.

Bye Bill.

nyphinfan, gllmiaspr and red

Im on duty in an hour. I've enjoyed the chat and as Bill says there are some great Dolphin fans out there that can still shoot the breeze in a friendly and informed way.

Take care my friends


The thing that's hindering development is not playing the younger guys. I understand the need to win at all costs but if you're not playing your best players wth is the use of saving for special packages and later in the game?

The frustrating thing is not just the young guys but in the game against Tampa Soliai was on the sidelines while were being gashed with the run and Wake was standing on the sideline wondering WTF is going on.

The only was you learn to set the edge is to play and get experience setting it, not by standing watching.

Mr Philbin Please Leave (etc). Completely agree that Armando is not sold on RT. However PFF is sold on RT since they have him ranked as a top 10 QB for the season.

I found interesting that Armando uses PFF ratings and rankings to bolster his opinion, but completely ignores PFF when he does not agree with them. However he does select the PFF data that supports his beliefs even when he disagrees with their conclusion

I cannot blame Tannehill for not throwing to Wallace. He keeps on letting the team down by dropping balls. Wallace is over rated. He also has no heart, as evidenced on that last play on offense where he failed to fight for the ball against Rivas. This was Irland's worst signing as a GM. He should have kept Long and Welker for the same money. The Dolphins would have been better off.

I actually like Mathews better. The kid knows how to get open and catches everything thrown his way. This was actually a great draft pick by Ireland (7th round).

This coaching staff sucks. That is a fact.

Ross is dreaming when it comes to the idea of firing Ireland, retaining Philbin. A slew of problems come into play with this:

1. Any credible gm wants to choose his own on hc.

As a gm, it's not only about being a great talent evaluator, got to have a defined vision of what you want your team to look like. All the way down to defensive and offensive systems you want them to play.

2. Philbin impresses no one.

Even his own locker room has him fooled. Goes all the way back to last season, this team playing in spurts, seemingly whenever it decides it wants too.

They may give Philbin signal he has control, but on the playing field where it matters most, the team send a contradictory signal. They hold Philbin gullible.

3. Will the real Miami Dolphins please stand up?

Are we grind it out, zone blocking, or wco? So many different pieces for so many different offensive system. It's no wonder there's no real identity on offense.

We need to figure out what we want to be, discard all of the pieces we're not, and bring in the rest of the pieces that will finally make us whole. BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL.


I'm beginning Philbin would be great to have your team in a literary debate. But has just enough real football knowledge, to prove he really has none.

Interesting article, but I fail to see the point. They lost, and the team looks out of shape, apathetic, and now out of playoff contention. Yes, they are still theoretically in the race, but come on... They lost 5 of the last 6 with most against easier teams. If nothing changes, they will only win 2 or 3 more and end the season with another loosing record.

Still, fire Ireland, fire Philbin. Ross still had be very careful who is next gm will be.

GM is tip of the iceberg of how your completed product will perform. Ross screws this up, then nothing changes , when nothing changes.

We're still mired in perennial mediocrity.

Ross dosent want to devote the time to become a hands on owner and really manage these employees like he does at the Related Group.
The top 2 revenue producing franchises in the NFL are Dallas who hasnt won the super bowl since Jimmy Johnson left the team and NE who wins the division almost every year and the super bowl several times.Kraft the owner of NE works very well with his hall of fame coach Belichick.
I know both of these owners devote a lot of time to their business in Jones case I think he devotes ALL of his time to this.In New England it is possible that Kraft can glide along as he has Belichick to control everything that goes on with the team.Absent that type of leadership for the Dolphins I dont think Ross will spend enough of his time and make it his passion in life to win a super bowl.Im not sayin Philbin dosent still have a chance to become that kind of coach,but from where Im sittin hes not there yet.He might not even be around next year depending on what Wells investigation alleges that Philbin knew about toughening up Martin or the clubhouse hazing.

As fans do you thin were the only ones who see that former Dolphins seem to perform better once they leave?


Do you think they're happy when knowing exactly as we do, these players were not USED CORRECTLY while they were here?

As PLAYERS do you think that exudes confidence in their COACHING STAFF?

Remember, OUR PLAYERS see the same damn things that we fans see.

To all of you bloggers on here: Think hard! The only, THE ONLY! different player on the O-Line this year (weeks 1 - 7) from last year when Jake Long played before his injury (weeks 1 -11) was.....guess now, everyone knows the answer.........Clabo! @ right tackle! Now, why did the addition of 1 new player wreck the O-Line in the time period I have referenced? My opinion: The coaching staff pushed and implemented zone blocking to a much higher degree. Last year we had a short training camp due to the lockout. The coaches did not push zone
blocking as hard because of this. We also rushed for over 1800 yds. last year AND Tannehill was not getting n
demolished every snap. (I realize Bush is another
missing piece in this observation. Ireland fu.ked up by
not giving him some of that Wallace money. Bush was
also a veteran who led by example. Sorely missed!) This year, zone blocking is the flavor of the season and we
are not implementing it well. My point? The coaches
are not adjusting well with their personnel. I firmly
believe this coaching staff's WEAKEST TRAIT is not adjusting their schemes to fit their player's strengths.

(Also, not hiring an ex - QB to be Tannehill's QB coach. We all know why.........Sherman's son is the QB coach! Goid ole' nepotism at its finest!)

Does anyone else believe if Pennington was QB coach, Tannehill would be developing faster? Penny did work with Tannehill for a couple of weeks before training camp started. I wish the Dolphins would invest in luring him back full-time. Sherman would not ever agree because his son would be out and his own security @ as our OC would be threatened.

Sam I Am @ 8:24,

I agree with you totally. I am an electrical contractir specialingbin service work. I fix other people's fu.kuos every day. I usually tell the customer, "The guy before me (Philbin) knew just enough to fu.k it up! "

electrical contractor specializing in (didn't proofread!)

IFY @ 4:13 PM,

Wallace drops a lot of passes dead on the numbers. I knowTanne has not een real accurate on the deep ball to him, but as the QB, he does not have confidence in Wallace to catch those 10 - 20yd. Throws.

My point IFY was : I agree. Good observation.

Does anyone else believe if Pennington was QB coach, Tannehill would be developing faster? Penny did work with Tannehill for a couple of weeks before training camp started. I wish the Dolphins would invest in luring him back full-time. Sherman would not ever agree because his son would be out and his own security @ as our OC would be threatened.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 13, 2013 at 09:05 PM


Great Point.

As Sherman's only supporter I found this to be one of his flaws. He is loyal to his coaches. It's his Son-in-law. The kid was decent in college but you can't tell me he knows the position enough to teach Tannehill. Penny would be a great QB coach. Even make him the OC after a couple seasons.

QBs that really know the game. Peyton, Brees, Pennington, Brady. These guys had more IQ than Talent. Marino and Elway were supremely talented.

On why the fins couldn't trade down and still draft Tannehill.

The Seahawks and The Eagles. Both were said to be interested in T-Hill. Remember the Seahawks and the Eagles drafted R.Wilson and N.Foles that draft.

If the Fins were going to do the right thing. They would have drafted L.Kuechly in the First and N.Foles in the 2nd.

But Tannehill will be a pretty good QB. He just needs protection. Like Mark said Today, Tannehill keeps getting better. When he starts to show that he is no longer progressing then cut bait. For know Tannehill will do.

For all of you wanting Tannehill gone, think how good he will look on other teams that only need a QB. The Vikings, The Cards, The Browns, and even The Bengals. Put him on any of those teams. Title contenders.

Sherman is a hack, he has no idea how to game plan against the blitz. Wallace is only good for one thing, that is running deep, he should not be used for anything else. If he caught 3 deep balls a game, and wasn't the number 1 receiver he would be very happy. Tannehill doesn't throw to him because he doesn't know how to lead a pass. He waits until Wallace gets downfield and then throws, rather than throw the ball earlier and let Wallace run under it. That is what real QB's do. Since day 1 Tannehill has been in an BS offense that only throws short balls. Tannehill never learned how to throw consistent deep balls, and unfortunately whoever the QB coach is, they are not teaching him. By the way when Pouncey punched the guy in the head, Tannehill stood their with a dumb look on his face. A real QB would have ripped Pouncey a new one!!

At least this team played hard all the time under Sparano, they were just a QB short, they had talent everywhere! Give me that team Matt Moore shipped, they would be pretty solid these days!

Agree 100%.Tannehill does not throw the deep ball well and probably could use better coaching.
However if you put Tannehill on a team with a decent offensive line and an average running game you have a playoff caliber offense.
On the other hand I believe that the only QB that could possibly excel with the Dolphin present OL, running game would be Peyton Manning.
Unfortunately Peyton is not available.

So Dying Buffoon / Yesterday's Goon / 17-0 Up Your's has a new name?


Well you are off on one of your uncontrollable rants and this time the target is Philbin. You have reduced yourself to the fans you often berate by losing all sense of perspective.

So half way through Philbins second year it becomes apparent we aren't going to win the SB this year, and in your eyes the guy is now a bum.

Well, if you are waiting for a coach to take us to the SB in his second year, you are going do die waiting.

The problem is Ross. He should've fired Ireland with Sparano. Or at the Dez Bryant debacle at the latest. Forget Ireland, its Ross that will never win. He's in a coma. Pray for new ownership.

You could surround TannePuke with an all star team and he'd still stink. He'll never ever be average. He makes everyone around him worse. Just like Chad Henne.

Well, if you are waiting for a coach to take us to the SB in his second year, you are going do die waiting.

Posted by: Hunter | November 13, 2013 at 10:38 PM

Well said.

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 13, 2013 at 10:48 PM

No need to post ridiculously dumb posts.
Ordinarily dumb posts are sufficient.

There are a couple of issues w rt and mw. 1st rt doesn't have much time to throw because of the oline, so even when he gets the rare time to throw he is off. Secondly Wallace is clearly a poor route runner. Rt has chemistry with every other receiver/tight end on the team but Wallace. Also Wallace has horrible side line presence and awareness in general. Even the throw the other night that looked out of bounds, a great receiver may have been able to position their body to make the catch. Same with the desperation throw at the end of the game, Wallace made no effort to adjust to the ball. Perhaps with more time rt would be a better deep ball qb. Or perhaps w an oc that allowed rt to scramble more and hit deep plays things would improve.

There is nothing wrong with Wallace, there is something wrong a QB who can't hit him on post routes to save his life, and the stupid organization that is trying to turn him into a slot receiver, like they tried to turn Bush into an every down back LOL

Why spend 60 mill on a WR when you have crap for a QB? Didnt Ireland make the exact same mistake with Marshall-Henne?

Brady has had a team of mostly unknown receivers and although he's looked un-Brady he's won

Manning, same thing save Welker. Who knew who D Thomas was before this season?

ALPHA receivers are complimentary. Not the main ingredient. That is the QB

PFF is obviously flawed. I can name AT LEAST 10 QB's I'd take over RT off the top of my head!

Anyone who thinks he's the answer obviously doesn't know what objectivity is.

Wow. It seems Mark from Toronto is one of the few rational fans on this blog.

Miami lost to the Bucs because they only have one quality o-linemen,C Pouncy. And one other starting caliber player in the old LT, McKennie. RT and LG both suck and the RG is poor. We lost a good G in Incognito and sub-par but borderline serviceable T in Martin. Everybody wants to blame T-hill, but the o-line needs to be completely rebuilt, except for Pouncy.

You cannot win when your team is totally one-dimensional i.e. 5 rushing yards the whole game. You cannot throw deep when the QB has no time to consistently throw the ball. When the D rushes four and the QB consistently has less than three seconds to throw the ball, with no running game, that is the recipe for disaster. T-hill is playing relatively well for a 2nd year QB with no running game and an awful offensive line. Honesty, this is the worst o-line we have fielded in my 25 years of being a fins fan...and it will not get better till the off-season.

How is Daniel Thomas still in the NFL? Or the CFL? I've never seen a worse RB in my life.

Lamar Miller is a huge dissapointment also.

No, Miami lost to the Bucs because they're terrible.

Again, Saints game aside, and the Pats game (I'll even give you that the refs changed the outcome with bad calls and making them toss the playbook out) We could have won or lost EVERY other game. We won a couple we shouldn't have and lost a couple we shouldn't have.

However, that is STILL average to bad. The team could either be 7-2 right now, but they could also be 1-8.

Fact is, it doesn't matter because it's NOT GOOD FOOTBALL. It's terrible to watch.

I did see an old score from 2011 with Marshall and Moore. 35-10. When was the last time there was a spread like that? That was probably it.

wow.....kudos to Greg Cote.....bold article, and right on--good for him.....Mando, Beasley.....listening/reading?

Marc--you may be right and TH has regressed this year, but dont you think its early to write him off after 1.5 seasons?--especially considering he plays behind the leagues worst line, and possibly one of the worst ever?--small factor, no?

Lose the next two and the season is over.

It's not a goal but it's very achievable, realistic and measurable.

The opposing D's just stack the box against us knowing Tannehill isnt much of a passer.

WTF coaches a QB to throw to a designated receiver. I know who Tanny is going to throw to as soon as the ball is snapped. Progression? Are you kidding me? I like Tanney. However, he needs to (1) learn you throw to the open guy, (2) realize there may be more than 1 open guy, and (3) look for the open guy. The Dolphins offense is throw the ball to this guy and thats what he does. Marino called a play and threw to the open guy regardless. If Marino saw a player was going to be open, he didn't hesitate to change the play, coaches be damned. Tanney executes according to the playbook and unfortunately it is not dynamic. Screw it... I liked Philbin being selected... now I just want Ross, Philbin, Ireland and every other nimrod who never played football to go. Let the Dolphins move to LA, Mexico, England or wherever... I am sick of the ineptitude. My son is 5 and he good get better results as a coach and his only exposure is Madden.

Watched a special on Marino. Made me miss watching competitive dolphins football

I know this Benz. RT has had ONE 3 TD game in a year and a half. ONE! Mind you, he also had multiple turnonvers that day as well.

Now, I know it's POSSIBLE to win a championship if that's the kind of production you get out of your QB (See Gannon), but, it's highly IMPROBABLE!

No, as I've stated in the past. A good QB can overcome a bad line. Romo, Rogers, Brady, Big Ben, R Wilson, Mannings, etc. Can buy time. Rollout, scramble, move in the pocket, etc.

Marino did it. Elway did it. Young did it. Heck, even FLUTIE did it.

They also don't miss WIDE OPEN receivers, or throw underneath in the red zone when there's a WR WIDE OPEN in the end zone (see Hartline)

If you believe that pocket presence can be learned than perhaps.

But, RT is dead to me, and has been for some time.

Marc....couldnt you say the same about the vast majority of teams around the league, ie. most are involved in plenty of close games, that they couldve won or lost---look at the records.....alot are around .500, a game up or down.....the NFCE could be won with 8 wins.....outside of a few teams at the top and bottom, much of what you said about Miami applies to nearly every other team--yeah, Fins are average/mediocre.....like nearly every team

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