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Look back at Tampa Bay courtesy PFF

There was a time the worst news the Dolphins could possibly fathom was dealing with a loss. Then the scandal and suddenly losing was a secondary part of a larger depressing state of affairs.

Today, with the help of my partners at ProFootballFocus.com, we try to make some sense of the Tampa Bay loss on Monday night. As always, they come with the film study while I add insight.


Despite finding no room to run, Lamar Miller has taken full control of the backfield, out-snapping Daniel Thomas 43 to 13.

Salguero: Miller earned the add snaps as he entered the game having averaged over 5 yards per carry the previous three games and had had his best game of the season in the previous outing against the Bengals. Thomas, by the way, was tackled in the end zone for a safety.

Rishard Matthews played his highest snap percentage (73%) of the season. Matthews was targetted seven times and caught five of them against Michael Adams for 55 yards. His touchdowns, however, came against Dashon Goldson and Leonard Johnson. Matthews had more yards after the catch than all other Miami receivers, tight ends, and backs combined.

In his return from injury, tight end Dion Sims logged 14 snaps behind both Charles Clay (43) and Michael Egnew (19).

When Ryan Tannehill was blitzed, he went 3 for 9 with 28 yards and was sacked once. On throws 10+ yards down the field, Tannehill was 8 for 19 with 92 yards.

Darrelle Revis was targeted in coverage six times. All six targets were to Mike Wallace and he hauled in three of them.

Salguero: I recognize that Wallace is not a fan favorite. But I must share that he generally won against Revis and yet had very little to show for it. On the play where he caught the football out of bounds, Wallace was open by a couple of yards but the ball was poorly thrown. There was another instance when Wallace was not targetted that he beat Revis deep and Tannehill threw to Matthews instead. The Dolphins simply do not maximize Wallace.


The Dolphins struggled against the run. The Bucs gained 140 rushing yards. It seemed as if the Dolphins got bulldozed. But the truth is most of the yards came on the edges not between the tackles. Randy Starks was dominant against the run. He had five tackles, two of which went for a loss.

Dion Jordan played just nine snaps, but produced two hurries on six quarterback dropbacks.

Salguero: Third overall pick. Nine snaps. Dolphins don't trust him on running downs. But honestly, are the guys playing in front of him playing run defense any better?

Philip Wheeler played 49 out of 67 snaps, with Jelani Jenkins (7) and Jonathan Freeny (9) picking up some snaps. Was Wheeler benched for his poor play in the second half?

Salguero: No, he wasn't benched for poor play. He was benched for dumb play. He committed a roughing the passer penalty midway through the fourth quarter that turned a third down incompletion into a first down. The Bucs didn't score as a result, but Wheeler took a seat on the bench.




  • Vincent Jackson caught just 3 of his 8 targets, but two came with Dannell Ellerbe in coverage and the other came against another linebacker, Jason Trusnik.
  • Brent Grimes was targeted four times by Mike Glennon, giving up just one catch to Tiquan Underwood.


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how many young qbs could be effective behind this Oline and with no running game, where D's just tee off?

Can Ireland draft RB's or what?

Correct benz...Because there's only a handful of true franchise QBs. And those teams will run away from the pack. They do year in and year out. If RT was one we wouldn't struggle to beat the Bills or Bucs

I gotta laugh at those who say cut Wallace after only 9 games. Is it his fault tannehill can't get the ball deep to him. He torched an all pro in revis on that one deep play and tannehill can't just throw it on a line downfield for a TD. We all knew Wallace was brought in here to catch the fly patterns. He's gotten open numerous times with tannehill failing to hit him in stride. The catches made downfield, Wallace had to wait for. Wallace ain't the problem. All u same guys wanted Marshall gone and now look what he's doing in Chicago. Marshall has a qb who can feed him the rock. Tannehill isn't there yet but I believe he will get there. It takes time to gel

"Marino did it, Elway did it, Young did it"......well thats great.....you just named 3 of the top 10 or so QBs to EVER play the game--but sure, why not compare him to them......thats realistic

Lamar Miller will still get 1000 yds this season. Yeah, Huge disappointment. He still manages to average about 5 yards a carry with a Horrendous O-Line blocking. He sucks!! And let's not forget the coaches have limited his carries. L.Miller should average 20 Carries a game. At least 2 Carries a Drive. For the rest of the season. He is fresh. No Injuries. He barely got the ball at the beginning of the season. Feed him the ball. Make D.Thomas a FB. Let him battle Egnew for snaps.

For what that is worth.

M.Gillislee has been a huge disappointment. The Fins could've drafted M.James. Better RB and Fits a purpose in this offense. Not some 3rd down back that won't see the field til next season when he is battling Thigpen and some Rookie for a Roster Spot. My bet is on the Rookie.

Lots of excuses for Tannehill....haha

I can't say how many QB's COULD be effective behind the O-line they have. I can only speculate. I see what I see. I'm curious if RT even knows what an audible is. They do exist. He has had chances to pull it down and run, to scramble, to move in the pocket. Granted the 2 in the 4th QTR were nuts. It was like a blitz in flag football

Stop cherry-picking quotes. I did include DOUG FLUTIE!

My point is simple. He's not a GREAT QB or he would. That's plain to see.

Marc....and you're so sure of this after only 1.5 years?--do you know how long it took Elway to win a SB, or how inconsistent to sometimes awful he looked early in his career?--what, are you like 14 or something?--did you know Steve Young didnt make his first Pro Bowl until age 31, 7th or 8th year in the league?--P Manning, for all his greatness, has won just 1 SB, while Marino won none......

He sucks!! And let's not forget the coaches have limited his carries. L.Miller

Posted by: !! | November 14, 2013 at 12:14 AM

The coaches have limited his carries BECAUSE HE SUCKS!!

I have a colleague that's a Bucs fan that went to the game. Apparently Wallace got behind Revis SEVERAL times. He was afraid we'd hit him deep. Little does he know...

WALLACE CAN NOT BE CUT and WILL NOT be traded. Look at the numbers! I said this last night.

Comprehension levels are pretty low here.

Make D Thomas a FB?! He can barely block better than MILLER. Make him a water boy.

Funny, no one complains about the OL when Matt Moore plays.

wow, Doug Flutie huh?--you mean, the "great" Doug Flutie.?--seriously?--thats the guy you include when talking about great QBs?--how can you even include his name with Elway, Marino and Young?--iyeah, those 4 names are alwasy lumped together when "all time greats" come to mind--geez, Doug Flutie.....ts like amateur hour I guess.....out

Ryan Tannehill has an Arm.

That is not the problem. Tannehill can throw it with the best of them. I would say Tannehill has the Strongest Arm in his Class. Who can throw further? RG3, Wilson, Luck, or Tannehill?

Can we give it til next season to truly judge the Impact of M.Wallace to this Offense.

They need 1 Offseason to get things down. Tannehill is still a young QB. And Wallace only really has 1 Route. And that 1 Route needs perfect Timing. Cause Wallace won't go after the ball.

I'm not 14.

I know that the superbowl barometer is tired.

Marino is THE BEST pure passer EVER. Anyone who denies that is a 49ers fan.

Peyton is a close second, but, he's smarter than Dan was. Dan just (admittedly) threw the ball around.

1 SB between them.

So, Rich Gannon is as good as Marino and Peyton combined, right?


Those who want Wallace cut will be the same whiners first to blast the team for letting him go when he's lighting it up for another team. If the coaching staff ever uses the weapon properly you will see why mike Wallace is a difference maker

They were hoping TannePuke would improve. He isnt.

OK Benz. You asked questions to what bait me, and then argue SEMANTICS with me?


RT has not shown that ability...EVER

With that said this conversation is tired. I gotta go C*m in Kris' old lady's C*nT.

Good QB's dont ned an OL.

I'm not saying Tannehill doesn't have Accuracy issues. But most of them are correctable.

His decision making has gotten better. Now it just needs to get faster.

I still prefer him to get sacked before he throws a INT.


Tannehill can probably throw 20 Tds this season. M.Wallace needs to get on the same page. Cause as the way I see the season progress. R.Matthews will have more TDs than M.Wallace this season.

At Least R.Matthews can run Routes and he goes after the ball when it is in the air.

M.Wallace doesn't even Return Punts!!

I can't help but think that this team would be a lot better with better coaches! I understand that we have problems on the O-line, but making them run a zone-blocking scheme doesn't help matters. I know they want to be a West Coast-style Offense, but they really still don't have the personnel for it, in my opinion. On D, we should be running a 3-4, but we don't have the Linebackers for it, in my opinion. Ellerbe and Wheeler aren't the upgrades we were led to believe they were.

Ireland needs to go! Sherman needs to be fired as well. I'd give Philbin another year, but that's it. Either lead, follow or get out of the way...

The ooaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Dolfan you nailed it. MarK in Toronto and I had numerous battles about MARSHALL. He STILL dislikes him even though he'll be back to the Pro Bowl AGAIN.

Same problems Henne had with Marshall, RT has with Wallace. Except Henne overthrew Marshall and RT underthrows Wallace.

You can get away with underthrowing Marshall because he's big and strong enough to fight for it.


I never liked Pennington when he was around, or before, but that man could anticipate breaks.

Can D.Thomas Block better than Egnew?

Can he do more getting the ball at FB on short yardage, than at RB?

I guess it doesn't make sense. I would rather have Egnew or C.Clay with L.Miller in the Backfield.

Why Isn't C.Clay the FB?

If Keller would've been healthy. Maybe, Next Season.

Keller is a FA at the end of the season.

As is Grimes, Soliai, and Starks.

We did get Misi extended though...Yep

Wheeler, Ellerbe, and Wallace aren't going anywhere.

That's the breakdown. If you think this season was bad...just wait

Thanks Marc. I just remember when Marshall was here that henne wasn't accurate enough to get Marshall the ball so we blame Marshall and run him outta here. I fear the same happens with Wallace and then were back to asking, who stretches the field . We have seen all season tannehill missing Wallace deep has made Wallace look like a bust. Fans complain about his drops on slants or 10 yd outs. That's not his game people. He was signed to stretch the field. The qb needs to be accurate when throwing him the ball.

Is D.Thomas a better player than M.Egnew?

The Dolphins need to play 3 WRs, C.Clay and L.Miller for this offense to be functional.

When the Fins go to 2 WRs. Hate to say it but I would bench M.Wallace for R.Matthews. or have the 3 of them rotating. Hartline could see a couple plays from the bench from time to time. He isn't a Superstar.

Then I would give M.Egnew more snaps than D.Thomas. I would rather give C.Clay time at RB than D.Thomas. Move L.Miller into the Slot. You can do many things with the type of players the Fins have on offense. The only offensive skill player that can only play 1 position is M.Wallace. Everyone is interchangeable. You can even move Tannehill to WR for a play or 2. R.Matthews and L.Miller can play QB. I bet even Hartline can play QB for a play or 2 if asked.

I'm not a coach but I know what the !! I am talking about.

NFL MIA - Bryant McKinnie says bullying reports in Incog… http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/9972943  –via ScoreCenter ttp://es.pn/lyCHK9)

Mckinnie just got here and is the only one to come out and just say it...it's not a big deal. It's like this anywhere. Martin is a sissy. I'm paraphrasing

The fins have enough cap space and Draft picks to do what they did this off season but even better.

The Fins should have only 1 Priority after resigning their Own Free agents this Off season.


The fins only priority after fixing the Bullying in the Locker room. Is the O-Line. Where the Bullying occurred.


Should all be resigned. Keep the talent on defense together for 2-3 more years. All 4 will be offered 2-3 year deals, Money Guaranteed.

The way the Cap is setup that should cost the fins about $20 Mil in cap.

Giving them about $10 Mil left in cap space to go after Linemen in Free Agency. Get at least 2 Linemen in Free agency next season. Then the first 2 picks in the draft. Should be O-Linemen. Then a LB, then a RB.

It sounds like you are blaming Thomas for the safety. He barely got the handoff as he got swarmed.

That was a poor throw. He has to step in to the deep ball more. He will kinda of go with the all arm quick release and doesn't power it down the field like he needs to get it to a guy like Wallace. He's never had a guy like that to throw to. The constant pressure is causing him to rush the throws also. I think he has the arm. There was a desperation pick a couple weeks ago that was 65 plus yards in the air. Another Hail Mary where he rolled right at end of game went 60 plus and he wasn't even able to step into the throw. I think on deep sideline routes he's too concerned with safety coming over that he leads it to far to the sideline to avoid the pick he needs to watch some old footage of Marino leading Duper in stride causing the safety to be at a bad angle. And they do need to take more shots than 1 a game. I've seen Brady miss plenty of deep throws, but they keep chunking the ball and he makes the adjustments to get the ball there. Of course they are more creative in moving their receivers around and give themselves more opportunities, but I digress. Rodgers is about the only one that hits it just about every time. He's in a class by himself when you combine arm strength and accuracy. Even with him it didn't happen overnight. He wasn't even playing yet at this point in his career. Thill and Wallace need to connect more, but that is not the main problem with this team. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with a whole offseason together and hopefully a better line after Ireland is fired.

Tannehill will be a good qb if they can get help in the line. If they don't, his confidence and his health will be shot. For a second year qb who had no receivers in year 1, and the worst line in football in year 2, I think he's done pretty decent. Great job Jeffy in filling the team's weaknesses by the way. U suck!

The pain--oh the pain.

if they're not gonna fire Sherman any time soon. Then what gives?? Something has to!! Pathetic offense every year !! I like the kid Tannehill, but he's simply not NFL material. Moore time

A couple of interesting articles I ran across in Forbes on the web (I think I've read as many articles in Forbes, NY Times, BusinessWeek, etc. as I have in SI, PFT and Miami Herald the last 2 weeks).

The 1st: Darren Heitner, a sports-focused attorney and partner at Wolf Law Miami, PA, thinks Richie Incognito has a good case to recover the $1M in paydays during his suspension if he appeals. One, because "conduct detrimental" to the team is not well defined and; Two, because he may have been asked by coaches to push Martin.

The 2nd: Patrick Rishe, an Economics Professor at the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University in St Louis, MO thinks it is a clear-cut case that Ross must fire both J Philbin and J Ireland at season's end (although Philbin could salvage his job with an improbable playoff run). The reasons include what he believes will be a loss of revenue this year from the Incognito-Martin affair; and impact to the bottom line in future years from alienated fans and shunning of Miami by top free agents.

Anyway you cut it, look for more headlines with Incognito-Martin in the title well into the future.


Reading you guys bantering back and forth is interesting and amusing but.......

Here's the bottom line guys: I viewed Mondays game as a must win. I thought to myself depending on the outcome, it would dictate the rest of the season. Win, and we go on a roll. Lose,and we go in the tank. We'll, we saw the outcome.....
But seeing the reaction after the game, and still noticing the playoff bracket (and being a bit of a homer), I'm extending the "must win" to one more week.

It's that simple.......

We are not that far off, Sherman has to go. How is he still coaching in the NFL?. Let the young defensive backs play, so we can gauge thier progress. Draft a guard, keep McKinnie,The ex-Chief GM Scott Polisio( sic)It's hard to throw deep when your on the ground.How big is letting along go, and he wanted to be here. Scott/ North Carolina

A QB needs time and confidence in the OL to successfully throw deep. T-hill has neither. He's been slammed so many times and now is seeing or feeling ghosts coming at him. This is not T-hills fault, nor is it Wallaces fault. This is ultimately the fault of Irelame and the Failbin coaching staff. Management and coaches are wasting tons of money and ruining the development of a possibly decent QB.

To judge THill as someone incapable of throwing the long ball with accuracy is unfair. He gets about 1 good opportunity a game when his o-line just happens to give him just enough time and Wallace happens to create seperation. To me, THill has shown a lot of toughness playing behind this crappy ass line and if he can stay healthy, it will serve him well down the road. He is far from being CHenne and has demonstrated greatness at times...something CHenne never did. Those not willing to see the potential in THill are just unwilling to do so and would rather drown in misery.

the entire coaching staff is a mystery. As I typed earlier in this blog, I still believe this is the worst Dolphin in history. If they hadnt been so lucky in the first three games, they'd be 0-9.
theres no reason to continue on this blog,,,,its getting repetitive. how many ways say our beloved Dolphins suck, from the head down.

Don't you realize that Ross and his PR dept are Clowns and frivolous men that have been getting their foot stuck in their mouth since their beginning here? Don't you realize that Irelamd is a Major Assshole both within and without the Organization? Don't you realize that Philbin is a yes man to the above 2 jokesters? Don't you realize none of them will change their ways? We NEED serious People here. If not, sell , or get out!

TVEGAS.....your comments here are just FAT CITY baby!!!
Saw Dan out recently & he told me about you guys giggin', watched some video - who knew ya had pipes man? Cool stuff...I'll get out to see ya sometime - saw ya from afar at AWB but couldn't get out to see you guys that Sunday night.
Its amazing whats happened to our Phins since Shula left.

How come Nicke Foles throws it up and his receivers go get it.
I see bad passes from Stafford ever game and yet his receivers manage to fight and get the catch.


Scott Alderson @ 7:42 AM:

You hit that one on the head. No small coincidence that Maryin's Mom is an attorney who specializes in workplace harassment and discrimination. She used to write a regular article for US Today on this very subject. So he listens to Mommy, lets his teammate's career get hammered, and lets his team down. What a great teammate and person he is. Why didn't he do what one of the Bronco's starting O-Lineman did this year? Can't remember his name, but 5 games into this season he quit! He didn't blame anyone, other than himself. Walked away from a $1 M/year salary because he said he didn't enjoy football anymore and wanted to do something else. That guy at least didn't take the ship down with him.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 14, 2013 at 08:14 AM

Martin saw all the Dollar Signs slipping away when we traded for McKinnie and demoted him back to Right Tackle. It was so obvious, he even waited a game to see if McKinnie would stick.

Halfway through his rookie contract, he saw the writing on the wall. He saw the big money Left Tackle contract slipping away and he needed and "Out", plain and simple. With the upbringing he had and his Mommy's expertise, he juked everyone. He QUIT! But that wasn't enough and he KNEW what had to be done. He KNEW the only way out.

Excellent post "StillHardCore"! Martin is a sleazebag, he quit on his team, is trying to ruin Cog's and is dragging the entire organization down. He doesn't care who or what he hurts, and it's **ALL** in the name of the Almighty Dollar!

As it stands, this whimpTard will come out smelling like a rose. Most likely a gigantic settlement/payoff as well. Martin is the lowest type of scum there is. I just wish he could have been a "Friend" of Aaron Hernandez's, if you know what I mean.........

wow, Doug Flutie huh?--you mean, the "great" Doug Flutie.?--seriously?--thats the guy you include when talking about great QBs?--how can you even include his name with Elway, Marino and Young?--iyeah, those 4 names are alwasy lumped together when "all time greats" come to mind--geez, Doug Flutie.....ts like amateur hour I guess.....out

Posted by: benz | November 14, 2013 at 12:22 AM

ROTFLMAO - You sure you didn't mean "Comedy Hour"....?

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