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Martin-Jordan got into scuffle, Incognito intervened

Last week before he left the team under apparent emotional duress of some sort and well before his camp claimed workplace harassment at the hands of teammate Richie Incognito, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin got into a practice scuffle with rookie Dion Jordan.

Such exchanges, by the way, are not uncommon. They happen plenty.

And, as receiver Brian Hartline related to me in the locker room today, the first person who went to Martin's defense in the fight was, you guessed it, Richie Incognito. And soon center Mike Pouncey was in on it as well on Martin's behalf.

Randy Starks confirmed the little battle as well and said defensive linemen then joined in on behalf of Jordan.

It went as one would expect it to go except ...

The narrative out there is that Incognito was a Martin tormentor who wanted to toughen him up. Well, if Incognito wants Martin toughened up, why would help him in a fight?

The narrative out there is that Martin is physically soft. Well, actually, I've seen Martin in more than a couple of practice tussles and I've seen him take shots at opponents during games. During his rookie year he got into a fight on the field with Starks, who is one tough man, the first week of training camp.

Afterward, Hartline told me, both Incognito and Pouncey were upset with him because in some form or fashion Hartline seemed to agree with Jordan about the exchange.

So even on a non-physical level, Incognito and Pouncey had Martin's back after the fact.




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Thank You Jeff Ireland for drafting Jonathan Martin
Another wasted 2nd round pick
How does he still have a job?

While Cogs is no angel, I wish the players and I am talking about the people that actually know him, would call a players-only meeting and threaten a sit-out if Cogs isn't re-instated. Martin is not being told he can't play. Why is he not in uniform? Why? Big meanie Cogs is gone. It's because he is being advised by his lawyers ( parents). This was a pre-meditated ploy once he was sent to RT position. I was all out against Cogs when the story broke, but within 24 hrs., I had questions. After this week and his teammates ALL support him, black and white, " something is wrong in Houston" folks.

Perhaps Martin is an Obama plant to bring down the NFL with his parents connections to high up liberals.

All you guys bitching about the team toughening the kid up, what sport have you ever played in where you have not heard that at least once let alone a thousand times. The voice mail is not even connected to that.

Must be jets fans, jealous your team is not getting crapped on.

I believe this story will strengthen this Dolphin team in a us against the world way. Starting with the Tampa game you will see this team string a number of wins together to make it into the postseason
Just watch

Now I know the reason Martin gave up all those sacks.

DE says "Hey Jon, I'm sacking your QB, If you try to stop me I'm killing your mom and Sh@tting in your face"!

At 6'5" 320 lbs, Martin could get in the Guinness Book of World Records for worlds biggest P@$$y!


Nothing "pro" about the NFL's investigation, other than the "pro", politically-correct spin they will put on it. Unfortunately, Cogs will probably get eaten alive, regardless of the fact that EVERY TEAMMATE that has been quoted loves the guy. Something is wrong in that process if you ask me, where the people most directly affected (his teammates/friends) have no say in what happens to him. Not much of a democracy at NFL and Dolphins' headquarters. I would venture to say a decision has already been reached, the rest is all pomp and circumstance. What a gay league the NFL has become.


Good comment. Should have stayed in the lockerroom, but the whistleblower needed Momma's teat to suck on. What an A-hole!

Looks like Richie is the good guy here. Sapp is a bunghole who beat up his significant other during Super Bowl week a couple of years ago and almost lost his nfl network gig.
It would suck if Richie is gone.
Look at all the pics in social media websites where Richie and Martin are together.
Even Randy Starks, who is black and one tough customer has Richie's back.
Hope Martin is well but he created one heckuva mess.

I've been saying for 3 days much adu about nothing and that Richie was loved and it was out of context while you sissies were calling Richie a racist and a bully. Joke's on you

Dear Mr. Salguero

It seems to me that Richie Incognito is jumping on the hand grenade tossed into the Dolphins locker room by Johnanthan Martin.

Richie Incognito is labeled dirtiest player in the league yet I'll bet my last dollar every player in the NFL would want Richie Incognito in there fox hole

Don't let the terrorists win Richie

Soiled :)

Guarantee that once ALL THE FACTS come together we will learn that Martin has mental stability issues and is unable to deal with the stresses that come with starting in the NFL.

Incognito has been in the league a long time. He has been guilty of several infractions and involved in a few bad situations. But I don't recall ever hearing him described as a racist or a bully of other NFL teammates. Why after his several years in the league is he suddenly in this situation? I am sure he left an inappropriate message. I am sure he pushed the limits with the NFL tradition of hazing.

But is he really the racist bully the media jumped to portray him as? I just am not buying it.

PS. The world's largest vagina...hilarious

I wish Cogs teammates would do something to get the NFL's and Dolphins' attention on this. A player's-only meeting with a vote taken. This vote would ask if they want Cogs and Martin back on the team. I bet you they would all vote yes on Cogs, but probably be divided on Martin.

so Mando, and many of the other spineless weenies here, who have no conviction or loyalty.....who bail at the first whiff of trouble--the "I told you so" crowd......after todays developments and players comments, do you still feel this team has no leadership?

Just finished reading Dave Hyde's column in the Sentinel....

....Dolphin players told him that J Mart played the very voice mail in the locker room on more than one occasion, and was laughing about it with them...

.....What the hell is going on here ?...What exactly is the truth?

.....I think when all the facts are out, (and they will be, can't help but be with the NFL pressing the investigation, and other groups applying pressure) we are going to be looking at this in a different light.....

The return of a soiled man..

Sir Soil, please enlighten us with a lovely poem...

Mando, and others.....answer the question honestly....after what we've all found out in the last couple of days, would YOU want Incognito to have your back?--to be with you in a bar fight?--if you're a QB, would you want him protecting you?--dont be a hypocrite......answer the question.

Incognito's a total jackass. He's been kicked off of EVERY team he's played for LOL

damn right you would

Fans if you haven't seen the THILL press conference you should check it out. I think he did a good job in a tough situation. While Philbin had to stick to the party line as the HC I thought THILL stood up and said his peace. He should real LEADERSHIP.

This second year QB stepped up today and I believe his teammates will value that. This kid took a big step forward.

Jay, fyi....grown men dont/shouldnt use "LOL"......my 12 yr old daughter and her friends do--unless you're a chick.....

they're finally defending themselves.....was only a matter of time--good for them

Signing Incognito = Big mistake

....of course you want him at your back...and..if a person is being bullied, that person AVOIDS contact with the bully...he doesn't pal out with him, go to clubs, stand next to him on the sidelines.....something is very wrong with the picture being presented...

..and I blame the Dolphin coaches and staff..they had o have known...why did they let it go.?...maybe because it was not the picture that has benn painted for the public to this point..

..when the facts come out, we are going to be very surprised...

Now, a week after the incident, public opinion has clearly swung the other way and Incognito is not looking like a big bad bully that the press first made him out to be. How many people here feel that maybe the Dolphins management jumped the gun in saying he would never play here again? Who here thinks Cogs belongs back on the team, and maybe it's Martin that should just stay away until he can sort through his mental troubles. Maybe then he should be the one to apologize to the team and fans for creating this whole soap opera. I'm sure at this point Cogs would personally apologize to Martin for possibly being a little too insensitive to his feelings. But Martin should have been man enough to push back at some point and say enough is enough. Judging from the players reactions, it seems Martin is the one who's carried this a little too far with the media.

So where is Irescum in all of this? Curled up hiding in the fetal position?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Please pass this on to Richie Incognito for me

Saul Goodman, Attorney at law (505)-503-4455

Saul Goodman... I'll turn that addiction into a prescription

Saul Goodman... I'll make it legal

Saul Goodman... I know a guy that knows a guy who will take care of it

Soiled :)

and Im not crushing Martin here, in no way.....seems clear he coulda/shoulda handled this differently, but we werent in his shoes--unfortunate situation, all the way around.....but now its very difficult to see him coming back to this team, and I honestly think it will be difficult to return to any team......he broke the code......thats not good.

Racism has no place on the Dolphins.

Fireland.....problem is, 50 players in that locker room, and others across the league, disagree with you--so here's the way it goes......their vote counts, and yours doesnt--capeche?

agreed DeltonaFinsFan.....J Mart went outside the circle....big mistake..

..coach Philbin spoke to him, and let it continue..bigger mistake...

..Jeff Ireland ...the biggest mistake of all...has said NOTHING publicly.....

...what a joke...Ross took a group of INEXPERIENCED coaches , on NFL Terms, and a learn on the job GM, who stopped at GM 101, and tried to make it a success....

...always remember, Philbin was like his 4th choice for a Coach....all because he wanted to stay melded to Ireland...

...now he's paying the price for ineptitude

shula.....have you been sleeping today?--the players......the opinions that count.....dont consider Cogs racist--what dont you understand about that?

"The narrative out there"....that is the narrative you have helped to create Armando.

It's a shame one of our probowl guards and bright spots on an otherwise terrible line is gone. Since Incognito has came here he has been a great player for us on the field. I really don't care what happens in personal relationships off it. We all know there is a lot of worse things going on in the NFL. Prostitution, drugs, gambling, womanizing. It happens in every club. It's pathetic that Martin broke the code. He should never play in the NFL again imo.

Dear Mr. Salguero

There once was a man named Incognito

He had a friend who went bandito

with all that was said, the lies in his head

Poor Richies career is now Finito

Soiled :)

shula.....our/normal people's definition of racism.....is not their definition of racism.....and if you didnt notice, its THEIR locker room---SO (follow me here, ok).....their definition, in their world/locker room, counts--yours/ours.....doesnt

Don Shula would never have a racist bully like Incognito on his teams. Philbin will be suspended a minimum of 1 year for lack of team supervision.

And shame on the National media jumping on Incognito without proper evidence. Like Chris Carter didn't do COCAINE and Keyshawn johnson really? yea he was a saint. Give me a break. I'm not even gonna mention Sapp. I wish someone would air there dirty laundry to the world. Judge not lest ye be judged.

Incognitos dad said Pouncey is doin drugs. YIKES!

Jay.....not complicated.....the players dont consider Incognito racist--their rules/their world--dont have agree or accept, but respect it

It seems that every day something new about this comes to light. I think we should withhold judgement of both Martin and Incognito until the facts come out in the investigative report. However, it seems the only folks that are having a field day with this are the sports writers and commentators. It has even leaked over into the regular news and talk shows. Guys like Bill O'Reilly (Fox) and Al Sharpton (MSNBC) are all voicing their opinions about the subject.

Whatever happens happens! Miami needs to focus on Tampa Bay right now. And, take their anger out on them!

In every locker room in the NFL they play a majority of RAP music. How many times a day do people here the N Word used in a context of brother or just in a rap. There is a big difference in the context of how you use the word. IE. Riley Cooper he was confrontational and threatening and using to hurt people. Incognito was obviously joking with his "friend". BIG DIFFERENCE. It isn't the 70-s80-s this generation isn't as PC and the n word is very often. Don't be naive.

Incognito is a dispicible human being. Glad he's off my team.

Okay...here's my prediction....the league suspends Cogs for x number of games for conduct unbecoming a NFL player....it gives the Dolphin organization a slap on the wrist for allowing the situation to spiral to its present level...(blah blah blah)

...Cogs issues a formal apology for using the n-word, and explains the voice mail was done in gest (remember, we have not EARD the tone of the voicemail--the text we have seen included HA HA's)..and it was not the entire message....

...the Dolphins make a statement saying that they regret the fact that it occurred , and will better police their players/locker room, etc.

...the Dolphins agree to undisclosed compensation to J Mart...

...he never has to play another game for anyone, which is fine, because now NO TEAM wants him...

....the Nf\FL makes a statement saying that EXCESSIVE hazing of players will not be acceptable, and that any BULLYING will be met with serious consequences (yadda yadda yadda).

...and next training camp season, the rookies will still be fetching Gatorade and buying lunch, etc....

and the Washington Redskins' team name will still be politically incorrect....

I guess some idiots think Cogs was kicked off every team he's ever been on because he's innocnt LOL

An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.

The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on Obama's plan".. All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A.... (substituting grades for dollars - something closer to home and more readily understood by all).

After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy. As the second test rolled around, the students who studied little had studied even less and the ones who studied hard decided they wanted a free ride too so they studied little.

The second test average was a D! No one was happy.
When the 3rd test rolled around, the average was an F.

As the tests proceeded, the scores never increased as bickering, blame and name-calling all resulted in hard feelings and no one would study for the benefit of anyone else.

To their great surprise, ALL FAILED and the professor told them that socialism would also ultimately fail because when the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to succeed. Could not be any simpler than that?

Amazing. Belicheat and the Pats have an alleged murderer and gun dealer on their team and not half the media hysteria this is getting. Ya feelin me Chris Carter?

Yep, Martin seemed to be unhappy with football and maybe other issues. He seems to be using Incognito as a scapegoat. If the reports are true that he and Cogs are friends and hang out, he doesn't seem that distraught and took the text as sarcasm. He has legal council in the family who then more than likely advise him to use it as a scapegoat. I think McKinnie coming in and Martin being moved had ALOT to do with his mind set. Incognito would have quite a bit more support if he hadn't used the racial slur. One day people will wise up and leave racial slurs out of their vocabulary. Even if u think u have the green light to use it in a joking manner, u shouldn't.


Your 1-sentence opposing opinions are only being posted to stir the pot. No one is buying it. Go away before I "rip your head iff and sh.t down your throat!" (laughing)


Let me guess: You have health insurance as a job benefir? ( Meaning someone else pays for all, or part, hence your opinion to not upset "your" applecart.)


Matt Weiss you ignorant liberal slob. Leave it to a j e w to consider legal action as the best recourse. You've missed the point, which doesn't say much for your intelligence. When people criticize Martin for lacking toughness, they're criticizing the boy (I can't call him a man) for lacking mental toughness. So your pathetic rant about him going up against the toughest in the NFL is pure nonsense. Clearly you're an idiot. You're not even in the stratosphere here. Come back when you actually have a point.

This is beginning to look more and more like Martin is starting to show signs of somekind of mental illness. Almost all serious mental illness rears it's ugly head between the ages of 18 and 25, the more I hear about this and hear the players talk about how good of friends Martin and Cogs were, I think Martin just snapped possibly from a mental condition now emerging. Alot of what is happening does not add up and I think this an isolated case of a severe personality conflict mixed with mental illness, its the only thing that makes sense to me. The only other thing would be that someone else and not Martin is pulling the strings now, possibly his parents. I honestly think Martin would apologize to Cogs and move on, but now this thing has blown up so big there is no turning back and now has momentum of its own. I think the team is going to rise above this and actually play much better, they are pissed right now about how the media is slandering the locker room for no leadership, This may be the kick in the ass this team needs. More to come....

martin will probably sue for descrimination because nobody wanted to sit @ a table with him after he told them he is gay.

Reinstatement for Incognito. Period. Fire Ireland. Period. Stop picking practice squad players from a crappy starting O line in Dallas,!!! My God!!!

Actually, I'm starting to think there's credence to him being a gaaay. I'm sure he gets called a rooster-puffer every day, joking or not...that's gotta wear in on a home oooh....

It's really the only thing that makes sense besides a lawsuit conspiracy. Nobody saw any signs of depression. Nobody thought Richie was particularly tough on him. He goes straight to the hospital for 'mental anguish'....

Come outta the closet man

I think it's sad that the Miami Herald has taken on the PR role for the Dolphins and Incognito.

Brian Hartline has been on the airwaves all day with stories defending the guy.

It's obviously some sort of coordinated PR campaign by the team.

You know, us vs. him. Let's smear the guy a bit

I love the guy's saying Martin is mentally ill......

Let's be clear. Incognito rang him up and:

1: Threatened violence
2: Demanded money
3: Laughed at his mother
4: Threatened violence against his mother
5: Threatened to rape him (!?)

If you think that's normal, then I'd suggest both you and Incognito are mentally ill

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