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Martin-Jordan got into scuffle, Incognito intervened

Last week before he left the team under apparent emotional duress of some sort and well before his camp claimed workplace harassment at the hands of teammate Richie Incognito, offensive tackle Jonathan Martin got into a practice scuffle with rookie Dion Jordan.

Such exchanges, by the way, are not uncommon. They happen plenty.

And, as receiver Brian Hartline related to me in the locker room today, the first person who went to Martin's defense in the fight was, you guessed it, Richie Incognito. And soon center Mike Pouncey was in on it as well on Martin's behalf.

Randy Starks confirmed the little battle as well and said defensive linemen then joined in on behalf of Jordan.

It went as one would expect it to go except ...

The narrative out there is that Incognito was a Martin tormentor who wanted to toughen him up. Well, if Incognito wants Martin toughened up, why would help him in a fight?

The narrative out there is that Martin is physically soft. Well, actually, I've seen Martin in more than a couple of practice tussles and I've seen him take shots at opponents during games. During his rookie year he got into a fight on the field with Starks, who is one tough man, the first week of training camp.

Afterward, Hartline told me, both Incognito and Pouncey were upset with him because in some form or fashion Hartline seemed to agree with Jordan about the exchange.

So even on a non-physical level, Incognito and Pouncey had Martin's back after the fact.




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The newspapers and Dolphins are desperately trying to hide the fact that he called him a *****er, threatened to hit his mother, and threatened to rape him.

But read about it yourself.

This isn't hazing. It's a completely unstable, lunatic

This all starts from the top. This should never have it the newspapers and if the coaching staff asked Icognito to toughen up Martin, then they should come clean.
I have said this for years this teams needs to cleaned up and cleaned out. Ireland is not a good GM. Look who he has drafted. Most of these guys are busts. The one suoerstar -Jordan- does not play a complete game. Why are the Pat's always great the draft great, why are the Packers in the top most years, they draft great, The Giants will be back they know how to draft, look at the Colts they have not skipped a beat for the most part. This team for years has not drafted well. It is like baseball you need to be strong up the middle. This organization has whiffed on more lineman than i know, including tightends.

And once again I will "say" it: Martin is crazy ... like a fox.

The story is BS but great fodder for the media. And all media, not just sports media. The bleeding hearts chastise the Dolphins (and NFL) in the typical PC, nanny state context. The NFL is NOT a microcosm of society nor can it or should it be.

Quick everyone, let's send Jeff Dunham to jail because his puppet says he's going to kill us all!

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