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Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito together again

For one fateful afternoon on Sunday, ill Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and suspended left guard Richie Incognito, teammates on the field and friends off, were together again.

While the Dolphins played against the San Diego Chargers, Pouncey and Incognito got together at Pouncey's house to watch the game, Pouncey said Wednesday.

That was among the handful of interesting facts Pouncey shared during an interview with a group of reporters today. The others:

Pouncey said he wants to play against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday but admits it will be up to coaches.

"I want to play," he said. "I feel good. I feel good enough to play but that decision is going to be made by the coaches and the doctors but right now I feel like I can go out there and play a football game."

Pouncey looks noticeably thinner. He said he's only lost five pounds after spending several days in the hospital with an illness he said began with food poisoning.

Pouncey also said he has already met with NFL investigator Ted Wells. The Miami Herald has reported Pouncy and offensive line coach Jim Turner were of particular interest during this investigation into harassment allegation by Jonathan Martin.

Pouncey admitted he's happy his interview is behind him.

Offensive tackle Tyson Clabo also confirmed he's already met with Wells. He declined to provide specifics because the Dolphins and Wells have asked players not to comment.

By the way, the injury report is out. Pouncey didn't practice but only participated in conditioning and rehab. Cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) also did not practice.

Dannell Ellerbe (knee), Reshad Jones (groin), Mike Wallace (hamstring) and Chris Clemons (knee/shoulder) were limited in practice.


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Pouncey and Cogs together again? And when does Pouncey become a free agent?

The WRITINGS ON THE WALL. Management best read into it. Trade Pouncey now, he isn't resigning. Trade him ASAP, while we can still get something in return.

sam u cant trade anyone now, deadline passed

MR Ross, please place Pouncey on the trading block now. No later than the offseason.

Pouncey is not resigning in Miami. I would bet my mother on it!

Hey retard from above, Pouncey is a Pro Bowl caliber center, they dont grow on trees.

dusty I'm talking about over the offseason. Doesn't Pouncey have 1 more yr before becoming a fa?

Best trade him before he walks for free.

sam relax let new gm figure stuff out

Mitch, exactly why you trade him before he walks for fee. See, I can civilly express myself without any childish name calling.

It works, you should try it sometimes sport.

dustybottom, if Pouncey counts Cogs as a friend, he counts th organization as an enemy. Pouncey wants out and e will leave as soon as he becomes fa.

sam hes under contract next year. not worried one bit, we might want him to leave. a ton of changes are coming so he may love it it here

Pouncey = overrated.

Pouncey = Going to Federal Prison.

Pouncey = noticeably thinner, has lost strength, was never strong by NFL standards to begin with, can't block at the point of attack.

Mitch is a retard, used a cliche', doesn't know what he's blabbing about.

Pouncey is not pro-bowl caliber.

He's a name because of where he was drafted, he's a name because of his brother.

Jake Grove was far better.

Pouncey = decent player, same as Tim Ruddy.

Pouncey = doucheb@g, see FREE HERNANDEZ.

Yeah Dusty yeah !!!

I can't believe Nolan Carroll is still on the roster. We dunk Sean Smith and Vontae and keep Carroll ?

The money we spent on Patterson was a joke too. The reason so many gave up on him was his durability.

This regime held so many players back to give the vets time when given the chance the young guns have been great.

Matthews, Clay, Brenner and Garner.

Pouncey, Pro Bowl calibre. You see thats what he think too and he just doesn't play like it either. He has been nowhere near Pro Bowl level.

We can't even get 3rd and 1's running behind this guy, he consistenly falls off his blocks early and plays hot and cold.

Also his friends are always the badass loud mouth types. Give him the boot is he classless and we don't need him.

Nate Garner is playing better than Pouncey has all year. I like Garner and hope we keep him at center next season.

Ad to right reads :

Introducing BUTTERFLY

A new kind of discreet protection for accidental bowel leakage (ABL).

Jonathan Martin should try BUTTERFLY, since he's full of sh*t.

i honestly hope we have an entire new oline next year

The O line on the Chargers game look decent, even with a guy of the practice squad...he want to play.


Im sure that would be cool, but Brenner and Garner may be able to hold down those jobs till next year. So far they have been good.

I agree the rest are not worth keeping. Jerry has been better than last year, but I guess you are right.

He is supporting his friend. End it there! Martin is straight toad!!! Trade him the colts for a 3rd.

Donnie B,

They line did play well and McKinnie gave a good effort at LT also. I doubt he will be back but who knows, as a back-up he may available ?

Pouncey and Incognito are not buddies, simply teammates. They met to get their stories straight before the interview.


Harbaugh may also take him as he sung his praises during Bgate. He won't get a third though, maybe a 5th or 6th.

brenner no way, practice squad guy for reason, nothing special. garner solid backup. ill take an entire new 5

Against the Chargers he played well. If he continues this way for the rest of the year he will be back.

I guess the draft will be used to get at least two starters and FA a couple more. It will be a gamble with Ireland though.

I have to give kudos to Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald. That is the best piece that I have seen a reporter write so far about this bogus Martin scandal. I cannot believe all of the garbage that has come from the media regarding this story. Those hypocrite former athletes disgust me when they say this is not what happens in an NFL locker room.

My main worry right now is Roger Godell and how he deals with crisis. He may end up punishing the fins by taking draft picks and some coaches may lose their jobs as a result (Turner). Jimmy Johnson has been one of the few former NFL guys that have said it like it is on the Mike and Mike show. "This would not have happened 10 years ago, this is the most overblown story; 10 years ago this would have been viewed as a troubled player who walked out on his teammates."

Once again my hat is off to Michelle Kaufman for being a true professional and a real journalist!

Indigestion, it was indigestion. Something did not go down well in him.

Dusty's right, Garner good for about 3 games max in relief. Then he's instant turnstile and can't block a run hole through fly paper.

That's always been his history. Reason why he's been around so long and never won a starting spot. He has only two gears. Decent and awful. You'll see.

Orlando this team's a real GM away from ever making a decent playoff run anyway. That's why I don't feel offended nor do I care about the current overblown media issue.

It's all still good press for the NFL shield as a whole. And something g to keep our lazy ass press busy.

Poor investors(with that roll logic). btw, the ethnic background of that person that was being made fun of in the Miami locker room was ......French Hindu.

The NFL caters to our primal barbarian instincts. The NFL will always be popular, even if for no other reason but to make us fight amongst ourselves.

We DID open some huge holes in that SD D line that were not there when Pouncey and Incognito were playing. That's a fact. Go over the film again if you don't believe me.

The organization is doing what they have to do. Pouncey realizes this. I'm sure behind close doors the FO doesn't really care if he is friends with Cogs, they were to.

This whole thing is nothing but pure CYA.

We WILL miss the Dick Butkus who used to bite People while in the pile, the Larry Wilsons who used to take his false teeth out then jump in the air and hit People with his face mask, crazy Jack Lambert, Conrad Dobler and Jack Tatum, fine Players according to their own rights, and many more of these beauties. Shame. We will miss them.

Oscar, remember Garner played RT and Martin LT when Jake Long went on IR near the end of last season.

Garner gave p 3 sacks alone in the final game against the Pats. Garner has 3 games max where he plays decent. Then the wheels totally fall off.

He's like the NFL version of a relief pitcher. 2-3 strong innings and you snatch him out of there. As great as Mariano Rivera is, you can get 1-3 great innings from him max. hat's why he only found his niche in baseball as a closer. But the best of all time.

Gardner has always done best as an interior lineman, same as Dallas Thomas is.

He did have a low snap to RT and gave up a sack, but broder, were they piling it on that SD line.

Many times I wonder how come Fans like me and many others here immediately realize the mistakes being committed by the Coaching staff and they don't(realize it)(or don't want to realize it) perhaps at all. Anybody here has an answer for that?


If Pouncey gets paid by Miami.....he'll re-sign--stop making it complicated.....because it ain't.....never is......never, never, never



Good to see our senior citizens up pass their bedtime conversing the night away.

Ahhh, The Night, I've always enjoyed Her, especially at 3AM.(that was the Moment, you know)

I guess Nobody knows(why We Fans many times know more than the Coaches)(Perhaps they are too "close" to the action and need to separate themselves from it?)

He was suppose to be int he hospital???

LV has Carolina by 4 over Us. Hey, Toronto, LV has been wrong about Us 2 Games in a row. Use your roll logic and invest in the under.

We have been rid of Deityona lately. He told me to get off his nuts.

Maria have you ever had kosher meat before.

Ha!, Marty Cohen does not want the Truth exposed here. Gifalta Fish. Ughhh

The truth?

Which one??

The one were my people built Miami just to let you cockroaches destroy it.



I don't know about Miami at night. I don't like to cross the bridge after dark.

Never understood tis conflict in the Middle East. All those fukkkers there are related gene wise, from the darkest Palestinian to the blondest Jew. Do the DNA sophisticated testing and you'll see its true. Nabucodonosor used to invade the Monotheistic People, take over for a time and interbreed, of course. Then, King David would get rid of the "barbarians" and also, of course, interbreed with those Politheistic People. We are all related. Believe it.

I too think Pouncey is overrated and not a character guy by any stretch. We should copy the Pats' success with tough but smart and character guy they have in their OL. And as Sam I Am posted, for a change it will be nice to get something, anything for a player instead of just letting him sign elsewhere (Long, Bush, Fasano, Smith, really what kind of moron we have at GM).

I love South Florida but c'mon guys, it is not the best place for players with character issues and hence we have this mess.

Mando nailed it on the radio the other day, whether it is Dungy or someone else with equal football acumen and respect we need someone in charge that is present at all times. The level of disconnect between Davie and Sun Life is too big to ignore and like he said there are too many people who report directly to Ross who is never in Miami to begin with.

Bringing a czar that takes away those decisions away from Ross' hands is exactly what this team needs. Philbin will not survive unless he makes the playoffs AND does not get embarrassed if the Phins do make it, say losing 62-7. Need to bring as HC someone with previous experience, no rookie HC. Even if such HC was not particularly successful the first time around, stats do favor them when they get a second opportunity. Dungy will sure think of Lovie Smith. Pioli would McDaniels. Either one would be an upgrade from what we have now.

There is only One Truth, Marty.

I hope Pouncey gets better soon and I would not trade him are you crazy? Please

Also like it was mentioned you can't trade him now anyways hopefully he gets better soon

Oh, Ectoplasm reminded me of one thing. Belichick is another one of those Coaches that has never neglected his OLine.

I may be crazy but if the Dolphins can win this Sunday they may make a playoff run it is goona be tough though

What bridge is that, Marty, the longest bridge in the World? The one that connects Israel to Miami? Cross it during daytime, total, it's the same distance. No?


If the bible teaches you Christians one thing is that it doesn't matter what my people do. We are the chosen ones. Doesn't matter if David was a rapist, or that Moses was a derange Sociopath. Yahweh will always have our back. Heck, he even killed his one begotten son so we can stay in power.

That is the one truth.

I may be crazy but if the Dolphins can win this Sunday they may make a playoff run it is goona be tough though

Posted by: scott | November 20, 2013 at 09:03 PM

Hey I love my team too but do you really think this team is well coached enough and has a clutch enough QB to beat Manning in Denver or Brady at the Razor in January?

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