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Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito together again

For one fateful afternoon on Sunday, ill Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and suspended left guard Richie Incognito, teammates on the field and friends off, were together again.

While the Dolphins played against the San Diego Chargers, Pouncey and Incognito got together at Pouncey's house to watch the game, Pouncey said Wednesday.

That was among the handful of interesting facts Pouncey shared during an interview with a group of reporters today. The others:

Pouncey said he wants to play against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday but admits it will be up to coaches.

"I want to play," he said. "I feel good. I feel good enough to play but that decision is going to be made by the coaches and the doctors but right now I feel like I can go out there and play a football game."

Pouncey looks noticeably thinner. He said he's only lost five pounds after spending several days in the hospital with an illness he said began with food poisoning.

Pouncey also said he has already met with NFL investigator Ted Wells. The Miami Herald has reported Pouncy and offensive line coach Jim Turner were of particular interest during this investigation into harassment allegation by Jonathan Martin.

Pouncey admitted he's happy his interview is behind him.

Offensive tackle Tyson Clabo also confirmed he's already met with Wells. He declined to provide specifics because the Dolphins and Wells have asked players not to comment.

By the way, the injury report is out. Pouncey didn't practice but only participated in conditioning and rehab. Cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) also did not practice.

Dannell Ellerbe (knee), Reshad Jones (groin), Mike Wallace (hamstring) and Chris Clemons (knee/shoulder) were limited in practice.


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Marty and Oscar I doubt anyone is interested in your theology debate except for you. Exchange names on christiansingles.com and hook up to discuss it.

That guy calling himself "Fire Ross Kill Martin Jail Pouncey seems a little confused. First, how do you fire the guy who owns the team? 2nd, his name contains a death threat to an NFL player. That's pretty disturbing. And 3rd, Jail Pouncey? For all anyone knows he has nothing to do with any criminal activity. Does he advocate jailing witnesses? All of these issues are with his name alone. Nevermind the fact that he's so full of sh@t his sweat is brown.


I use J-Date. Don't disrespect me like those heretics.

Well, according to the heading of this Blog, No subject is taboo here. Marty and I are conducting a conversation on Theology here. You not interested, don't read it, Darkoak.



Posted by: ALoco | November 20, 2013 at 08:48 PM

No one in Miami sleeps. Are you referring to the cemataries? Their eyes maybe closed but they are still restless souls.

Well, according to the heading of this Blog, No subject is taboo here. Marty and I are conducting a conversation on Theology here. You not interested, don't read it, Darkoak.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 20, 2013 at 09:23 PM

I would respond but I'm not reading it so I can't. lol

That is true I suppose, but once you guys start that talk next thing you know some weirdo will be talking about beans giving you satisfying dumps or some other nonsense.

The further from football the commentary gets the worse the blog becomes. It's a trend I've noticed since Armando was waving the ban hammer last.


Are we talking about the same bridge?

Israel to Miami = Miami Beach to Miami

I admire your faith, Marty. Probably what has kept your People alive all these years. There IS a place still for belief in a Higher Power. Probably will always be so. However, that Faith must NOT interfere with the advancement of Humanity, otherwise, that same Faith will do you in. Faith, as anything else in this Universe, has to be in accord to All Our Times.


The Winningest QB in Dolphin history is Jewish.

There that is some football.

And Darkoak, my people don't divulge into those 3rd world tactics.

Well, Marty, I had an attending at Jackson, a Cuban Jew, that it was his favorite joke, The McArthur bridge connects Israel and Miami. True at that time. Not sure now.

And Darkoak, my people don't divulge into those 3rd world tactics.

Posted by: Marty Cohen | November 20, 2013 at 09:39 PM

By your people do you mean humans?

Superior Intellect is what has kept my people alive all these years.

Fire Ross, Pouncey is going to jail?? You are as dumb as a rock. If Pouncey was going to be indicted or arrested he would have been. He wouldn't have gotten a subpoena to be questioned. You are the same jackoff that criticizes cops? God you are dumb and clueless.

Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito together again??

They should be in jail together.

Superior Intellect is what has kept my people alive all these years.

Posted by: Marty Cohen | November 20, 2013 at 09:52 PM

Mmmm hmmmm. Yup devout is how you sound, obviously legit and not trolling. Nope.

for what shula, what they do illegal?

Agreed. The McArthur doesn't connect Israel to Miami anymore. But the Julia Tuttle still does.

dusty, you will find out very soon.


I mean the chosen people. Gods people.

lol sure shula, so basically nothing u know of

Oh, so it's not Faith in Yahweh who has maintained you People all these years.? You're a dumb Jew, Marty. Bring in some other Jew , please, preferably a disciple of the Kabbalah

With all that said Stephen Marty Ross will lead us to the promise land.

It might take us 40 years but we will get there.


We have known for the longest that "God" as you know it doesn't exist. That was just a fabrication to keep everyone under control. It has worked for over 5000 years and will still work for another 5000 years.

From Jason Cole

Richie Incognito may have to respond to more than allegations of bullying when he's questioned by an NFL investigator.

According to the National Football Post's Jason Cole, a former Dolphins beat writer, Incognito and another Dolphins player mocked the wife of a team staff member, made crude jokes about her culture and repeatedly alleged that the woman had had sexual relations with players.

PHOTOS: Key figures | Disgraced athletes | MIAMI HERALD: NFLPA investigating

Cole's sources said these activities took place in view of other team personnel and that management did nothing to stop them.

The Dolphins had no comment on the report.

The report came out as the investigator, New York attorney Ted Wells, interviewed players, coaches and staff for a second consecutive day about tackle Jonathan Martin's allegations of daily harassment by teammates, including linemate Incognito.

Coach Joe Philbin declined to discuss the investigation with the media. It was unknown whether Wells planned to talk to every player, or how long he might be in town.

Hmm... Marty. You said you Jewish People were God's(Yahweh) chosen People and now you say God is a fabrication of Man. I think you're a Cuban, non Jewish, from 8th street. C'mon, don't be afraid, tell the truth here, nobody will know.

met with ireland for 2 hours. cant wait to see that clown fired

Marty Cohen you are the biggest fool on the planet...

You will die a painful second death...

Your worm does not die in the lake of fire...

Anyone who doesn't believe in the reserection is a COMPLETE IDIOT!

Not respecting the ones who created the planet shows your dis respect and lack of maturity...

Whats Ireland said about the scandal?

Ahhh, I had everything , $$$, a chauffer, prestige, great Education and Social status as a child. And I still have all of those. How about that? Same as Jonathan Martin and Nolan Carroll? Anybody cares to bully me now. Haven't met them yet.

Dustybrain. The devil you know better...you do know someone else could do a worse job than Ireland right? and put us back even further. Do you ever wish for good things for this team that your supposed to be a fan of? Almost every week you pick against the Phins. The next time you pick this team to win will be the first time.

Yahweh = Jah = the father

Yehshua = the son aka Jesus

Holy spirit = the comforter

Revelations 18, chapters 9 thru 11 explains the World trade center attacks

If the Bible isn't real, please explain how Revelations called out the great beast who is a female, which is America mentioned in Revelations?

truth ill take my chances, ireland is horrible. new gm could turn this thing around

Worse then Irescum? NO ONE!

My name might be Marty Cohen.

But the real Marty Cohen in here is you for letting me clown you without you figuring out the inside joke.

I guess they just picked on the wrong Guy.

In Irescum's 6th year I've never seen a Dolphin team so widely hated....and scandal ridden.

Scoffs....I know we'll just go pick someone off the GM tree and we'll be just fine. You guys are toxic to this team. You guys just won't acknowledge the fact Ireland has done well in any case. Sure he's had some guys bust. Show me a GM in the league that hasn't. The expectations on this board just aren't reality. They are fantasy like. Don't make me go all factual on you dolts again.

Only 5 teams in the AFC have a better record than the playoff bound Miami Dolphins.

History repeats itself.

If I say a short man would try to rule the world. The prophecy sooner or later will come true cause it has happened before.

Twin Towers have been built in many civilization. And they have been destroyed in many civilizations.

How can you whole heartily say that is the book of god when it was created by a committee of men who were ordered by Caesar to only put what he wants in it.

Never mind that it has been revised 1000 times over and has had even more books eliminated.

only 6 seeds man. way to shoot for the stars

Didnt Irescum bring in Incognito as well as Martin? LMAO!

6 seeds and we are tied for one of them.

You, being a born loser, would rather give up and tank the season for the draft instead of actually making the playoffs which are now totally within reach.

yeah fred wake up man. be lucky to win one of these last 6. another 7-9 or worse year for u to celebrate

See, you Posters here have to realize that, even if most of the People in this Country look homogeneous, some of them are not. You make a mistake , like abuse, with the latter ones, you will find yourselves in the darkest pit of Fire, while still you are alive. Guaranteed.

We are tied for the sixth and final seed with 6 games left. Destiny is in our control.

Yet dusty advocates quitting. I guess he still hasn't learned like buffalo, and jax, and detroit that the draft is a crap shoot.

buff? had a huge draft and look better than jets and mia. or kc? or philly? goes both ways wake up. give me a top 10 pick and last place schedule and ireland gone wayyyyyyyyy over a pointless 7-9 year.....again

Jews rule banking, wall street and the military. Basically Jews rule the world. They are the little guys with the brains.

I know an almighty being exist that is the creator of this thing we call universe.


I am a method blogger. I like to stay in character. Unlike some of you clowns.

Religion is a Joke. God isn't.

Trust me when I say that I can run circles around you clowns when it comes to understanding what God is.

I am God. And so are you if you think about it hard enough.

The most enlightened people in this world are Tibetan monks and they don't follow any religion. But their understanding of the Universe is far superior to anybody else's in this world.

They understand us and the Universe are one of the same.

But that is to deep for the regular person to understand. So religion was created by other tribes and races to control their people.

Heck,if they made the playoffs they'd just get drilled 62-7. I'd rather get some high picks and a shot at Johnny Manziel.

dusty my point was those teams have been drafting high for years and still no playoff win. Yet you think tanking one season will bring the jack pot.

That is plain stupid.

Widely hated by a few mutli-name trolls and some fair weather pretend fans? Pfft. LMAO right back at you.

Let's see some stats or facts in comparison other than skewered negative spew. Bring it or is that like too hard?

another smart fan , seeing the light reality. welcome to the club, lets turn this franchise around for once. screw the 7-9 years

wrong again fred, has nothing to even do really with draft. it gives us a last place schedule, and the most important thign easily it gives us a new gm finalllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u really are dumb as they say in here arent u?

Guy who plays the ALoco character, you've already misspelled all of those words multiple times in the past in an effort to pretend you are this ALoco you came up with. You even put the words in the same order as if you have these statements written on a piece of paper and next to the names of your cast of characters.

Lol, how bored are you? Seems like something like that would take up a lot of time that normal people don't have. Hahaha yikes!

Marty how long have you had this irritable bowel syndrome?

This guy appears to be short circuiting. Remember, Johnny Manziel, don't mess around with anybody, you just don't know what they might be. In this Country.

peace out fellas. fins gonna roll heads in 2014!!! gonna take over the east

So dusty thinks that having an easy schedule makes a championship team. That only ensures you will get pummeled in the playoffs.

Unlike him, I don't want to squeak in or weasel in. I want to beat the best, all of the best and leave no doubt who is the best.

Dusty wants to beat up a girl scout and then say he is tough.

Now on Football.

I know everyone loved to talk about M.Ryan vs Long. I will still pick Jake at the end of the day cause none of those QBs in that draft were Real Franchise QBs.

What I would like to talk about is how the Fins should've picked L.Kuechly over Tannehill. L.Kuechly was the safest pick in that draft next to A.Luck. L.Kuechly was basically the defensive version of Mr.Luck. Without the Retard Voice.

Dusty wants to beat up a girl scout and then say he is tough.

Posted by: Fred S. | November 20, 2013 at 10:59 PM

Just like Incognito!! haha

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