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Mike Pouncey and Richie Incognito together again

For one fateful afternoon on Sunday, ill Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and suspended left guard Richie Incognito, teammates on the field and friends off, were together again.

While the Dolphins played against the San Diego Chargers, Pouncey and Incognito got together at Pouncey's house to watch the game, Pouncey said Wednesday.

That was among the handful of interesting facts Pouncey shared during an interview with a group of reporters today. The others:

Pouncey said he wants to play against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday but admits it will be up to coaches.

"I want to play," he said. "I feel good. I feel good enough to play but that decision is going to be made by the coaches and the doctors but right now I feel like I can go out there and play a football game."

Pouncey looks noticeably thinner. He said he's only lost five pounds after spending several days in the hospital with an illness he said began with food poisoning.

Pouncey also said he has already met with NFL investigator Ted Wells. The Miami Herald has reported Pouncy and offensive line coach Jim Turner were of particular interest during this investigation into harassment allegation by Jonathan Martin.

Pouncey admitted he's happy his interview is behind him.

Offensive tackle Tyson Clabo also confirmed he's already met with Wells. He declined to provide specifics because the Dolphins and Wells have asked players not to comment.

By the way, the injury report is out. Pouncey didn't practice but only participated in conditioning and rehab. Cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) also did not practice.

Dannell Ellerbe (knee), Reshad Jones (groin), Mike Wallace (hamstring) and Chris Clemons (knee/shoulder) were limited in practice.


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You are my new hero and god. I will now live my life by honoring all your hickory smoked words.

Tannehill will be a Good to maybe Great QB. But Luke is a surefire HOFer barring injury.

Can you imagine Luke with our D-Line and secondary around him. It would be like having Z.Thomas back. We wouldn't need another LB. He covers sideline to sideline.

My only fear. K.Coyle might not know how to use him.

Oscar Canosa,

I have prepared three pancakes for your contemplation.

The pancakes shall be placed before you at noon on December 4th. Your blindfold will be removed and you will stand before them (silently) for 11 minutes. Then, the lights shall be turned out and you will be led to an awaiting taxi that shall take you to Opa-Locka Middle School, where you will perform an interpretive dance about your experience in front of 300 students an administrators.

Upon completion of these tasks, you shall be awarded a decorative bonnet and a nude portrait of Barbara Bush.


You don't have to follow me. We all have our own path to follow towards the truth.

Jesus was a perfect example, but the people that followed him have twisted his words more than the parables he use to say.

Jews are a joke. If you have ever read the old testament you will just laugh from the hypocrisy that they believe. From Genesis, To Moses the creator of Voodoo, To King David the Rapist. Common sense will tell you that what they believe in can't be right.

Jesus was ahead of his time. Even if he came now he will still be ahead of his time. But it needed to happen then because of what was going on at the time. Real History can enlighten you just as much as religion history. If not to just give you an understanding of the time.

God created us in his Image and people have created religion in theirs.

Just like you don't only listen to one side of an argument to get the whole story. You shouldn't follow just one religion to get a full understanding of God and what is righteous.

I shall leave you with that message Born Loser, maybe now you can Die a Winner.

Okay..have we had enough theology for one night?......

Would love to see us beat Carolina, but it seems like a real long shot to me....

....still, on any given..... etc etc etc....

Go Fins!!! Surprise us !!!

Incognito will get cut immediately if the greviance is affirmed so it's just a monetary issue. Pouncey is an idiot for spending time with him. These players continue to affirm their stupidity and lack of critical thinking skills.

Reports from within the Dolphins organization, if they are to be believed, claim that Jon Martin took part in the same chiding tactic in the team cafeteria, just one week before he was "victimized" by it.

I am still waiting for someone to explain to me how Martin can be aggrieved by the very act which he has perpetrated on someone else.

Furthermore, I would like to "hear" the infamous voice mail to ascertain the "tone" in which it was presented.

Finally, if Martin felt humiliated and repulsed by Incognito to the point of harassment, then why did the two men exchange over 1000 text messages in a 9 month period?

I can't speak for others, but I know if I were so "disturbed" by someone, I would try to avoid any unnecessary contact. Sure, they had to practice together, but once each went his own way afterward, why was there so much interaction, unless they shared some common friendship.

I'm sorry, folks, but this entire scenario has been overplayed in the national media for its "newsworthiness". It sells papers and magazines, and attracts a TV audience. But , from my perspective, it's a too much ado about nothing.

Let's get the NFL's verdict, see Richie get punished, and praise Martin as the heroic whistle blower. We will read with interest the NFL's token "behavioral code" dictum, after which it will be business as usual.

Now, who plays who this week?

Sam I Am:

Just curious, your urge to trade/get rid of/dump Pouncey and/or Incognito is based on what?! What?! Exactly what story/report, etc. did you read to arrive st your decision? Please elaborate....I am waiting on pins and needles.....!!!

Sam I Am:

Seriously, the exact article where you formed your steadfast opinion of innoncence, guilt, or don't give a sh.t! I would like to know what swayed you?! You are obviously swayable, as evidenced by the fact you are ready to can some pretty good players. Please, elaborate for us.....

Well Mando, you did manage to get the maroons stirred up? So Pouncey watched a football game with Incognito,,,,BFD.

Ross time to hire an offensive line executive to address the recurring saga of the Dolphin offensive line or lack there of.

Have to be crazy to think Dolphins win Sunday...Panthers beat SF and NE back to back, plus we won't win both JET games, ain't winning in Pittsburgh, couldn't even beat Buffalo AT HOME....we are in for a bunch of losses.

Why doesn't Obama the great liar get in on the burn Incognito at the stake party. Obama could send his criminal US Attorney down here to also investigate Incog for violating The wussys civil rights,,,,thats a "catch all" federal law for arresting whitey.

Chris Clemons probably wouldn't have a hurting shoulder and knee if he didn't try to dive for the pass the grimes deflected at the end of the game. The friggin idiot tried to tip it back up before it hit the ground.

Mr Ross, listen to your fans. Pouncey is over rated. Trade him now, get something in return. And remember who picked him out of desperation in the draft. Get rid of him too, Jeff Ireland-he must go!

Pouncey and Cogs are friends, they have a similar mentality and attitude. But for those of you who think Pouncey will not come back to the dolphins if they pay him what he wants you're crazy. If your friend at work left and the company will potentially offer you a nice pay raise, you are going to leave right? C'mon. Having said that I think Pouncey is good, is a top center, no way. I have yet to see him highlighted in any instance, not to mention short yardage situation he does not hold his own. Problem might be his not a center, but a guard.

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