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Mike Pouncey back with the Dolphins

Mike Pouncey left the team last Thursday when he became ill with a mysterious condition trainers could not immediately identify. He spent the next five days in the hospital.

Well, he's baaaaack.

Pouncey was on the practice field and stretching with teammates today. No, he's not practicing. Today will be more about conditioning for the Dolphins center. His status for Sunday remain uncertain.

But the fact Pouncey is back is a big plus for the team and certainly is a lift for the offensive line. Pouncey, by the way, is back in time for his interview with NFL investigator Ted Wells, who will talk to him before departing South Florida.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was also present at practice and participated at least on a limited basis during the time open to the media.


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Hmm, I suspect he's back to talk to Wells. OTHERS have REPORTED Mando that his injury (which you still have yet to detail to the blog), pertaining to his gallbladder, is extremely painful. Not sure he can play in that amount of pain. But maybe he can be the backup center in case anything happens to Garner. That would be good.

Gallbladder pain can go away completely if the obstruction passes or moves. Most likely can play if he is not in 'Attack" mode with the gallbladder. In fact with the proper diet he could live with it forever. As long as its not infected.

DC, ur not alone. I automatically thought of middle eastern or south asian myself. Some people of brown skin.
Greg, that's horrible, but I still laughed,... I'm not a nice person I guess.
The more I think of it, to see Richie dressed as the Iron Sheik, that would get me howling too...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 20, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Yeah Richie as the Iron Sheik and Martin in a BURQUA!!

Dolf, from the last blog, your points are worthy but it also wasn't the Pats that made plays that were akin to getting three free turnovers that led to 13 points in a 10 point game. Outright fixed calls. i mean, there wasn't even judgement involved, they were just wrong. The difference in 3 stops in a game is massive, very massive and no way coming back from that ... like i said, it was like the pats getting an extra three turnovers.

IRAN #1, RUSSIA #1!!!!

On paper the Panthers game looks like we'll be SHUTOUT. Panthers are ranked 3rd overall in total defense. Dolphins ranked 31st overall in total offense.

Looks like a great recipe for total offensive disaster.

One major thing I GREATLY dislike about Tannehill is around every 3rd to 4th game played. Tannehill turns into Thanksgiving Day for TURNOVERS. They come in 3-4 turnovers for a single game. Guess what, right now he's just about due.

The #3 ranked defense(Panthers) in the NFL and Tannehill's due for another one of his Turnover cities. Hate to say it, but, this game could very well be won in a blowout to the Panthers. If Tannehill is due to resemble a Vegas version of a turnover slot machine.

Do not be surprised if he does because he's certainly due. Just another bad habit Tannehill needs to break himself of.

Greg, the report I read was the doctor recommended surgery. I'm not sure if that meant he was in attack mode or not. And what happens if he's hit, can that push the "obstruction" back to a place of discomfort? I dunno, but it would be nice to hear from oscar (if he really is a doctor, lol).

Sam didn't you say the same thing before the Indy, Cincy and SD games? Cmon bro your either a jest fan or a pats fan. Time to come outta da closet?

Pouncey belongs in jail with Incognito and A Hernandez.

Oscar aint no doctor he was exposed by BA a few blogs back. But I have a gallbladder issue and if it ain't infected you can live with it thru proper diet. OL and proper diet pretty much not a gimmee.

Pouncey belongs in jail with Incognito and A Hernandez.

Posted by: Scott | November 20, 2013 at 03:59 PM

That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard....said in the daffy duck voice.

I wanna buy my team back. Can anybody help me?

MIT you're an acct. can we put together a group of investors? maybe shula, marino, griese, a fans as stock holders?

Tim, with a leader like yourself, if you can find 10,000 people to invest 100,000 each, you will have enough cash to buy this team.

Start canvassing.

The line played one of the best games of the year without Pouncey. He is pretty over-rated to be honest. He also has some pretty immature traits, such as the Hernandez hats and the naming of 'Big Weirdo' on Hardknocks.

He should spend his time trying to act like a leader and work on his run blocking inside, then we may not be running all those sweeps wide with D Thomas.

dolphan 29.

Philbin never seems to watching the same game as many of us. He was the OC in GB for a few years without calling the plays. He seemingly prepped them for coach McCarthy.

Not good enough Im afraid. The only pass I give Thill, and its a slight pass , is that the weak coaching may be holding him back.

Philbin did a better job against the Chargers, or Sherman did. They got the most out of that line and rolled Thill out with some success, but where has this been all season.

The talent is there to make the playoffs. We are not the class of the AFC, but there is talent here for sure.

I heard Jonathan Martin makes it rain with spaghetti.

Agreed Marco. The talent is in place, but good coaching needs to take that talent and put it in position to succeed. Where was the imagination all season long we seen against SD?. My point is consistancy. This staff just cant sustain it for any period of time. Whether they cant or wont due to ability or knowledge the proof is in their play calling. Philbin gives Turner credit for the oline and how its preformed. Will Turner cry if hes not praised?. The only reward turner gets for his time here with this oline is a pink slip out the door. Thats a reward that the entire fan base can can enjoy together

Pouncey does belong in jail.

Is there any doubt that he's a scumbag ?


It's pathetic how many of you will give the guy a pass simply because he can run block down the field ?

Do you have any values ?

Do you have any values ?

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 20, 2013 at 04:24 PM

DIRTBAG do you have any evidence?

People talking about Miami getting embarrassed or killed this week are dolts. Yes Sam, I refer to you.

Miami has been in EVERY GAME. The Saints game got away from them in the 3rd quarter but, where is the shame in that? I don't think a 21 pt. loss on the road against the most potent offense in the NFL is terrible. Other teams have suffered worse. Dallas anyone?

Miami's other 4 losses were by a grand total of 18 pts. We've also beaten a couple of very good teams with good Defenses in the Colts & Bengals.

It's not as if Carolina is overpowering on offense. They throw for LESS than 200 yards a game!

Everything for the most part is short passes. They are methodical, like us & have to work for every yard.

If Miami can hold to fg's in the red zone, they'll be in this game. Will they win? Don't now but, I doubt they get blown out. Everyone is putting Carolina on the map for beating an average NE team & struggling SF team.

The rest of their winning streak includes Atlanta, Rams, Vikings & Tampa. Hardly impressive. Stop talking about Carolina like they're the 85 bears.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 20, 2013 at 04:24 PM

We have a system of justice in this country. You need DUE PROCESS. This man may be a douche but so are you and we didn't jail you yet?

Thats cool we need both those guys, Dolphins will win Sunday 19-16

Posted by: JUST FYI | November 20, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Don't bother with Sam....didn't you notice Sam post his usual crap and then Fire Ross Jail Pouncey...the Daytona scrum bag pops up? They are one in the same.

Greg at 4:29 pm. Best post ever. lololol

FYI....not the 85 Bears, but they beat Tom Brady, who is better than Ryan Tannehill.

Hey, I believe in "Any Given Sunday" and you never know.

Panthers 24
Fins 17

I think at home we can beat the Panthers. We need to have an error free, balanced attack. If we have to throw 40 times we lose.

Thank you, FYI, I believe!!

This game is at home, but we can hardly say we have a home field advantage with 50000 people in the stands and 10000 of that fans of the opposition. We dont scare teams at home thus i gotta pick the panthers here. 23-20. Hope im wrong

YOu would have a very difficult time convincing people that Brady is haivng a better year than Tannehill.... dam right even by the looks of it to me...

DC, ur not alone. I automatically thought of middle eastern or south asian myself. Some people of brown skin.
Greg, that's horrible, but I still laughed,... I'm not a nice person I guess.
The more I think of it, to see Richie dressed as the Iron Sheik, that would get me howling too...
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 20, 2013 at 03:49 PM
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 20, 2013 at 03:50 PM

The Iron Sheik was a punk, Ivan and Nakita Krushoff Vs. the then Road Warriors!

Marco Polo,

What happened to your explanation?

Still waiting.

Stop hiding.

7-3 vs. 5-5
You tell me....

f4l, u mean Koloff ... and yes, that was awesome. Krusher Kruchev who later joined the Russians also wrestled under Demolition Smash and RepoMan in the WWF.

Nikita Koloff by all accounts was a full blown looney. He was every bit American but took the Nikita character everywhere... like every great wrestler ... he lived his character.

Heck Daniel Day Lewis does the same thing and is considred dramatic genius. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for Nikita.

Dolphins have a chance to win this for sure.

I'd like to see the innovation of moving the pocket or Thill using his legs to keep the D honest. I've not seen one flee flicker this year either. Ok, I don't want the wildcat back full force, but I liked what the Jets did against the Saints with weaker personnel than we have.

On D Jordan has the speed to chase down Newton nad should be on him as much as possible. When Randall Cunningham was running defenses wild in his hey day teams that had fast OLB's would play them just off the line in a short zone to stop him running and be employed against the backs on the pass in 5-10 zone.

The way we are playing on D at the moment won't be enough to stop Newton the way he is playing. Philbin will have to call a great game to win this one. Its not as impossible as some think. My problem is with Philbin calling a great game with Sherman and Coyle.

NH, take away that fix game in Foxboro and they are both 6-4, you tell me ...

In the 80's some wanted their Hulka-Vitamins while I wanted to party with the Nature Boy Rick Flair, as he said often, "Rick flair, high profiling! Limo and Jet Fly'n, with the ladies of the night!

Dashi you will have a long wait Marco is a hit and run artist. He post ridiculous stuff and then doesn't back it up...he maybe another Daytona alias?

hahaa, a flea flicker with that o line ... wow talking about tossing hand grenades in a mine zone....

dashi is one of a kind......

Mark in Toronto. Agreed that Tannehill and Brady are having similar years. Take into consideration though that Brady hasn't had gronkowski the whole year and his weapons are mostly rookies and made of glass amandola. Tannehill has Wallace, clay, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, to name a few. This all plays into it. Overall tannehill isnt in Brady's neighbourhood. Tannehill cant hit the deep ball to save his life. Im hoping tannehill will succeed, but to compare him with Brady is insane. Im hoping brady retires soon so we can have a shot at the division

dolf, so it's ok to make excuses for Brady but tannehill is not allowed any?

Brady gets three and half days in the pocket to make a pass on most plays, let's see leadfoot behind this o line ...

excuses, that's rich....

Here are the stats...that don't lie:


Grouped only the AFC East QB's ....

Heck Daniel Day Lewis does the same thing and is considred dramatic genius. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for Nikita.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 20, 2013 at 04:41 PM

Hey Brother!!! No just kidding, yes an act but especially in the late 90's fun to watch and if you go back some greats! I'll give you some

"The man with the hands of stone" Ronnie Garvin

The Feebirds

Micheal P.S. Hayes
Terry Bam Bam Gordy
Buddy Roberts

Magnum TA

Mark in Toronto. You call the pats game fixed. I posted earlier that, did the refs miss a 40 yd fg, or miss a simple blitz pickup that caused a huge TO. Or Nolan carroll getting schooled by a rookie. what about the fix by refs where Sherman stopped running the ball when it worked in the first half. Yes the refs were horrid. But cmon man. There are more to losses than just refs

f4l, with you there. I was born on the old NWA/Mid Atlantic Wrestling. I still remember the day jack Tunney who ran the region up here sold it to Vince McMahon thus eliminating all Mid Atlantic (Crockett Promotions) from being shown up here. I was a sad little boy. I could've cared less about Hulk Hogan. My favourite as a kid was Ricky Steamboat (pre Dragon days)

Pounce is back. We already knew that. Pounce tweeted it himself yesterday. He used those exact words "I'm Baaack!!"

How does he look? Did he lose any weight?

A quote from him would've been nice. I guess some aren't granted access. Oh, well.

The time off should do him some good. A couple weeks off did wonders for Clabo.

We did play 1 more preseason game than the rest of the league.

dolf, read my post at 3:52. You think the pats could've overcome what the Dolphins did on that day from teh officials? heck, Brady, Patriots, and ESPN are still crying about the refs picking up the flag on one play ... that was called correctly I may add...

Dashi man,

You still comparing Marino and Thill on their mechanics being the same ? I thought that one was gone ?

Have you watched the release of Marino again and compared it to Thill. On that alone you can see they are clearly different, in delivery, wrist position after the throw, shoulder snap and hip movement.

Marino had a smooth delivery with lightening speed, maybe the greatest in NFL history. QB release is a massive part of a QB's mechanical make-up. Thill doesn't have that and I don't think ever will.

Im not an NFL coach of course, but do I have to be to see the difference ?

Mark in Toronto. Im not making excuses for either RT or Brady. Im going on facts and whats seen on the field. Did blocking affect RT deepball to Wallace against the chargers.?. Or all the other deep balls this year. Im willing to bet Brady makes that throw. Tannehill just cant do it yet. Maybe in time he will

Julian Edelman 52 78 500 9.6 2 44 4 50.0 0 0 223 22
Aaron Dobson 35 67 492 14.1 4 81 5 54.7 1 0 189 23
Kenbrell Thompkins 25 58 394 15.8 4 49 8 43.8 0 0 88 17
Rob Gronkowski 24 40 343 14.3 2 34 6 85.8 0 0 95 18
Danny Amendola 29 44 341 11.8 1 57 5 56.8 0 0 90 21

dolfan29 these stats for the Pats rival many other teams. Do not poo poo the WR corps for Brady. As far as the Dolphins talent at WR it is lacking at best. Not to mention the OL...Brady sacked 28 times. Tannehill 42!!

Nice, the Fabulous Freebirds!!! Badstreet, Atlanta, GA!!!


The funny thing is Senor Marco was calling me out last blog for not responding.

Mark T,

Ok just go back into the fetal position them eh ? Im talking about innovation, about keeping the D off balance.

The state of the offense at the moment isn't good enough to take us very far. Im not saying we do they every series, but as things are Thill is a sitting duck in the fourth quarter, have you not noticed this ?

brady sure making that sad bunch look decent at least


You are saying nothing again.

Just admit you don't know WTF you are talking about.

Oh, that is right. You are part of that little crew that never likes to admit that they are wrong.

Its cool.

Greg. All that shows is that Brady being compared to RT is pointless. Ive praised Brady for working with less accomplished talent this year and his whole career except 2007. I'd like to know what Tannehill could do with a better line and that recieving core. what would brady be doing if he had wallace and others like clay and hartline

dolf, all people want to talk about the deep ball, well brady's deep ball is the worst for all established QBs in the league.

His completion rate, yards per game, and yards per attempt are all worse than tannehill's. Tannehill is also averaging more tds per game. The only thing that leverages this comparison back to even between the two this eyar is that Tannehill has a 5.2% turnover to pass attempt rate while Brady's is a pretty good 3.2%. Otherwise Tannehill's numbers are superior. But like i said before, all things considered, even.

Tanny's mechanics look a lot more like John Becks than Dan Marinos.

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