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Mike Pouncey back with the Dolphins

Mike Pouncey left the team last Thursday when he became ill with a mysterious condition trainers could not immediately identify. He spent the next five days in the hospital.

Well, he's baaaaack.

Pouncey was on the practice field and stretching with teammates today. No, he's not practicing. Today will be more about conditioning for the Dolphins center. His status for Sunday remain uncertain.

But the fact Pouncey is back is a big plus for the team and certainly is a lift for the offensive line. Pouncey, by the way, is back in time for his interview with NFL investigator Ted Wells, who will talk to him before departing South Florida.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson was also present at practice and participated at least on a limited basis during the time open to the media.


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I answered your last point an hour ago a couple of mins after you made it mate.

Im here for ya !!!

yes mark, pats run an offense that gets ball out quickly on slants and hitches. love the seam with gronk


I know you are an idiot with a short attention span but I thought Dashi already told you keep my name out your mouth.

You are the type of fool that Dashi Farts and you want to know what it smells like.

Get off my Jock. My balls already hang pretty low without you and your 2 friends constantly hanging on them.

Funny but dolfan29 has the same exact twisted anti Tannehill post as Sam I Am?
Mark you are on here a long time and you should know that when the haters have a hateful opinion with no facts supporting them you can argue with them forever and they will NEVER change.

Mark in Toronto. I just think the comparsion is pointless. You can sit there and say you would rather have tannehill than brady?. Any Dolphins fan would take brady in a heartbeat. Thats like saying Pats fans would have taken Eason over Marino. The deep ball is a big deal when you give a man 60 million to catch that pass and the QB cant get it to him. Ive seen Brady do that this year and his whole career at a prolific rate. 50 TDs in 2007 is no fluke. 3 rings just doesnt happen. Im not a brady fan but give respect when its due


This is great Ted Wells will want to know what tactics Mike Pouncey used to bully Jonathan Martin.....


Thats it ? thats all you have to respond ? You are the one comparing Marino and Thill mechanics my friend. If you want to state this back it up a little.

I've made my comments and you take the weakest way out possible my amigo, by connecting me to this band of bad boys, who spoil your blog time, ha ha.

Qualify your statement please. I think you also threw in P Rivers too. Its not even funny that you attacht Thill to these QB's.

greg. Im not anti Tannehill. Ive defended him countless times on here, but comapring him to brady is nuts. Hes not even in the same discussion as brady when it comes to talent and accomplishments

I don't get the Marino to Tanny release comparisons. To me, they aren't even remotely the same.

And there was talk on the last blog abut Tanny, Marino & Rivers having the same release? LOL PLEASE!

Rivers release & delivery is so orthodox, it's absurd. It's practically a side armed delivery. No one in the NFL throws a football even close to him. Looks like he s doing the shot put instead of throwing a football.

I don't know if people are trying to say outrageous things like that to try to appear smart or con people into thinking something but, boy! Bunch of whopper statements on this blog.

bradys a hof. thills career just starting, no reason to compare the 2. we dont have to have a brady to win, just a solid qb. and i think we have one, now fix the issues around him

I hope Ross loses a lot in the lawsuit. Maybe then he'll sell.

marinso release was best ever

I would take Marino or Manning over Brady anyday of the week. Brady is the product of great scheme with excellent teams around him...hmmmmm no rings since they got caught cheating?????? Comparing a 2nd year project QB to a future HOF is senseless dolfan29/sam

thank you Dusty. Thats my point. i think Tannehill has talent, but needs the cast around him to succeed. Brady was able to do it with scrubs around him

Meant to say unorthodox

Brady can't throw a deep ball to save his life. Reason they always give him WRs that are good route runners, instead of deep threats.

The man just under threw a 18 yard pass to end the game. If Brady would've thrown that pass to the back of the end zone they wouldn't have picked up that flag.


You love the quick empty shots to other bloggers, akin to Thill's passes. Pointless, not accurate and leading to nothing.

Thats not fair to Thill he is the 22nd QB rated in the league, (Mark ESPN in T), 25th after Keenum, Fitzpatrick and McCown qualify soon, thats your thing, go with it.

Whatever even at 22nd he is still your QB.

Dashi. Thill Forward Fast.

Brady, the best QB ever.


Dashi started the THill comparison to Marino and Rivers.

He was talking about their mechanics being the same. He must have been talking about Auto Mechanics, they all have AUDI's perhaps.

'Mike Pouncey looked a little thin today', Joe Philbin says, "he looked good to me" Armando Salguero.

Is there a point to this tweet? Is this what twitter's all about, making pointless statements that in no way enlighten the readers? Is this what people are signing up for,lol, this crap?

Greg. Agreed with taking Marino or Manning over Brady. I agree the Tannehill/Brady discussion is pointless. That was my whole point. The agruement of Tannehill being better than Brady has no steam. Thats a discussion once both careers are done

Keep the same lineup that won last game.

The numbers Brady has are nearly identical to T-hill sure as hell can compare those numbers. Dusty brain your not really a fan either so there's always that fact.

marino best passer ever. elway best qb ever

I already stated my piece.

Now you are curtailing your argument to talk about release point instead of throwing mechanics.

Release point changes with the type of pass you are throwing. A QB has many release points. Not all passes are thrown with the same angle and velocity.

Again, explain your side.

You gave me a list of things that make up a QBs mechanics. Now Explain.

I said my piece.


Listen to yourself. Brady cant throw a deep ball ???

Now you have topped the Thill Marino being twins comment.

You must be pulling our plonkers yeah ?

Brady was able to do it with scrubs around him

Posted by: dolfan29 | November 20, 2013 at 05:02 PM

I am dying laughing at this comment....you CANNOT be SERIOUS? You better go back and look at the rosters he played with he has many future HOF on them.

Jordan has the speed to chase down Newton? zlozlzozlozl


TannePuke has the exact same numbers as Chad Henne.

truth go ahead be dumb compare the 2, knock yourself out

greg name some hofs brady had besides moss

Mike Wallace knows T-Fumble stinks.

Dustybrain....Their numbers are nearly identical sorry you can't handle the facts and you just want to act like a pretend fan. Time to boot up the next name I guess.

still looking greg?

Bo Jackson.

Yeah BO I'd do the same mate. There was nice chemistry with that unit. Ok its only one game together but they blocked well and Sam Brenner was the man.

Clay and Matthews have brought some much needed passion to this offense. We don't really have a leader out there, but I think those two are stepping into this role.

truth who said anything about numbers?? if your seriously trying to compare the 2 u have zero credibility, or did u ever have any?

Why did Brady lose his last Superbowl?

Cause he couldn't complete a 30 yd pass to a wide open W.Welker.

Yeah, Brady can throw deep. When the guy is a 6'8" TE that has a Catch Radius the size of an Elephant.

Brady has dunked and Dunked his whole Career.

The only time Brady won a SB he had HOFers on Defense and a HOF Kicker.

Just sayin..just keep spewing the lies. Exposing yourself as troll too? Name change suggestion for you...Just lying. Try bringing some facts if you can.

I'm not jumping into the Brady and T-Hill comparison cause like someone said that argument is futile until both careers are over.


Tannehill has the Potential to be better than Brady. He has more natural Talent. Even Brady can admit to that.


Newton ran a 4.59 at his combine.

Jordan ran a 4.6. He is the fastest DE-LB on the team and has the size and speed to take him on and win.

truths stats bradys first 26 games 18-8 record 42 tds 23 ints 5936 yards thills 12-14 record 26 tds 24 ints 5768 so your stat argument is garbage also

Dinked and Dunked...

I stated you can compare the numbers you dumarse. There's the reason why you don't know you the stats... you don't read well do you? LOL....you guys are so easy. Come on is that ALL you guys have is some skewered negative BS opinion. I got the facts to back it up but you'll have to do own homework and look it up.

Jordan also ran that 4.6 on a bad shoulder.

Newton was 100% healthy when he ran his.

dashi whats the point. do u love darius heyward bey or what

No Dashi,

Welker dropped the pass mate. If you think Im going to go any further with the mechanics break down for you to throw out purile insults Im not in for that.

We can agree to disagree. Im all good with that Dashing Dashi.

Maybe you are a renaissance man ?

wow lol truth u r as dumb as everyone says u r. tried giving u a little rope


Never mind that Brady took over a team that was playoff bound and loaded with Vets. Yeah, let's forget that little part.

brady took over an 0-2 team that was 5-11 year before

Gallbladder surgery is usually done with lasers and is minimal surgery now. We had someone in work out for 2 days and back for gall bladder removal.

When it's all said and done all these fools will be gone anyway.pouncey, baby barney rubble a.k.a. incognito, failbin, irescum and the loer turner!

Anyone comparing Brady and Thill doesn't deserve the respect that comes with a response to be honest.



You still haven't "Explained" your piece.

I get it. Its cool. We will move on.

Just don't come out and say Dashi is wrong without "Explaining" your side.

And Weller couldn't even reach to touch the ball. The Ball has to at least hit your hands to drop the pass. Maybe if Welker was 6'8" he would've caught that pass.

bobby u dont work in the nfl though

Oh Dusty Bottoms, glad your back. I told you I thought there was a lot more people for San Diego game then Cincy. Official attendance was 52, 282 for Cincy. 60,130 for San Diego. There were more people for that San Diego game

Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Willie McGinest, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Deion Branch, Joe Andruzzi, Dan Koppen, Ty Law, Asante Samuel, Mike Vrabel, Adam Vinatieri, Vince Wilfork, Logan Mankins, Richard Seymour, Dante Stallworth just to name some of the TALENT Brady has had the privilege to play with.

You be the judge of HOF or not. Not to mention a future HOF coach. On the Dolphins his entire career and Brady would be a nobody. Brady did not win anything alone football is a TEAM sport.


And the Chiefs were 2-14, last year.

Your point.

Do you want me to post the starting roster for the team Brady took over?

Show you how many Probowlers he had on Defense.

Brady wins games by himself, period. He has shown he doesnt need good players around him. He makes bad players play great.

bobby u dont believe those numbers though right. that stadium looked over half empty

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