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Mike Wallace calls it like it is

It's not what Mike Wallace says but how he says it. Basically, the man cannot lie and you see how transparent he is when he talks about the season he's had with the Dolphins and the so-far disappointing chemistry he's had with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Wallace, who has 44 catches for 534 yards (12.1 yard per catch) with one touchdown, today was asked what type of season he's having.

"It's alright, it's OK," Wallace says, a sly smile coming his to his face.

Could be better?

"A lot better," he says.

Indeed, the Dolphins have a count for the number of times he's been open deep down the field for potential touchdowns and the ball was either underthrown, poorly thrown, or thrown to another receiver short. The number is in the double figures.

So no wonder Wallace feels it could be better. And make no mistake, scoring points is what Wallace sees as the thing when discussing personal goals. It's not catches. It's not yards. Points. And on that front, he knows it isn't happening for him.

"Sheesh, I got one touchdown," he said.

Wallace was asked if, because of his speed, Tannehill should simply try to overthrow him and at the very least allow him to run under passes. Wallace's chuckes.


Wallace was asked if he's frustrated with Tannehill and he answers, "Nope, I'm not frustrated. I'm fine. I just want to win football games."

Wallace is definitely frustrated that the things he did in Pittsburgh for four years have not translated. He mentioned earlier this year after Week 4 that he was worried but it wasn't time to panic. He said, however, if we reached Week 8 and nothing had changed, that would be time to panic.

"Ha, it's Week 11," Wallace noted. "

The amazing thing is there seems to be a disconnect in what Wallace sees as success and wants to accomplish -- which is probably in line with what the rest of the world wants -- and what the Dolphins see and want.

You'll recall after Wallace caught four passes for 39 yards against San Diego, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was effusive about Wallace.

"I thought Mike had a tremendous ball game," Sherman said. "He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game."

Wallace was asked what he thought of Sherman raving about him.

"He raved about the game I had?" Wallace asked incredulously. "I had 39 yards."

Good to know Wallace is still a resident of Earth -- along with the rest of us.




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WRs are paid to produce points, not catches....a great example, close to home, is Hartline's year last year--good year, plenty of catches and yards....and yet only 1 (or 2?) TDs?---and we win 7 games--not a good formula--forwards/offensive players in hockey are judged by points....basketball players are judged by points/assists (lead to points)--baseball players are judged by RBIs/HRs....points/production--Wallace scores TDs....except here.

Same old story around here...it's never about what we have that is good it's about anything that's wrong and what could be better. Cry and whine about how everyone and everything is better somewhere else. It's no wonder to me why a lot you just can't enjoy the games and what we do have.



The only knock on Tannehill has always been experience. Not Accuracy or Arm Strength. But EXPERIENCE!!

I love how some of you get something in your head and it becomes fact!!


But since we can't talk about that anymore let's make up this whole thing about him not having a deep ball.

..Benz..Good post. I agree with what you are saying. too many times, and I'm sure it will happen here again. People have this idea that rookies are going to come in make huge contributions. Now the rookie class year has been a disappointment..No doubt. But this doesn't mean that they are going to be garbage down the road.

I do not think most of us can appreciate the learning curve from College to the Professional level. Some learn quicker then others. For some players it takes time to develop. To have expectations that all of your rookies are going to come in and help immediately is more rare the the norm.

Again this isn't an excuse for the rookies this year..just the facts. How many of the top 10 the cream of the crop are making big contributions this year? 1 or 2 guys?

Benz, as I said earlier Philbin screwed himelf (and us) hiring all these inexperienced hacks.

Truth....dont hear much whining from me, ever....but we're 5-5 dude, hanging by a thread in the playoff hunt....again--guess what? TH hits Wallace for a TD the other night instead of underthrowing him, and we have a bigger lead and it doesnt come down to the end...hits Wallace against TB in bounds, and maybe tht goes for a TD and those points are the difference (in a close game)....maybe that means 6-4 instead of 5-5.....etc.

Mando, yes Tanny has to hit some of those long balls but sherman is right. Wallace did change how they played us. They started the game with 8 man in the box. Tanny hit wallace a couple of times and we didn't see 8 man front again. Wallace being on the field helps.

DD.....all true....especially tough learning curve for CBs (see Milliner, Dee)--toughest position out there, maybe outside of QB, and many of the the Rd 1 picks aint contributing much....I'd like to see more but I'm certain we will....Jamar Taylor was highly regarded by everybody....he'll be fine.

tannehill has the arm strength...just needs marino to show him how to throw the ball on a rope and trust wallace. he lofts the ball too often, giving safties time to get over to intercept it or deflect it.

Very much dislike Sherman, but on this one he had a very good point, and I agree it was a very good game by Wallace... but not necessarily FOR Wallace.
Wallace's underneath routes, and even deep misses and attention sold the D on focusing on him, which opened Hartline and Matthews for easier routes. That's exactly what a #1 receiver does.
A #1 receiver also makes huge plays when needed.. which he hasn't done yet. But we can share blame to Tannehill there. Neither have lived up to expectations yet.

From what I have seen so far the Dolphins only drafted 1 bust this year. M.Gillislee. And I wouldn't even call him a bust cause of how low the pick was. The Fins could've just drafted a better RB at that spot. Specifically Mike James from The U. L.Millers old running mate.

It is a well known fact that out of the Big 3 schools in Fla, UM is the only one that CONSISTENTLY produces good RBs. The other 2 only produce one good RB every 20 years.

Sorry, but, you would really have to cherish that win. Because under that formula you're 1-15 for the season.

99yds passing, 8yds rushing?

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 19, 2013 at 04:50 PM

At this point of the season every win is a win. Simply put, I don't give a crap how ugly the win is, just win.

The last 2 weeks have been on Tannehill. He missed Wallace twice deep. The first 8 weeks were on Wallace. He dropped several bombs. Tannehill does throw better deep left. His TD to Hartline game 1 was a thing of beauty. The key is to continue to try it each game to loosen the defense. I wish they would try more crossing routes with him to get him in space, need blocking time though.

its just discouraging to see our young/talented QB with a rookie/crappy QB coach, behind one of the worst lines of all time, with no running game--not saying TH is gonna be a stud, but we invest in him, he's clearly talented, and then we surround him by this muck?

..Benz..For both Taylor and Davis..This is pretty much a redshirt year. Fans always assume there is greener pastures on the other side(Taylor, and Davis) There is a reason these guys aren't playing right now. It isn't good for the team, probably no good for their overall development. Same for Gillislee. He obviously is not grasping something..So they all sit and learn.. If it continues through next year...By all means..People can be irritated. Hopefully next year they are all ready to contribute..Right now, it isn't the case.


Gillislee is just to slow for the NFL. And his game isn't based on power. The Funny thing is someone really tried to debate with me that Gillislee will be better than E.Lacy. Not just L.Miller.

Agreed with everyone the one thing holding T-Hill back is the inexperience of his QB coach. Hopefully, We add Pennington as a QB consultant next season. Penny said he wanted to take a year off before he even tried to get involve in coaching after retiring.

If these rookie corners are not better that Nolan Carroll they suck.

Miller can't break a tackle. I'm not even sure if he can break a potato chip.

Plus, M.Gillislee doesn't play Special Teams.

Gillislee is basically T.Minor without the ability to return Kicks.

Maybe, with time he will develop into a decent 3rd down back. But that would be after 2 or 3 years in the NFL. And by then I expect the Fins to have another young RB ready.

J.Ireland has drafted a RB 3 years straight. And I won't be against him using another 4th or 5th rounder on a RB next season.

..Dashi.I was a huge Gilislee guy. We went back and forth a few times about his merits. I thought from what I saw from him last year that he would be the perfect type of back for this offense because of his pass catching and blocking ability...It hasn't worked out so far. I wouldn't count him out yet. But I also at this point wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if he was a casualty next year..I would imagine running back will be a position we look at in free agency.

As far as the Lacy, or Miller debate. I have always been on board with Lamar Miller as our mail carrier. I thought that getting rid of Bush was the right move. That we would never have a chance to get better with Reggie Bush. It was the right gamble IMO. As far as Lacy..I am always suspect of Alabama backs just because they play run behind superior offensive lines. Probably not a smart, or fair way to evaluate guys. Anyway. Lacy has been much better this year then I thought he would. I thought RB. Franklin would make a bigger impact in that offense...

That looks pretty dumb today...

Want to Wallace flourish? Trade him to any team. Reggie Bush, Ted Ginn, Wes Welker, Sean Smith. I could go on....





Agreed. Gillislee looked like he would have a role in this offense. But my arch Nemesis, Daytona, Proclaimed him to be the saviour. Which was egregious. But you know when he digs in he digs in.

I don't hate Gillislee, I just hated someone constantly praising him and claiming the guy will be the best in the league as a Rookie when it took him 4 years to become a starter at UF even though the RBs ahead of him were garbage.

On Lacy, I understand that people are skeptical of Alabama RBs. I never thought M.Ingram and T-Rich were going to be a good pro. But that was because those two were midgets. E.Lacy was a man child in college. Who made Te'o his bottom B'tch in the Title game.

Te'o has a tramp stamp of E.Lacy's foot. He is still removing cleats from his ass.

E.Lacy did one thing on the football field I have only seen 1 other RB(Ricky) ever do. He hurdled 1 defender and while in the air he ran over the other defender. When a RB can run over someone while in the air they reach another category in my book.

The talent is there, the game planning, feel for the game and play calling isn't. Hey you wanna run a deep route to Wallace, do it after a CB pulls up lame and their coverage unit is playing out of position. Run deep routes out of the I formation with play action not always the frickin shotgun.

You know keep'em guessing for FS Sherm. Wallace is almost never as open as he needs to be for Tannehill to connect on the long ball. You need basically no safety near by and Wallace with no corner pressure. It was the same in Pitt.

Underthrows wallace n overthrows hartline

Underthrows wallace n overthrows hartline,
and Sims
No effort from Wallace
Wallace = Marshall


Garbage, Garbage, Played with a HOF QB, Garbage. Please Do...

I'm beginning to think Philbin is doing things the "Green Bay" way. How often do you see GB play start rookies? There are exceptions due to a rookie being HEAD AND SHOULDERS better than what they previously had at the position.

Take Lacy for example, look at GB's rb depth chart, James Starks has been in the league 4yrs, rushing for a combined 1,200 career yards. 3rd on their depth chart is another ROOKIE rb. Lacy would have to be pretty close to bust to not be the starter in this situation.

Green Bay rarely starts rookies except in the above situation. Seems the GB way is to "serve no wine before it's time". Think about it, could this be what Philbin's dong in Miami?

Especially in the case of Taylor and Davis. He feel both could at least play as well as Nolan Carroll. But feeling all tings being equal, he goes with the experience of Carroll over the youth of Davis/Taylor.

It's the GB way, it's called DEVELOPING your players. As much as we the fan may not like it right now, hopefully it pays HUGE dividends in the not so distant future.

Explain how trading V.Davis was a bad idea.

If Philbin really is doing things the GB way, then 2014 should be a breakout year for Egnew. 2014, Egnew should play a greater role in the passing offense.

That's if Ross doesn't get antsy and can Philbin at seasons end.

Tannehill will have some competition from the next head coach and GM. If he doesn't improve drastically, he will be warming the bench or moved to another team.

The resident crack head on this page, Dashi, he can spin it anyway he wants to suit himself.

Pointing to articles written by this so called expert, or that one.

I prefer to let Tannehill's performance on the field that I'm witnessing form my opinion.

Tannehill has been consistently inaccurate, especially throwing deep.

Thus far he is not good enough...and accuracy doesn't improve.


But Lacy was suppose to be a bust. According to ...

Agreed with your assessment though. Philbin did it last year with L.Miller, O.Vernon and Tannehill. I believe this way works better because you teach your players from the start nothing will be handed to you.

Take egnew for example. Egnew knew if he was going to play this year he had to get better.

Maybe if he would've took this approach with J.Martin instead of handing him the job maybe it would've made him tougher.

Did Sean Smith even make a play Sunday night? Didn't remember hearing his name call more than once the entire night.

I would rather take a so called experts opinion than a guy who starts C.Henne over D.Brees on his fantasy team.

Maybe if he would've took this approach with J.Martin instead of handing him the job maybe it would've made him tougher.

Posted by: Dashi | November 19, 2013 at 06:43 PM

Remember I said the rookie has to e head and shoulders better than what was already there.

Didn't J Martin replace Columbo at RT?

And Don't worry if it isn't you. Since you guys love to play that card.

You sound like the type of idiot that would do such a thing.


J.Martin was handed the position from day 1. Colombo was the year before.

Colombo was a Spo player, not a Philbin player.

Colombo was the turnstile that got henne killed.

At least that is a positive of the Philbin era. Philbin isn't going after Cowboys' rejects.

Can somebody get me a pen so I can write another $800 million check to Michigan. Thanks.

Wallace is not a #1 WR....he drop a lot of balls (reminding me of Ted Ginn).... He is more comfortable trapping the ball against his chest then using his hands (like Ted Ginn)...he does not consistently get off the line well (like Ted Ginn)....but the most frustrating thing is he does not track the flight of the ball well.....he gets turned around easily on deep throws and does not attack the ball when it in the air(like Ted Ginn).... he waits for it to come to him. Good guy, good WR, solid #2....not a #1.

Tannehill 2013 stats thru 10 games

247.4 yds a game
14 TDs
11 INTs
81.4 QB rating

Tannehill 2012 Stats (16 games)

206 yds a game
12 TDs
13 INTs
76.1 QB rating

But sure we are going to believe your lying eyes and bias opinion. GTFOH!!

If I smoke Crack. You must be Shooting Heroin, Smoking Meth, and Popping Oxy's regularly.

I agree Bone, unless Wallace is completely open on the deep ball he's not bringing it in. I bet if you look back at most of his deep catches in Pitt they came on plays where the coverage broke down or where he had enough time to outrun the coverage and he didn't have to contest the ball.



Has Irescum been fired yet?

Brady wasted a down last night getting the ball from the 25 yd line to the 18 yd line. Do you think He might know something about trying to complete "long" passes? It is stupid to even try to complete passes 30-40 yards downfield unless the receiver is WIDE open. Which Wallace NEVER is.

The bottom line with you guys is, even when he wins, he loses. One of his receivers makes a play, like they are supposed to do by the way, and it was on the receiver, not Tannehill. When Sproles or Graham makes a play like that, WOW! Brees is great. Gronkowski runs over 4 people, WOW! Brady is awesome. Clay does it, WOW! Clay turned that little dink throw into a great play.

If you will honestly consider all the different people he completes passes to with the very limited time he has to do it, you have to be impressed. He is being hit within 2 seconds and he is completing over 60% of his passes. That is a real reason to say, WOW!!

Some idiot on here actually said RGIII played better than Tannehill Sunday. That sh*t he is smoking needs to be taken off the market

Tannehill is following the exact pattern of Chad Henne. By the end of next season he'll be worthless and a journeyman backup for a new team.

And clear as day, Tannehill makes EVERYONE around him WORSE.

Dashi our oline now is better then it was at the start of the season

Knowing already Tannybust innacuraccy & lack of arm strengh are KILLING Mike Wallace performance.....perhaps DOLPHINS have the SOLUTION(at least temporary) sitting in the bench......it's name is MIKE MOORE who is by far a better QB & also will deal better with a very bad OFF LINE issues since HE IS A PROVEN VETERAN....!!!! WOULD BE INTERESTING TO SEE IF MOORE-WALLACE CHEMISTRY DEVELOPS...!!!!!!

this could get real ugly sunday, see if the boo birds come out


Let's be honest about T-hill, he is not accurate on the deep ball. He was drafted #8 overall, he was said to be a stretch being drafted in the first round. I agree, he has lived up to the scouting reports. Wallace has helped this team by allowing the other receivers to get less attention. The Dolphins had to overpay for him and they did. I hope Ryan Tannehill can develop his deep ball throwing as a fan. However I really doubt it.

Its not fair to judge Mike Wallace when he doesnt have a decent QB. We all saw what he did with Big Ben.

i love thills potential promichael, really sucks we wasted this year not knwoing what we have in him since the coaching is awful and the oline is worst in nfl


You hit it right on the head with Wallace. That was a very good assessment. I know that Tannehill has under thrown him on several occasions but he does not fight for the ball. How often do we see Brandon Marshall (a true #1) fight for the ball that is up for grabs?

Wallace has dropped a ton of passes and obviously has not earned the trust of his QB. It almost looks like Tannehill has more confidence in Rishard Mathews. Mathews holds on to all balls that come his away and always seems to be open. I actually question if Wallace is a very good #2. It is a shame that the fins are paying this guy like an elite #1.

uh orlando marhsall never fought for ball here. was quite bad actually watching him. wallace a very good wr. new regime will find ways to get him ball

This is getting real ugly Now. New allegations against Incognito and another Players. According to McKinneie, Players are being grilled as in The First 48 show which I've never seen but can imagine what it is. Interesting comment by Odrick, When my turn comes I'll answer depending on the question being asked, from there I'll do the deal if necessary. ??

T-hill is a developmental QB. One does not draft such ability @ the #8 spot overall. Oh I forgot the Acorn GM does.....

oscar trying to hype it, nothing new oout of miami camp today actually. all said interviews were quick and painless. cogs a different story with all the racist stuff coming out, just makes miami look like it did rt thing

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