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Mike Wallace calls it like it is

It's not what Mike Wallace says but how he says it. Basically, the man cannot lie and you see how transparent he is when he talks about the season he's had with the Dolphins and the so-far disappointing chemistry he's had with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Wallace, who has 44 catches for 534 yards (12.1 yard per catch) with one touchdown, today was asked what type of season he's having.

"It's alright, it's OK," Wallace says, a sly smile coming his to his face.

Could be better?

"A lot better," he says.

Indeed, the Dolphins have a count for the number of times he's been open deep down the field for potential touchdowns and the ball was either underthrown, poorly thrown, or thrown to another receiver short. The number is in the double figures.

So no wonder Wallace feels it could be better. And make no mistake, scoring points is what Wallace sees as the thing when discussing personal goals. It's not catches. It's not yards. Points. And on that front, he knows it isn't happening for him.

"Sheesh, I got one touchdown," he said.

Wallace was asked if, because of his speed, Tannehill should simply try to overthrow him and at the very least allow him to run under passes. Wallace's chuckes.


Wallace was asked if he's frustrated with Tannehill and he answers, "Nope, I'm not frustrated. I'm fine. I just want to win football games."

Wallace is definitely frustrated that the things he did in Pittsburgh for four years have not translated. He mentioned earlier this year after Week 4 that he was worried but it wasn't time to panic. He said, however, if we reached Week 8 and nothing had changed, that would be time to panic.

"Ha, it's Week 11," Wallace noted. "

The amazing thing is there seems to be a disconnect in what Wallace sees as success and wants to accomplish -- which is probably in line with what the rest of the world wants -- and what the Dolphins see and want.

You'll recall after Wallace caught four passes for 39 yards against San Diego, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was effusive about Wallace.

"I thought Mike had a tremendous ball game," Sherman said. "He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game."

Wallace was asked what he thought of Sherman raving about him.

"He raved about the game I had?" Wallace asked incredulously. "I had 39 yards."

Good to know Wallace is still a resident of Earth -- along with the rest of us.




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if he didnt pro, another team would of. many teams wanted thill first rd

Oh, it was just McKinnie trying to hype it. I understand/

Wallace is the most physically gifted receiver on the team (definitely the fastest), yet you can argue that Hartline had a better overall season than Wallace last year. Hartline had more yards and reception than Wallace last year. Keep in mind that Hartline had a better year than Wallace with a rookie QB, that many on this blog slam. Wallace had big Ben. Here are the numbers for 2012:

Hartline 74 receptions, 1064 receiving yards, 14.6 average.

Wallace- 64 receptions, 836 yards, and 13.1 yard average.

All Wallace is good for is running go routes. He is a bad route runner, drops a lot of balls, and has a bad attitude. What the heck was Ireland thinking paying this guy Larry Fitzgerald money? We could have used that money on the offensive line.

Phins78- I perceive you are an insightful philosopher.

I would hope the coaching staff could have some of the wisdom that many of you posters seem to have instead of being INSANE and doing the same things that do not work over and over and over...

I believe T-hill and Wallace can eventually get on the same page, COACHES need to help with this, but they seem satisfied that Wallace is just a decoy.

Philbins staff seems clueless. Many of them like the QB coaches and WR coaches never had NFL playing or coaching experience. This is their first job. And Sherman seems to be no help to them either.

The only person that I see with egg on his face in this investigation Jonathan Martin. The players on the offensive line are defending their OL coach. Garner is saying that he has had much more abrasive OL coaches than Turner and even when as far as saying that he made things fun and that he loved him. McKinney says he is funny and that he has never seen what Martin is describing. I truly question Martin's mental state at this point. Jimmy Johnson on the Mike and Mike show today said that this is the most over blown story and that this is all about a guy that walked out on his team and is now making excuses.

I am just concerned that this investigator Wells is on a witch hunt and that he is going to feel that he has to dig up dirt. My main concern is that somehow Godell is going to feel pressure to punish the fins with draft picks. Martin has probably already flushed this season down the toilet with all the distractions he is putting the team through but the future concerns me more if Godell uses the fins as an example. Is he going to feel like he has to punish the fins to make this investigation worthwhile and calm all of the pansies out there?

dusty bottoms,

Many teams wanting T-hill and him being a viable franchise QB are two different things. Clearly he has a strong arm but moving in the pocket, reading defenses, releasing the ball, throwing deep are a lot of things to overcome. T-hill was anointed the starting QB spot because he knew the offense and his college coach became the OC for the Miami Dolphins.

Someone said the NAACP is getting involved. Look out Ross.

T-Fumble would've went in the 3rd rd if Ireland didnt overreach for him.

No doubt about it, Tannehill comes with warts. Still, given a choice, I would choose Tannehill over both Matt Moore and Chad Henne anyday.

Matt Moore has never beaten a playoff tam and Henne always played down to the competition just as he did in college. The worst of Tannehill's warts seem totally correctable over time.

Tannehill's already beaten at least 4-5 playoff qb's. That includes Luck and Wilson. His college class.

I guess the NAACP only wants Afro Americans using the 'N' word. The 'N' word should never be used by anyone and all the Afro Americans on countdown ESPN, Carter, Johnson and Jackson have all admitted using the word but indicated they would refrain in the future.

Only Half of the Naacp can get involved.

Matt Moore #12 rated passer in the NFL when given the chance with 'open gate' Marc Colombo as his RT and a much less talented group of players.

Correction from 8:50 pm- WR ASSISTANT coach McGeoghan did PLAY NFL ball.

We can practically say goodbye to Incognito and Pouncey, at least for this Season. Ireland might bring in another OLineman.

Teams that would've picked Tannehill in the first if the Dolphins didn't.

2012 Draft

#10 Buffalo
#11 KC
#12 Philly
#13 Arizona
#15 Seattle
#22 Cleveland

Any of these teams would've picked T-Hill last year in the first round if they could. But sure, T-Hill sucks.

We can practically say goodbye to Incognito and Pouncey, at least for this Season. Ireland might bring in another OLineman.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 19, 2013 at 09:12 PM

You mean good riddance to both those jackasses.

Who cares who would have chosen T-hill in the first round. How many teams would pick him to be there starting QB now that they see his footwork in the pocket, his slow release and lack of ability to throw deep. (a major issue in the NFL)
DB's will start playing close because they have T-hills lack of accuracy on the deep ball to assist them.

#10 Buffalo
#11 KC
#12 Philly
#13 Arizona
#15 Seattle
#22 Cleveland

Any of these teams would've picked T-Hill last year in the first round if they could.

Posted by: Dashi | November 19, 2013 at 09:13 PM


Matt Moore the sympathetic figure that Miami fans love.

Those who say that M.Moore should start are the same ones who chant MVP to Joel Anthony during heat games. Ridiculous!!

This Rudy complex some of these fans have is absurd. They cheer for an underdog like life is a movie. NEWSFLASH!! Life isn't a Movie and the Favorite usually wins in real life.

Talent is Talent. Else everyone will get a chance to participate in pro sports.

Has Ireland lost his vocal chords?

Now that list will be even longer. I didn't Include Jacksonville, Minnesota, and a couple other garbage teams that need a QB now.


I only ask that you be man enough not to repeat the same idiotic argument again Tomorrow or the next day, or the day after how you usually do.

Dashi your analogy is as bad as T-hill is in his role of navigating the football to Wallace running open down the sideline.


Homework done?

Dashi your analogy is as bad as T-hill is in his role of navigating the football to Wallace running open down the sideline.

Posted by: promichael | November 19, 2013 at 09:28 PM



Want a cookie.

May I have another Sir.

You are way smarter than Dashi, I bow in your presence. I am not worthy. We are not worthy.

I wish I could only be half the man you are when I grow up.

I don't know what fans are looking for!! Just like it was clear at a certain point Chad Henne was not the answer---it looks like more and more---Tannehill is not the answer for us at QB.

I wonder if the Dolphins could trade Martin for anything (5th round pick)? No way that this guy can come back to the fins locker room. He is going after everyone of his teammates and his OL coach. I am sure that he is seen as Benedict Arnold in that locker room. Can the fins get anything back for Jonathan Martin.

Clearly, Tannehill will never be a top QB so why waste more time like we did with Henne. We have a young better QB sitting on the bench but we ulimately may need to go back to the draft for a QB.

A lot of teams would love to have a R T-hill. A lot of elite QBs were worse than him in their first few years.
A lot of elite QBs did not even play their first few years. He is doing very good considering he is what.. the most or near the most sacked QB in the league? And IMO poor coaching.

I wonder if the Dolphins could trade Tannehill for anything (5th round pick)?

It's the QB MORONS eh?

STOP COMPLAINNG ABOUT PLAYERS, unless its linebackers with dreadlocks, a DB with initials N.C., and most of the offensive line we started the year with.

Interesting Fact.

I have ragged Coyle for the defense playing worst than last year with more talent. But we already have more INTs this year(13) than all of last year (10). At least he has achieved what he set out to do this off season.

The defense needs to play better but at least we are causing more turnovers.

C'mon Phins!

One Linebacker with dreads.

We would be a top 5 defense if we didn't open the FREE SOUP kitchen on 3RD and LONGS.

Nolan Carroll serves the FREE OUP.



On Offense, we've needed to add Offensive Tackles.

On Defense, looks If we need to get rid of Offensive Tacklers.

Maybe by next season Nolan Carroll will be hard at work at the homeless shelters serving up his free soup there, instead of on the playing field.

We would be a Top 5 Defense if Coyle would stop calling that gay ass A-Gap blitz on 3rd down. And replace Wheeler with D.Jordan at LB. Specially when you know the other team is going to pass.

The Fins have a Talented enough D-Line that it doesn't need to bring extra pressure from anywhere else.

Notice every time the Fins Blitz the middle on 3rd down the other team calls a crossing route or a Slant.

Its definitely not Wallace. He beats coverage and gets open. Is he over paid? Yes, but so are numerous other players on this team. Its a combination of Tannehill's poorly thrown deep passes and the O-line's putrid pass blocking. Tannehill, I don't think has the IT factor to be a top 10 QB. Never will. Sadly, the search is not over post Marino era. Big Ben Rothlisberger wants to be traded. A no-braier. Oh, lastly, Mike Sherman is incompetent.
By the way, excellent article on the O-line Armando!

Yeah, if Wallace knew how pathetic TannePuke was, he would've asked for more money LOL

I think the Incognito apologists will be eating a lot of crow very soon.

I didnt see it firsthand but I heard a rumor that D Thomas broke a tackle last week. Can anyone confirm it?


According to the report, Incognito would sometimes dress in garb from the staff member's culture and make profane jokes about that culture, making the staff member uncomfortable.

A Dolphins spokesman did not immediately respond to the Post's request for comment.

This is the latest unflattering news to surface about Incognito, who was suspended indefinitely by the Dolphins on Nov. 3 for conduct detrimental to the team amid accusations he bullied and used racially charged terms against fellow lineman Jonathan Martin.

The NFL is investigating whether Incognito harassed or bullied Martin and whether their teammates and the organization mishandled the situation. This week, Dolphins players are meeting with NFL investigators regarding the bullying scandal.

Incognito has filed a non-football injury grievance against the club, challenging his status as indefinitely suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. On Monday, the Dolphins requested a delay for Incognito's grievance hearing, which is scheduled for Thursday, according to sources.

Also, a Washington lawyer retained by the NFLPA is launching a separate investigation into issues of workplace safety with the Dolphins, a person with knowledge of the situation told USA Today Sports on Tuesday.

According to the report, Richard Smith -- the NFLPA's lead outside counsel during the New Orleans Saints bounty investigation --- intends to interview witnesses and examine team management's role in alleged abuse that led to Martin's departure from the Dolphins.

Here is a moment of clarity for both Armando and this blog.......

Mike Wallace is NOT the problem in Miami, and neither is Ryan Tannehill.

Beating the "Dead Horse" known as Wallace's contract numbers is a waste of good reporting space. WHO CARES how much Wallace makes? DO YOU PAY HIM??? How much better can Ryan Tannehill be? WE DON'T KNOW.... half the time he's looking at 4 guy's getting ready to hammer him...
Armando seems to have become a TRUE DRAMA TOSSER... Which in all seriousness is not especially new for Armando this season.
See.... Here's the thing.... In 2011 Miami drafted Mike Pouncey with the 15th overall selection. When Miami did that (draft a top 3 NFL center) Armando (and a BUNCH of fans) nearly lost his mind. I think it took at LEAST 3 months before he'd stop harping on it. And even though fans won't admit to whining about O-line draft picks in the middle of all this... We do know that Pouncey has been nothing short of great. Ireland then chose Martin in the 2nd round of 2012. Once again, Ireland doing what his scouts and coaches thought would be the best move on an offensive line that was nearing a major issue of concern with the health issues and ridiculous expectations concerning salary and contract length they knew Long was seeking. This past year the Dolphins drafted Dallas Thomas in the 3rd. Good school, good conference, will likely be a good player but needs development. The team ALSO brought in lower picks across the line and free agents including UN-drafted guys.


NO ONE expects a O-Line player to go Bonzo and run off home to mommy and daddy whining about someone beating them up... Martin blew every single long held and predetermined way of dealing with conflict on the job... If you have an issue with a fellow employee, start by talking to him/her... IF the problem persists or they become agitated about you confronting them.. STOP... Then go to (in this order (if they exist)... Your immediate supervisor then department supervisor, a manager, a regional manager, the owner".... Sure, there are different positions in every sort of company including an NFL team... But the process remains unchanged... Martin skipped SO MANY LEVELS of sorting his issues that considering this anything short of a "set up" by the union or His own lawyer mommy and daddy makes you look a damned fool.... Martin is a BRAINIAC.... HE KNEW BETTER.... He isn't some guy who got a scholarship by being huge and strong and who took "Underwater BB Stacking or Basket Weaving" as a major while his NFL career was being crafted in NCAA football... MARTIN IS NO PROJECTS KID MADE GOOD... Some big dumb bastard who didn't know or understand what to do.... Martin is a conniving, underhanded fat rat who threw a monkey wrench right into Miami season... It all happened with some sort of planned end in mind...

Is it a Union Ploy?...Perhaps a "set up" to create a way for players to walk on contracts and leave teams and cities they are not happy in? WHO KNOWS? Is it just a money grab by his elitist liberal parents..? Taking a huge slice of NFL pie to throw at they're collective "Liberal Guilt?".... WHO KNOWS...?

One thing is DAMNED SURE... Where there are $$BILLIONS$$... there are Crooked MOFO's like Martin and his mommy and daddy.... Where a Union wants control or power... There are corruptible people and corrupt measures being taken.... And where there are 6'6" 300lb NFL Offensive Tackles who REALLY WANT TO PLAY.... There is NO ONE who runs home to mommy & daddy because they getting "Bullied."

If you believe Martin and his room full of lawyers PLUS mommy & daddy.... Your an IDIOT... and don't need to be an NFL fan... Perhaps Dog shows are a better choice for you..?

Gotta wonder how Mark in Toronto feels about the Mayor of his city.....LOL


Your numbers mean squat. I see a quarterback who is missing open receivers. Perhaps he's missing open receivers less than he was year ago, yet he's still missing receivers. This doesn't speak to his accuracy improving either. Numbers don't tell the story where QB play is concerned.

Get real already.

Anyway you're the douche who has been defending Jeff Ireland forever, you even claimed that the Dolphins would go 10-6 when they were 4-4. You have no credibility whatsoever...save for in your mind.

Dolphins lose big to The Panthers.

5-7 in two weeks.

7-9 at years end and your boy Lil Jeffy gets the ax.

In 2-3 years Tannehope won't even be here.

Wallace thinks that Tannebust sux.

Nuff said.

He ain't no Rothlesburger.


If The Dolphins were 3-7, it would be bliss.

What happened to 3-0 huh ?

Wallace thinks that Tannebust sux.

Nuff said.

He ain't no Rothlesburger.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 19, 2013 at 11:11 PM

Wallace KNOWS that Tannebust sux.

Sherman sucks and Tannehill doesn't have the arm for the deep ball,having said this go Fins, I hope they get rid of sherman at the least PLEASE !!!!

I think at times Tannehill has taken way too much heat on here being he is only in year 2 and has had terrible blocking. However, he has got to get better at the deep ball. He is too used to having to rush and check down. He has a strong arm so I don't how this hasn't been corrected by now. He also needs to tuck the ball and take the 7 to 8 yards that is often there and give the defense something else to worry about. He did hit Hartline in perfect stride for a deep ball in the Cleveland game, but has yet to adjust to Wallace speed. The best one was probably the audible when he saw single coverage in the Bengal game that would have been the game winner if not for the PI. We need to see more of that!

The PATS will be 9-4 if they lose to Denver and win its following two in which they should be favorites.

The Fins could be 8-5 if they call get past Carolina (their toughest game prior to the PATS game) and win its following two games.

Could the Fins tie it up at 9-5? The division and conference tie breakers are another matter.

I blame the problem on Sherman. He's got Wallace on the right side running the same 2 or 3 routes every play. Every now and then, he'll call for a Reverse run with Mike. That's about it. Ok, we did see a WR Screen a couple of times. It worked the first time, but they were ready for it the next, so Sherman decided it wasn't a good play I guess. The rest of the problem is more on Tannehill than Wallace. Yes, Mike sometimes takes a play off (most WR's do, especially if all they've been running is Go Routes) and sometimes his routes aren't all that sharp, but under-throwing, over-throwing, and inaccuracy is the fault of the QB, not the receiver. They just aren't on the same page! Maybe next year (if they're still both on the team), they can work this problem out. Maybe, this is Tannehill's "sophomore slump"...

As I stated earlier today. It's Charles Clay week who without a doubt had the play of the week in our win. An Ireland draftee taken in the 6th rd of 2011. Look at these numbers among TE's in the NFL in case you didn't know...

42 Recepts tied for 8th in the league.
474 Yards 10th in the league
4 TD's tied for 7th in the league

Truthurts, your right about Clay. Don't forget about his rushing TD against the Colts for 5 total.

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