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Mike Wallace calls it like it is

It's not what Mike Wallace says but how he says it. Basically, the man cannot lie and you see how transparent he is when he talks about the season he's had with the Dolphins and the so-far disappointing chemistry he's had with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Wallace, who has 44 catches for 534 yards (12.1 yard per catch) with one touchdown, today was asked what type of season he's having.

"It's alright, it's OK," Wallace says, a sly smile coming his to his face.

Could be better?

"A lot better," he says.

Indeed, the Dolphins have a count for the number of times he's been open deep down the field for potential touchdowns and the ball was either underthrown, poorly thrown, or thrown to another receiver short. The number is in the double figures.

So no wonder Wallace feels it could be better. And make no mistake, scoring points is what Wallace sees as the thing when discussing personal goals. It's not catches. It's not yards. Points. And on that front, he knows it isn't happening for him.

"Sheesh, I got one touchdown," he said.

Wallace was asked if, because of his speed, Tannehill should simply try to overthrow him and at the very least allow him to run under passes. Wallace's chuckes.


Wallace was asked if he's frustrated with Tannehill and he answers, "Nope, I'm not frustrated. I'm fine. I just want to win football games."

Wallace is definitely frustrated that the things he did in Pittsburgh for four years have not translated. He mentioned earlier this year after Week 4 that he was worried but it wasn't time to panic. He said, however, if we reached Week 8 and nothing had changed, that would be time to panic.

"Ha, it's Week 11," Wallace noted. "

The amazing thing is there seems to be a disconnect in what Wallace sees as success and wants to accomplish -- which is probably in line with what the rest of the world wants -- and what the Dolphins see and want.

You'll recall after Wallace caught four passes for 39 yards against San Diego, offensive coordinator Mike Sherman was effusive about Wallace.

"I thought Mike had a tremendous ball game," Sherman said. "He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game."

Wallace was asked what he thought of Sherman raving about him.

"He raved about the game I had?" Wallace asked incredulously. "I had 39 yards."

Good to know Wallace is still a resident of Earth -- along with the rest of us.




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Panther's game is definitely the game that will decide which direction the Fins are headed.

I believe the Panthers will be in the SB. Their defense will shut down the Saints and other high scoring offenses.

The AFC? Probably Denver. Could a wildcard team get to the dance?

Life long Fins fan here who thinks that a lot posters on this site are idiots. How many times has RT been sacked this year? Most of the time he doesn't have the time to wait on a MW route to develope. Please fix the O line in the next year and maybe we'll see some better offense by the Fins on a whole. It takes more than a great Qb to win championships and I believe RT has the potential to lead a balanced attack. How many rings did Marino win? crickets, crickets...he had no team.

Also...let's do a little comparison to put things in perspective for you peeps that want to bad mouth the best QB on the field Sunday. T-hill vs. Brady (yeah Brady the great) So he's bust?? You guys are just laughable and blind of the truth. The facts people..just the facts. Chin up trolls and half fans so you take this one right in the grill.

T-hill Comp 61.2% yards 2,474 yds 14 tds 11 ints 81.5 rating

Brady Comp 58.7% 2,552 yds 14 td 7 ints 83.6 rating

Please read my post above over and over until it sinks in. We have our franchise QB people...if we can be patient and get him a good OL. Question...How many fans in NE are calling Brady a bust?? Mando why don't you clue in Wallace when he says "it could be better". To our Fans next time you see anyone bad mouth our QB..pass the word around and ask them to explain the above stats if our QB is soooo bad. LOL

I think this whole debacle is in the way the players are being used. Wallace is the last check down in the QB reads. Obviously the line has seldom been able to allow enough time to get to this read.When allowed, the QB has been too slow to get to this deep read. Wallace has become complacent with his routes and not ready to challenge for the ball when thrown.
The QB seems to be restricted from scrambling. I know he should, in most situations step up in the pocket to provide time for later routes. In my observations, there is no way this can happen because the middle of the line is collapsing faster than the outside.
I say, in order to get an accurate assessment of our skilled personnel, improvisation should be more allowed and even more influenced.
Also with the recent achievement by the OL, our entire OL should be under scrutiny--including Pouncy.
Also, Tannyhill needs to get the ball out in front of the deep receiver. Speed is much less effective when it is forced to slow down. I have yet to see Wallace under thrown.

Over thrown--my bad

Trevor made a good point outside of calling everyone idiots. The deep routes are not developing because of the protection breaking down too quickly. Also like mentioned before Wallace needs to catch with his body as his hand eye isn't great at full sprint and won't fight for the ball. Compounding all of this is that Tannehill is not the most accurate QB under pressure when throwing long.

Hardin it all starts and ends with the OL. There is no where for T-hill to step up into to throw a deep pass. Did you see how clean Tom Brady was until the end of the game last night and the pocket he had to work with most of the night? The Tanne-haters can eat dirt they are wrong and always are wrong.

Just read the Trevor post, it seems we are thinking along the same lines.

That is what I meant, the middle of the line is collapsing. I think Tannyhill is being coached to step up instead of scrambling and there is no where to step up. He should scramble when the pocket is collapsing from the front. I think this would be a natural reaction, he must be staying in this non-pocket as a result of coaching.

I have 2 Tannehill jerseys.1 from last year and this year.


Thus said, Tannehill is waiting for Wallace to be open before he throws.

He's not throwing him open or anyone else.

I hate that bastard Brady, but I watched him look off defenders all last night.

Tannehill cannot continue to stare receivers down.

He states down Wallace then waits for him to be open then throws, but when you do
the stare down, you are giving the safety a chance to make a play on the ball.



As a comment on the D. I would like to see Solia line up in the zero and Jordan get a chance to play OLb in a 3-4 type of responsibility. Even when we are in the so called hybrid 4-3, Jordan is still utilized as a standard run first defender with contain responsibility.
This guy needs to be turned loose. We have safeties that play the run as well as any in the league. That in actuality is their strength.

A point very wel made. This, also is a quality that our boy needs to develope. This can be coached into a QB. Some can get it and some can not. Seldom do college QBs get this.
If you will look back at Nick Foles and his film that is obtainable from our limited resources; you will see that he has developed the ability to look off DBs, throw pump fakes, and throw his receivers open. He was a later round pick because of his low delivery, if I recall. I have been impressed with his development. I think much of this is a credit to Andy Reid. He is an excellent QB coach.
I think we have a QB with a lot of talent. I think he has been poorly developed.

Kinda funny but I've seen tannehill hit hartline deep, in stride. But with Wallace it seems something is off. It's not just tannehill though. For every under thrown ball there are two Wallace drops.

"You fantasy football fans are ruining REAL football with your numbers bs."

Posted by: Phins78 | November 19, 2013

Thanknyou, Phins78! I am so fu.king tired of watching individual stats roll across the bottom of the screen during the game when all I really want to see is curtent scores, ESPECIALLY SCORES OF GAMAES involving teams in the AFC East 1st and the conference 2nd. Jeeeeez! Individual stats mesn ABSOLUTELY FU.KING NOTHING! If you need Fantasy football to make the game more interesting, please pick another sport, so the NFL will quit making the rest of us grown-ups watch that Bullsh.t!!!!

I, also have seen the Wallace drops. I have yet to see Wallace drop one going away. His drops are always on break off routes or come backs.

Finsunderworldunited: I watched Brady lock on to his receiver on more than a couple of occasions. Locked on before the ball snapped, dropped back, still locked on, then threw to yhat guy. They all do it, just some more than others.

LOL at these message board experts saying TH can't throw the deep ball and therefore is a bust because he can never improve.
In spring of 2003 I was driving in Boston listening to local sports radio. One host is saying Brady will never be elite because he can't accurately throw the deep ball. The second says it's something he needs to learn. The first comes back loudly that it's a natural talent and can't be developed. Surely an expert like so many on here.
It wouldn't hurt if Wallace could learn to high point the ball or walk back into a defender who is facing away from the ball for an interference call. Definitely a one trick pony w/average hands that doesn't seem intent on improving his skill base. He'd rather pout if the ball isn't lined up for a perfect basket catch.

Agreed hardcore.

Like I said,as I think I have commented, we have a QB that can be developed. I think he has been mishandled.

Pretty Freaky Blog... Interesting when you read down a string and it is painfully obvious that one person is speaking to themselves in 3 or 4 different names... It actually takes up a full 1/3rd of the entire page 4.

There MUST be some clinical or psychological cause and name for a person who would do such a thing...?

I just think they're an azzzzhoyle.......

Hands of stone...

It Seems that no matter what stud W.R we bring in, they underachieve. But I'm thinking it's not the players (Marshall,Wallace) but the "Vanilla" system we have in place

Why does Hartline ALWAYS play left side and Wallace ALWAYS play right?? Move Wallace around some!! Play him left, right,in the freakin' slot, motion him out of the backfield pre-snap, ANYTHING! Stop being so predictable Mike Sherman. Defenses can key in on Wallace after the first couple of series because they know where he's going to line up and therefore the safeties and nickle backs can adjust easily. But if you move him around a little it forces defenses to go outside the box and that's when you catch them slipping.

Even I know that and I'm just a little league football coach! If I have a talented 12 year-old player I move him to WR, RB and sometimes wing-back. Why doesn't Sherman and Philbin see this? Watch Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, etc.. They don't always lineup in the same spot. Hell, watch Steve Smith this weekend against the Dolphins. He's plays everywhere and he's 37 freakin' years old.

SHERMAN needs to stop being so stubborn and stop thinking that he's the end-all offensive know-it-all. MOVE WALLACE AROUND and stop making it easy for the opposing defenses!

Also: I'm tired of seeing T-Hill underthrow Wallace on deep balls. What was mini-camp for if not to get this right?!

RT should definitely connect on more of these long balls than he has. He has missed a wide open Wallace on several opportunities. End of story. With that said, Wallace should get that smug look off his face and eliminate the negative body language when the ball doesn't come his way until he starts to catch the shorter passes that hit him in the numbers, block downfield and do more of the little things that would help him to be considered an elite receiver.

1) We're not going to him enough;

2) We've gotta hit him when we do. Given the talent we have on O, he is the key to our success-> He can get us easy points, and in turn he can open up the rest of the defense. We need defenses terrified of him knowing that we're going in his direction once every 5-6 plays.

a)We need our OL to keep improving and we need a few upgrades-> Multiple times he's been open, but we've had an OL breakdown.

b) Tannehill has gotta improve on the long ball. I realize I have an uncanny knack for the obvious there, but it needs to happen.

Tannehill does have the potential to be very very good, but he must learn to use his legs more by either running or at best move around better in the pocket, (Brady, Brees, Manning) and stop under throwing Wallace on TD plays! At the end of the season, Ireland and the coaches should be fired! Sherman doesn't have a clue and our D has regressed against the run. Vernon and Misi should be our ILB's, they are better that what we have there. Ellerbee and Wheeling miss way to many tackles. Jordan needs to be on the field @ ROLB to see if he's a player or bust To me our coaches and GM doesn't evaluate talent well and put them in position of success.

Hmmm....seems to me he's telling only HALF the story. He's counting how many catches and how many TD's....ooops, Touchdown (should be singular)!

He failed to mention the other half....how many incompletes due to his inability to catch the ball. And for all of you who keep poking at Tanny.....appears to me Tanny playing it rite, why throw the ball to a player who drops it more often than not? Get over it people, Wallace isn't the receiver we thought we were getting!!!

If course he's frustrated when you have no QB and no head coach who know what their doing , and the front office that's another subject fire them ALL !!!

Still with the crying. It's time to fire our fan base.

Why does everything have to be made into a controversy? We just won. You can only keep trying to make it happen. The unfortunate thing is that we don't use Wallace all over the field. More short passes for him to use his speed with creating RAC.

@ finzfan.....you seem to be insinuating that Tannehill possesses the skill level to decide in a split second who he throws to based on whether or not they have caught the ball consistently or not. He's that good just yet. He simply cannot throw the deep pass and that isn't something you develop. He'll never be able to throw that. His hands are suboptimal in size, which has a significant effect on throwing a pass that requires strength and grip.

But then again -- I see Hartline, Gibson and Mathews being way more aggressive with their routes and how they go up and attack the ball. Wallace doesn't do anything to fight for a ball Doesn't come back to the ball -- doesn't jump for a ball -- can't twist his body to make a great catch. He's just not that good.

@finlanta......couldn't agree with you more. Well said.

"His hands are suboptimal in size, which has a significant effect on throwing a pass that requires strength and grip".

What are talking about. The outs that Tannehill throws are lasers. Not every QB can make them. Tannehill does on a regular basis. That pass requires "strength and grip". You make this up like you have a clue but to people that actually know football-- you look like an idiot.

These guys need to spend more time together before and after practice. They should also have a pregame routine before each game. If Tannehill and Wallace want to be considered great then they need to put the work in. Look at what Peyton Manning does with his receivers and emulate that.

Don't be a douche, Bobby. I actually do have a clue since I played the position in high school. Throwing deep balls and out routes are two different things. A deep ball requires arm strength and grip. Grip comes from hand size, which is important and measured during the combine, tough guy. I bet you wouldn't call me an idiot to my face. Tanny's hands were measured as small during the combine.

Sorry to bust the tannehill hate bubble but the blame goes to the design of the plays by our offensive coordinator, the timing is all off on the deep balls. Here's a link that should clear it up http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1858276-breaking-down-miami-dolphins-quarterback-ryan-tannehills-deep-ball

I would like to share the blame with the coaching staff during the week's preparation. Tannehill can only throw a rope. He needs more air so the receivers can adjust. Wallace doesn't have the best hands or the best talent at adjusting to tough throws. Practice would help. Do they work on this during the week? Apparently not. You do play as you practice. Tannehill is very effective rolling out in both directions. I don't see plays intentionally designed for it. I don't believe Tannehill has been taught to throw long. He is very accurate over the middle on short and intermediate routes. I'm not sure Wallace can run a route effectively (i.e Hartline,Welker) unless its a straight line and I recall some long balls that hit his chest and fell through his hands. It is hard to throw deep when you have no time in the pocket. My two cents.

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