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NFL pledges transparency with investigation findings

Ted Wells, a senior partner in the New York law firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison and one of the nation’s most prominent attorneys, has been appointed by Commissioner Roger Goodell to direct an independent investigation into issues of workplace conduct at the Miami Dolphins and prepare a report for the commissioner.

The report will be made public, according to the NFL.

 “Ted Wells will independently direct the investigation and submit a report to me,” commissioner Goodell said. “Mr. Wells will conduct a thorough and objective investigation. He will ensure that we have all the facts so that we can address this matter constructively. We have worked previously with Paul Weiss and have great respect for the firm.

"Ted Wells will have full authority to investigate as he deems appropriate. He is on the job as of today and will undertake to complete his work as promptly as possible. Consistent with doing a thorough investigation, we have not imposed a specific timetable on him."

The National Law Journal named Ted Wells one of “The Decade’s Most Influential Lawyers” in 2010. His recent experience in conducting special investigations includes both the Syracuse University basketball team sexual harassment case and the NBA players union leadership dispute. In the latter, he was hired by the NBA players union and generated the report that led to a change in the head of the union.

"I am pleased to accept this appointment by Commissioner Goodell,” Wells said. “My task is to assemble the facts and present my findings to the commissioner. I will do so fairly and comprehensively so that Commissioner Goodell can address this matter properly. I will begin my work immediately and report my findings to the commissioner as soon as practical.”

The Dolphins have pledged the club’s full support for the investigation.

“Under league policy, all employees have the right to a workplace free of any form of harassment,” Commissioner Goodell said. “We are fully committed to an appropriate working environment for all NFL personnel."

Wells received his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a degree from Harvard Law School. He is a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.


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Yes, you have seen the light.

Everything you have said recently about the situation is true.

Martin use this to his advantage.

Now if only the Media can spot the obvious. Yes, that reporter will get flak from all the other talking heads. But he will be the ONLY REPORTER speaking the truth.


I'm you playa!!!!

I don't believe that Cogs is a "good guy" by any stretch of the imagination. However I am now questioning Martins motives. Martin was not happy with the move back to RT. Martin was not a fan of Cogs.....saving text and voice mails tells me something else was at work here. Martin is a West Coast guy....is this his way back home?? Is he trying to get to the 49ers or Chargers??? He knows he is most likely done with the Dolphins as soon as he walked out?? There is more to this story!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 05, 2013 at 07:33 PM

Genius if I do say so myself??

The two finger salute to everyone!!! Let's go Miami!!!

hello DONKEYS.............



I wrote something and I erased it, Dashi. You're way in deep water with topic here and I really don't want to drown you. Lei it be.

Maybe I'm naïve but I really think some folks are reading too much into this.

Martin struggled last year at RT but still got a shot at LT this year by default.

He struggled again this year albeit not as bad as Clabo but was still discouraged with the move back to RT.

The fact that he didn't fit in with the click probably wasn't helping any either.

He was probably thinking of bailing but didn't want to let is team mates down. The prank in the cafeteria gave him an opportunity to get out. And of course the ridiculous tweets and voicemails from Cog's makes it look more like bullying than the fact that he was struggling and couldn't take the pressure.

He probably didn't say too much to Philbin until he was completely away from the team and didn't have to face his team mates.


Good to hear. We are gonna break Tampa Bay, like Bane broke Batman's back. This will be the most motivated Dolphin team we will have seen in years. Book it


Dolphin Denny


Good to hear someone positive. We need Philbin to break out with his best Jimmy Johnson and use this to fire the troops up!

Now we see what kind of players Philbin. Honest and true to each other, have each other's backs. Willing to stand up to this media tyranny. Philbin even looks like he is ready to kill. The happiest I have been with my team all year

It is probable that when he was in the Hospital and Philbin went to see him there, he had been advised by his Parents to say nothing to Philbin about his problems and to get back to their home as soon as possible.

NOTICE ..........



All major head coaches are basically saying that the rookie stuff is a right of passage and should not go to far.

If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I guess Martin went from the kitchen to the nearest fast food joint.
Martin is really starting to look like a jerk.

Mike McCarthy said he would trust Joe Philbin with his kids??

I'm sure Tannehill had the biggest bill of any of the rookies... that is always the case for 1st rd picks. Jmarts 15k was his only one time rookie contribution. But big weirdo instead of joining the bonding experience never went to Vegas... Are you kidding me? Crowder was a 3rd rder maybe 2nd over a decade ago and he said his rook bill was 17.5 k at prime 112... the 15k thing is ridiculous all rookies go through that and all coaches are aware.

Meanwhile, ESPN analyst Cris Carter has spoken with Dolphins center Mike Pouncey about the saga, a conversation Carter told SportsCenter produced the following details:

• Martin considered quitting football long before abruptly leaving the team Oct. 28.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/11/06/3735089/miami-dolphins-center-mike-pouncey.html#storylink=cpy

from a teammate perspective which would you rather have a guy that brings laughter and goes hard every week for his team or a guy who quits on himself and his teammates then rats and schemes in order to shake responsibility? if there wasn't all this PC bs Martin would be gone and Cogs still playin

Try reading the recent news from player interviews:


or check out the tweets by @HubbuchNYP

Martin is a total punk - he was playing the message to teammates and laughing...now suddenly finds it offensive?

Of course this player news is not here or any major website as it does not fit the story the media wanted.

boooohoooooo Mommy the big white man is picking on meeeeeeee.....I'm gonna hold my breath until I dieeeeee!!

I don't believe that Cogs is a "good guy" by any stretch of the imagination. However I am now questioning Martins motives. Martin was not happy with the move back to RT. Martin was not a fan of Cogs.....saving text and voice mails tells me something else was at work here. Martin is a West Coast guy....is this his way back home?? Is he trying to get to the 49ers or Chargers??? He knows he is most likely done with the Dolphins as soon as he walked out?? There is more to this story!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 05, 2013 at 07:33 PM

Appears old Bill had this right all along.

Whatever Jonathan Martin is, he landed in the Hospital in a serious condition(otherwise he would not have been admitted) by all accounts mainly as a by-product of his experience on the Miami Dolphins Team. He has the full support of his Parents who I'm sure did not appreciate Jonathan's experience down here. Aside from the NFL review, they will probably demand a full, satisfactory explanation from Ross, Philbin and some Players of any circumstances in the Team that might have influenced their son's misfortune.

Lol thanks Marc

Oscar, we knew you painted toes at the mall. You don't work in the medical field.
Everyone knows you pay $$$ to be admitted.

When I walked by the GM's office yesturday I only heard crickets.

Jeffy "the scout" Ireland is cowering under the GM's desk as he watches HIS team collapse like a cheep camera.

I'm sure depuity Dogg owner Ross will reward Ireland with an extendion on his contract extension to continue the distruction of the Dolphin Brand or what was a Brand that is.


I mean we tire of saying the same thing over and over. The whole culture of American Football has to change, from Owners to water boys, to adapt to the New Times. Otherwise...

NY ::G "".........


JackSparrow is just making shyt up...

Apparently, there is no "TEAM" in Miami. And only a true team can win a Super Bowl.

I'm just glad Martin is being outed as the douche he is...not one teammate has taken his side and they are closer to him than anyone...and Big Weirdo is still just making no comment even though he...started these allegations and...all of his teammates have come forward to say their piece...he better hope he does have some major mental disorder...only way he gets oyt of these with a sliver of respect...go Dolphins...the media and most of you Jack!asses were DEAD wrong...

Interesting thought. What if JM was really like a younger brother to RI. According to the players. RI was the first one to protect JM from a fight not long before this.

What if a known tough guy and a known smart guy get together and decide there is some shady stuff going on in the organization? What if RI thought he needed to protect JM before OTA's and before JM got demoted again? They both devise a plan to bring awareness to the NFL about said dysfunction and concoct this strange episode.

Local media finds out and neither party sees this local issue going national the way it has. It's had the same affect as it would of had but now it's just to big. Whose to say RI & JM aren't communicating still. The Dolphins are seriously dysfunctional organization top to bottom. Maybe this was all the plan from the beginning of the year.

I don't want to believe RI & JM are what the media is making them out to be. Each had an issue. RI has rage and power in the locker room. Martin has the smarts but has mental instability. What if they are both just that smart!?!


I love this blog but i'm tired of reading about this conflict. Came on! We're in the middle of the season standing in the # 8 seed of the conference and i want to read more about football.

This 2 players involved are no longer in the current roster and they didn't play last TNF when we beat a playoff team. So, i would like to hear something about how the team is going to prepare his "new" O-Line to Tampa. Is Egnew is going to be involved as RB again? O How about a football interview with Philbin or Ireland or Ross or Tannehill or Wallace to talk about the fisrt half of the season and what they hope for the second half of the season?

Just sayin

This whole thing is ridiculous. Blacks use the N word all the time. It's an integral part of THEIR culture. Incog went overboard, but everyone knows that's his personality. Martin has been taking abuse from everyone, especially the Miami PRESS Corps. Even the National Sports Press and the people who rate linemen have him as one of the worst in the league. 35 sacks aren't all on Tannehill, even though he does hold on to the ball too much. I say good riddance to both Martin and Incog. The team played better without both of them against Cinci. Garner is a really good player and should have been starting at right guard. McKinnie is an experienced vet. The O-line needs to focus on their job, and forget all this b.s....

Every rookie that did not make the 53 man roster from every team in the League , is going to sue the NFL for not providing a safe work environment that they could succeed in . This is the End of the NFL!

Is this the only way the Dolphins get news coverage?

It's a damn shame the state of the Miami Dolphins, almost worst than the Marlins.

And now the idiot will now approach the stage.

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