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Pouncey on Jets game: 'I'll be out there'

Mike Pouncey missed the past two starts with what started as food poisoning, developed into some mysterious gallbladder issue and included a hospital stay. Well, it'll soon be time to get back to normal.

Pouncey practiced today at least on a limited basis and said he'll be in the starting lineup against the New York Jets Sunday.

"I' feel great," Pouncey said. "I'll be out there."

Pouncey, who looked extremely thin since his illness, said he has regained all of his weight. Pouncey had previously said he'd lost only five pounds. It looked like more than that. And he still looks on the thin side.

But sometimes you have to take a man at his word.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who missed last week's game against Carolina with the season-long groin injury, worked at least on a limited basis in practice today.

The Dolphins signed defensive tackle A.J. Francis off the New England practice squad last night. If the name sounds familiar, it's because Francis was with the Dolphins during training camp. He was cut and picked up by the Patriots, who eventually put him on practice squad.

"It was tough going up to New England because it was tough learning the system on the fly," Francis said. "They're not teaching the system, they're preparing for a game. So you have to learn while they're going. It took me to be honest, a couple of weeks and closer to a month to be completely familiar with the system and get where I was down here."

Catching back up with the Dolphins should be hard for Francis. He said a couple of calls have changed but otherwise catching up was easy.

"I got the call yesterday morning, packed up my bags and studied my old notes on the flight for thre-and-a-half hours and I'm pretty much back to where I was when I left," he said.



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Trying hard ... not ... to ... make ... weight jokes with Armando ....

Good luck to Mike. Go Dolphins. We are still in the hunt lets go get it.

the O-Line has been playing better with him out ... so I can't say definitively if this news is of the good sort or not...

Such a terrible writer.


I'd keep Garner at C and slide Pouncey in at LG.

Pouncey is a jackass just like Incognito.

catching back up should be hard. Next sentence-> was easy. WTF

My new test for "success" is the team going 8-8. That would at least show modest improvement from last year (probably not worth all the money spent on FA's, but more than nothing). 8-8 at least gives Philbin scant evidence in his discussions with the Owner to be retained. He can use the injuries + the historically bad OL + a developing QB to try and make his case that he needs another year to make it all come together.

That's winning 3 of the next 5 games. Tall order when we've only won 2 of the last 8. And 4 of those 5 games left are division games (always tough). Very dubious Joe, let's see how you manage to get out of this pickle.

good for pounce we gonna need him and incog too to gen up that running attach. if we can get Patterson back and the dline controlling the line and playing with swag we should win.

if tdownhill mixxes the flight, the phinz winz

agree DC, I said a few weeks back, 8-8 should eliminate any and all discussion about making wholesale changes and brings forth a killer season in which the front office and coaches and Qb will be playing for their careers ...

I like AJ. Dude played hard. He was also being worked out at Oline before he was cut. Did good things in preseason with some good tackles in the backfield.

This guy couldn't learn the Cheatriots system in a month and he gets the Dolphins' system down one plane ride. Maybe the Dolphins need a more complex system.

Mark, that pertained to the coaching staff. Not sure Ireland can do anything at this point to save his job. 1 winning season in 6 isn't good enough. 6 attempts at building an oline (including 2 1st round picks and a 2nd rounder), with only one of those still on the team, to absolute horrendous failure is unacceptable.

We're going to need the line completely rebuilt, and the LAST person we want in control of that task is the guy who couldn't build a line in 6 years.

That's why I say get a new GM, and let him decide the future of the HC. If he wants to blow everything up, I say let him. If he chooses to keep Philbin, then I'd be fine with that too. But nothing will change if Ireland stays, that I am sure of.

Maybe the month he spent in training camp with the Dolphins learning the system every day helped.

Maybe you need to work harder on your trolling...

DC, interesting view since I think the lineman picked by Ireland before Philbin got there were better than the ones since.

I mean, Clabo, Martin, Thomas??? These guys belong to Philbin too, not just Ireland.

8-8?? really have you guys ben watching this team? we will be lucky to win 2 of the last 5 games.

I'd trust the guy who picked Grove, Smiley, Long, and Pouncey more....

not making predictions, just hypothesizing at what point do you not have discussions on bringing some people back...


Great point. Guys that leave the Fins go on to better teams and have better success. I.e. Welker, Bess, Long, Carpenter, S. Smith, B. Marshall. Why in the world would they ever want to come back to Miami?

Mark, that could be the curse of Shanahan. Philbin brought a version of the zone-blocking scheme, which prefers smaller linemen who are agile. The problem Shanahan is having up here is those linemen are HORRENDOUS in the pass game. So RG3 is getting killed. I agree, I liked the old style better (ironically it was better suited for the run too). Only Shanahan can make his system work (in the run game). But it's outdated, this is a passing league.

The thing about those old guys, they were all temporary fixes (except Long). Grove gone in a year, Smiley gone in a year. And no one who was drafted worked out (except the 1st round guys). And by the time he got it 1/2 together, Long was gone.

So Ireland just isn't the guy to put a line together. The good news is we really can't do worse.

Philbin and Ireland should start talking to a real state agent to put their houses on the market. It's time to clean house.

No former Dolphin worth a crap would ever want to come back to Miami. Period.

Wheres Fire Ross Kill Martin Jail Puncey?

Surely can't do any worse than the last three guys they brought in, that's for sure.

@ Truth, probably undergoing counselling...

jets win 3-2

Well bring that boy on down to South Florida. He may know something about the Brady bunch that can help us beat them.

@ 4:41, strategy #1, don't use NFL officiating crews, they're in Kraft's pocket...

phins mob s smith has been horrible in kc, they call him burnt toast here. long is nowhere near the player he was in miami years ago. bess hasnt done a thing. marshall is def better. welker easily better

No player or coach with a choice joins the Dullfins.

but thats false gregg. free agents signed here

Long is playing great with the Rams. Just led them to 260yds rushing! And Smith has been a gem in KC.

Pouncey on Jets game: 'I'll be out there'

Are the FINS sure this is such a great thing.....

Sack seem to be down since him....cogs....and Martin went AWOL....

He played against the Bucs...and was part of that 2 yard rushing performance....

Pouncey,s stock is down in my book.....

smith has been horrible in kc. they want him gone already. blew the game last week. long is playing decent for this point of his career, hes nowhere near what he was in his prime here

Catching up shouldn't be hard because they run a pee football offense. Sad part is Philbin didn't even call plays for Green Bay, so he can't take over the play calling duties. Which is also probably why he doesn't know how to make second half adjustments.

Long, Bush, Fisher, all went elsewhere...

Pouncey coming back doesn't increase my confidence in the O-line. Nate Gardner has done a great job. He'll probably go to the guard spot. Nate has done all the Dolphins have asked. Let him start and stay!!!!

well yeah kris, anyone playing on that horrible olines stock is down

yes gregg and fisher is the one we needed. but many free agents signed here and others resigned. so your statement was false

It is so great to see Jeff Ireland skunk the Patriots yet again! When will the other GM's in the league catch up with his brilliant moves? Never, I hope!

Agree Dusty.....

But the guys playing are playing FOR something.....

No silver spoons in these guys mouths....just hard football playing....even if it is challenged....or challenging to watch...

agree kris

Kris wanted Herm Edwards.

I wanted to anybody but Sporano.....

I even would have settled for your crazy @ss....

And I still like Herm Edwards... On SC....

"You play to win the game"....."HELLO"!

careful lmao, carl peterson works for us and his 2 best friends in the world are cowher and edwards

Herm Edwards..LOL...he's not even a good analyst! I have also seen some knuckleheads say we should get rid of Tannehill and pick up Schaub! Same people that have no clue how good Tanny really has been. He is out there basically all alone. Imagine when the GM gets him help just how good he will become.

Dusty that is part of our problem. Ross has too much faith in Peterson. Peterson never built a Super Bowl winner.

I'd keep Garner at C and slide Pouncey in at LG.

Posted by: deity | November 26, 2013 at 03:51 PM


Exactly what I was thinking.

Ok Bill....

I guess if we can't agree on Tanne.....then you will find away to be on opposite sides of all things that I like.....

Good luck living your life that way....

It's really not that serious.....

Yes at times I am downright nasty to people on here for reason....the same gawd damned post every single day. Tannehill sucks....yadda, yadda, yadda....even though many people on here come with stats, facts and the opinions of experts like Gruden, Marino, Shula and more.
I need to know the last time any of the Tannehill detractors broke down tape?
When did they scheme a offensive playbook?
When did they scheme a defensive playbook?
When have they EVER seen a playbook?
Did they EVER play beyond Pop Warner football?
I post facts, stats and expert opinions to support my opinions on this blog. The stats do not lie about Tannehill. The FACT that Tannehill has no offensive help is not in dispute. The running game is non existent. We have no TE. WE have the WORST OL in the NFL. We have an average, at best, WR corps. We have a horrible OC.
The greats that have played this game would not have any better stats than Tannehill has right now. Does Tannehill have too many turnovers..YES....does he fumble too much....YES....does he have touch on his deep ball....NO....fortunate for us all 3 are correctable. Year 3 will be the year he is judged on. The Offense needs to be upgraded if he is too succeed. You cannot spend less that 37% on offense and expect it to rank in the top 10.


I mean, Clabo, Martin, Thomas??? These guys belong to Philbin too, not just Ireland.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 26, 2013 at 04:12 PM


Mark I seriously doubt that Ireland didn't have final say on those moves. The Clabo signing for low dough has Ireland written all over it.

yes bill but how many have. peterson built teams year after year in the playoffs. drafted a ton of good players. hired the right coach. filled the stadium that had been empty before he got to kc

Kris why are you so obsessed with me? You know Im a man right? I don't go that way bro....I have agreed with you many times in the past. I just think you are wrong on TH. I think you are not being reasonable in your hatred for a guy that was drafted as a project. He has been a QB for a little over 3 yrs. TOTAL. He is playing in the NFL with no help bro. That would be like the Dolphins hiring you as a QB and give you no tools to succeed. We will never agree on yr 2 of TH so lets just agree to disagree?


I don't care if you are Naughty or nice....

Your "facts" are more often than not....just opinions....what is a shame...is that you don't know the difference....

And your obsession with Tanne....and unprovoked anger tward those who's opinions differ from yours....

Well....that is disturbing to say the least.....

Perhaps...you might need a 2nd hobby....

Dustyyyyy KC has NEVER been empty. Best fans in the NFL bar none. As for building a winner...yes they won many games but at some point he needed to build a Super Bowl champ. He has no rings.

Tanne is doing extraordinarily well playing behind such a poor line. Maybe some of you need to see how poor even a top QB would be on this team.

RT was no project. Several teams would have picked him in round one, including the coach of the team that has RG3. How great is RG3 looking right now?

Lol @ 5:47.....

You commented on the Herm Edwards comment...(one I am quite sure you posted @ 5:29.....since that poster disappeared....and you magically appear)....

But whatever man....

It's your world tonight....

Going out to dinner with the family.....


I'd trust the guy who picked Grove, Smiley, Long, and Pouncey more....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 26, 2013 at 04:13 PM


I swear its not pick on Mark day but I couldn't help but to comment on this as well.

Grove and Smiley never helped us a bit. The center that was let go to bring Grove in is still starting for the Colts. Long is gone albeit he did have some great years for us.

Anybody could of made the Pouncey pick. About 90% of the mock drafts that year had us taking him.

Kris I don't post opinions without fact. Maybe you need to read what I write if you are constantly going to comment on my post. I understand that the facts I post don't fit your hatred for TH...nothing I can do about that...you have the same problem with Craig, Mark and Phins78 in regards to TH and the facts.

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