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Pouncey on Jets game: 'I'll be out there'

Mike Pouncey missed the past two starts with what started as food poisoning, developed into some mysterious gallbladder issue and included a hospital stay. Well, it'll soon be time to get back to normal.

Pouncey practiced today at least on a limited basis and said he'll be in the starting lineup against the New York Jets Sunday.

"I' feel great," Pouncey said. "I'll be out there."

Pouncey, who looked extremely thin since his illness, said he has regained all of his weight. Pouncey had previously said he'd lost only five pounds. It looked like more than that. And he still looks on the thin side.

But sometimes you have to take a man at his word.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who missed last week's game against Carolina with the season-long groin injury, worked at least on a limited basis in practice today.

The Dolphins signed defensive tackle A.J. Francis off the New England practice squad last night. If the name sounds familiar, it's because Francis was with the Dolphins during training camp. He was cut and picked up by the Patriots, who eventually put him on practice squad.

"It was tough going up to New England because it was tough learning the system on the fly," Francis said. "They're not teaching the system, they're preparing for a game. So you have to learn while they're going. It took me to be honest, a couple of weeks and closer to a month to be completely familiar with the system and get where I was down here."

Catching back up with the Dolphins should be hard for Francis. He said a couple of calls have changed but otherwise catching up was easy.

"I got the call yesterday morning, packed up my bags and studied my old notes on the flight for thre-and-a-half hours and I'm pretty much back to where I was when I left," he said.



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I wouldn't mind seeing them call Marty Schottenheimer, he would get this team to the playoffs that is what he does unless he is too old, we need some kind change of philosophy or something same old boring offense ain't workin. What do we average a game 18 points maybe

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