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Pouncey, Patterson are doubtful for Sunday

Mike Pouncey said Wednesday he felt good enough to play against the Carolina Panthers after missing last week's game with an illlness that started out as food poisoning. Well, that is in serious doubt.

Pouncey has not practiced all week and is now listed as doubtful on the injury report.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who has been limited in practice much of this week, also is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game.

If Pouncey cannot play -- and it seems he will not -- the Dolphins will once again go with Nate Garner at center and rookie Sam Brenner at left guard.

If Patterson cannot play, the Dolphins are likely to stick with Nolan Carroll as his replacement. Patterson has started only four games this season and of those has been unable to finish two of them.


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Since Patterson won't be coming back, why play him at all? Let players who need the experience get it.


I am just glad we are domne with primtime games.,

not our fortay

Posted by: wallyfin | November 22, 2013 at 02:15 PM

What a dumb thing to say! The NFL's real Primetime game by the way is Sunday Night were NBC has the discretion to flex into another game that looks more appealing if there's is a stinker!

Yes, Thursday and Monday are Primetime in the sense there the only games playing but if you analyze those contests there usually between a "potential" team and a proven winner or a couple of Wild Card "potentially" teams (always potential teams)

The Dolphins haven't managed to play in a truly significant Primetime game since beating N.E. on Monday Night in the debut of the Orange jersey in 04 (sinking ship of a Season with Ricky retired)

Then later in 06 with Sports Illustrated proclaiming us the Pre-Season picks to go to S.B.-41 we Kicked Off the Yr. Vs. Champ Steelers in Season inaugural were Culpepper lost a very winnable game on a late pick setting the tone for the disaster he was with Saban running for the door at Seasons end!

Since then or for a looooooong 7 Yrs. the NFL hasn't trusted Miami to put them in a true Primetime Pick'em spot! Analyze the Browns, Titans, Rams and Chiefs played this Yr. either Thurs. or Monday (I include the Chiefs because I doubt anybody had them above .500 before the Season with every publication calling their Draft/FA period a bust)

NBC has already flexed the Broncos into Sunday Night for a 3 week run this Yr. with last weeks K.C. game this Sunday Night Vs. the Pats and next Sunday Vs. K.C. again and they opened the Yr. Vs. the S.B. Champs! Those Flagship days are a thing of the past around the Fins and we should aspire to be that Franchise again not shy away!

Because we are still in playoff contention. He is too good to be on the bench if he can play. Once we have no chance of making the playoffs, bring out the rookies then


I can't wait

The Dolphins are the Charlie Brown of sports.

I always liked Ted Ginn

Philbin can be best described as a vanilla swirl ice cream cone. Looks good at first, then it quickly starts melting in every direction.

Close game? When considering how each team's season has progressed, yes, it looks like that same pattern. But, sometimes looks can be deceiving and INTANGIBLES can takeover.

Really, it's a very weird matchup. Universal laws seem to state if you play and win enough close games, that sort of play eventually catches up to you. Hence the Carolina Panthers. True upper echelon teams just do not play a ton of close games, they dominate most their opponents.

Exactly why I state, Carolina is ripe and overdue for an upset. Especially after the rollercoaster heart draining win over the Pats. Panthers were just a blown call away from absorbing defeat.

Based on this, I'm crawl out on a limb, and choosing Miami:

Miami 27 Carolina 13. In the Dolphins most complete game of the season. Don't hold my feet to the coals on this one. Remember, sometimes limbs do break.

Speaking of Ted Ginn, this would be the absolute perfect game for Tannehill/Wallace to begin clicking on the deepball. Then, Ted Ginn gets first hand look of everything we wanted him to be in Miami.

Wouldn't it be great?

Sam, Ginn should've been that here the year we got Marshall. What a great foil one would've been to the other but this fanbase hated him and the morons let their feelings known. Ginn would've been great just running that 9 route and playing special teams....

Remember, if you are going to pick Miami over Carolina, pick'em by 3 or so, not by Dolphins 27-Carolinaa 17.

MIT, yes, Ireland should have kept Ginn at least one more season to see what would happen after binging in Marshall. But Ireland had other ideas, in his mind the wr corp was now complete with Hartline/Bess. Ginn became the sacrificial lamb.

Every season, seems Ireland makes 1 step forwards, 2 steps backwards, decisions in Miami. Exactly why we're stuck being a middle of the pack to lower middle of the pack franchise for the past 6 seasons.


Not looking to pick on your post but the Franchises heaped in a deep, rich tradition of winning (like we once were) aspire to play in the Big Stage against the best competition the League has to offer to show everybody who they are. Thinking back to 85 when we took on the vaunted Bears 46-D and their 11-0 record!

I was at that game (Season tickets) and can tell you there was NEVER a doubt leading up to it that Shula/Marino were going to lay a smackdown on the Bears unbeaten's! Had we not rolled over for the Pats in the 85 AFC Champ game it may have been our victory in SB-20. The point is you can assemble great talent given we have it but if the Coaches can't put together a winning strategy and the team doesn't really believe then the talent is for not!

A resent example would be the 49ers under Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary which couldn't get to .500 and were the EXACT team Jim Harbaugh would take to 14-2 as a Rookie Coach in 2011 were if not for those 2 Kyle Williams Special Team fumbles probably beats the Pats in that S.B. Seems Harbaugh sold that team on a formula for success and they rode it!

Again talent wins games obviously but if not properly used like pawns on a chess board them they can be had by inferior better prepared talent thus leading to the greatest of human flaws, self-doubt! I look at this team from week-to-week and am NEVER sure whose going to show up because I don't believe they believe and until that changes we won't be relevant but I will tell you with certainty that a good place to start is beating a contender in an honest to God Primetime choice pick'em contest!!

Oscar I believe both teams could be due for a comfortable win. I like the 27-17 win for both team. I could just as easily say Carolina 27 Miami 17.

I'm choosing Miami by that score because I simply believe Carolina's emotionally draining victory over the Pats may have them a little flat on Sunday.

Something the Dolphins must be able to take advantage of.

We coulda had Cam Newton. We coulda had Luke Kuechly. We coulda been contenders.

Sam, that's my biggest critique of Ireland too. he never seems to go for it. He addresses one unit completely then takes a half arse approach to another - I guess to save ccap space ors oemthing - I can't figure it out.

This eyar for example. Goes nuts on the WR corps, cornerbacks, but the o line??? meh....

how could we have had cam newton?

Oscar I'm sold on Caroina's front 7, but, totally unsold on their defensive backfield.

Once he heated up a little, Brady was putting on an absolute passing clinic against their db's. At one point, DEEP into the game, Brady was completing 88% of his passes.

I believe in Special Players and not the Board. If there is one of those unique Players there, like Kuechly, Hopkins, take them. They will make your Team better as of now.

I find it odd that a player with food poisioning would miss 2 games. Is there somethine else that is really going on here?

MIT, I was so looking forward for the Branden Albert offseason trade to happen. May have avoided this Jonathan Martin ordeal. The Martin saga coincided to being moved back to RT after the acquisition of McKinnie.

Had Martin started the season at RT(trade for Albert,LT) maybe this national embarrassment never happens.

Some people mention Carolina is in for a letdown after pats win. but Miami is due for big letdown after charger victory. Just look at the letdown they had after the big bye week victory when they came out flat against Buffalo.

Well, we should study what Belichick and Brady did in that Game and do the same thing. They almost pulled it out.

MJ supplier just delivered.


I liked Ginn too. I hope he doesn't go all Jet Killer on us: I'm going to run two kick off returns for TD's on your monkey arses!

MassD, the word is that he had gall bladder stones.... maybe a little too much . ... uh hmm, "protein" in the system

Sam, to keep the pick, if Ireland just stuck to his original offer to Jake Long, we could've kept the pick, had a top ten LT, and Martin could've gone to heck for all we care...

Of course, that GM who picks them has to know who is a Special Player and who isn't.

I know everyone says Kuechly should have been the pick last season, but, everyone and their mothers knew we needed a qb too.

Tannehill doesn't appear close to bust, just needs a little more time. I like his moxy to comeback after bad games or bad throws and not completely fold in the aftermath. So many very young qb's do.

I believe, thus far, Tannehill has completely earned at least one more year before we can come to a fact filled decision, Kuechly and not Tannehill, should have been our 2012 1st rd pick.

Simply because Kuechly's not going to score many NFL points. Just like Jake Long. Long was a perrenal pro bowler, but, exactly what did that get us as a whole?

Sam, Tannehill was the only pick in 2012 we could make. maybe if we took one of the QBs in 2011, we could've taken Keuchly.

So the bottom line is would you rather have...

Dalton/Kaepernick/Mallet and Keuchly



Word is the team was closer to picking Kaep of the three remaining qbs and I'm glad they didn't. he looks lost now that defenses have taken his one toy away. But Dalton/Keuchly ... that might've been nice...

MIT, Tannehill currently has more more tds, pasing yardage, and a better completion percentage than Kaep.

T'hill 62% Kaep 56%


Since 2010 Brady ranks 25th of 31 on Deep Ball passes.



For a guy who has been playing Pro Football for over a Decade his Deep Ball Accuracy isn't that much better than a young Tannehill.

Posted by: Dashi | November 22, 2013 at 03:15 PM

A QB gets more accurate with time. And his decision making gets better.

Practice makes perfect.

Now you can say I am curtailing my argument. But I am not, Jaworski is the one doing the explaining. I'm just pointing out to the Bloggers here that Dashi isn't the only one who says that Brady can't throw deep.

Plus, If anyone ever watches the Pats play you will notice Brady flagrantly misses about 5-6 passes a game where the ball doesn't even land close to the receiver.

Brady has his good qualities, but just like Jeter with the Yankees, The Pats have blown the Tom Brady Myth to God like proportions. The Man could do no wrong. He is never to blame for his failures.

Posted by: Dashi | November 22, 2013 at 03:48 PM



You have been saying all week that this game could be an Upset.

Agreed. I'm going 17-10. That defense is to good to score 3 TDs on them. Specially with our O-Line.

And also agreed on your assessment on what a real winning team(Title Contender) looks like. Real good teams don't make the game close. Doesn't mean that they won't play 1 or 2 close games a year. Just that they show how much better they are than the other team on a regular basis.

Reason, everyone can tell that this isn't same Pats team from years past. These guys are beatable. They just still have the Refs in their pocket. So they just manage to stay close and comeback with horrendous calls. Like the OV fumble. Or the Phantom PI calls they get to extend drives at the end of games. Never mind that Pats O-Linemen Hold on almost every play.

Posted by: Dashi | November 22, 2013 at 04:24 PM

Dalton kind of scares me. Even though he's still a young qb, I think he's underachieving with the great weapons he has around him. Plus, Tannehill's already beaten him TWICE.

...So I know this is going to sound crazy....Nolan Carrol is not a great cover corner. But!! For this game..Maybe his strengths are what we need. Carrol is one of the best run stopping corners in the league. Laugh all you want...But this is probably the reason why either of the rookies still ride pine..I would bet neither is any good at playing the run..Among other reasons...

This could be a good game for Carrol..

I'm not saying but I am saying.

I'm tired of new post magically appearing sometimes when I drop truth with my first post of the day sometimes.

Its cool. Cut and Paste. My message will be heard.

Sam, Ginn should've been that here the year we got Marshall. What a great foil one would've been to the other but this fanbase hated him and the morons let their feelings known. Ginn would've been great just running that 9 route and playing special teams....

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 22, 2013 at 03:45 PM

I agree his speed and the fact Henne could throw it deep would have made a difference. Seems Tannehill is a cut above Henne on the things he lacked like an intermediate pass game (reading properly) putting touch on the ball but am wondering about his arm when it comes to truly throwing it down the field.

A couple of posts back Mando touches on it and speculates he's trying to aim his passes more than he should, I was like, huhh?

In the Tampa game on our last play Offensively Tannehill does let it rip! He rolled right planted his feet and threw a pass from about his 12 Yardline were the Bucs were a deep cover-2 with Revis again trailing the play underneath beaten by a good 7 Yds and Wallace had positioned himself perfectly boxing the safety out towards the sideline when Revis went up and picked a ball that hung forever and was a good 5 yds short.

Darryl Dunphy, Patterson's only listed as doubtful as of now. Hopefully, he's able to play, then Carroll becomes a nonfactor other than playing the slot.

Our pass d is so much better when Patterson plays. Just can't stay healthy.

...Sam..Wilson is the slot guy(nickel) Even if PAtterson plays...I get the distaste for Carrol. But he does have some decent qualities. Since the Panthers probably aren't going to throw it 35 plus times. Expect a lot of runs. Expect a lot of outside runs...My point is that for this particular game...It isn't a horrible thing to have Carrol out wide.

Nolan Carroll...yikes!

Announcer: Cam Newton drops back to pass, Steve Smith just put a double-move on Nolan Carroll who slips and falls....Smith is open down the sideline and Newton let's it rip.....OH MY...Touchdown Carolina.

...boy did Smith school Carroll on that play, it gonna be a long day for Carroll on the left corner today if Smith keeps up with moves like that.


That and that Carroll can play special teams. I can't stress the importance of playing special teams for a young guy who isn't a starter.

Another reason I didn't like the Gillislee pick. The guy can't play special teams. And I am not talking about coverage, he should be returning kicks. Anything to see the field.


Are all low round picks that have been allowed to develop because they can play special teams.

Take D.Jones and J.Jenkins this year. Those 2 are activated more than the other draft picks this year because they can play special teams. Only D.Jordan and Sturgis have seen more playing time. And guess what both of them play special teams.

It is an old saying but it is true, If a young player wants to see the field early he better know how to play special teams.

Newton averages 30 pass attempts per game. A few below the league average of 33.

MP should sit this one out.............and rest with R. Inconito watching with nice a pitchers of beer and pretzels telling each other "MAMA JOKES"........Dolphins do not need distractions.....

If you are not a surefire starter in the NFL, you better know how to play special teams if you want to make the team.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Hoping smith doesn't abuse Grimes like Vontae (during last preseason)...that sucked. Fins got their asses bullied...(the good kind).

Pouncey can watch the game with Incognitabrain.

Smith abuse Grimes? seriously?
...more like Smith abusing Carroll is what's got me worried.

..Dashi I agree. Most Montana players make it the NFL because they all(except 2 who were high picks) excel at special teams. Mariani was a pro bowl return guy his rookie year for the Titans. He wouldn't see the field otherwise. Colt Andersen is the special teams captain for the Eagles..Wouldn't sniff the field..Gotta play special teams if you are a fringe guy..Lots of ways to contribute.

As far as the hate for Carrol. Do you guys realize that there are only 9 other corners in the league that have allowed less receptions then Carrol? (the qualifier being players with over 250 snaps, or over 50 percent of the teams defensive snaps)..He has only allowed 23 receptions on 47 targets.. Brent Grimes who everyone loves...58 targets 33 receptions..

So bash Carrol all you want. There are very few corners in this league that are true shutdown guys...I would say 2..Revis, and Verner(Tenn) there are some very good ones to mix in..The nature of the game says that it is close to impossible to play lockdown coverage. Every team gets lit up in the passing game. We have given up 1 TD to a receiver all year..1.

I think people need to re-think their position on our secondary...Are they the best in the league? NO. But hardly the worst. And certainly not the reason for 4 of or 5 losses.

Looks a little like the matchup with Seattle last year when they came in with a mobile QB, good running game, and very good defense, and Miami made just enough plays to beat them. I could easily see Miami winning Sunday, then winning again against Geno "Turnover Machine" Smith and the Jets in two weeks. At 7-5 and feeling good, the Dolphins then lay an egg against an inspired Pittsburgh team in lousy weather, get lit up (again) by Tom Brady on a nice day in Miami, and get the wagons circled on them against a Buffalo team that always looks like the 1990 Bills whenever they get the Dolphins at home in the cold. Then finish with a meaningless win against the Jets to close out the year. 8-8.

Posted by: mia73 | November 22, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Since you have it all figured out there Carnac the Magnificent, why even play the rest of the season?


Maybe I'm seeing things but regardless of the stats, it seems like its either a TE over the middle or the WR that Carroll is covering that catches a pass to convert a 3rd and long on us.

We already have to tall order to beat the Panthers period. It really has me worried if we don't have Patterson.

I think our one saving grace his is that this is definitely not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning's offense. If our defense plays big, Cam may make some mistakes.

On the other hand I have visions of Newton escaping the pocket and converting 1st downs with is legs.

I liked Ginn too (although not as the 9th pick in the draft)--but regardless of what he does or doesnt do on Sunday, his NFL "body of work" aint exactly impressive....and we've seen him run out bounds to avoid contact WAY too many times to ring our hands at this point.....memories are short apparently.

patterson biggest pansy in nfl. what a waste of 4 mill hes been. just cut him.

and while it sorta stinks because the guy is a playmaker, good player, but its more than clear at this point that we cant be re-signing Patterson at year end (unless he's cheap....doubtful)--solves one question/issue/contract at least....focus on re-signing Grimes and hope Taylor shows enough to start on the other side--he better


I can't wait

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | November 22, 2013 at 03:37 PM

You can't wait to hang out in a blog reading strangers opinions on a Sunday afternoon? lol Okay man, to each his own, just doesn't seem like something anyone would look forward to. hahahaha

mia 73 only difference is car isnt traveling across country, newtons a freight train, miamis d is horrible, we have u in the secondary,worst oline in nfl. other than that yeah maybe last years game was similiar


Most fans on this blog stay stuck in their ways. If a player sucks at the beginning he always sucks in their book. They do not allow their opinion to evolve.

Me and You have been saying this for a while this year. J.Wilson and N.Carroll are playing better. So well that they are no longer a liability in coverage. I would say that it started by the halfway point of last season. Things seemed to click for them.

By the end of last season N.Carroll was the best CB on the team. He was better in coverage than S.Smith by the end of the season.

And J.Wilson is a beast at his position. Nickelback/3rd Safety/Headhunter.

J.Wilson was responsible for Bengal WRs hearing footsteps in the 4th qtr. Sanu didn't even want to catch the ball at the end of that game in fear of getting a concussion.

Steve Smith swears he is a bad little man. I would like to see him try and start something with Jimmy. He would get the ass whipping of a lifetime.

dashi u must not watch games. carrol is beyond awful. wont even be on team next year

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